Eddie Money - Brand New Day Lyrics

I don't need to write a book
'Bout the chances that I took
All the hearts I had to break
I had to live with my mistakes
All the ghosts that haunt my past
All the dreams that didn't last
Burning candles at both ends, no way to pretend
Watching bad luck take away all my friends

As a boy I never cried
Till the day my mama died
After that I, I left my home
San Francisco all alone
With Eddie, Bill and Dave all gone
Thought I'd put 'em in my song
And maybe to you, well, it don't mean a thing
It's about my life that I wanna sing

Hey, hey
I'm feeling okay
Hey, hey
It's a brand new day, you know
I'm taking it slow
I've gotta say, listen now
Hey, hey
I'm feeling alright
I'm feeling alright tonight

My memories, they linger on
Some are vague, and some are strong
Some are happy, some are sad
Some are good, and some were bad
Days that can move you and bring you to tears
Minutes then hours and days turn to years
I've turned the page, I've had kids of my own
The time that I cherish being at home

Hey, hey
I'm feeling okay
Hey, hey
It's a brand new day, you know
I'm taking it slow
I've gotta say, listen now
Hey, hey
I'm feeling alright
I'm feeling alright tonight
I'm feeling okay, yeah
It's a brand new day

Brand new day
It's alright now, yeah
Gonna be a beautiful night
A beautiful, beautiful night

So many cities, airports and hotels
They'll knock you out, count to 10, ring the bell
It's a God-given gift I can sing, I can write
Man I've been doing this all of my life

Hey, hey
I'm feeling okay
Hey, hey
It's a brand new day, you know
I'm taking it slow, so slow
Now listen here
Hey, hey
I'm feeling alright
I'm feeling alright tonight
I'm feeling okay, yeah
It's a brand new day
Brand new day

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Eddie Money Brand New Day Comments
  1. legasiguy

    I think I posted this when he passed, but thank you Eddie for all the great memories. You we're one the first rockers I listened to when I was a kid. I then studied music. Thank you again Eddie, God bless! RIP.

  2. Believe It NOT!

    Wow! He loved God in Heaven!

  3. ItchyGoomie

    Does anyone know when the record company is going to release his new album? I know it was set to release July 2019 but it is no longer on itunes.

  4. leigh Miller

    Still missing you and always will, so many great memories, and great songs .live on in our lives thru your music. Singing with the angels.

  5. HowlinRob

    I so look forward to this album dropping in the future.. I look for it...regularly

  6. Marie

    Met him in person when i worked for Tower Records. He came to our office and got free tickets to see him in concert that night! RIP

  7. alan smlth

    Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life. For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. Holy Bible ,KJV.

  8. Sandra Crosby Guerrero

    Excellent Eddie Money Mahoney your Beautiful life & Family are as Awesome as you!!

  9. Domenic Vitanza

    Eddie...long time fan. You left us to early . R.I.P. miss you!!

  10. The Dad Joke Guy

    I saw him in concert a couple months before he died... Pretty sure he was drunk, but I enjoyed it anyways. The starting quote fits the man perfectly. May his family recover quickly

  11. bubsdennis

    Please release the album "brand new day" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Mary Mahaffey-house

    I love you Eddie money and will miss you too. Love your music so much. Rip me Eddie. My favorite song of your is take me home tonight. Love that song..

    Mary Mahaffey-house

    Rip mr Eddie.

  13. cruiseliner

    Really hope they announce a release date for this, was hoping it would be a Christmas gift to us all, the quality of this song is top notch!

  14. Peter Georgas

    Great music will live FOREVER !!

  15. franco traipe

    Beautiful song ! Great Job Eddie !!!! I love You forever ! EVER EVER EVER EVER !!! Thank you for your passion every moment . You´re my inspiration for ever in my heart . From Chile .

  16. tim styiener styiener


  17. Spiro Lagousis

    God I love this man , my biggest inspiration, met him many times after the show . So humble and friendly......Eddie you live forever in my heart.

  18. Stacy Wind

    Does anyone know when the new Album is going to be released?

  19. Phil Gasson

    Now just one ticket, one way.

  20. Howard Sternlistener

    Thank you for working right till the end

  21. Duff Gordon

    his most moving piece- along with "friends" he writes , because "Hey Hey thank God I =can sing and I can write" Thank you for those bassett hound eyes, your "signature white boy moves- everything you did was because you trusted your God given instincts"-Maybe in the end it was your IDEAS that was your genius- "Hwy goes, let''s see if Ronnie Spector would be intrested... Hey N+Mr Graham - I have an idea , let's have the hoses ready , so when my faithfiul are burning up in the heat- when I say "give me some water"... WE FLOOD THEM, and you created out of nothing one of the biggest moments in rock history!! Too many to mention. Oh you were SO SMART!!!! That was your charm- You may have been a cop, but as I think about it you could not do that job- Can you imagine a spousal issue eddies called to as a cop?? He would have them sit down..."Marriiage is hard.. This is what me and my wife do......." Do you want to see her photo"??? hahahahahahahahahhahah

  22. pammyla66

    R.I.P Eddie you made my teenage years wonderful with your music

  23. San Francisco Native And, Never Left

    Eddie, we have loved you since high school. Even more important--our good Lord loves you! Enjoy Paradise! xoxo

  24. Dean Ungari

    Your music no doubt will live forever as will you Eddie in the hearts of all your fans ❤️ We love and we’ll miss you forever. God bless you❤️

  25. grgoldner

    Great Eulogy.

  26. Domenic Vitanza

    One of the greatest real rockers ever. Eddie deserves to be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. He will be missed, I cant wait to hear this cd . RIP Eddie. Thanks for the many years of great songs & memories. Fan since 1978

  27. Cheril

    This song is incredibly good. I just love it! When will his family release the CD he made before he sadly passed away? I would love to hear it!!!

    Janice Perkins

    Cheril I’m anxiously waiting too for the cd. Was originally set for release in July 2019 but I cannot find it anywhere. Don’t know why his family wouldn’t want it released now. Would be a wonderful way to memorialize him

  28. Sandor Joseph Kovacs

    Thank-you Sir Eddie Money for all your music and songs. Your the man. Rest In Peace. Miss ya always....Keep an eye on us all dude. We need it. Cheers! Your always going to have a " Brand New Day " with the Lord Christ. I send all my love to your family Eddie.

  29. Lucy Karen Clay

    love this. love you guys. love the way you lived & continue to LIVE.

  30. bernie6712

    Eddie, your in my 4-ever playlist ...Thanks for the great music ...RIP

  31. solarwind1985

    This should get some radio play it’s a very catchy tune!!

  32. solarwind1985

    Great song and a great guy🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  33. 1besieged

    Great song and I thank you Eddie Money for making so much great music, you are missed, this is sad you are gone, I know your family will continue to sing ... see you in Paradise, rest in peace Eddie Money.

  34. Casey McDonald

    Can't believe he's not with us anymore, He was a big part of the best decade ever, the 80s and also the best times i have ever had. Slowly everything is fading away but you won't be forgotten Money Man. R.I.P.

  35. rick green

    God bless this legend rest in peace brother

  36. Flby0161

    Talented soul - gifted, God’s enjoying his new choir member...

  37. Steven Parker

    it is almost like he knew, wanted to make his family know he will be ok

  38. TheMentiply33

    Good song to bad he’s gone Rest In Peace

  39. Carolyn Ann

    Listening to Eddie Money has always made me feel better, and usually happy. This song is no exception, even if it makes my cry. What a beautiful sound, from the heart. Thank you Money Man.

  40. Clara Ochoa

    Beautiful Song Eddie Money Hope You Know How Much Your Music Makes Some Of My Days Brighter And Better Thank You For Sharing Your Gift With The World We Love You Rest In Peace💝

  41. Greg Sinclair

    This is a great song and where are the Eddie's fans? We need to get this heard more...I miss him and I am glad I got to start watching the show and seeing his family. RIP Eddie and peace to your lovely family. I write and sing too and I practiced all your songs for that sweet tone. The Money Man! XO

  42. R j

    The part at the end of song when he says I'm back I'm back God we all wish u we're back Eddy 😔

  43. Jeff Ragencobra

    I love it! \,,/ I may need some water!

  44. R j

    My god at 70 he still has that great voice miss u Eddy the legendary Eddy god took u too soon from us r.i.p my friend 😞

  45. Lloyd Bonafide

    What a great song to "close the show"......................
    Eddie must have known time was drawing near when he wrote this and did the video......................
    Rest in peace sir.........................OR................"Rock and Roll the Place," whichever you prefer..................
    You got your Ticket to Paradise and deserve it.................great rock and roll talent and great human being...................

  46. T Hobbs

    I loved this guy...so much good music. 💔

  47. Kelly King

    His voice hasnt changed. Still sounds great!!!

  48. Hayden Malesky

    RIP Eddie Money. Definitely still looking forward to hearing this last album from you.

  49. Brad Tomei

    Goodbye my friend..RIP Eddie
    Gone but never forgotten!

  50. Susan Hopkins

    Thank you, Edward Joseph Mahoney. Gentle slumber in Paradise.

  51. 224炭酸

    天国に もう ついたかな

  52. Thurman Watson


  53. Jeffery Steen

    R.I.P Money man

  54. St. Raphael

    RIP my friend,, love this song. You will be greatly missed . God Bless you Brother, Peace St. R

  55. Ed Haugen


  56. Les Lieb

    What a good song! It’s a new one to me. Boy, the pictures and videos that accompany this song show just how normal and down to earth this old rocker is/was. Sad to see death take its toll. Bye-bye Eddie.


    Gone way too soon.god bless you eddie.peace in heaven.

  58. Ed Haugen

    At Alki beach good jam Eddie!! Miss u.

  59. Kat c

    Thank you for the two tickets to paradise growing up in my wild teen days RIP will never be forgotten

  60. Oppothumbs M

    A very charismatic singer who is underrated singer songwriter (he co-wrote some of his best). Get him into Rock Hall of Shame and Get Joan Jett out.

  61. John-Paul Nagel

    Eddie Enjoy Paradise
    Say Hi to My Mom , Dad , and My Princess 👸
    I’ll be Home 🏡 Hopefully Soon

  62. JetTech Don

    Great song Eddie! Rock on in Heaven buddy,you have some pretty good company! Eddie sure seemed like just a real decent and normal guy who could rock and sing very well,and who had an awesome family!!

  63. Mickey Andres

    Another great song Eddie thank you!
    Miss you!
    RIP You Loveable Soul.

  64. ktpinnacle

    Eddie finished strong!

  65. Cinema Assault U.S.A.

    Eddie finally cashed out. R.I.P.

  66. Zz Thor

    Rest In Peace Eddie.
    Brand new day
    Great song

  67. Franks World

    Eddie I never met you but felt that you would be a great friend to have always liked your style and your music you will be missed keep on Rockin where ever you may be!!

  68. Richmond Generator

    I really like this song, miss you Eddie!

  69. SEVEN 6

    I don't know what I love more . . . Eddie's music or his sense of humor.  Thanks for both.

  70. Cubster Cubman

    R.I.P. Eddie. Taken away to soon. This song is awesome. You will live on thru your music forever. God Bless your family and I know God is keeping them close during this period of lose. Heaven has gained an awesome musician.

  71. bigdrob54

    God bless you Eddie...you made a big difference in many of our lives. Rock On, you were a wonderful man.

  72. Scottscage

    RIP Eddie Money...thank you for the music and memories.

  73. Janice Perkins

    Does anyone know when Brand New Day album will be released on iTunes? I’m very upset that I can’t get it

  74. Craig Kosters

    Always liked to get out to see him living in Bellflower So Cal area, they’d play Hollywood Amphitheater, Ring Cross Square And other places, Eddie was cool 😎 We even had some drinks one night after his show, lots of drinks lmao 😆 Eddie paid and set them up like no one I’ve ever seen, Money was no problem when having a good time was going down. He even shut his girl friend down to stay an hang with us. Rest In Peace brother

  75. Timothy Blackburn

    RIParadise. Eddie.

  76. Cheril

    I absolutely love this song. First time hearing it. Took about 15 seconds to fall in love with it. Feel so sad for his family. He will be missed and always remembered.

  77. Peter Locke

    Dam eddie still can write a great tune, respect dude, R.I.P.

  78. Korena

    At age 54, and having to STILL deal with so much heartache in my life(2 grown sons-one, 27, sadly is very mentally ill & the other, 36, turned quite evil about 7 yrs ago-and failed spine surgery 6 yrs ago that all but stole my physical vitality & still youthful spirit, top THAT list)...AFTER my love life FINALLY became PERFECT at age 35, I SO OFTEN say, "I Wanna Go Back" and do it all over! I would CERTAINLY make some VERY SERIOUS changes to insure a better future for myself (hindsight...blah-blah...20/20). THEN, tho I have all of Eddie's old records on VINYL (which I collect-but have to get the most recent 2 on ANY media available! Didn't know about either album for listening mostly to my own huge collection!)...I go watch Eddie's music video for 'I Wanna Go Back'...which leads to watching EVERY video he ever released as a single once videos started-then watch lots of concert footage-older & more recent. Before I know it, HOURS have passed...and I had been, for just a little while, living in that beautiful, carefree past of mostly the 80s...GREAT times, GREATER music...and Eddie Money was ALWAYS one of my VERY favorites & MOST BELOVED of singers/songwriters! And, wow, didn't hurt that he was a sexy-as-hell looker in those days! I have to say that I met some damn fine, super friendly police officers when visiting New York City a few years ago but I'm EVER so VERY THRILLED that Eddie decided to FOLLOW HIS DREAM & pursue MUSIC instead! He certainly left us with TIMELESS, BEAUTIFUL TREASURES in which he will ALWAYS live on! 😇 So incredibly sad to hear of his passing! 😪 So eerie that I heard of his passing while I was enjoying one of only 2 places on Earth that make me feel YOUNG, VIBRANT, CAREFREE, & TRULY, COMPLETELY HAPPY anymore...at a CONCERT or at the BEACH. This time was my last full day at the beach-a trip I TRY to take yearly with my now 73-yr-old mother-missed last year due to a hurricane & nearly again this year for the same-because I love the beach AFTER Labor Day, AFTER the crowds are gone but risk not being able to go as hurricanes are more prevalent that time of year. We found out at the VERY LAST MINUTE that the trip was ON! It was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH TRIP we've EVER had! The hurricane left NO effect on North Myrtle or its warm & mild waters! And a full moon was waxing all week enabling us to SEE EVERYTHING EVERY night on the beach! So beautiful! I took my mom INTO the ocean (past her ankles, past the breaking surf) for the FIRST time in her life at age 71 in 2017(that very calm area of water that felt so good on her deteriorated spine), tho she had gone to the beach with my siblings several other times before then(and once with me in 2015 on the heels of a hurricane that left the water bitterly cold & so terribly ROUGH & CHOPPY that I didn't even belong past the break myself that year but went anyway!) I also took her to her FIRST CONCERT in 2018, at age 72, to see Cher...who is the SAME age! I've known of & loved Cher since age 3 because Mom did! I've taken her to several concerts since(and going to see Cher AGAIN in December!). We would have DEFINITELY seen Eddie Money had he toured the Baltimore, Washington D.C. or Northern Virginia area any time in the past year or in the future! I sent Mom his 80s videos & SHE also fell in love with his music! So VERY saddened I never got to see him live! Since retiring youngISH, due to my failed surgery, I vowed to see ALL of my favorites whenever & as often as I can!(w/o social media when younger, I had no way of knowing WHO was touring WHEN/WHERE, and either didn't have $ for tix and/or gas, a reliable enough car to drive 2 - 3 hours to venues, enough time to take off from work, babysitters for kids, etc) So, VERY sadly, I missed: the BeeGees before all but Barry were gone, Tom Petty & Prince! And now, dear Eddie Money! Only TWO of my favorites, Daughtry & Shawn Mendes, have been in their PRIME when I saw them in concert. (With the exception of seeing Matchbox Twenty in 1999-close enough to home that I saw ads for their concert in our local newspaper!) But seeing artists I've loved most of my life, or at least since my early 20s which were my 'party days' when I went out mostly for the MUSIC & DANCING, NOT the alcohol, I'm having the TIMES OF MY LIFE!!!Cher-who apparently never ages, Three Dog Night, Fleetwood Mac-March 2019, Stevie Nicks-solo tour 2016, Lindsey Buckingham-solo tour 2018, Poison, Cheap Trick-with Poison in 2018 & on their own when I went SOLO with a Meet & Greet ticket earlier this year!, Kiss' 'End of the Road World Tour' for my FIRST & LAST time last month! (They STILL put on THE MOST ROCKING OF ALL ROCK CONCERTS, PERIOD! I watch a LOT of concerts on YouTube to know THAT!). Hopefully, going to see Rick Springfield & REO Speedwagon VERY soon! For a few hours, the MUSIC is ALL THAT MATTERS! Time doesn't merely stand still...it REWINDS! It takes me back to simpler, happier, carefree times. Eddie Money played a HUGE role in making the 80s VERY SPECIAL for me! I LOVED his MUSIC! I LOVED his lyrics! I LOVED Eddie Money! He was absolutely ALWAYS one of the VERY BEST! I hope & pray he finally used one of those Tickets to Paradise & that we will hear him sing live again one day...😇🙏💖💞💜🎼🎵🎶🎷🎷🎷🎶🎶🎵🎵

    lapaz deguerra

    Quite a story, God bless you

  79. David Price

    fun song. RIP

  80. J D. TV

    Do a couple rails for me on the other side brother :)

  81. Ian Snyder

    Even late he still had it.....great song......rip Eddie...loved your music , thank you!

  82. satinwhip

    He had a great run. Rest in peace, Eddie. Thanks for all the amazing music. I was a senior in high school when his debut album came out. It was part of the soundtrack of my youth.

  83. Howard Sternlistener

    No one loves u like the money man

  84. missmyredwolf

    RIP Eddie. Your last Album song ( 👌Brand New Day👌 ) is a SUPERB song. Cranking it up in your honor.😎. People, just listen to those inspiring words in the Song, AMAZING. Cruising on the Interstate, and CRANK IT UP............

  85. Shane Troncin

    I hope they release the album soon and it reaches #1 in tribute to a great guy and one hell of an entertainer. Thank you sir for all you have said and done you will be missed.

  86. newspapertaxis1

    RIP Eddie.......Longbrach days were something special!!!!! Thanks Buddy!!!

  87. Sombojoe C

    My kids’ dad is a real fan of you Eddie!

  88. Regina Niebler

    R.I.P many party days and nights listening to your music.. Great memories Eddie Money you will never be forgotten.. I seen him in concert a few years ago and still had it in him❤

  89. Chris S

    You are a legend. Prayers to your daughter, sons and wife. Keep rockin.

  90. Lisa Porcella

    Love you two!

  91. Lisa Porcella

    Days started years. Hey Hey it’s a brand new day!

  92. annie gregory

    eddie"the money man"mahoney...you are NEVER too old to ROCK AND ROLL!...godspeed and rock on

  93. day tripper

    i'm not afraid to say that i cried watching this. To hear him say "I'm doing okay" my God:-( Thank you Eddie for all the great music you left with us. You were a class act my friend. I'm sure gonna miss you. R.I.P.

  94. Marie Scott

    Beautiful song. So glad I saw your concert in San Antonio.love your music , bad ass

  95. Phil Cardenas

    This is an amazing new track! So much talent. Kept working 'til the end. Love and miss you Eddie.

  96. Douglas Shortridge

    Thank you for the great music you gave us over the years. RIP Mr. Money you'll be sadly missed.

  97. SeaLisa

    He was so very lovable. RIP.

  98. Lori Hensley

    What a great song,and a great singer who will be missed greatly.

  99. Lionheart Roar

    omg this is great...why am I hearing about it 4 months later after Eddie has gone :(

  100. just 4 kicks

    RIP ! Eddie Money 🥀🥀☄You will be Greatly missed & thank you for the gift of music 🎼🎤🎶. My ❤ goes out to his family, friends & fans. GOD BLESS 🙏😢.