Eddie Money - One Chance Lyrics

The well has run dry
I'm staring at an empty space
I feel it's all over, gone without a trace

Oh, one moment held by a thread
One time to hold on to love
If I could see my way clear
And it takes me through, through the night

Just give me one chance
(Can't let it go on this way)
Just give me one chance
(Gotta get out of the rain)
Just give me one chance
(You're the one who can kill this pain)

We're worlds apart and miles away
I can't take it another day
No no no

Well, you and I have been runnin'
Running all our lives
We should have seen now, now this time comin'
Came as no surprise

One moment held back in time
The silence starts to tell the truth
Thought I'd go through it again
If it takes me back to you

Just give me one chance
(Can't let it go on this way)
Just give me one chance
(Gotta get out of the rain)
I'm just lookin' for that one chance
(You're the one who can kill this pain)

We're worlds apart and miles away
I can't take it another
Baby, can you hear me'
Won't you stop the music for my baby?
Yeah yeah yeah now!

Ah, I wanna hear you talkin' to me now
Can you hear me talkin' to you now?
Have a little mercy, baby
Listen, baby, can you hear me now?
Oh, oh, no

One chance baby
(Can't let it go on this way)
All I need is one chance now
(Gotta get out of the rain)
Please baby, give me that one chance
(You're the one who can kill this pain)
One chance

We're worlds apart and miles away
I can't take it another day
(Can't let it go on this way, gotta get out of the rain)

Just give me one chance
(Can't let it go on this way, gotta get out of the rain)
Said that, one more chance, one more chance
One more chance, yeah yeah yeah, please baby

Can't let it go on this way
Gotta get out of the rain

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Eddie Money One Chance Comments
  1. Xennial Hipster

    Love the atmosphere and melodies, one of his really overlooked songs but I remember playing it a lot as a kid in the 90s. RIP Eddie

  2. David Demille

    Despite the conspicuous heavy 80s production, prevalent in that MTV era, all artists succumbed. Heart for instance comes to mind. E still shines with his blue collar honesty, directness and simple love of life.

  3. KIP 69

    I love you Eddie Money. God bless you and RIP 🙏

  4. Victor Simpson

    Great cover version. RIP Eddie Money.

  5. luis ramirez

    Such a great artist, had so many songs that rocked , never going to forget Mr. Eddie Money !!

  6. Ed B

    Always enjoyed this song, remember playing it on vinyl R I P Eddie

  7. Dwayne Martin

    One of his best songs....this should have been a huge hit for him. Your amazing music will live on forever, Money Man!

  8. Brenda Fitzgerald

    Rest in Peace...my favorite singer, saw him a few times and met him once

  9. Sam The Man

    Eddie HAS to be Hall of Fame NOW! His absence is telling about the Halls' credibility.

    Dwayne Martin

    Such a shame that he isn't already in there.

  10. Curt Landis

    Stans version is way too tight and has too many open spaces between the notes. This version flows with soul and emotion. Fantastic job Mr E Money!!

  11. Harold H

    Stan put his heart in his song and eddy as a pro
    delivered with his energy to complete the album.

  12. TexasBiker68

    Both versions are good, but Eddie's is definitely a low slow version with a lot more soul and emotion in it.

  13. Eric 84

    This is awful the original is better Stan Meissner version was awesome.

  14. DeeCeeCT

    Can't deny that 80s Mr. Mister vibe going on throughout this one with Richard and Steve aboard.

  15. David Jones

    I love this version: Eddie won this version!

  16. David Jones

    ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS! The beat; the way Eddie's voice melds into the song; the harmony... "Just give me one chance..." I've listened to this song while deployed to S. Korea [and other combat zones] a million-times in the late 80's and I still love this style of music. Thank you Eddie!

  17. Lisa Talley

    this song is one of my all time favorites by Eddie. one he does stay as true as possible to the original versions no matter what the song may be. I always wait for the end because his harmonies with other male singers is outstanding. whether his version is better or not it's still so good. i'll listen to it till the end of time. and besides you have to be a woman to really get this song any of his songs. men listen with a different kind ear. he just can't do any song that I don't like. I love them all.

  18. Harry Pearson

    Still listening more than 20 years later.
    Harry Pearson

  19. Bidyut Bhuyan

    Funny people all over. In the original video of Stan Meissner people commenting Eddie's version is better. Here again, I see vice versa. AOR wherever whenever is best everywhere. Cheers from Ghy, India.

  20. Jeff Nahas

    This alblum was Money's best work no doubt. And definately better than Stan.


    yes his best album from start to finish

  21. Brian London

    This was a GREAT album.


    brilliant album every song

  22. pamela poole

    Just give me 1 chance 💕💜💕

  23. Gordon Saulnier

    This is a sad cover.


    this has more soul and depth and i listened to stan meissener's version but eddie the money version is way much better


    MrPizza063  yes. No disrespect to Stan but Eddie wins this one. Anytime you have session masters from Mr. Mister Richard Page and Steve George it's an instant WIN. Their vibe is all over this.

  24. AOR City

    Si te gusta Eddie te va gustar esta verison, si te gusta Stan sin duda te va gustar pero no tanto como la original, para mi la original sin dudarlo.

  25. Pat Pettite

    Sorry Stan but Eddie nails this song...you look like Barney Fife

  26. jan mathiasen

    And Richard Page & Steve George (Mr.Mister) sings backing vocal at this track

  27. Jan Richardson

    Eddie's is WAY better than Stan's!


    yeah much better eddie the money man rocks

    Dwayne Martin

    It really is.

    Trenton Iocca

    They're both good. But Eddie's hit had good flavor.


    ONE    CHANCE  -    EDDIE    MONEY    (1986)

  29. Douglas Cook

    This is a joke....lol......Stan Meissner's version is so much better...68,000 views to 6,800 views....says it all.


    sorry to have to say but EDDIE THE $MONEY MAN IS THE BEST and no disrespect to stan's version its ok

  30. berry delorme

    another yank killing a good  canuck song

  31. TxBiker68

    And you "butchered" your spelling Eric :p

  32. LuisPrada17

    Super geniales las 2 versiones temazooooooo !

  33. pamela poole

    Eddie Money kills this song he sings this song better then anyone one he puts so much feeling in his songs , no one like him he is the best in my opinion .......LUV Eddie Money

  34. Gina Basham

    I like Eddie's version much better. I cant believe people like Stan's version better! Smh

  35. shigeto shii

    ......Take Me Home Tonight.....

  36. pamela poole


  37. LetsRockNrolll

    Stan Meissner also wrote the song (for those asking).

  38. Finished Wood Works

    You might want to listen to the lyrics over a few more times, there is no mention of 'true love'. Only a love that is strained. True love is a chance in itself, if anyone actually believes in such a myth.

  39. Rhodes Rage Bodybuilding

    I just went to listen to the Stan Meissner's version... no way is that better than this... in fact is borderline terrible.

  40. Rhodes Rage Bodybuilding

    Eddie Money jams... of all of his songs. this was my favorite...

  41. Terri4Perry2013

    Sorry,just listened to the Stan version. Eddie has it hands down!! I love my Eddie!!!

  42. TheWhammiesrule

    @Boudreaus4 Nothing beats the original version, that's for sure! I love Stan Meissner's version too


    TheWhammiesrule clearly Eddie liked this song enough to get permission to record it from Stan Meissner.

  43. Stevie

    Love Stan Meissner's original version....Eddie is a great artist, But not with this song.