Eddie Rabbitt - Years After You Lyrics

I don't know if I can explain it
cause there's really nothing different at all
the sun still burns
the earth still tuns
and the winter still follows the fall
I knew that it wouldn't be easy
for my heart to find somebody new
but I never thought
it still would be broken in two
these years after you

they tell me time is a natural healer
it kinda smoothes the pain away
but this hurtin' within
hasn't yet given in
and it seems like a million days
I still remember the taste of your kisses
and your eyes that were beautifully blue
and I can still hear the sound of your voice
when you said we were thru
years after you

years after years after you
I'm still cryin'
tears after years after you
I'm still tryin' to make it thru
these years after you

there've been mornings when I couldn't wake up
there've been evenings when I couldn't sleep
ooo, my life will be fine for months at a time
then I'll break down and cry for a week
cause when I told you I'd love you forever
I know you didn't think it was true
but forever is nothing
compared to some nights I've been thru
these years after you

[Chorus x2]

I'll never get over you


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Eddie Rabbitt Years After You Comments
  1. Black Cat

    What a talent..lost him too soon ..

  2. The Haunted Library

    One of the most gut-wrenching love songs about pain...that most people have never heard.

  3. steven randall

    great song! we were married for 30 years.then you died. I Never found another LOVE like yours. still love u sweetie!


    Beautiful song, he sings it the best, then John Conlee. I grew up listening to both and they never get old, thanks for sharing this great song.

  5. Fer Gildemeister

    years after you...i still can feel the pain in my heart,the nights i cried in silence, the days i wrote my sadness in poems trying to get an answer to my pain...asking God to give me strength to wait for you to hold me in your arms

  6. Donna Buckner Buckner

    Ben there it hurts for ever beautiful song

  7. Anthony Sleeth aka Show Me Scratchers

    Never knew Eddie Rabbitt did this as well.I had heard John Conlee's version but never heard this one.I admit I like both singers,me being only 25, was brought up listening to the real country music.He did well with this.RIP Eddie

  8. Billy Kettner

    My wife and I married after two weeks. We were together for ten years, and now divorced for fourteen. We have been very close friends for all 24 of those years. Our divorce has been my biggest regret in life. When you find her/him, never ever let them go. This song hits home, that's why I am going out to dinner this weekend with her and our 19 y.o. daughter. Some flames never die...nor should they


    I feel you my friend, I'm going through the same pain. It never gets easy. Thanks for the beautiful comment, it really touched me! 

  9. Fer Gildemeister

    The best loves seem to be the ones that did not go on through the years but through the years you seem to make the "impossible"loves the best ones and actually they were not, it's just that you did not see the end of the film, so you want to be believe it would have been the best one...

  10. Tom LaPine

    I'm sure Eddie wrote this song, but John Conlee took it to #2 on the US Country charts.

    Earl Garcia

    Actually, Eddie didn't write this one. He recorded it in 1982, and John Conlee in 1984. I like both versions, but John Conlee's is better.

  11. American Badazz

    Eddie Rabbitt is like no other, his songs live on!

  12. Bing K

    My all-time favourite Eddie Rabbit song. Fantastic emotional feel

  13. Leo 8

    Eddie Rabbit is the Best <3