Ed Sheeran - London Bridge Lyrics

[Verse 1: Yelawolf]
There wasn't much left
Except for the last twenty sack
And the last twenty of my last cheque
I took a pill and went to sleep on the last step
Woke up and took it in with a half breath
Then a deep sigh, I struck a matchstick
I lit my cigarette
Feeling half dead, whisky on my mind
Then came the dead
Sherrif in the yard, here comes the rest
I sat like a ghost, they all passed by
My girl cried baby this'll be my last bye
Baby in her arms
She took a cab home
She told me I was only good for a sad song
A crooked smile I gave
Nonchalant about it
Maybe she'll come back
This time I doubt it
Act like I care, but I really don't
Wanted to change
But somehow I knew I really won't
See I'm the type of man, who can't stay out the bottle
If the sun is out I'd rather be in the shadow
Sadness is like a wound that I can't heal
Maybe I'll love blood, I just let it spill
And I never turned to church for a pray in hand
God's not going to land another saving hand
If the time came like it has time again
Then I would watch the clock and be late again
One gun and a harley in the driveway
One way out, dirt road, pathway
Put another dead butt in the ash tray
I stand up still drunk, half baked
Cover my eyes from the bright morning sun blaring
And through the fence I can see this little boy staring
Paid him no attention
In fact I barely seen him
Until he walked away
And he started singing...

[Hook: Ed Sheeran]
London Bridge is falling down, falling down
And if it don't stop falling, then all of us will drown
Then we'll crash, crash, right down again
Oh we'll crash, crash, right down again

[Verse 2: Yelawolf]
I didn't see it coming
I didn't see the wall
And I went from running, to a slow crawl
I feel like I'm a child, but I'm afraid to cry
Would say I'm okay but I'm afraid to lie
I speak no evil, but hear no angels
A family is callin' but all I see is strangers
Take the bible from the hotel drawer
Hell froze over ice cold hell's door
Knock knock
I'm on the salt road non stop
The exit I will pass 'cause the sign did rot
And the gust of a dry summer
Dirty water in the tap
I think I found my number in the sand
Right next to an empty can
Old number seven, Jack is back again
And the voice goes round and round
And I would take the bridge
But I can't forget the sound

[Hook: Ed Sheeran]
London Bridge is falling down, falling down
And if it don't stop falling, then all of us will drown
Then we'll crash, crash, right down again
Oh we'll crash, crash, right down again

[Verse 3/Outro: Ed Sheeran]
I'll be coming up when the sun goes down
Rolling like a rock 'til I hit the ground
Running from the law but I can't be found
Only my God can track me down

And we'll crash, crash, right down again
Oh we'll crash, crash, right down again

I'll be coming up when the sun goes down
Rolling like a rock 'til I hit the ground
Running from the law but I can't be found
Only my God can track me down

I'll be coming up when the sun goes down

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Ed Sheeran London Bridge Comments
  1. Justin Jusufi

    He most def just bodied the game wit this "she told me I was only good for a sad song"

  2. Victory Kisses

    You come get me and I will stay.

  3. Wolf

    Why is this song not on Spotify?

  4. Steve Smith

    More smooth fire from Yelawolf. There is not a genre of music to put him in, rap, rock, country, it's all great. I can go from this to him chopping it up with Rittz or Eminem then straight to Row Your Boat or Keeps me Alive with Wynonna Judd without missing a beat and circle back to Trunk Muzik!!! It's always good. Even my girl who is NOT into rap at all will ride with me listening to Yela and I can hear her quietly singing along next to me! "Artist" gets thrown around too much but not here. Real lyricist/storyteller, thinking man's music.

  5. Xaria S

    What?! I've benn a fan of Ed for 6 years and only now I hear this? Come on!

    Chris Martin

    Same dude

  6. Mat Sosa

    I had no idea this song existed🙌🏽

  7. SnakeHuntersTV


  8. Jamie lowe

    Radio off

  9. Elizabeth Butler

    How much y'all wanna bet that he gets sober in a few years?

  10. Word Gunner

    unbelievable good ! greetings from cologne ;-) #Slumerican #Germerican

  11. Thomas Cappellano

    Just a little manlier, southern, tweak to Ed Sheeran and this thing would a rocksolid chunk of smooth soul

  12. filip liptai

    imagine yelawolfs second part like military march song :D

  13. Kim Gow

    In my recommendation 5yrs later wtf? Grt track!!

  14. Byinviteonly Club

    This hits so heavily wow

  15. Brown Turd

    What’s it about

  16. Mennangkhraw Diengdoh

    2019.. Any one still listening???

    Noah Kok

    nope im living in 4/20 bro

  17. eyeamI

    When Ed's hook came in i got chills and felt the song for the first time. This is dope.

  18. Tammy Wrenn

    In the east with the sun rise is love

  19. lauren campbell

    I always loved this song. Then the love of my life died in a tragic way a week ago, and all i can when i hear this is him. I still love it. But it hits me even more. He had his own demons, and i hope he is better now. 💕💔

    Boise ESK8

    lauren campbell so sorry for your loss dear! That’s life erupting stuff on a whole another level. So sorry. Don’t keep it in but do try to reach out to people that truely care about you & him and will actually listen to you not do all the talking themselves!

  20. Dee C

    Someone posted about this and reminded how I loved this song back in the day 🖤

  21. Jacob Boone

    How have I never heard this. Damn. I thought I knew all of yela

  22. Tyler Chapman

    I love to see ed sheenan gettin in .hes great.fuckin love it.

  23. Tinelle Vannatter

    No need set me in die lier set a woman in die as GI my cry in investmentsnotuycjpvlnlnlmlnmlviy

  24. Ron Berry

    I like some songs some he trys to hard if you know what I'm saying

  25. Ahmed Yousaf

    That’s poetry.

  26. Suzy Q

    💯💯💯💯💯 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  27. Lisa Feurstein

    Try this Emilio Velasco

  28. Mr Kill

    This is one of the chillest songs I've ever heard

  29. anuj padiyar

    2019 ?
    such an underrated track.

    Jack Veenman

    One of my favourites. Love it.

    Kosta Khaustov

    such an underrated project)

  30. ClariceJess Quinn



    Why not a video?

  32. sherriescottrn327

    Why am I just now finding this?!? Wow 💖💖💖

    Jennifer Hammett

    My sentiment exactly...

  33. Wirizlay official

    Am i only kne who noticed he spelt bridge wrong?

  34. demi us

    wow ed Sheeran and yelawolf… I didn't know this past 7 years!

  35. Karl with a K

    Damn, this song was totally my life when I was still going hard on the heroine and alcohol. This is such a real song. Nothing left except the last 20 sack and the last 20 on my last check


    Hope you're doin ok now though? Smack AND alcohol that must've been hard. All props if you're clean now, and if you're not hey keep hanging in there. One day and all.

    Lauren Keasey

    I feel you !



  37. Michał Endel-Ragis

    where is Em>>?? :)

  38. David Ulakovic

    Innocent. Never give up. God will clear you a path.

  39. ClariceJess Quinn


  40. Crystal Mutchee

    Mainstream went slumerican

  41. Micky 72

    Dam dis is a sick track !!!!

  42. Marjon


  43. jacob Godfrey

    Poetry with a uniqueness only yes can deliver great artist

  44. Evan Martin 12

    Last time I heard good music like this Eminem came out... Can't help it but Eminem and Yelawolf rap the truth and actually know what music is.. the rappers today are not artist... We need more artist like these guys ...

  45. Keagan Christian

    Runnin 🤙🏻

  46. taylormaid1swt

    This shit makes me think of Jax !! SOA should of had this on the soundtrack !!


    Its so crazy to see Jax name cause I lost my bequ87 yrom blue nose. He was and still is A Motha Phuckin BOSS!!!!!

  47. Graz

    Not feeling this one

  48. Sumukh

    Now i know what it's like being awestruck !

  49. Mike Khan


  50. lynn horton

    😏good song

  51. SOB Skateboards

    This is real music!

  52. Tyler Hughes

    Could Have been used in SOA

    alex a

    Tyler Hughes i was thinking the same thing!

  53. Brazuka Lyrics

    jack is back again!

  54. Mert Kaan Balcan

    Fuck Spotify !

  55. TheNewVocal

    Hello from Singapore! Wishing you'd have a nice evening =)

  56. bolting bob

    ok this is the if not one of the best songs i've ever herd it is so good i love it its two of the best artest ed shearn and yelawolf. you shuld go and cheack me out on youtube at bolting bob please i whould really aprisheat it and pleas excuse my speling

  57. Ashley

    Ed Sheehan and fucking yelawolf ?!

  58. NickEscobarFilm

    Playback at 1.25x is much, much better than 1x

  59. Brittany Bennett


  60. Mark makers

    Heard for the first time right now...finna change my name to rip van fuckin winkle!

  61. Dovydas Sukys

    Is this a remix ?

    Antonio Garcia

    Dovydas Sukys yea

  62. Ben Dover

    Is it just me or does anyone else see that he spelled bridge wrong?

  63. Ricky Duchaine Jr.

    Good words. Definitely ☇Slumerican ☇ROLL TIDE

  64. Immanuel Javatkhnard

    Damn, Sheeran did good music after he became world famous...

    Matto niy

    Immanuel Javatkhnard because he doesn't have a phone or social media and so a surfs

    Matto niy

    Sofa surfs*

  65. Alexis Noelle

    going to see Yelawolf in bham Alabama in September or October

  66. Angel A

    Is it supposed to say bridge??? Because it says brigde

    Markipooh #thepoohisfree

    In parts it says bridge lol

    joe buffalo

    No it's supposed to say brigde - from the popular old folk song "London brigde is falling down". Any more pointless quashtons?

  67. James King

    yela n outlaw are my favorite country style rappers

  68. That Girl.

    me to favorite people singing together!?!BEST DAY EVER!!

  69. Chillu Alkey

    well, it really fall rn 😕

  70. Hector Rodriguez

    ox. For. time. rd. ex. plain. did you in wishing to go o the

  71. Xaiver Vault Hunter

    This song was my Daylight before Daylight.

  72. Ryan Raybould

    would love to see eminem and devlin do something

  73. Johnny Mar.


  74. [ Mike4Life ]

    I went through all of the comments and literally only one of them mentioned the spelling mistake.


    [ Mike4Life ] people are blind


    Cause no-one gives a fuck

    Corey Johnston

    [ Mike4Life ] well if you get what is been said you don't need perfect grammar

  75. Niki Danger

    fuckin diggin this song!!

  76. Christian Stewart

    does no one notice that it says "London Brigde" lol

    Ax is Trash

    Christian Stewart almost as good as a merderer

    Version 7.0

    everyone knows it's London Bridge unless if u can't read...I think u're uneducated stupid

  77. Shantazia James

    in love

  78. Chris Romero

    it's time to fight for our Lord and savior, Jesus christ. I love you jesus ,I've been an alcoholic/ druggie all my life .change, change .my life if/and wen I die I wanna be with you.

  79. 11DaltonB

    Two great artists

  80. Tyler Stewart

    This song is fire I wish the rest of their collabs were as good. this one captures that sound I love though

  81. kaleigh denig

    oh snap. I love these two together.

  82. julie sullivan

    The new shits not even near pop I.m r.

  83. Noah Krak

    Wow, just wow. Love from Holland

  84. creepyz moore

    damn good song

  85. Cody Thomas

    Am I the only one who feels like the sound and vibe of yelawolfs southern-rap sound is like...American?



    conley Shallcross

    @Dan Peluso it's spelled with an E not an A

    Dan Peluso

    Guess who is late to the party

    Dan Peluso

    ty for the correction, apparently this person below your comment wasn't sure if I picked up on your correction. They felt the need to make sure I knew lmao...what a champion lol

    conley Shallcross

    @Dan Peluso actually the comment before mine isn't in reply to you. It's just a comment that's spelled correctly there champ..

  86. prok lokzii do dinok nazghul35

    that was a really cool collaberation with the two, i appreciated this song greatly. really cool what they did.

  87. no ty


    no ty

    @***** hiiiiiiiii

    Cody Thomas

    +Kawaii Candy Salutations!!!!

  88. Jennifer Custy

    love this song. I can relate

    Jackie Lambacher

    For sure! Me too

    roy hunt

    Fuck relate I live it in my active addiction

  89. Valerie Dawn

    Love this so much

  90. Donna Keyser

    yela - go back to ur roots.

  91. ShadowLifeGames

    Love it.

  92. DBeastWentz

    Who else is here for xLofty?

    Ben Dover

    No one, just you

  93. matthew riordan

    only type of "country" I like is yelawolf

    The Night Shifter

    Chris Stapleton, listen, love, and enjoy.

    The Amazing Kingfisher

    Briar Moshier he calls himself a country rapper

    adam schliske

    Definitely not country but I can see why you think it is

    Corey Johnston

    matthew riordan oath

    Duncan Carmichael

    Check out struggle and jelly. They do a song together called southern hospitality

  94. moko9hoko

    I feel like this was the start of yela wanting to experiment with what eventually turned into love story

    Ryan Brazier

    Totally agree dude love story is currently the only CD i have in my car and heard this yela ed stuff a couple of years ago. just came back to it today and you're totally right this was the beginning of him searching for the sound he currently has in Love Story 100%

    Teresa Miller

    Listem to his album Arena Rap Ep which came out before this and it should be no surprise he would make a album like love story..I think he also said he made Have a Great Flight around the time he did Arena Rap but did a new version for Love Story

  95. Maltese Falcon

    wow could 2 worlds ever collide more magnificently?