Ed Sheeran - We Are Lyrics

(Ohhh ohhh) [x7]

Leaves have fallen to the ground
And now there's no one else around
To hear the cry

(Ohhh ohhh)

I saw your body
I saw your face
Loss of presence
Loss of grace
Behind those eyes

(Ohhh ohhh)

And we break down
We lose touch
We are

(Ohhh ohhh) [x5]

I miss your laughter
I miss your tears
I miss your rambling
About your fears
Your smile
The crowed has gathered
All around
No ones speaking
No one makes a sound
And I...

And we break down
We lose touch
We are

We break down
We lose touch

Alone now...

They're never gonna change you
They're never gonna change me
They're never gonna change us
We'll always stay the same

We break down
We lose touch
We are
We break down
We lose touch
We are
We break down
We lose touch
We are

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Ed Sheeran We Are Comments
  1. Ahmed Altoum

    I love your fucking music ed 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  2. sal stone


  3. Need Nothing

    I love the meaning

  4. Threshman9182 Entertainment

    Welp, this was the exact dose of wholesome that i needed today.

  5. Misty Hicks

    I love this song and video. Spitting the truth. I can see myself winning the lottery and still living my life just like this LOL. ED much respect to you for never changing who you are at your core and not afraid of being yourself. I love who you are and how real you live your life.

  6. Ethan & tammy stokoe

    Edward would make your next album and do your no.6 claburashions project tour?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Zayns Morales


  8. Lily Luna

    I never knew I needed this song until now... :)

  9. Muhammad Masud


  10. Alxrt

    Got Champagne

    Nope gotta go for them juice boxes

  11. rocky rocky

    Fuck : money
    Fuck : fake world

  12. SpdChanel

    Beautiful Big boob
    I heard like this

  13. Fauzan Fatgehipon

    Sad song

  14. Jessie Black

    Where is Marilyn Manson?

  15. Naty Angel

    Las personas son hermosas

  16. i want die

    1:49 anyone notice ed there?

  17. Arslan Chaudhry

    That couple in the video are mad cute tho 😂

  18. Belle Roxy

    My Jam!! Beautiful #inside❤️

  19. Moonhussain Hussain

    This song should have billions of views..

  20. Abigail Ordal

    I think flaws are Beautiful. It's real it's genuine it's true. There's nothing fake about it

  21. Hugo Moura

    Iam not butifuel

  22. Карамель

    I really don’t think that all these template appearances are beautiful, the main thing is to be beautiful in your soul. This couple is more pleasant than all these fake faces with 100kg of foundation .

  23. Veronica M

    Ed Sheeran - Beautiful People (feat. Khalid) [Official Lyric Video] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74yb9E3WY1I

  24. Cast Cek

    This video is one of the kind

  25. Sunaï Official

    Hey there! I don't know if you guys will read this comment but it would mean a lot if you could check my cover of that song ! Have a great day! Peace!

  26. J Flores

    En ese universo solo hay mujeres ó que? Donde están los hombres buenos !!!

  27. Zight Davansia

    Not a beautiful people but a beautiful song.

  28. Risma Yani

    Indonesia ❤️🇮🇩

  29. Kairav

    I came for Marilyn Manson what the fuck is this shit

  30. Warau

    I love the metaphor in this video.

  31. Bearly

    Mum says I'm Beartiful!

  32. Arif_ Dev

    1:52 CHeck khalid lmao hes like is this never gonna end?

  33. Maddy Campbell

    this is a great video because it go’s to show who we really are we don’t have to be different just to fit we are beautiful how we are 💕

    Jean Mwitukunde

    I saw Rwandair in this Video kbs 🇷🇼🇷🇼🇷🇼

  34. soviet union

    Fuck this he stole this from Marylyn Manson

    XL Leona

    soviet union : no he didn't. This is a different song only with the same title. Using a same title for more than one songs is a common practice in music. Go and check facts before posting accusations.

    soviet union

    No I mean he stole the title marylin mansons is way better

  35. Kenny farmi

    me and you, we just need simple love

  36. Prameela Pithambaran

    So no one's gonna talk about how ED looks animated at 1:49 ?

  37. Prameela Pithambaran

    So no one's gonna talk about how ED looks animated at 1:49 ?

  38. ziher123

    VR, VR, VR

  39. Jamie Zavala

    That would be me if I ever go to a dan bilzerian party

  40. Rachel Knight

    This was so beautiful. It spoke to me and it was just beautiful ❤ nothing has ever tugged at my heart like this so thank you Ed 😊❤

  41. Rio Rogers

    Oh, I get it.

  42. parkour master

    Beauty from the inside comes with self work but beauty from the outside is an absolute blessing from g-d 🙏

  43. Sanjiban Bairagya

    I would any day choose to be that "odd" couple rather than the fake and lonely "beautiful" people surrounding them

  44. marbu14

    I realle love this song and his concept

  45. Infinity Evolia

    i don't understand what is the common point beetween the song and the clip

  46. Romech Investments

    This video is saying you can BE YOURSELF

  47. gitesh patil

    My mom dad x')

  48. Laudevan Fernandes

    My friend Ed, you is my favorite singer man, my favorite female singer is Karen Carpenter. Hug for you my young boy talented.

  49. Parvin S

    The most beautiful clip 💜

  50. TraVel CaCtus

    The best video

  51. Just came in Basics

    That's the Reality right there.

  52. A normal Christian

    Great song, took a few listens to figure out you were slamming the fake ''''look at me'''' beautiful morons, well done.

  53. Jea Farren

    There should be more songs with this kind of concept. This is beautiful. And thanks, Ed. For speaking up for some of us.

  54. robert catterall

    We are what we are what does it matter everyone is different ..... Love the song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. Lothar Lanz

    Geld macht sexy, leider eine Realität. Die Schönheit des Lebens ist eine andere, dass ist aber eine andere Geschichte.

  56. Ana Lalloca

    Money doesn’t make you beautiful. It just makes you Fake.

  57. Robbie Vee

    Actually I thought the video would be different...I see the perspective and it this video has so many hidden) messages and meanings..wow! Makes you think a few ways..well ✔

  58. mitre991 hj

    Most of the "beautiful" people are just young, skinny and in expensive clothes, they're pretty average looking if you look at their features

  59. Kapil Bhati

    If not having enough money makes us beautiful then 90% people are

  60. Luis Huamusse

    Oh yeah that would make it easier for you

  61. Stiven

    Anybody noticed Ed Sheeran at 1:36?

  62. Poppy J

    Beautiful Song!!!! 💏

  63. Colin Harding

    This song is to show everybody is Beautiful because everyone even if you have a diease your still beautiful :)

  64. Tanita N sangma Nengminja

    Beautiful song I like it its very nice song

  65. Ponkhi Bhuyan

    loved the last part when they just walked towards the bus instead :D :D

  66. Peter Brett Scott

    Is he singing "beautiful Bigfoot"?

  67. DrewHouse

    Im the bald guy

  68. Twoevete07

    when i was working at the Jollibee as a dining crew i always had heard this song played for hours

  69. Logan Revesby

    Fake and gay.


    Really and lesbian

  70. GriefsChicken

    this is a music for my soul..


    Yep i fell ur pain now babe

  71. Warpanda 16

    1:47 Khalid and Ed are right next to them😎🎶

  72. Ellie van Ree

    Remember... Your all beautiful people

  73. mahdi hossain

    Where was this song all my life???

  74. JoefromNJ1

    So do all the dancing people realize they’re the bad guys?

  75. Bob Costas

    Why are there so many dicks out there that have to give a thumbs down on every video. Can’t stand these people!

  76. Crazycraigy

    0.30...Big smile.....Walkers Smokey Bacon Crisps...👍😏

  77. apl175

    I somehow thought this was the fight song for Penn State

  78. Puranjan Choudhury

    2-2-2020 ❤🇮🇳

  79. Vivek Vs

    Am the one location

  80. Donna Johansson

    Love ed sheeran beautiful people

  81. R EMC

    This is the best performed song I hate. He’s a good, emotive singer, w Talent out the Wazoo. I don’t get the lyrics or subtext, but whatever his intentions, I still have to think this still makes people who are insecure about their looks feel worse.

    Veronica M

    you don't understand the lyrics, so stop being negative. Do you feel bad about your own looks?

    R EMC

    That’s a personal question and talk I don’t want to have, this song brings up, and can make people feel uncomfortable.
    This gas station near my house always had the radio playing, then one day I heard this. I didn’t say anything, but now the ladies there have removed the radio that used to be there.
    Life and love is complicated, and bitter sweet sometimes. The take away from this for some ppl is pure bitterness. Despite whatever its intentions are, imo, the take away on this for some people with ultra low self esteem is bad.

    Veronica M

    @R EMC the song has a positive message but now seems you're trying to twist the meaning with your own agenda

    R EMC

    I grew up in Maryland. When I left in 06, it had a Lamborghini dealership and was coming up.
    I’m in a small town now, where everyone knows everyone, and I’ve seen one Lamborghini here once, passing through. Small towns like mine now, don’t get the references.
    I vaguely get that the artist and song mean well, but for one too many ppl, this song is a smack in the face.

    Veronica M

    @R EMC this song isn't for the people who have Lamborghini's but more the ones who cant afford it or dont want one

  82. Rolando Vellon

    🌹🌹#The #World #Is #Yours🌹🌹

  83. Charlotte Minnon

    I like the video and the plan behind it but, come on you could have gotten some better Lamborghini and Humvees

  84. •snowfoxplays minecraftツ•

    My sis loves this song so much :/

  85. Nicola TOTOTO

    Thought this was a Marilyn Manson cover at first

  86. Lil’ Seph •

    They really pulled a Stan Lee with those cameos😂

  87. Piña Colada

    me at night when I open my phone: 0:34

  88. Zisanmk Zisanmk

    a song of favourites ... the diversity of peoples ....

  89. Alice Frenkel

    they are so cute!

  90. benben99

    Big like .most people are average looking. or beneath according to hollywood standards and fashion . not to rich not even good economic level of living. just the nobody's that dont dream of being rich and famous . the little people make this world . not the shiny rich perfect ones. we are not perfect . and thats perfect

    abdikafi adawe

    wise guy

  91. Andrew Holbert

    I love my 2011 Ford Fusion, I don't need a Hummer to wow my friends :)

  92. Crazy Average Asian Bitch

    1:25X made this even better

  93. Fisa Lena

    Co chfile ed sie pijawia gdzies z tylu

  94. Bruna Rafaela


  95. Kavati Pramod Yadav


  96. Kat B

    love Ed.. love Khalid.. what a perfect song this is.. Love it