Ed Sheeran - Undone Lyrics

Made of clay
Shoot me down
I’ll ricochet to the ground
Words of paint
Draw me out
And fill me in with your mouth
And hold your tongue
And I know it’s over before it’s begun

I lost my way
So help me out
And lend your hand ‘til I am found
My voice is mute
Not to be heard
So it’s up to you
For you to bring those words

And I
Have come undone
For the last time

This grief you give
It takes it’s toll
It dries my heart and drowns my soul
I am a tree
Whose branch you broke
The brittle wood has turned stones, oh

And I
Have come undone
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time

And I
Have come undone
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time

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  1. Just Bbb

    What a bad ass

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  3. Music Lover

    Omg....that’s awesome!! 💖💖

  4. HoustonHoue

    Hey to all us Ed Sheeran fans! ✌😁🤗

    Check out another fans first song. Hope you like it.

    Veronica - yekcoh

  5. Alisha Calvert

    Wait is this a new song 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Goten Pre

    Ed you rock!!!

  7. Maya Nichole Acosta-Campos

    His voice is so beautiful 💗

  8. Susan Dirksma

    Doesn't sound like Ed at all....

  9. Aayushi Naraniya

    Pleseeeee upload all the lyrical videos of Taylor Swift. ❤❤❤

  10. wilvin paulino sanchez abad

    I like this is song is much beutiful

  11. Ala Zarzyka

    OMG his voice 😍😍😍😍😍 he's so perfect 💗

  12. Tiffaney French

    Branches just need to be watered and will sprout again like fresh spring time

  13. Kat

    Music for my soul. Thank you Ed❤️

  14. Nazare Simas

    Ed manda beijo pra minha filha ela adora ouvi as suas musicas porfavor o sonho dela e conhece lo voce😍

  15. Elaine Alcantara

    Wow Your the best Ed😍😘

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  17. Bieberś fan

    Wow so amazing I really like this song

  18. Louis Tomlinson 4 life

    Love it!! ❤❤

  19. OMG UNIX

    I love ed sheraan 😍

  20. kiki k

    Love u ed 😗

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  22. Franzi Heineich

    All people love Ed

  23. Jungkooki 18

    I love Ed😍😍😍😍😍

  24. Lynn Glass

    The song does night suit you Michael White it suits me it'll all you done to me and the game played you continue to play you're 40 year old man is way past due you get it right

  25. Cassiel Moon

    Wow.. This is amazing!

    Great work.

    Carry U

    Ōkami Moon

  26. Renitta Tovey

    So touchin 😍

  27. Aliman Asanakunova

    Oh my gush , what an excellent song! ❤

  28. Heather McFarland

    #20 on this song! (1st time ever to comment this early)😎😉
    Holy $#!+ I swear I only wish I could think of these lyrics!! Because I've come undone for the last time too! Amen Ed ♥️ ur voice! This has been the worst year of my 40 yrs and I can listen to this and keep my positive attitude!! Ty 😘

    Carry U

    Heather McFarland

    Heather McFarland

    Carry U 😉

  29. Why_Dont_We_21_ Limelight

    OML YYAAASSS he should do a song with why don’t we

    Carry U

    Slime Maker875

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  32. flower sun

    Nice song
    Thank you for uploading

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  35. Bella Queen

    Omg ed sheeran . Why does he have a beautiful voice 😭💙

  36. Krishna Patel

    Ed Sheeran is above all the singer!!! I just😘😘😘😘😍😍💗💖🎶🎵🎼🎤🎧 admire his charming voice....

    Carry U

    Krishna Patel

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    Damnnn... just 4minutes 😰.. all those views

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    Black Diamond

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    I just love this song

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    I love you ed sheeran

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    Nice song all of Ed Sheeran song is all cool it's sow cool

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    Althea Muñoz

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    I am in to this song

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    Nice <3