Eddie Rabbitt - She's Comin' Back To Say Goodbye Lyrics

There's a plane
Comin' in at night
I'm gonna leave a little early
Wanna be there on time
'cause my baby's
Flyin' in tonight
And i really can't believe
I'm gonna look in her eyes

And my heart
Is racin' down the loop
But there is something
That my heart don't know

She ain't comin' back
To stay the night
She's just comin' back
To make things right
To tell me face to face the truth
She's found somebody new
In her life

No, she's ain't comin' back
To stay this time
She's just comin' back
To ease her mind

No, she ain't comin' back to stay
She's comin' back
To say goodbye
She ain't comin' back to stay
She's comin' back
To say goodbye

She sees the lights
Of the city below
In just a couple of minutes
We'll be kissin' hello

And she acts like
She's readin' a book
But she's thinkin'
How happy i'm gonna look

And already
There's a lump in her throat
I wish she'd tell me
What i don't wanna know

She ain't comin' back
To stay the night
She's just comin' back
To make things right
To tell me face to face the truth
She's found somebody new
In her life (in her life)

No, she's ain't comin' back
To stay this time
She's just comin' back
To ease her mind

No, she ain't comin' back to stay
She's comin' back
To say goodbye
She ain't comin' back to stay
Log on to top40db.
She's comin' back
To say goodbye

She ain't comin' back to stay
She's comin' back
To say goodbye

She ain't comin' back to stay
She's comin' back
To say goodbye

She ain't comin' back to stay
She's comin' back
To say goodbye

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Eddie Rabbitt She's Comin' Back To Say Goodbye Comments
  1. Lasse 1964

    when the pop country radio played only masterpieces like that.Amazing song from the best of times

  2. George Sikazwe

    Good song

  3. Anna Anna

    Love this song!!

  4. Cooking with TSS

    Trump 2020

  5. James Brown

    A beautiful song from back in the day!!!! Memories from Grandma playing this!

  6. Jeremy Shafer

    Kevin 77 Boss Diane Kevin’s With You For real

  7. Jeremy Shafer

    77 Diane Gene Watson Great Deviide Tammy’s Good To Talk Too

  8. billy Hensley

    Eddie never had a bad song gone way too soon

  9. Frank Young

    Awesome country! Still enjoying in 2019...don’t make country music like this anymore. Rabbit was the man!

  10. Donna Talkington


  11. Bill Stejskal

    I grown up with Ed n ya i have to say that he is one hell of a good man.rip Ed love you and miss you

  12. The Haunted Library

    When people broke up...the right way. Face to face. Before technology and text messages

  13. Jeremy Shafer

    Brian McLain can have my Mcann McLain miss you

  14. Sue Streets

    this fantastic music eddie got great voice

  15. James Brown

    Such a beautiful song by my favorite singer in the seventies and eighties!!!! Steel Guitar and a soft voice !!! No one can top this!!!!

  16. Steve Jacks

    Great artist

  17. Jeremy Shafer

    One conversation Lela Mcann keeps music alive with meaning Shannon won’t mind Conner likes you for real

  18. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #6 on the country charts in 1985!!!

  19. Todd bob

    ahhh the sounds of the 1980's  So relaxing to me

  20. Fran Smith


  21. Fran Smith


  22. briank06261973

    I remember this song getting radio airplay back in the day.


    I love his music you can feel the emotion in his music

  24. thatguy263

    I remember hearing about his death so well because I was on vacation in Tennessee at the time. Hard to believe it's already been 20 years.

    Bradley earl

    thatguy263 it's so sad....

  25. Rebecca Jewell

    Eddie Rabbitt Forever
    Thanks have a great day.

  26. William Sain

    R.I.P. , great vocals, great dancing music as well !

  27. Mike D

    Great voice. Great sound. Great hair. Great beard. The guy was James Dean with a guitar.

  28. Kenneth Kiser

    Love me some Eddie Rabbit on a Nice quiet evening.

  29. Fran Smith

    He was so sexy. He was country when country was country.

  30. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Most Beautiful man Eddie Rabbitt was""" I was very lucky to know him from Newark N.J "" 💞💞💞💞🎶🎶🎶🎶🎸🎸


    lets celebrate this music while were alive ,the rest of country could care less

  32. Rolando Perez

    The best of Eddie of rabbit

  33. Israel Salazar

    💘 💘 u Eddie Rabbit 💘 💘 always an forever 💘 💘

  34. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Beautiful & Sad Song 💞💞💞💞💞💞

  35. Alfred Brown

    Great music

  36. Travis Thomas Staten

    Eddie is the most underrated singer in history. He had 20 #1 hits and when Bob Kingsely from American Country Countdown did a special year end Milliuem at the end of 1999 December31 a count down of all country music artist of all time, Eddie Rabbit came in at #5 of all time and there where huge names he came in ahead of. i think the only 4 that were ahead of him, #1 Eddie Arnold #2 Johnny Cash, #3 Conway Twitty #4 George Jones and Eddie Rabbit at #5 of all time. So ya Eddie was sold short because he spoke the truth and big corporations didn't want him talking, so they quit playing his music, Eddie will always be a huge part of country music, hell he is the only artists in history who has had over 10 songs hit the 100 million played each, next closet was 3 at the time. what a voice!

    Mark Wood

    Was so fortunate to see Eddie Rabbit perform a show in the 80’s in Michigan. He put on an amazing performance and I will always remember it.

  37. Kayla Fisher

    That's what u called music ^^^

  38. Janice Errichetto

    I can honestly say I love all his songs

  39. Lasse 1964

    Truly one of the best songs from amazing eddie rabbitt and the magic 80s season. Amount pity not exist anymore so beautiful songs like that.Every time that i hear with turning backto my carefree era...So sad today the music died....

  40. Steve Jacks

    Eddie was the best!!

  41. Kenneth Brace

    Eddie rabbitt will always be one of my favorites

  42. Bobby Jo Cowpoke

    Eddie was a tremendous talent, so sad that cancer got him so young. RIP

    Donna Talkington

    Such a marvelous singer ,done some of the best songs of my teenage years and im in my 60'd and i dtill love him .we lost him way way to soon .the world has his marelous music . I'll miss you the rest of my life . REST IN PEACE

    Charlie Edmonds

    He died in his prime too

    Cooking with TSS

    Bobby Jo Cowpoke joe Montana best to

    Adrian Tomlin

    Cigarettes will come and get you hard after smoking them most your life.

  43. Carolyn Garrett


    James Brown

    My Grandma was head over hills in Love with him and beautiful talent!!!! God I miss her dearly!!!!

    Adrian Tomlin

    What new pop music man??!! Gimme a break!!

  44. Ju Lo

    This song makes me wanna become a Viking for some reason.

  45. Amber Girl 78

    good song!!

  46. George Foryan

    No one ever sings any songs of his in clubs, bars or lounges as of this day. For a guy who had many popular songs during his lifetime, is seems all his music died with him. And this is sad!

    edward martinez

    +Profitable Traveling that is so true man that aint cool he had so many great hits but so underplayed

    Mary Micglire


    Steven A

    @Mary Micglire Hi Mary. Are you from New Jersey also? Is that how you know Eddie? I'm from Jersey also and started listening to him in 1975 when his first album came out. I did get to see him one time in concert as well. He was an amazing singer and songwriter. He is greatly missed.

  47. S Sanchez

    gosh I miss Eddie's music. just takes me back to the good old days when country was country.

    Amber Girl 78


    Karen 1963

    yes!!! I agree...today's country is not country.

    Adrian Tomlin

    I listen oh Eddie every damn chance I get!! His music lives on as long as his fans keep listening them!!

  48. otis blann

    grew  up with eddie all of his music is the bomb!!!

  49. B S


  50. Stephen Kedlarchuk

    Shame to have lost this artist........................

    maverick freeman

    I worked in country music in my hometown of NASHVILLE first as a roadie and then own the booking end for 35 years.I did one show with this great singer and writer MR.EDDIE RABBITT and what a very special guy EDDIE was very nice very friendly and treated his fans with respect and always took the time to talk to them.You meet so many of the greats in country music some good some bad but EDDIE always showed his good side to everyone I don't believe the man had a bad side to him.He is missed by everyone who new him and country music lost a great singer and writer and of-course his family.WE LOVE YOU EDDIE REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND.

    Karen 1963

    +jimmyjacktx dallas I got to meet him in ft worth tx. and I got a kiss on the lips too. very sweet n classy guy.
    god I miss him!

  51. Jorge Callico

    MRcraig,  Thank you for the good muvee.

    Little Richard said of Country Music "This is the White man's Blues". And perhaps only he could say that without risking criticism of inappropriate or even (god forbid!) "racist" remarks.  Little Richard loves Country music too I might add. 

    Anyway, Eddie Rabbitt perfectly personified the modern Country singer. Someone who helps you get to the root of your feelings. Hardly a day goes by when I don't listen to at least two or three songs which tear my heart out. I find it cleansing.

  52. Robert Martin

    what a wonderful song and such a beautiful man.so heartfelt

  53. cornshucker77

    This reminds me of an old girlfriend. I know how he feels.

  54. Vivian Grinstead

    Saw him in concert at the Roxy, in L.A.

  55. Mary Knight

    This is for you Barry..miss you and hope your life is good now.

  56. Jeffery Willoughby

    I think it's only a matter of time before he's in the Country Music Hall of Fame...as good as he was singing a song, especially one like "She's Coming Back To Say Goodbye," he was an even more talented songwriter. Remember Elvis Presley's "Kentucky Rain?" Or Ronnie Milsap's "Pure Love?" His songwriting is what will secure a plaque in the Hall of Fame.

    Adrian Tomlin

    Uh uh dude!! Drivin my life away!! Kicks ass!!

  57. Robert James

    This is the last song i bought on 45

    Cooking with TSS

    Robert James trump 45 great choice

  58. Robert James

    This is the last song on bought on a 45

  59. stratstan

    it's funny because was never a country fan when I was young. My mom n dad were big gospel and country fans, but it was that really sad, tear jerking stuff, n I hated it. But when I heard Eddie Rabbitt, I loved his style. I do now love the older stuff, ie...Cash, Hank Williams, Marty Robbins, etc....just not the my dog got ran over, then my mom did! lol good stuff here tho!

  60. Ann M Jones

    my 9 year old loves this song

    Cooking with TSS

    Ann M Jones Eric trump does to

  61. Dave Wollenberg

    On which chart? It peaked @ #6 in Billboard.

  62. American Badazz

    Again an Eddie Rabbitt best ever!

  63. American Badazz

    Again an Eddie Rabbitt best ever!

  64. Ronnie Westmoreland

    Eddie was one of the most underrated country music artists in history. He wrote and sang some great classics, yet he was never truly reconized for his accomplishments. Despite being around consistently for years as a country artists, he's never considered one of the greats. What a shame, because he was way too talented to NOT be noticed for it...

  65. drwestm83

    one of the best country music singers or singers in general to ever live!

  66. nemesisgenius

    Didn't Eddie also sing "Angel In My Eyes?" I know John Michael Montgomery did back in the late 90's. Anyways, thank you for posting this country classic.

  67. Berda Dan

    I love this song, I miss Eddie Rabbitt <3

  68. patty bush

    i love his music still today. he has a great voice. ashame he has passed.

  69. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #85 song of '85. God bless you, for postin' it. Thanx! RIP, Eddie.

  70. ZRSmetalgrooves

    Great song