Eddie Money - Can You Fall In Love Again Lyrics

Hey darling, well can we work it out
Or are we reaching for the sky?
Cause we're falling down a mountain
That it took so long to climb.
If you could only see through my eyes
Then you'd understand my heart
You'd believe these words I, I say to you
We can't let this, we can't let this fall apart

Can you fall in love again,
Be something more than friends
Baby now I just wanna know
When you lie awake at night,
Does your heart put up a fight
Telling you there's nowhere to go
Can you fall in love again?
Can you fall in love again now

Sometimes in anger
We said a lot of things
We never meant to say
If you really want your freedom now
Then I won't stand in your way
If you could only see through my eyes
Then you'd know it breaks my heart
To be letting love slip through our hands
And to keep us, keep us far apart

Can you fall in love again,
Be something more than friends
Baby now I just wanna know
When you lie awake at night,
Does your heart put up a fight
Telling you there's nowhere to go

Well time can't stand still when you're living alone
Seems everything's passing you by
It's hard to imagine being out on your own
Baby, it just don't seem right
Oh no no

If you could only see through my eyes
Then you'd know it breaks my heart
To be letting love slip through our hands
And to keep us, keep us far apart

Can you fall in love again,
Be something more than friends
Baby now I just, I just wanna know
When you lie awake at night,
Does your heart put up a fight
Telling you there's nowhere to go
Can you fall in love again
Can you fall in love again now

Can you fall in love again,
Be something more than friends
Baby now I just wanna know
When you lie awake at night,
Does your heart put up a fight
Telling you there's nowhere to go
Can you fall in love again?
Can you fall in love again now

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Eddie Money Can You Fall In Love Again Comments
  1. Eric Flahart

    Love this tune brighter new year a dead!

  2. Bret Lynne

    I'll never let you go ...

  3. Debra Erickson

    You will always be in out hearts. We will sadly miss you. I just want to fall in love again.

  4. Vivienne S

    Sooo awesome, Underrated!!!

  5. Karen Bilyk-Vogel

    Gonna miss the money man but, Eddie's music will live on 4 ever!💖

  6. Vivienne S

    RIP! Such a Soul! Emotions A True Artist , Vocalist , Father , Husband!!!!!’ Rock On

  7. Michael Brown

    Got to see him in 82 he was always great miss you money man

  8. Carla Hansen

    Another one of my Favs ❤

  9. Cindy Lou

    😭my heart is broken!! Really taking his death really hard!! He was such a good hearted man!! So sad 😢 that he gone but guess we still have his great music to remember him!!

    Carla Hansen

    I agree me Too!!😭 I have been listening to his Songs EVERYDAY!!!!🤟❤😘👍

  10. Angela Barrett

    An artist who was (& is) very much underrated & it's sad that it took losing him for his music to be truly appreciated. RIP Eddie you'll forever be missed & loved. Thank you for all the beautiful songs you've left for this crazy world & just as I enjoyed sharing it with my children I look even more so in sharing it with my grandchildren 💜

    Carla Hansen

    ME TOO....WELL SAID!!!👍❤

  11. Caesar Fiorini

    I don't wanna live on a dream baby .....

  12. Warrensdeciple

    GodSpeed Eddie

  13. Ron A

    I never heard this song before, I love his song two tickets to paradise and when I heard her had passed, came here...he seemed like such a decent guy full of love for his family and fans... Yea Eddie, I want to fall in love again and my dreams never to end. RIP and God speed....

  14. luis ramirez

    Godspeed to you , brother !!

  15. Doreen EvansSaintClaire

    Beautiful song from Eddie that I never heard before. He will be so missed by everyone.

  16. Jesus Prieto silva

    Tus canciones son inmortales como tu voz , descansa en paz genio

  17. Brandi Hudson

    Another great one gone to soon😪 rest peacefully Eddie🤟

  18. Debbie Martin

    Proud to say I lived in the time of Eddie Money..

  19. Danny Burch

    Iam in 😢 reminds me of my youth R.I P. Eddie

  20. Marie Scott

    Dedicating my whole day to Eddies music 🎧 Thanku for filling this world with such amazing music. You will always live on. RIP ❤️

  21. ItsRich07

    honoring the music of Eddie Money tonight..RIP Eddie!

  22. alley kitty

    We will never have a another singer like Eddie Money! You're in heaven now rocking on for eternity😇🎸❤️❤️❤️

  23. Angela Jordan

    RIP!!! ♡♡♡

  24. Sparky 58

    Thank you for Always making Detroit one of your regular stops..... Pine Knob (DTE) won’t be the same without the MoneyMan there..... Thanks for the memories.... Peace and Love to all.........

  25. T Wilkins

    just that intro. Only Eddie can sing it like this. RIP Eddie

  26. Karen Doney

    I'm so sad. "Peace Out" Eddie.

  27. ste b

    I grew up in the 80's listening to your music so I felt like I was just right there with you as a kid, God bless you Eddie Money and family forever

  28. ste b

    Wow Eddie where does a guy begin? To say that you are one of the most amazing singers of rock and roll in my lifetime! To see everything you have done for the city of the state I love so much openings at Pine Knob every summer kick off! Even though I only saw your amazing gleaming of yourself in life live at one concert, I grew up with you in the 80's so much that I would love to say right now Eddie, mostly just know that you are amazing and forever will be! My thoughts and prayers go to your wife and son and daughter as they mourn your loss with millions of us all who mourn your passing also ❤ God love you all always Eddie! Thank you for sharing yourself with this world! Love you always!

  29. Jesse Jacobo

    Because thank to Eddie Money I want fall in love again too

  30. Jesse Jacobo

    Nice song I wanna dedícate to a young gurl $EXY MODEL

  31. Shawn Severns

    My heart goes out,to his family.

  32. John's DIY Playground

    This is a beautiful song. Thanks for all the years Eddie, RIP

  33. The Weeping Willow

    My Favorite Eddie Money Song...u got your Ticket to Paradise now...U were one of the good guys...Thanx for the music...RIP

  34. Vincent Ellison

    Lov eddy sad day enjoy life eddy did

  35. terry denton

    RIP money

  36. Carlos Johnson

    Thank GOD that I got experience dancing to this kind of music growing up.

  37. Bill Fitzsimmons

    RIP Eddie. What a great legacy of music. Thank You!

  38. tinasue8

    Rest in peace Eddie. You will live on in your music. Thanks for the memories.

  39. Yolanda Vincent

    So heartbroken. 💔 Rest easy in Paradise. Thank you for all the amazing music. 🎶🎵🎶

    In His Image

    He was top class indeed.

  40. Sam Gibson

    Remember using this song to get the love of my life back. Well at least I have the song.

  41. Sharon Trego

    Heart breaking!!

  42. Paul Barry

    RIP my friend you brought me lots of peace in your music

  43. Sharon Cecil

    I'm in shock even though I knew it was coming, love him so much ~ so much healing and joy from his music for soo long

  44. Mxwl j

    R.I.P Buddy, you will be missed : (

  45. Julie Cheli

    RIP Eddie Money, you got your ticket to paradise.  Love and prayers to the Money Family <3


    That cliche has been used (and copied) to death since he died.

  46. Jamie Steinhauer

    RIP my friend your music lives on.

    Carla Hansen

    So True!!

  47. Jan Emily

    Thank you for the awesome music you gave to us, Eddie. Come back with more.

  48. Donna Pete

    Rest in Peace Eddie and thinking of your family :(

  49. KRN762

    RIP Ed.

  50. Robert Walton

    RIP Eddie. I know people are still listening in 2019!

    Dale Hume

    I hit like for what you said but not for the news. 👎🏻. Rip. To a real rocker and great guy

    Lisa Oneal

    I can't believe he's gone 😢

    Bif Webster

    I never did listen to any of these songs. I heard his radio play stuff and liked it enough, but he was never my thing.

    He was GREAT at ballads, though.

    He's a true artist.

    I started watching his show lately, and that it was sort of hacky, but, I liked how he treated his family. He had a great sense of humor, too.

    God Speed, Eddie... I SEVERELY underestimated you.

    MY BAD!


    I wanna go to heaven when i die it sounds soo beautiful and all the great ones are up there playing my favorite songs

    Eddie Parra

    This is the first song I heard from Eddie Money. I was 14 and I was with my dad in the car

  51. Christopher Eno

    RIP Eddie...

  52. David Williams

    R.I.P. Eddie, one of the greats!

  53. Emmett martens

    disliking this is a crime

  54. Woody Schuler

    Rest easy Eddie. You were one of the good guys. 70 is too damn young. Thanks for the great library of tunes you gave us!

  55. adityakumardsv

    Thank you for some amazing songs Eddie. You will be missed. Rest in music.

  56. Brian Deshaies

    RIP Eddie!! You were the best!!

  57. Andreas Tumpal Hutapea

    Who still listen in 2019?

    Joseph Delgado

    I've got all of his recordings!

  58. Carrie Shallow

    Hope your feeling better soon! Prayers for you and your family...you need to be put in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!!

    Oleysia Ogren

    I wish. RIP😭😭😭

  59. Pappy

    yeah me too .

  60. Amy Waldron

    Love this! One of the BEST artists ever. ❤❤❤

  61. Woody Schuler

    I got to interview him in 1991 when this album was brand new. “She Takes My Breath Away” was the first single. My station was playing it, but I had put this song into a light rotation. The line about going to the river hit home with me growing up in St. Louis. During the interview I quoted that line to him and told him what it meant to me. He was truly surprised and was so appreciative. He said, “Wow! You already know that song? That’s awesome and Woodman, if you ever record an album, I’ll know all of your songs!!” Usually artists or record reps get irritated when you play a song off an album that is not the one they are promoting. BTW, this song was the next single off this album!! Coincidence???? I think not!! Ha Ha!!

  62. Aurora Duo

    One great hit maker

  63. Sammi Christopher

    An amazing man, voice and song. Thank you for your fantastic music and memories they bring

  64. Movie News

    wow, 1995 will never feel the same...

  65. Movie News

    when does this happen 1937

  66. admiral kirov

    Bring me back 1992...great song..

  67. John Bender

    Que hermosa canción,y si me volveré a enamorar de nuevo.......sera mágico y esta vez de verdad.

  68. Nick Tempest


  69. Fox’s PurpleLolli

    52 people are musically illiterate

  70. samsung galaxyj2

    Why people dont wanna cover this song and publish on youtube ???

  71. Rusli Rizal

    Gara" Most Radio nih, jd penasaran sama lagu ini..

  72. Scott Fraze

    one of my favorites

  73. katelyn silly squirrel

    Beautiful song! 💙💙💙

  74. Salman Airlangga


  75. Randi Szöküld

    Hits me like a ton of bricks

  76. D M L

    Oh Eddie, you make my heart go pitter pat. I've got it bad all over again.

  77. Kyle Lodge

    who's listening in 2018?

    Koko ,KS

    Kyle Lodge
    Me ..and always listening in the car
    20:52. Jakarta . Indonesia

    Mauricio Ortegon

    Me... from Bogotá - Colombia.

    google gmail

    i am sometimes i go back !!!

  78. Denise Hedden

    Great song

  79. trinity trin

    *This Is What Great Music What Built On!!*

  80. Peet Pen

    Old days are over hè really sucks nou please stop and enjoy u riterment ,, this is shit

  81. James Barrett

    Great song from a great artist!!!! Love me some Eddie Money.... lots of great memories with his music

  82. Mikeand Lisa

    This song is under rated. It is brilliant and the melody brings peace to my soul. Thank God I was born in the 70s so I could be part of the 80s a decade of music magic.

    In His Image

    I agree. Maybe one of my favorite Money songs of any.

    dayne khan

    My favorite as well

    Lane West

    Yes, it was a decade of music magic. You called it. And that was in every music genre. Just a rich time of creativity.

  83. YouGotTheTickets facebookUS

    I remember (member that)the 1st time I saw Eddie in the late 70s , it was insane as the girls were going nuts ! Seen him several times thru out his career , he even brought his daughter once , always a great show !

  84. Juliette Peterson

    you sent me this song. I listen to every song you've sent me every night. Yeah I don't hear each one yet they're on my playlist. I miss you. I really hope your divorce is going okay for what it's worth. There's a good possibility that you will never see any of the comments I've made to you yet there's a chance....

    In His Image

    God’s blessings.

  85. clarese winton

    i wanted to fall in love again with you, but we never could get there. But i remember our rides to the river, dancing in the rain, partying like there's no tomorrow. We never wanted our dreams to ever end, but they did. 18 years later and i still think of him when i here this song. Eddie was our man. Best singer in the world. His number one fan forever.

  86. 1stSaintsFan

    The Great one! Saw Eddie open for Heart in 1984 and both put on a great show. I bought both of their first records and kept buying, yes youngsters buying their music. Love Hearts new CD and liked Eddie's last one.

    Peter Georgas

    1stSaintsFan Eddie opened for Van Halen in '78.

  87. adityakumardsv

    What a brilliant song! It is strange that this song is usually not included to Eddie Money's hits/greatest hits compilation...


    I agree!!!

    In His Image

    I don’t think this song was every released to the radio stations. It’s a gem for those who had the album though.

    Bob Wolenski

    @In His Image It made #54 on the pop charts.

  88. John McHugh


  89. Jhonny Velazquez


  90. Aaron Jefferies

    Eddie is the best singer I have ever heard.

    Mitch Mascioli

    Aaron Jefferies Agree. Such a unique voice. Magic.

  91. Miss Ocean

    Eddie... :)

  92. Joel Raed

    All of Eddie's memories are blurry.

  93. Patricia Hoy

    This song is absolutely beautiful. .he sings from the heart

  94. Rose Belice

    Very sweet! <3

  95. KRN762

    One of Eddie's best. Great song sir!

  96. indiodormido

    This song is a classic no doubt

  97. debbietristan100

    Who could dislike this song? It's so beautiful & Eddie's voice is fantastic!

  98. goldflakechallenger

    eddie is really at his best in this song-he has impressed me all through his singing career with all of those hits and the others that should have been hits