Ed Sheeran - Hold On Lyrics

It's alright to cry
Even my dad does sometimes
So don't wipe your eyes
Tears remind you you're alive
It's alright to die
'Cause death's the only thing you haven't tried
But just for tonight
Hold on

So live life like you're giving up
'Cause you act like you are
Go ahead and just live it up
Go on and tear me apart

It's alright to shake
Even my hand does sometimes
So inside we'll rage
Against the dying of the light
It's alright to say
That death's the only thing you haven't tried
But just for today
Hold on

[Chorus x2:]
So live life like you're giving up
'Cause you act like you are
Go ahead and just live it up
Go on and tear me apart
Hold on

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Ed Sheeran Hold On Comments
  1. Yeetboah

    This is some pop shit tf

  2. S M

    Recognize , Stormzy's beautiful

  3. Malleus Maleficarum

    я тут посмотрел документальный фильм, там приводили доказательства, что чернокожие очень тупые, намного тупее белого...подскажите...это правда ?

  4. Shingirayi Gomo

    Yaaaaaas! Absolutely fantastic song. #tuuuuuuune

  5. Christina Laycock

    This is such an amazing song I’ve listened to this 100 times

  6. live sports streaming

    paul scholes killed it

  7. MarshSkyツ

    Okay yes I like Niko Omliana too but why can’t the live chat not spam NDL and enjoy the music video like damn, lmao.

  8. Baz Man


  9. Donita Cripps

    Love stormzy bad man ..&
    Ed heavyweights... Wiley who lil pop u think ur slippers are way to old in the booth.... in my teen Wiley was big .... but Wiley breadrin ...ur belt got took stormzy got new hooks and Wiley just the past stormzy to fast....stormzy a don .... flipped hes shit cum with dem bad boi hits and flips... hes new fresh the new sound and can relate to the new generation... and youngerz dem look up to him ... hes stayed in his lane and still kept it real stormzy killed it ... stormzy new bad man ah road....🏆🥇🔥🔥Wiley sit back dwn... u ad ur time ur looking silly b 🎯💩🤣🙈

  10. エリクラメラ


  11. Robert Balaam

    Own 2020. Make it ur year - smash it !!!!! OWWWWWNNNNN ITTTTT !!!!!!!!! 😎

  12. Khyrah Iqbal

    I love you stomzy

  13. Aaron Allwood

    Big shaq and stormzy should make a song together with aitch, b young and jme!

  14. Gracie Delve

    I love the song I listen to the song every day. It brightens up my day

  15. • MaTheelDa •

    Hey guys i have a music channel if you like you can check my last mix if you like it plz subscribe💛

  16. Karen B


  17. Graysonslane .1

    I’m in love with this song this needs to go more viral than it already is woooooo

  18. omar rana

    Loved it, I loved it, you smashed it, you definitely own it, looking forward to seeing you, continue with it😀

  19. Davide Scalizzi

    Grande lukaku!!!🤣

    Caroline Prado


  20. Rich Boy P

    After a hard day !!!!!

    Jack Daniels 🥃

    This track ...... annnnd

    Repeat button



  21. canal louco

    I love music

  22. Sadie m Webb

    Listen to this in 2020

  23. MyGamingHeaven

    Why is stormzy in America not gonna lie don’t think he has many fans over there

    Veronica M

    for album promo, and to build a fan base there



  25. 吉田祐太郎


  26. Sienna F

    Hi I love you Stormzy my cousin bailey went to your concert I love you

  27. saikoro 22


  28. Tari Itonyo

    Oluwaburna ti de!!!!! straight murdered this track

  29. Mariam Fofana

    Love it! Just wished Burna boy had more lyrics. His part was the best 🔥🔥🔥

  30. West

    The best part is from 0:00 to 3:41

  31. RodriguezProject

    Hey guys, I just released my last song (very similar genre to this song) and I would love if someone can listen and give me some feedback. I appreciate it!. https://youtu.be/gCQ9Ig9hJVI

  32. MajdiThePro

    Where is Jay-Z?

    Veronica M

    that was for Ed Sheeran's original song featuring Stormzy 'Take Me Back To London' but Jay Z ended up not featuring on it

  33. k eg_x


  34. Lily Rom

    En boucle depuis qq jours 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  35. Mary Buchi

    ❤💃from germania❤

  36. Beni Bandana Taye

    The 7.9k dislikes are from orange flavoured Oreo haters

  37. sumit vashistha

    England You don’t own it

  38. Hakan Yildiz

    Bro stormzy makes love songs sounds gangster lol

  39. Big Francis

    Ed is in it, e go sweet paaa! Nice hit egwu 👍👌🖤

  40. Jonathan Syd Banks

    Is this The second part of Take Me Back to London? Just asking

  41. Hamish Barnard

    Unpopular opinion - burna boy's small part is the best part of the song

  42. Mrs. Unspoken

    Sooo underated 💔


    Y'all sleeping on burna's moves at 1:14 man😂

  44. Mo ha

    This is music.a vibe on it's own💖❤

  45. Ava Houssein

    Love stormzy like if your going to his concerts

  46. fatimah kallon

    All of you are Popping it right know and I think you should own it

  47. lil_k_7

    Them 7.8k dislikes are Americans

  48. Spawn

    1:06 what did he say?

  49. Leopard Studios

    Love it, good job :3

  50. Amina Zuber

    Looks like a party i'd like to go to 🤣💜 I love the song, it's so good. I am a burna girl but honestly i was so suprised that these three collabed and that it is so fucking good. Like, THANK YOU! 🤪💜

  51. Shami Mudunkotuwa

    Grass song 2020! Love it soooooon!

  52. UCOTA Tourism Association

    Such a nice song

  53. MWe24

    Such a diverse group of individuals.

  54. The Haywards Of Pembs

    Stormzy always getting it right 💕

  55. Jenson Dawson

    Own it girl you just own it cause your body’s on fire show me how to control go and grab your spliff and get higher I love how you roll it I put my hand there hold it cause I’ll be right by ya I’ll be right by yaaaaaaaahhh yeah lights down for the 1 I love yo Eden I can’t sing the song but the is for you ok I really like you I follow you and by the way she’s my crush if your watching this Eden Carey I like you and subscribe to my YouTube channel at jenson Dawson everyone thank you

  56. Mona Monalissa

    Am addicted to this 1

  57. Bitch Lasagna


  58. Bitch Lasagna

    Ed’s always had good rhythm

  59. Waqas Aftab

    Stormzy is Donner kebab and ed is marmalade. Somehow it went together and we all lived with it.

    That's all folks

  60. looi


  61. Richard Foley

    Ed Sheeran has mined a deep seam of love from the depths of his heart.

  62. Alexander Stemkowski

    Load of rubbish, isn't it.

  63. Ayub Hassan

    The best of 2020!!

  64. Lino Simao

    Y'all....Stormzy is dark and lovely🥰

  65. sheniwest

    Love ❤️

  66. Ram Room

    Seriously so much heart in this did the house ❤️

    Ram Room

    I would mArry him #maybe #inshallah #tallbitch #jusssssssayin

  67. Alexander James

    I love this such a vibe 🇺🇸, I'm a African American but still love my culture 🌍❤❤❤✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  68. Wendel Santos

    Burna Boy or Offeset? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  69. Miriam Benedit

    That stormzy is just amazing

  70. Lucy Morton

    I feel like this is the song He,s sung the calmest in

  71. Julia Keine Ahnung

    Die schwarz-weiß Marionetten mit dem roten Punkt in der Mitte🙃🤑🤐🥳

  72. LO17

    Burna Boy be like those gcse math questions, having an inconspicuous amount of BBQs, who has 8 bbqs

  73. Beckie Dawson

    This is my best song

  74. Alessandro Capoti

    Nice Bro 👌🏽

  75. oladele busola


  76. Adam Farah

    This song is kinda dead sounds of the Skeg and vossi bop was better

  77. Manuel Domingos Bavó


  78. Jamie Marchant

    Epic wanker

  79. zona Envento


  80. Connor Jackson

    Good song my g

  81. fth style

    Cool!!!! 🎉🎉🎊

  82. Laurence Roche

    Ima be like buyer 🔥

  83. Russ

    Stormzy ya sold out and now ya shit

    Ed, all ya songs sound the same.... shit

    And Bummer boy..... 😂🤣

  84. Nath Sanders

    U killing it

  85. H Yusuf


  86. danish rosman


  87. Steven Johnstone

    Go light u splif get higher. ✔💯✔💯

  88. Koussa_cRIMINAL

    I don’t care what anyone says ide say it’s the best stormy song made

  89. Georgie May

    me: how much auto tune u want?
    stormzy: yes

    Georgie May

    i can’t hear stormzys lyrics

    Georgie May

    me: ;-;

  90. KadiaK. Taylor


  91. Özils ShoeLace

    Ed Sheeran doing his ting 👌🏽🔥💨 🎶

  92. Victor Okon

    Those of you who disliked the song.
    Tell me...What was the problem?🤔🤔

  93. Robert Stefanov

    This reminds me somthing so strong rip mate you are so missed. I wish I could be there to help its broken me into 2 xx

  94. the chicken man

    I bet wileys watching this thinking of when he had a career

  95. kelechi ann

    Oh! That Burna and Stormzy's voice or is it the short interval before that of Ed 😍

  96. Doc female

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  97. Vocalshotz media

    Now He's singing and soon he's gonna be on the pitch.... Lukaku is that you? 🙄

  98. Irg

    im here because i love shit music and this is proper shitee!! he has nothing on 50 cent , lloyd banks eminem


    The Fckn 🌊

  100. magicman

    Love it 🎧🎶🥰