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This is the start of something beautiful
This is the start of something new
You are the one who'd make me lose it all
You are the start of something new, ooh

And I'll throw it all away
And watch you fall into my arms again
And I'll throw it all away
Watch you fall, now

You are the earth that I will stand upon
You are the words that I will sing

And I've thrown it all away
And watched you fall into his arms again
And I've thrown it all away
Watched you fall, now

And take me back
Take me home
Watch me fall
Down to earth
Take me back for

This is the start of something beautiful
You are the start of something new

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  1. jamjam jamjam

    First time to hear THIS. 2020.

  2. Patti Welder

    I still listen to this!! You are not alone!!🇨🇱❤️👩🏻‍🦱

  3. Chelsie

    Is there anyone that still listens to this in 2019 going into 2020 or just me 😂🥰

    Azman Tahmeed

    Yaa..Someone Here On 1st Day Of 2020 😉

  4. Randy

    Lego house part 2!

  5. Erica Hunt

    10 months in this relationship but I stand here saying it is the start of something new, beautiful and exciting!!!

  6. LadyAnne

    💗💗missing you...💗💗💗💗

  7. zac4three

    this is a great song for passionate making out idk why

  8. Korin Hockman

    Trying to find a less popular song to walk me down the aisle but these lyrics are just too perfect

  9. Bryw Guevarra

    2019 like

  10. Joyaswar Das

    Ed I love your voice. ❤️ All ur song.

  11. JustShaine

    This is the start of something beautiful
    This is the start of something new
    You are the one who'd make me lose it all
    You are the start of something new, ooh

    And I'll throw it all away
    And watch you fall into my arms again
    And I'll throw it all away
    Watch you fall, now

    You are the earth that I will stand upon
    You are the words that I will sing

    And I've thrown it all away
    And watched you fall into his arms again
    And I thrown it all away
    Watched you fall, now

    And take me back
    Take me home
    Watch me fall
    Down to earth
    Take me back for

    This is the start of something beautiful
    You are the start of something new

  12. vijant1

    I love this song and his voice and his guitar playing but there is one thing that I really do love about Ed sheeran. When he’s sings he still manages to keep his British accent into his songs because he is English. I went to a singing lesson the other day and I was singing the song perfect so yeah I’m still here in 2019 😂😀 but anyway my teacher was saying that sometimes I sing some of the words in American but I’m not American and Ed Sheeran is British. I’ve learned that now anyway. 😊😊✨✨🎸🎸

  13. Joyaswar Das

    Indian music is the best. But still . Ur lyrics touch my heart 💓.

  14. Hussen Nigussie

    Stefane my shcreat love my hane

  15. fai xxx

    Songs that make you want to close your eyes and let live

  16. Ice Berg

    There's just something about Ed and his songs that I don't think I can explain, and I think that's the beauty of his music. Words stain feelings. And what I feel for his songs are beyond the habit of words anyway. This man has a part of my heart and I feel that part of mine caressing me whenever I listen to him! Love you Ed.

  17. Dont Ask now

    Am i the only guy who likes this song?

  18. curlyfries •

    I woke up this morning with this song stuck in my head I had to listen to it...

  19. Kenei Ekhe

    Okae this s

  20. Lazy Ronin

    cool, i just found another Ed secret song stash.

  21. Sara B

    Perfect wedding song 👌🏻

  22. Satyadeo Mehta

    ed you are the greatest singer i have ever seen. love you ed☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  23. Renjvnism ;

    Me to my Box of pizza

  24. Ekim Özkıranlar

    jungkook should sing this.

  25. jose manu xd ricapa murillo

    isthe omly singer i can think off who

  26. Jim Halpert

    anyone know more songs like this ? :(( this gives me feels

  27. jack daniel

    Your videos can even make us understand the real feeling. Could have been better with video

  28. Pranita Chettri

    Ooooo !ed sheeran ,you are songs are the cutest and the best

  29. Maria IsabelCarreon


  30. Simone Maria

    Que melodia maravilhosa 😍 É raro ele pecar na melodia ❤️

  31. Iaraplang Pompyrthat

    I saw something when I shake the screen.. Please try

  32. Samantha Wells

    We believe in Jesus you know Garrett is different believes out there you know I like being like that is like he wasn't he was Barry Batman like yeah Buddha is a God guys that's basil leaves and Karma because yeah believe differently does like everybody has different religion don't like going to church that's fine you know some people person so but yeah but that's okay I don't people had different religions Uno like and neck top so you know they have to over 200 room in a castle Sprint store in I first stopped in workers in Princess and yeah yeah but stay how they're only words it's little bit to have your food insurance you're in that and neck tops I'm not trying to be judgmental I like yeah bye like really guys people Orion Soul tiny Queen Elizabeth is so cute really funny Queen Elizabeth I think 92 years old I think I don't know where is Sir yobs online time I rejected and learn something like it and I don't know much about the royal family but I'm not Royals but yeah never have I ever been to England luggage buhlow phone there Lake America I'm not smart enough I know about things I just don't want to so yeah amended by super duper smart so yeah I hate me

  33. liam bradley

    I find it funny people who say they're big fans of Ed but only know 3-7 songs from each album

  34. jakesbug

    I walked down the aisle to this song 6 years ago and I still love it just as much now as I did then

  35. Joshua_ Prime

    I never though that this has a song i heard a phrase of this from lego housr

  36. ganna ali

    I still remember this song , you sent me this song after you asked me out on a date..now I'm here and you don't even remember me

  37. Adry Cruz

    Ya no recordaba esta canción y la encontré en un intento por dormir mientras no puedo apagar mi mente que está encendida ideando futuros a tu lado.
    Es curioso como esta canción pudo haber desaparecido realmente de mi vida cuando fue de las primeras que escuche cuando recién nos estábamos conociendo pero.. tal vez justo por eso tenía que desaparecer, esfumarce un rato para que Al aparecer trajera estos sentimientos indescriptibles a mi y me provocara escribirte.
    Escribirte esto para decirte cuantas ganas tengo de hacer que esto funcione.
    Para describirte que mi vida sin ti ya no es nada.
    Que el tiempo se vuelve inservible y mi vida vacía si no te tengo a mi lado para compartir mis logros y fracasos.
    Eres tan maravillosa en tantos sentidos
    ¿Te das cuenta como mis ojos brillan cuando hablo de ti y mi voz tiembla cuando hablo contigo?
    ¿Te das cuenta de la manera en que causas tanto en mi que incluso aun después de 5 años puedes seguirme haciendo llorar?
    Quiero decirte que a pesar de todo, sigues siendo mi Sheccid y mi princesa. Que nada de esta distancia que nos mantiene alejados en cuerpo logrará alejarnos también en alma.
    Porque todo lo que hemos construido no se puede borrar asi como así.
    Porque cuando me piden mencionar algo que vale la pena... siempre menciono algo que tenga que ver contigo.

  38. Saul Soto

    I was in a bad situation with my exgf, separated while dating her and didn't tell her in fear she wouldn't want to be with me. we talked about marriage and decided to pursue the divorce with my ex wife. I was only helping my ex-wife stay within country so she can work and earn money to go back home. I told her the situation but she didn't believe me. she led me on thinking we were gonna get married and had me set up plans, buy a ring, plan trips... in the end.. she had started a relationship with someone new three months before she badly broke up with me. i didn't receive closure. although its obvious why she did it but i wanted to hear it from her. its tough folks. we live in different countries and i've visited because i have friends out there and we've ran into each other twice randomly, but she looks away. i gave it my all, but it wasn't enough. this song reminds me of her.. JMB

  39. Daisy Swift

    Coming from George Blagden's cover!!!

  40. Them_Eyes_Thou

    2018??? Anyone

  41. Surabhi Chandorkar

    This is how I feel when I see pack of Bourbon's

  42. Ratul Das

    Anyone listening in 2018?

  43. Kevin Obando Ríos

    Hermosa 😍😍

  44. Joe Andrews

    I ripped off this song and turned it into this: https://open.spotify.com/track/1oqP1ysgC9akG7BNIM3IPA?si=VWtMg6iHR7KyFV8uCe0bkA. Please don't sue me Ed.

  45. Leonard Dejesus

    Ive been through a hard time, moving on from a broken heart, and This" song has helped me go through the pain... Even though it makes me cry, at least i feel the song and prevents me from feeling negative. I hope Ed can make more songs like this. Thank you Ed

  46. Pearl Bellomo

    I wish the like button could be pressed a million times because for this song I would ❤❤❤

  47. jan reyes

    Listen Guys->This - Ed Sheeran (Cover by Macy Garrett)

  48. Joseci Gomes

    Meu poeta e namorado Inglês,eu dormi bem e muito para descansar em Jesus Cristo para mim ser de verdade realizado essa aliança entre você e eu.

  49. PHNIX

    How I feel when someone gives free donuts.

  50. Pearl Bellomo

    This song is so damn beautiful can't believe I just found it ❤❤ makes me want to learn guitar

  51. Corazon Feliz

    Is this a good song to walk down the aisle?

  52. Jr abella

    yooooo 2018?

  53. Bella Menzel

    If my life had a soundtrack, ed Sheeran would most likely be included.

  54. Fátima Chavez


  55. quackgansoonYo

    T~T cryy


    Recent peps? 2018

  57. Collin Carroll

    i really like this and cold coffee

  58. Azurite Galaxy

    why does this song make me cry

  59. Adriane Uzumaki

    Wow why is there a lot of songs Ed Sheeran that hasn't been officially upload?🤔

  60. yanyanshii Bostie

    Bibi puddin
    (Dlaniger Dec)
    I love the song
    Love you

  61. Obsessed fangirl

    How I feel about bellarke😭😭😭

  62. A_music

    This is gonna be my first dance when I get married

  63. Julina Rosero


  64. Mike Anon

    I showed this to my new girlfriend and it made her so happy

  65. Matthew Relucio

    Many of Ed Sheeran's beautiful songs are underrated =( dissapointed, but happy that I've listened to those =)=)=)))

  66. Vibeke Steinarsdatter Thoresen



    This is the start of something beautiful 🔥❤🔥

  68. nuttela 806


  69. meLIssa deqs

    chords please.

  70. 5amthoughtswith7pmfeelings

    I miss this era of Ed :( His songs used to make me feel so many things. I still enjoy his music but not like the old times.

    John Doe

    5amthoughtswith7pmfeelings factsss

  71. Chrissy Boucher

    This is such a good song

  72. pisces piece

    ive truly loved and lost but im so glad ive loved you know? even if it was the wrong people, i truly loved them, my whole heart in it thats so beautiful

  73. Kimber.Belen morales orellana

    No sé si es irónico pero, me salió un video de reguetón como publicidad... ordinariez total 😠

  74. craig brooks

    His Voice is just pure perfection! nothing but raw talent!

  75. Yus

    Love this song!, I like singing this aswell!

  76. cy_

    jeruk jingga

  77. Jasmine Lily

    I like this guy and I don't know how to tell him xx

  78. Pratik Gaikwad

    who else came here late night ?

  79. Precious Eve Martinez

    hindi siya kalalang kanta

  80. nanda

    Oh god jikook

  81. shiarah

    if I listening to this song, I think about summer and that I'm very happy. I am then in an other country

  82. 5amthoughtswith7pmfeelings

    It’s 2018 and I still miss this phrase of Ed :(

  83. Keeley Curtis

    Plus came out when I was 6, Multiply at 9, and Divide at 12. I got into him at 12, but when I was 6, my mom would play this song in the car sometimes.

  84. Meggie Jøhnsøn-Jøseph

    @Alice Plamedie... *ME TOO!!*

  85. João Souza

    Pra você minha filha Alice, Papai te ama. ❤️

  86. Jeanette


  87. Sofia Saleem

    And I throw it all awayyyy... my little bird....................

  88. RenaRoo123

    This song came to my head when I met my boyfriend for the first time 3 years ago.

  89. Samuel xD Townson


    this song and Kiss me, and give me love... Are the hardest songs for me to get into.

    I don't mind them now... But going back 3 years I couldn't listen to these at all. I guess I have more appreciation for the meaning as I get oldder.

  90. Nick

    The World ned's more Ed Sheeran ❤️

  91. Krystie zambrano

    Holy shit I’ve been looking for this song for so long. It’s way too beautiful

  92. D.V.

    The beginning reminds me so much of high school musical! ''This could be the start of something new‘‘

  93. Amethyst Veer

    "this" is love <3

  94. Rio Lee

    The sound of a lovely English God