Eddie Kendricks - Happy Lyrics

Happy, make you happy, baby

I just wanna make you happy
Make you happy, baby

Ain't no mountain too cloudy skies
When trouble pressing depression should make you cry
I will show you a better side
Where there's a rainbow shining just for your eyes
Happy, gonna make you happy, baby

Don't be sad and blue, happy's come for you
I will take your frown, turn it up side down
Every, every little care I'll chug away some where
If a tear should fall down your pretty face
It will be from happy
Let me make you happy, baby

For your smile I'll be a clown
I'll go get my laugh bags and my funny shoes
Bring your heart and sit right down
There is nothing I won't do just to make you happy
I just wanna make you happy, baby

I'm so close I feel your sorrow too
When I'm see you cry, my eyes won't stay dry, ooh...
Baby can't you see, I just wanna be
I wanna be your happy
I wanna make you happy, baby

I want, want you in my arms be your blanket keep you safe and warm
I want to be your guiding light
Let me lead you down the path of light

Happy baby, baby...
I won't let them take your smile away

Don't be sad and blue, happy's come for you
I will take your frown, turn it up side down
Every, every little care I'll chug away some where
If a tear should fall down your pretty face
I'm so close I feel your sorrow too
When I'm see you cry, my eyes won't stay dry, ooh...
Baby can't you see, I just wanna be
I wanna be your happy...

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Eddie Kendricks Happy Comments
  1. Joshua Williford

    0:00 divine the way it comes on

  2. Joshua Williford

    This song comes on so hottt 0:00

  3. Johnny Anderson

    Max Sedgley sent me here.

  4. DJ Rafael Ralph Williams

    I just love this song. RIH Eddie. Missing you.

  5. Darnell Webb

    I remember this one like it was yesterday my stomping days at John c Fremont high School in Los Angeles around 1975 they were bumping this singing Eddie Kendricks ki

  6. Gilbert Washington

    damn from the tall tan tempting temptations to solo superstar Mr. Eddie Kendricks the man with the golden voice

  7. Edgar Soberón Torchia

    ¡Tremenda! Me trae recuerdos muy gratos de la calle San Jorge en San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  8. Linda Jackson

    Hi edagdwg going to sleep happy God at work love always makes me feel happy ☮️ so happy joy 💚💚💚💚💯💯💯

  9. Edgar Soberón Torchia

    I adore this song!

  10. Gilbert Washington

    my favorite everytime I hear it👂it makes me happy,😄😄😄

  11. Linda Jackson

    Gm edagdwg love this song God at work this song makes me happy smile with joy when Eddie was singing this you can feel his happy love at work 🙏 Linda j ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯❤️☮️

  12. Tina Marie

    Dear Eddie, your fans miss you. We hope you are happy and we love ❤️ you too.

  13. Tina Marie

    This is the first time I've heard this song. I love it.

  14. Sandra Jones

    Sooo handsome!

  15. Linda Jackson

    Gm edagdwg God bless Eddie his soul is happy singing to the woman makeing us happy love peace linda j. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯

  16. L Myers

    Loving this

  17. Zelda Williams

    when I'm down I look for Eddie Kendricks to make me happy!!🤩🤚🏾😍 Shiny happy people that's me!😍

  18. mark brown

    makes your soul feel whole

  19. GL AnnapolisTeam

    Great song. I was bummed that this was not on a greatest hits collection by him.

  20. Linda Jackson

    Hi a new world Eddie k is sharing glad u tube cares thank you Linda j

  21. Candy Kendrick's

    This is my baby right here I love love love Eddie Kendrick's love him!! his voice just melts me like butter especially when he sings just my imagination omg! I'll always love him and David ruffin yasss!

  22. Tanya Peterson


  23. Doreen Jackson


  24. Doreen Jackson


    Nurse McFarlane

    Alot of people have admiration and love for Mr. Kendrick. He left behind a great legacy. Well deserved!

  25. Doreen Jackson

    The love of my. Life Eddie made me happy

  26. Edward Alexander

    this is 70 ,s real artist

  27. Doreen Jackson


  28. Doreen Jackson

    I TRULY LOVE HIM MY GRANDSON IS name after him!

  29. Doreen Jackson


  30. Zelda Williams

    I can't stop playing this song!!💕💕😊

    Zelda Williams

    here I go again being happy! HappyDance!☺💕💕💕💕

    Zelda Williams

    Kindred Spirits Libra's!
    Edward James Kendrick-0ctober 5, 1939.☺

  31. Zelda Williams

    Happy!! happy!!❤

    Zelda Williams

    Happy!! I won't let them take your smile away!😊💓👏👏👏👏😍

    Zelda Williams

    Happy!! It's my birthday!😄💞💞💞😊 Libra's just wanna make you happy!

  32. C 5200

    TNR-vintage. Listening to Eddie makes me Happy whenever I hear his voice. Kelsey West Philly 😊 ✌

  33. Fran Mathis

    I love all of your music Eddie J Kendrick rip baby

  34. Lakeisha Wilkerson

    Gosh I love this song

  35. Geminisixtyfour

    Released in September 1975; from the Tamla album "The Hit Man", (T6-338S1); available on single, Tamla #54263.


    ~ R.I.P. Eddie Hendricks! One of the highlights of 1975 was this #1 dance song. Still fresh in 2018 ~ Cheers, DAVEDJ ~



  37. Darnell Webb

    you are absolutely right but that's a close one between William Hart Of The Delfonics and super soul brother Eddie Kendricks

  38. Darnell Webb

    I don't know about that don't hard brother of the devil

  39. Norman Mitchell

    I'm so close to you feel your sorrow to when I see you cry my eyes won't stay dry Eddie Kendricks is the motherfuking man the best falsetto ever r i p

    Norman Mitchell

    he died on my birthday October 5th

  40. Lashay Davis

    what beautiful lyrics and a beautiful voice with it. I love Eddie he seems like a sweet gentle soul. he is missed. :(

    Dimitri Jackson

    He is the Best!!!! Right along with his homeboy David Ruffin!!!!

  41. Angela smooth

    I love love this song and Eddie rip great legend

  42. Corey spencer

    one of my mom's favorite songs by him love it

  43. Deb Hughes

    I'm a 53 year old English woman. I love Eddie. He makes me feel happy and joyous, and I am grateful he was here on the planet :)

  44. 2chann


  45. hollidayevery

    A few posts on YouTube make the wrong assumption that Eddie only had Keel On Trucking and Boogie Down as hits. WRONG!!! Thosr were probably the biggest cross over hits but this album was called THE HIT MAN for a reason... Eddie was producing HITS... TOP 10 and TOP 20 hits with 1 or 2 per album and many great genre busting radio hits! He was nothing short oc amazing and the most successful Temptation after goibg solo.

    Don't play him down.


    hollidayevery Agree

    Ann Clarke

    He did extremely well in the Caribbean, especially in the jamaica where he was very famous, the Album Vintage 78 was a top seller there in 1979, Eddie knew of this, he did shows there on several occasions, can you imagine the rest of the Caribbean Islands.

  46. Ty the singer88

    Eddie is great!

  47. Wisdom & Beauty

    Eddie makes me happy !

  48. Darnell Webb

    and they said he needed the Temptations not on this hit very happy thank you

  49. Chief 91

    Eddie- Union Springs, Birmingham Paul- Birmingham Melvin- Mobile, Montgomery Dennis- Fairfield

  50. Chief 91

    Otis was the only one that didn't have Alabama roots. David Ruffin's grandparents were from Alabama.

  51. tofelt


  52. chakafan2

    People forget Eddie had success as a solo artist.

    Doreen Jackson

    not. me. until i. die. will. never. forget him

    veronica mosley

    No Mam Doreen Sure Want.

    Elisa George

    Oh not me! I kept right on Trucking and Boogying down with him Baby!!

    Elisa George

    @Doreen Jackson I got overwhelmed by your comment. You should have a billion likes.And I definitely feel the same.

  53. Lester Stanley

    thanx for the reminder and the reply.HAPpy😅

  54. GL AnnapolisTeam

    This wasn't on the greatest hits collection I have. Great tune

    Sam Butler

    one of world's classiest group once you hear them


    GL AnnapolisTeam Rarely do "Greatest Hits" compilations put the good stuff on them. 😊

  55. gamemaster gamemastwr

    He was the best of the best. His voice and music transcend's. Love Love Love

  56. Howard Ellis

    I want to be your happy, !

  57. Howard Ellis

    Yes,yes my brother Mr. Falsetto ,feel good music! !

    veronica mosley

    Yes Indeed.

  58. Shedon Chambliss

    yes make you happy baby

  59. James Knowlen


  60. Cmcduff Cduff

    A great song from the mid 70s,RIP Eddie Kendricks.

    Alexis Irvin

    Cmcduff Cduff reported m

    Doreen Jackson

    i. truly love. this man

  61. Diane Green

    happy is feeling good about yourself.Amen

  62. Antoinette Scott

    Will forever love this song "Happy"

    Dwight Jackson

    Antoinette Scott yes

  63. Lester Stanley

    Thanx for the Happy ... miss you Eddie

    gamemaster gamemastwr

    Lester Stanley when I'm feeling down and there's no one around I play this song it lifts me up I wish I had someone at this time to make me happy

    James Knowlen

    Phyllis Isome me to

  64. curtain1100

    I will take a frown...turn it upside down....

    Dennis Guy

    Great pick up line

  65. Edward Dawkins

    Eddie Respect Real Talk

  66. Shedon Chambliss

    sounds good

  67. Charlene Saunders

    I Love, Love, Love Eddie Kendricks & thanks Ms. Texas73 4 uploading a jewel like this 1.


    Charlene Saunders You're welcome. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  68. Charlotte Jones



    Hi. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. But please refrain from using profanity on my page. Let's keep it light and classy in here. Thanks.

  69. David Joseph


  70. Antonio Clark

    me and my baby's new theme song. LOVE IT! Nothing like Eddie K. Much appreciated for this tune. HAPPY..

  71. Victoria Miller-Young


  72. me Loman dame ro

    I luv this. Jam. Thx u Eddy. KENDRICKS. Right on ........today. tomorrow...future.......

  73. Derrick Chatmon

    That's a song. It's the bomb.

    Zelda Williams

    Derrick Chatmon ikr!!😊😊😊

    Elisa George

    Derrick Chatmon His voice tho! Still to this day Unmatchable!

    Elisa George

    Derrick Chatmon 2018 Derrick!

  74. Susy Gomez

    Eddie kendricks , Happy , wow , after leaving his group , he did even better 🎶🎼🎵Join us on Facebook MOMENTS TO REMEMBER BEAUTIFUL SONGS

    John Stamper

    you are right Eddie was the man that really made the temptation sounded real GOOD!!!!!

    veronica mosley

    That's Right John.

  75. Colin Sanders

    entered Cashbox Oct 18, 1975

  76. Gil Villanova de Andrade Gaia

    What a piece! The piano, the trumpet, the rythm section... and Eddie! Once again, how a marvelous thing like this didn't play here in Brazil radio stations. Just Youtube to save us about, and the people like MsTexas73 giving us diamonds.

  77. fred scott

    What a singer and performer. Had a chance to see him perform at the Apollo when I was younger and what a treat it was. Surely missed. R.I.P. Eddie.


    fred scott that's awesome! wish I had the chance.

    Tina Marie

    @Lionel4482 Me too.

  78. 719kai719

    Good song..

  79. Beverly Everett

    sounds  like he was on the decline of a stellar career. The greats always do!!!!

  80. Deanna Green

    This song makes me feel happy. Eddiw Kendricks had a beautiful voice."Don't be sad & blue happy's come for you"!nI'm in that old school mood.....

    Doreen Jackson

    Everytime i. Hear happy im. happy

  81. MsTexas73

    Eddie Kendricks is originally from Alabama.

    Sandra Gayle

    you can stop writing me with this if soul train had that many whites on it there would be no reason to call it soul train, you people really have no idea why Don even started soul train it was all about black Americans and our freedom fight here, let me tell you something and this is the last time you well here from me. first of all I am a original black panther, not only that I am the Great niece of Louis Armstrong and Mahalia Jackson was my aunt. I am also a black Harpist and I studied with the great Alice Coltrane, So when it comes to being black American you have nothing on me, nor can you are anyone tell me about Don Cornelius or Eddie Kendricks who use to come to our home, I knew Eddie very well. not Just Eddie but Michael Jackson and many of our black American stars, and I will say it again, There was NO whites on soul train when I dance on the train. And you can take it anyway you like.


    Sandra Gayle Ma'am. Again. I don't know where in ANY of MY post your read that I said I ever danced on Soul Train because I have NEVER stated that. NOR am I a white woman. I am ALL black baby. Check my page. I've already explained my avitar. I even posted from my other account WITH A PHOTO OF MYSELF ON IT. And you still don't seem to understand. There is also video of me posted on my channel. You can also check my Facebook as I invited you to do so. That is IF YOU CHOOSE TO KNOW THE TRUTH. HOWEVER, if you don't it's cool. But please do not come on MY channel being disrespectful to me, my posts or any posters on here. You may want to READ POSTS CAREFULLY before assuming things.

    I don't know where you got or get the idea that this is cool. BUT it is not. So please chill all the way out.

    Thanks in advance.

    And as usual. Thanks for stopping through to enjoy the music.

    Judy Barker

    Sandra Gayle l

    Chermaine Bigby

    Sandra Gayle I liked how you stated it about our Black African American history sister

    Tina Marie

    Eddie was born in Union Spring, Alabama. Died in Birmingham, AL where he's also laid to rest.

  82. MsTexas73

    Same title....different song.  This is NOT a cover.  Just like there are different songs with the title "Fool's Paradise"...there are different songs titled "Happy".


    I have another title " here we go again"
    1) Minnie ripperton
    2) mint condition
    3) Isley brothers
    4) portrait


    @DoubleEdged7 Minnie Riperton's song is titled "Here We Go" so same as Portrait but not the Isleys or Mint Condition.


    Haven't heard from you in six months . I hope the reasons were not too serious. If you have a Facebook page I would like to discuss music tv shows cars anything

    Tamm E Hunt


    Super Godzilla LowFat Cheeseburgers

    +DoubleEdged7 melissa morgan

  83. pmary novak

    This is what inspired Pharrell! To cover it. Anybody knows eddie Kendrick is originally from chicago?

    veronica mosley

    He Said Birmingham On A Talk Show With David Ruffin.


    pmary novak Eddie (and also Paul Williams) was originally from Birmingham, Alabama.

  84. Mikki Jaye

    The original Happy.  Pharrell's okay.

  85. d.sadiq davis

    The brotha, made a big difference in my life with that song...

  86. ronrico629

    A lot of us Motown & Temptation fans are so thankful, for having Eddie, and the rest of the group in our lives. But, what many of don't think about, is the powerful 7 brilliant team of songwriters, behind the songs (like this one) that moved so many of us. Frank Wilson, was one of the writers who wrote or co-wrote many of Eddie's biggest hits.


    Yep!!! Pastor Frank Wilson (as I knew and loved him) was an amazing writer and producer. Thanks for giving him his props. He is missed.

    Nurse McFarlane

    The writing by Mr. Wilson and the singing by Mr. Kendrick lives on. They are dynamic.

  87. Edward Dawkins

    Real music !!!! Eddie !!!!

  88. Alton Gamble

    Are You sure it wasn't an eight-track rather than a cassette?

  89. MsTexas73

    Hi there! So nice that you posted. I am a member of the group Soul Train Fans...we LOVE meeting the former dancers. If you are on Facebook, please let me know. I am friends with several of the dancers from your era.

  90. Sandra Gayle

    I am one of the soul train dancers and I was there when Eddie was on soul train, this put me right back, much love Eddie and Don


    Hi. Thanks for posting. I bet that was an amazing taping!

  91. Jimmy Sutton

    Just the most awesome voice of all time in the whole wide world!

    Elisa George

    Must Agree! Vocals still unmatched today! And it's fixing to be 2020!!😊

    Elisa George

    Hey! And as old as this song is.Hearing it again. I'm kinda hearing Curtis Mayfeild sound in it.

  92. Ann Davis

    like all great men they dont get their credit untill theyre gone

  93. galfromolskool muzik

    Many thanks for this song. This the anthem back in the day for me & my sisters, the one who introduced us to it and loved best has passed. Hearing this brings her memories back in full dancing flava. Keep the classic alive & kicking. Good for you.

  94. tj jackson

    listen--------hear it just get over he says turn a smile around.. old school for real

  95. jaye reid

    i love me someEDDIE he had aheart of gold and fine too and he is most definitely making me happy riht now since i loss m cat

  96. MsTexas73

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

  97. MELODAME ro