Eddie Money - Everybody Loves Christmas Lyrics

It's 'round the corner now
Don't you love it?

At home where I wanna be
Wrapping presents by the Christmas tree
With my baby, it's just my baby and me

Got the little ones tucked in bed
Dreams of Santa running through their heads
So happy, it's so much fun to believe

Julianne wants a rocking horse
My daughter Jessie wants a doll that talks
Little Johnny wants a BB gun
Momma here say he's just too young
Just too young

Everybody loves Christmas
Everybody has fun
That time of the year, that holiday cheer
A good time for everyone

Everybody loves Christmas
I will count the ways
You know it's almost here
Christmas Day
Christmas Day

Checking off my list; I'm almost done
Had to buy a gift for everyone
It don't matter - it's just that time of the year

I spend the money and I don't look back
Baby, you could wake up in a Cadillac
The man told me, said, "Don't worry, sign here"

Everybody in the neighborhood
Got the houses looking really good
All your worries kinda disappear
It don't happen more than once a year
More than once a year

Everybody loves Christmas
Everybody has fun
That time of the year, all the holiday cheer
A good time for everyone

Everybody loves Christmas
I will count the days
You know it's almost here
Christmas Day

(Christmas time is here again)
Everyone loves Christmas
(You can feel it everywhere)
It's that time of the year
(Little children having fun)
When the little kids cheer
(He has something for everyone)

Everybody loves Christmas
Everybody has fun
(Ooh ooh ooh ooh)
That time of the year, all the holiday cheer
A good time for everyone

Everybody loves Christmas
And I'm counting the ways
You know it's almost here
Christmas Day

You know it's almost here
Christmas Day

And now it's finally here
Christmas Day
Christmas Day
It's Christmas Day
Almost Christmas Day

Everyone loves Christmas
Merry, merry Christmas
Everyone is having so much fun
Didn't you sing it?
Sing it
Sing it

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Eddie Money Everybody Loves Christmas Comments
  1. Zack Rolbiecki

    Everybody loves Christmas

  2. Sluggers City

    "It's just around the corner now!"

  3. Zeljka Rakocy


  4. J Chr G

    You hear that:"so much fun to believe "!

  5. Joann P

    I just heard this on music choice sounds of the season,love it!!!

  6. Charizard2320

    RIP Eddie this song wont be the same without you

  7. Shaneomac

    RIP eddie

  8. Nibiru Planet X


  9. Eric C

    So Sad Eddie Died Today 09/13/2019 only 70 Years Old :(


    yes and this is a cool rocking christmas song RIP EDDIE MONEY

  10. Delio Palacios

    Welcome 2019

  11. Nicholas Stabile

    Eddie and Ronnie really rock ! ; - D

  12. Mike Thaxton

    We even did Christmas songs better back then than they do now !

  13. Michael Lambert

    Ronnie Spector rocking that trademark “oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhh,” that I absolutely love!!

  14. McClinin Gray

    Adding to the rest of the group. The Santa Clause 2 brought me here. Lol!

  15. Daniel Marinucci

    I heard this song on the radio so I used my phone to I d the song.
    Now I love it. I'll listen to it at my sister's house (Alexa) and the dog looks at me like "what's wrong with the human". probably because I jam and sing along with Eddie money.

  16. Blue Doc

    Thanks!! God Bless!

    Brock Anthony

    R Pomegranate (2003)

  17. Mike V

    How the heck have I never heard this song before?


    its so cool

  18. Nancy Kugler

    The Santa Clause brought me here too. What a great song! Should definitely get more play time.

  19. Higino Neto

    #2017 muito boa essa musica me lembro da vila encantada q tinha no gremio!!

  20. Charizard2320

    I love the key change at the end of the song it makes the song happier

  21. Sandy Sandy

    I personally love that oh oh oh from Ronnie Spector . kinda brings the song out !

    Michael Lambert

    Sandy Sandy Me too. It’s like her trademark and she does that on that other song with Eddie Money.


    My favorite song

  23. Lewis Joel

    Very helpful vidoe!!

  24. Rocky B

    For me this song is a cheesy bad guilty pleasure!!!! Ronnie Spector's background vocals are annoying and they sound pretty damm close to Take Me Home Tonight.

    Eric Little

    +Rocky B  Who cares?  Ronnie Spector still sounds great!!!  This is probably the first Christmas music she did at the time since the 60's

    Rocky B

    +Eric Little Personal Taste dude she annoyes the hell out of me. However you should have heard some of the shitty Christmas music i heard working at Shoppers. You had Taylor Swift phoning in a boring version of Last Christmas you had Adam Levine butchering John Lennon's Merry Christmas (War Is Over). As for Ronnie Spector it isnt her voice so much its that stupid oh oh oh thing she sings in like every song (very annoying). I think she sings the same damn thing in Eddie Money's Take Me Home Tonight. Oh well

    J Robert Goldner

    The quality of a person's senses differ from person to person. Some people have better hearing or better sight than their neighbor. some people can't differentiate between different tastes while others sense of smell is very acute. Same goes for ears. Some peoples ability to stay on beat are poor but their ability to hear notes is acute.

    Try sitting in on drum circle.  Your thing is the beat, not the notes.

    PNUT Smith

    Yeah buddy , I loved being in my drum line at school


    This song did come out around the same time take me home tonight came out

  25. VHS Collector Kyle

    The Santa Clause 2 lead me here.



  26. Mark Lopa

    I discovered this song on the CD "A Classic Rock Christmas," which also features songs by REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Survivor among others.

  27. Mark Antrim

    Awesome song. Can't believe I had never heard this. Merry Christmas everyone.

  28. Tiburon01

    Eddie MONEY!!

  29. Cris Il Mafioso Siciliano

    20 december 2012 listen to the song's :)

  30. Christine Wurtele

    Great song to get the kids moving in the morning for school.

  31. knubbelkeks69

    20 days and counting :)
    best time of the year!!!!!

  32. fortheloveofbears64

    awesome song

  33. ProbablyLanna

    I'm listening to this in AUGUST!!! Oh ya! :D