Eddie Money - We Should Be Sleeping Lyrics

We should be sleeping now
We're wide awake, but we're dead on our feet
We're never keeping, no
All of the promises we said we'd keep

Four in the morning
Still got the lights and the radio on
Don't worry, baby
I'm gonna change all the things that went wrong, now

We should be sleeping
Tables are turned and it's, it's breaking my heart
Things will get better (I promise you, honey)
I'll end this nightmare before it can start

Don't say, "Bye-bye-bye-bye-bye-bye, baby"
Why should we break down and cry?
Can't let the world drive you crazy
Don't say, "Bye, baby bye-bye, now"
Don't say, "Bye-bye-bye, baby, now"

We should be sleeping
We're still wide awake, but we're dead on our feet, now
We're never keeping, now
All of the promises we said we'd keep

Don't say, "Bye-bye-bye-bye-bye-bye, baby"
Why should we break down and cry?
Can't let the world drive you crazy, hey
Don't say, "Bye, baby, bye-bye"

No deposit, no return
Play with love, you're gonna burn
Cheat yourself, you cheat your heart

We should be sleeping

Don't say, "Bye-bye-bye-bye-bye-bye, baby"
Why should we break down and cry?
Don't let the world drive you crazy
Don't say, "Bye, baby, bye-bye, now"
Don't say, "Bye-bye-bye-bye, baby, now"

Don't say, "Bye-bye-bye-bye-bye-bye, baby"
Why should we break down and cry?
Don't let the world drive you crazy, oh no
Don't say, "Bye, baby, bye-bye"

Don't say, "Bye-bye-bye-bye-bye-bye, baby"
Why should we break down and cry?
Don't let the world drive you crazy
Don't say, "Bye, baby, bye-bye"

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Eddie Money We Should Be Sleeping Comments
  1. Vai Man

    What a great artist. Miss you Eddie. RIP

  2. I Seigel

    The other "official" videos were crap compared to this one. Dracula?? Skinny Russian models? Who cares. THIS video really captures what an Eddie Money concert was like and what it was like to be on the road during that time.
    Let's also give credit where credit is due. The band and crew on this video were:
    John Nelson - guitar
    Tommy Girvin - guitar
    Kai Gilbert - keyboards (RIP Kai)
    Chris Solberg - bass
    Glenn Symmonds - drums
    Marc Candelario - crew
    Roger Veage - crew
    Rob Zablow - lights
    Ralph Sorani - Eddie's personal ass't
    Geoff Ganiford - FOH Sound
    Ira Seigel - TM

  3. vincent bondietti

    Eddie still on the Money...RIP buddy...those where the days

  4. Mark Pearson

    My favorite from this guy. Eddie could rock it with the best and did it so effortlessly. Miss you big guy. You helped make the 80's a blast!

  5. Brianna Westbrooks

    Sexy as hell!!!🤤🤤🤤

  6. Sherry Gryba

    Eddie Money, You were always a headliner!! Just a huge fan always!!!

  7. Larry Hogan

    Eddie Money,the name says it all,great great singer with attitude.When he walked on stage,he had everybody in his hand.A legend!!

  8. Roadaxe

    x cop turned Rocker LOVE Eddie God Blees thanks for the great music you left behind

  9. Ken 234

    Eddie Money was the man! His music was awesome and his personality was just plain cool.

  10. ligerpride

    Such a fun tune, ZZ Top-esque.

  11. Domenic Vitanza

    the 80's were the greatest time in my life. HAND DOWN

  12. Sherry Gryba

    Definitely, A Rock Star!! So Cool. Love you lot's Eddie!! I guess all i have now, is your music and that's awesome!!!

  13. Robert Yancey


  14. April king

    Still so sad to listen to him ! He was so great ! I pray for his friends and family

  15. Jim Marandola

    When Rock was Rock

  16. T Hobbs

    Be still my heart at minute 2.17. RIP, you were amazing and you are missed.

  17. Lisa Oneal

    I miss you Eddie 💔

  18. elvis 1

    prime time money man!

  19. Mike Rundberg

    Looks Like Eddie found the Party

  20. Cynthia Guajardo

    I'm a 90's girl. I still remember Eddie. RIP left us great Music 🙏

  21. Denise Hedden

    🥀Amazing song it's so different and Beautiful🥀I admire his style!🥀
    🥀RIP Eddie Money We Love You🥀☝️🕊

  22. Dani Sullivan

    See why I absolutely adore this man .Rest in peace my Rock n Roll Angel.

  23. Gregory Bretz


  24. Chris Agan

    love you Eddie Your music is awesome ..not was awesome because im gonna listen to it till I die

  25. Melissa Brewer

    RIP, Mr Money...you were a great singer and you will be missed:(

  26. Robin Taylor

    2:21 - 2:30 SUPER LAME. The guitarist trying to act like he’s a rockstar or something he looks so stupid.

  27. cameron rickford


  28. Sandy Bell

    Dam Eddie, U will be missed ! Rest in peace dude ! I love you!

  29. Flo

    Never was able to see this bad-ass rocker in concert but the radio gets turned way up whenever any of his music comes on.

  30. codjh9

    Had totally forgotten this one. Great guitar work. I'm doing a little personal Eddie-a-thon since hearing of his passing. RIP, man.

  31. hjalmarthomsen

    R.I.P. my friend! 2019

  32. hjalmarthomsen

    R.I.P. my friend! 2019

  33. Sheba Maree

    He was gorgeous in this video. I know we all get old but this is how I want to remember him

    Carla Hansen


  34. Fernando Linares-Garza

    My favorite song of the late Eddie Money, great memories.

  35. Marie Scott

    Love you 😍the one and only

  36. DD Yodaman

    Rip Eddie. Crap man rough weekend. You and rick of cars pass on. You both will be remembered for ever

  37. Phil Wright

    Who are the morons that gave a thumbs down?

    Jay Kern


  38. connie mcclellan


  39. Dragonsfire6664

    Thanks for the great times, Rip Eddie

  40. Vanessa Rodriguez

    TV control's destroys makes you crazy steals your peace and kills you wake up sheep's !!!

  41. TJ Murray

    I first discovered this awesome tune on Eddie money's greatest hits CD, which I got about 15 years ago. This song is still so awesome, awesome, awesome----R.I.P. Eddie thank you for your awesome music-your a legend!

  42. Devonne Marcove

    The Money Man was HOT back in the day.. Will miss your blue eyed Soul.. RIP 🙏💞

  43. Se 9f

    My favourite Eddie Money song, by far. An honest to God rocker, will miss you here!

  44. Patricia Saluti

    He was Great. Dance dHours to Eddie

  45. Eric Peacock

    God Bless You Eddie !
    See You in Heaven Someday !

  46. Jim Honeywell

    awesome song. R. I. P Eddie

  47. alley kitty

    You're rocking out in heaven now Eddie!😇 You are sooooooo loved down here on Earth❤️❤️❤️

  48. philip beck

    its very up setting that he pass i am still getting over tom petty

  49. Chuck Stone

    Most unique voice ever there will never be another Eddie Money RI.P your music will live in our hearts forever.

  50. Elsa Johnson

    Saw him in college in 1988 and loved him! He was great!

  51. Yannick Fiset

    RIP Eddie money tu étais un très bon chanteur et en héritage tu nous as laissé ta belle musique merci .

  52. Jane Beatty

    Didn’t realize this was LaPorte, Indiana. Looks like they had a good time at the Fair.😆 RIP Eddie...I miss you already. Bye. Bye.

  53. MrZippoman777

    RIP Eddie Mack daddy Money !!!!!!!!

  54. Brian Ellinger

    Death would have been soo much better than whatever this is

  55. Domenic Vitanza


  56. Sparky 58


  57. Gaston Forde


  58. seds world

    Boy next door made it big. A sad day, but we celebrate you in your music.

  59. Mark Copas

    One of the best. R.I.P.

  60. D M L

    Oh, Eddie, you were such a hottie back in the day. How I would have loved to be your woman. RIP, you will be missed.

  61. Spot Majestic

    Great song and fun video. Thanks for all the music. Enjoy paradise!

  62. Shawn Severns

    He could fucking,rock

  63. john d gurk

    MY FAVORITE MONEY TRACK! Bye bye my friend, rest in peace! Your music will live on forever!

  64. linda ceja

    Love you Eddie ❤️will miss you so much! Always my love 😍

  65. John Macguyver

    RIP Eddie. Thanks for the soundtrack to my childhood in the 80s. And also but for some reason i think this song could had been covered by Motorhead. Could picture Lemmy doing this.

  66. Large E

    R.I.P Eddie! Loved that east coast style!

  67. BlackProject

    Eddie was a true Gentlemen's Rocker. He loved the fans. He loved performing. He loved being up on stage and giving an incredible show EVERY time.

    One of the Greatest Always. You'll be missed, friend, but we'll still keep playing your music louder than the neighborhood allows.

  68. Jan Markulin

    Eddie Money.. He will be missed..

  69. Lionheart Roar

    My favorite E.M. song. I'm so sad he's not with us anymore. God, please take care of his soul.

  70. George Anderson

    So long, Eddie.

  71. Jeden DwaTrzy

    RIP Eddie Money. This video has shots from my favorite local breakfast diner. I always liked this song a lot.

    Tom Korell

    Jeden DwaTrzy which diner?

    Jeden DwaTrzy

    @Tom Korell When the video was made it was called The White House on the corner of Mishawaka Avenue and Twyckenham Drive. The diner was closed and sat vacant for a few years before being bought and completely remodeled into Jeannie's House Diner about 8-9 years ago. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best breakfast in town. I was just there for breakfast a few hours ago and I have designated, in my own mind, that the seating location at the counter where Eddie and his band sat in the video as the Eddie Money Memorial Chairs.

    Tom Korell

    Jeden DwaTrzy thanks for the info!

    Jeden DwaTrzy

    You’re welcome!

  72. Liz Kerr

    RIP Eddie 💔

  73. Kathy Wheeler

    So handsome !! Thanks for the great music !! R.I.P. !!

  74. Karen Ladd

    I never met Eddie Money, but I am so sad today. Eddie's music and his spirit as an entertainer touched me deeply, back in my high school and college years. SO many memorable songs, mostly fun and light, some had more emotional depth. Rest easy Money Man, THANK YOU for sharing your gift with us

  75. Victor Medina


  76. James TUDDENHAM

    RIP Eddie, you have no time for sleeping, you are now the lead singer of God's super group, taken home tonight, using your tickets to paradise.......have fun, no big C in HEAVEN

  77. elvis 1

    love ya money man say hi hi hi to elvis again!

  78. Dan Pariseau

    Bad ass song my dad passed away from stage 4 cancer at age 57 his name was Ed also Rest In Peace Eddie your music will live on forever

    seds world

    Dan Pariseau My sympathies 💐

  79. FUBAR

    RIP! A lot of good times happened while Eddie was jammin.

  80. Tom Morgo

    Awesome song. RIP Money Man. You rocked us great for a long time and made many people happy. Thanks for the memories. You were a talented and decent man. May your ticket have let you into paradise immediately. God Bless EM 9/13/19

  81. Chalwa

    Sleep well...

  82. Robert Nardin

    RIP Your music lives on. 😪😪

  83. William J. Mendes

    Bye Eddie......thanks for some great music.

  84. tori smith

    Came here to see and hear my favorite song by Eddie. RIP

    Lionheart Roar

    Killer song

  85. G K

    Rest in paradise.

  86. Robert Walton

    RIP Eddie, we will miss your fun loving presence but cherish your music forever!

  87. taxpayer here

    We won't say bye bye baby, but I will say hope to see you rockin in the next realm. Til then I'll keep listening and appreciating your music! R.I.P.

  88. Louis Gray

    Love the Money Man, great song, RIP

  89. Melissa Martin

    They had fun making this video rip Mr Eddie Money

  90. TheSanctuaryl990

    R.I.P. Eddie Money your music was very important to me through the 80s and my life, it help me get through the day, Thank You!

    Elsa Johnson

    Mee too

  91. Steve Morrow

    R.I.P. Your music was a big part of my life friend. Thanks...

    sandy E

    same here R.I.P. Eddie

  92. Michael Moon

    R.I.P. Eddie Money Man!

  93. R H

    RIP Money 9/13/19 ….made the 1980's a great time …...

    TJ Murray

    I agree 100% with you. This awesome tune and Take Me Home Tonight are classic!

    Joseph Babica


  94. Steve Scott

    RIP Mahoney.I liked you.

  95. Brian Deshaies

    RIP Eddie!! You were the best!!

  96. Kayla Schulz

    She staying