Eddie Money - Endless Nights Lyrics

Lover, I just can't believe it's turned
You're tearing my life apart
There's no simple answer
Here I am, just standing in circles

And the logic is turning me round
My mind keeps holding
Only one thought

When you gonna call
I think it's worth the time
How you gonna change
All these endless nights
If you could stop
Leading me around
You're never gonna change
All these endless nights

Tender, the way
That you touched me now
We were taking our fears away
There won't be no reason
Just a well rehearsed explanation

Though the love
That is turning inside
Keeps on twisting
Twisting my mind

When you gonna call
I think it's worth the time
How you gonna change
All these endless nights
If you could stop
Leading me around
You're never gonna change
All these endless, endless nights
I wish that you could change
All these endless, endless nights

And the hope
That is holding me here
It's starting to die, oh, no
Is it ever gonna stop

When you gonna call
I think it's worth the time
How you gonna change
All these endless nights
If you could stop
Leading me around
You're never gonna change
All these endless, endless nights
I wish that you could change
All these endless, endless nights
All these endless
Endless nights now

When you gonna call
I think it's worth the time
I wish that you would call now
When you gonna change
All these endless, endless nights

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Eddie Money Endless Nights Comments
  1. Lissandro Herrera

    RIP Eddie Money , I hear this song and bring back memories of my youth, I used to singing in my head while walking, great song ! What a big lost.

  2. Sasha Vann

    Thank you for this song Eddie Money RIP

  3. cfd335346

    Miss you man great years of your music when are you gonna call

  4. The Great Chain

    This is his best song, I had to google it, haven't heard it in 25 years.

  5. cameron rickford


  6. Tracy S.

    This is one of my favorite song from Eddie may you rest in peace with the angels💝

  7. Luke F

    Great song

  8. Terry B

    Meet him in 2005 backstage before a show in Maryland at a meet and greet. He was very personable and talked liked he was my best friend. Have autographed picture together with him. His music and kindness wont be forgotten. Love this song.

  9. Achilles Creed

    Makes me think of my 6th grade crush! #simplertimes

  10. Verdawn Pierce

    Hope to see you on the other side RIP Money Man ❤

  11. Sergio Rivera

    Eddie Money
    "Endless Night"
    #21, 1987.

  12. Jackie Lauber

    Miss you money man...rest in rock n roll heaven!!

  13. Patrick Ortwein

    One of my favorite songs by this great artist

  14. Nicole Devine

    I played this song over and over when I was in college. Can't believe he's gone.

  15. paulie3jobs

    This song really needs a great video to go with it.

  16. Craig Berger

    RIP. The 80s will always be known as the best musical decade ever. Will miss you Eddie.

  17. BrAnD

    Thank You Eddie...

  18. D.W1988

    Thank you for making the music of my childhood days eddie

  19. D.W1988

    Now you are in an endless heaven eddie.. good bye bro...

  20. Alvin Gravley

    Rip and thanks for the great hits

  21. Steven Paoli

    One of the nicest guys in Rock and Roll. I'm honored to sing your songs and the response is always, always positive. Your many hits, and killer b-sides were an important part of many lives. and this album got me thru a very painful lesson in love. Bless you and Rest in Peace

  22. DgtlDiva

    He could sing anything -- this is one of my favourites and I think one of his best -- RIP Eddie and thank you for the many many years of awesome music!!

  23. Dee Smith's Wife Life

    RIP Eddie. You were and will continue to be, an amazing artist. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. 💔

  24. Kristen K

    Where is the video for this song? It’s driving me crazy, I know he had one. I feel like it was in black-and-white in the rain. Singing on a staircase or something like that? Does anyone remember this?

  25. carl norried

    I will save a little room in my heart for you.

  26. Wavey Gravey

    Why is this video not available?🤔🥴

  27. Joe Wiedmeier

    When you gonna call ? Endless nights

  28. Joe Wiedmeier

    When you gonna call? 😎

  29. Andrew Awad

    Under rated song.

  30. Lara Riley

    Loved him and always will. RIP Eddie. Enjoyed meeting you a few years ago.

  31. Clarence Velazquez

    Saw Eddie Money at Coastal Carolina fair last summer So glad I got to meet him ! He was so nice he signed my CD It was so Eddie Money he loved his fans dearly ! RIP I loved all your MTV videos !

  32. Lynnedelle Poore

    When you gonna call I think it's worth the time How ya gonna change all these endless nights

  33. Soila Cantu


  34. Candy Apple Blue

    Such a perfect pop song. Polished to perfection. Easily one of his best records. The song, the lyrics, and his voice are so easy on the ears. ❤🎹♪♬

  35. B Young

    Awesome song, brings back memories when I was 10. Life was good, music was great! Rip EM

  36. Richard Speranza

    Eddie thanks for the memories, we had a lot of great times and I’ll miss your perspective on life.
    And yes I did record that hole in one you got, Great golfer too!!

  37. Tracy S.

    This is one of my favorite songs of his may you rest in peace. Always did love the sound of your voice.

  38. Doug Morrisett

    Love this song, about a month ago I was trying bto think of this song, no reason, I was trying to think of my fav song by Bryan adams

  39. cameron rickford


  40. beautiful soul1975

    I love you Eddie Money!! I just saw you in concert! I'm so glad I got to see you

  41. Douglas Shortridge

    What a great guy. Sorry to hear about his passing. Loved his music. RIP Mr. Money you'll be sadly missed.

  42. Mike Stone

    One of my many favorites from Mr. Money......RIP sir......you were and still are one of the greats!

  43. ramage 810

    My favorite Eddie money song

    Runney Mullet

    spram 810 mine too. Can’t hear it enough! 😊💞

  44. arion316

    Damn how did I just discover this great song? R.I.P. Eddie....Thanks for so many great songs!

  45. hp1ico

    This song is still part of my life ... I love this song ... you will live forever and we have your music ... you rest in peace!

  46. Cat Woman

    Woke up with this in my head this morning. RIP

  47. Eric Springer

    I remember this being on radio and it is so sad that this beauty is forgotten

  48. Blatchford Sarnemington

    Love this song.... matches his best work, and never enough airplay since the 80s.

    Great New Yorker and an icon of his era. Playing this on my turntable tonight. RIP Eddie Money.

  49. Quest Infinity


  50. Quest Infinity


  51. Quest Infinity


  52. The Weeping Willow

    Rest easy Edward Mahoney...my teen years were better with u on the radio...& i was privleged to see u in concert in during this album tour....a unique voice gone... #fuckcancer

  53. Jimi Jamm

    Wish there was a karaoke version of this song.

  54. Ever Navas

    Siento que ha muerto parte de mi vida con esta cancion me identifico Rip leyenda eddie money por siempre en nuestros corazones 😞👏gracias Eddie money por tu musica

  55. Garrett Berry

    Totally singing my heart out to this. Rip Eddie money hope you’re proud!

  56. Tom Sheldrick

    I grew up on his music and love this song

  57. Thad nate McCoy

    Got to see his show. At Sherando park in VA. Awesome on 4 July couple years ago!!! Wow !!!Awesome show !Never forget that one !! Wow!!!

  58. Nate Lovern

    So sad you're gone Eddie Money! I loved your soulful voice. You and your band made some beautiful music that made so many, so happy! Thank you!, and RIP Eddie!

  59. Mari Vitela

    My favorite of his... Heavy rotation for Cil and I.... Those Michael's..
    SMH... Rest in Paradise Eddie! Thank you!

  60. Brandy Sloan

    rip Eddie Money, thank you for the great music

  61. Melanie Brantner

    Pop music 80 's
    RIP Eddie

  62. Dwayne Martin

    This is one amazing album...I can truly listen to it all the way through without skipping to the next song. You will be sorely missed my friend.

  63. Maria Teresa Jimenez

    Rest In Peace Eddie! Thank you for your talent and for making our days memorable!

  64. seds world

    And your music lives on ...

  65. Chris Vlahakis

    Just a cool, righteous guy. Thanks for the memories, Eddie. Rest In Peace, brother.

  66. utubeaccess7

    Listened to this track on LP tonight, RIP Eddie and fam

  67. Kevin Goins

    R. I. P.
    Eddie was one of the best vocalists ever. Your music will never end. You are sadly missed by this fan

  68. Ed Griffin

    Great tune !

  69. Jesse Jacobo

    Rest in Paradise Eddie Money

  70. William F Webber

    From "Baby Hold On" and "Two Tickets To Paradise" to "Take Me Home Tonight" and "Endless Nights" Eddie Money had a catalogue of songs and a music career anyone would be proud to have. I would have loved to see him in concert. RIP Eddie Money. Thank you for the music and the memories.

  71. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #21 on the pop charts in 1987!!!

  72. Colleen Campagnari

    You will be missed Eddie! Thank you for sharing your talent with us all these years...

  73. Jana Hagen

    RIP Eddie. I'll always love your music.

  74. Jeanette Kosec

    RIP Eddy. This song helped me long ago as a young 20 something going thru a major break-up. I replayed the song 9.6 million times on my cassette. From there a lot of his songs helped me go thru ...... growing up and life. Thank you EM, I pray for your soul and hope to hear your voice again in heaven.

  75. Jim Shook

    Rest In Peace Eddie...thanks for decades of great music.

  76. Michael Smith

    Great song" like many others...Rest easy Eddie !!

  77. tuunmaster

    Sad sad day, I wore out two tapes of this album in high school, this is by far his best song in my humble opinion. RIP Money Man....you will be missed.

  78. Lucky Diamond

    Love Eddie Money his songs are great n awesome never saw him perform live wished I did always wanted to you will be missed but your music lives on in our 💕 hearts RIP 🎷🎤EDDIE MONEY😢😩😭

  79. Mspigglywiggly09


  80. Judy Chrust

    Thank you Eddie Money for your amazing music,just so talented!!I grew up with your music still love it timeless..rest in Paradise Eddie love ya😘💖💖

  81. jeanpierre rivera

    R I P Eddie

  82. Brenda Trump

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who loved this song.

    jeanpierre rivera

    U R not alone <3


    Agree, this was his best, I can remember a few exact places I was listening to 30 years ago.

    Runney Mullet

    Brenda Trump for me this was his best not to mention all the rest ❤️ R.I.P.

  83. superclassic RODRIGUEZ

    Great song

  84. reiki11111

    You are so loved and will be missed.

    So talented and a genuine human being

    God bless. Thank you for the music and memories

  85. Kamran Quraishi

    RIP Eddie. One of my favorite songs.

  86. Moon 0000

    Rip Eddie, your music was the soundtrack to good times as a kid

  87. Emily. Ink

    RIP Edward Mahoney. I will cherish your music forever ❤️

  88. Keith Fox

    One of my all time favs of his. Bless you Eddie...thank you for the great music you gave us. You will be missed.

  89. Jenny N

    Totally forgot about this song until today. The title didn't mean anything to me, but after the second line, I was singing along like I'd just heard it yesterday. I remember hearing this on the radio quite often when this came out. Great song. RIP Eddie

  90. Joe Jimenez

    Awesome artist seen him 4 times RIP MR MONEY😪

  91. Blab Blah

    It's a shame this song does not get more views. I like this and "One Love" more than "Take Me Home Tonight".

  92. Freddi Smith

    Thank you for the memories of butterflies in my stomach, first kisses, and moments that were the soundtrack of my youth.

  93. Jackie Lauber

    Wow....Rest in Heaven big man!!Your music will live on in those of us who haved rocked out to your tunes way back in the 80s..😢😢

  94. Edward Carranza

    My favorite song and video of his. Sorry to see him go. RIP!!!!!!

  95. Jennifer R

    Eddie Money stopped into a music shop in my Ohio town for guitar strings and saw children in concert and joined them. What a mensch. Rest in Peace Eddie.

  96. Rena Montgomery

    I am so sad , RIP Eddie

    jeanpierre rivera

    me too :(

  97. MisterTwister

    Gods speed Eddie. RIP 💐

  98. Aurora L. Salinas

    Love this song. Thank you for the great music and childhood memories. RIP Mr. Money:(

  99. Nostalgia CRT

    Damn...my Dad 1 yr a half ago leaves me due to cancer at 68...Eddie Money at 70...Can someone please find a cure already! Know you're jammin' in heaven Eddie! Miss ya!

    Trenton Iocca

    Fuck you cancer👊😠👊.

    dave barr

    My condolences from afar dude. If you enjoyed EM, you were likely influenced by your Father's music background- and I'm sure he was a great man too. Chin up... and here's hoping we kick this cancers ass, right square in the face!

    Nostalgia CRT

    I just hate it all...we had the highest hopes for my Dad living at least 10 more years...just 2 years before he died, they said he was cancer free? I have heard other stories since then that a scan is not full proof...then don' t tell me he's cancer free!

    Jennifer Williams

    @Nostalgia CRT I'm so sorry about ur dad! I'm sure he is with you... listening to music helps me cope with lifes problems,etc...