Ed Sheeran - Everything You Are Lyrics

I didn't mean to break your heart
I was just lonely
And everybody falls apart sometimes
I know you've found another one
But won't you just hold me tonight

I wish I never called you up
Nobody told me
And they don't know we don't speak anymore
So take a good look at us
Won't you just hold me tonight

And I will stop trying to fall in love again
And keep it a secret
It never works out, anyway
But I am not, anything like I was
'Cause you were the only one for me
Yeah, yeah

'Cause maybe I don't wanna lose a lover and friend in one night
If that's alright
I shouldn't have fucked with your mind
And your life too many times
Or maybe I don't wanna be lonely
Darling, you are my only love
Behind my truth lies everything you want

I never meant to sleep around
I was just lonely
You did the same, again and again and again
I know
So here's to the both of us
Here's to our story tonight

Oh I will stop trying to fall in love again
And keep it a secret
It never works out, anyway
But I am not, anything like I was
'Cause you were the only one for me

'Cause maybe I don't wanna lose a lover and friend in one night
If that's alright
I shouldn't have fucked with your mind
And your life too many times
Or maybe I don't wanna be lonely
Darling, you are my only love
Behind my truth lies everything you want

When I see my future
It is with you
We'll get there
I want my children to be with you
We'll get there

'Cause maybe I don't wanna lose a lover and friend in one night
If that's alright
I shouldn't have fucked with your mind
And your life too many times
Or maybe I don't wanna be lonely
Darling, you are my only love
Behind my truth lies everything you want
Behind my truth lies everything you want
Behind my truth lies everything you are

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Ed Sheeran Everything You Are Comments
  1. Rona Angela Almagro

    2020 and never heard a song better than this.

  2. Kaitlyn Barker

    I find new lyrics by him all the time. It’s refreshing yet sad how he is taking time off from his music. Wish I could write and rhyme as good as him.

  3. Jhamez Toliao

    Kris!!!!!!! Haha!

  4. Tupac’s NoseRing

    2019??!! 😩✨

  5. Erick Rodriguez

    I hope your happy

  6. Sheepy Boi

    Try my guess the ed Sheeran song challenge on my channel. I've noticrd that all the other "guess the Ed Sheeran song" challenges people, including me, find them too easy. I'm not looking for subscribers just thought people would be interested.


    ed sheeran no.1

  8. Ella Rose

    This song hits you

  9. Siposethu Nyanda

    im inlove wth ths song

  10. Alejandra Segura

    This is so accurate at the moment, World do you try to tell me something?

  11. Joseci Gomes

    Meu coração direitinho é o seu e meu,batem os no mesmo sentido, realizará nossa aliança de casal AMOR,AMO,quero ser sua esposa , mãe e amar você de corpo e alma.

  12. Senty Thea

    who put these onions here?!

  13. Artigone _

    this goes to my best friend

  14. Jacqueline Lake


  15. Evan Phillips

    Loose Change vibessss, especially that snare sound

  16. Jacqueline Lake


  17. rywana

    ed sheeran do fotnit vid plox

  18. luciole

    2018 anyone?

    kelly vieira

    luciole 2019

  19. Nicola Casey

    2018 anybody???????

  20. Victoria Davis

    You were always the only one, since the day we met, there was never anyone else, from then to forever! No more secrets, no more lies. Either it's us, all in 100% right here, right now, right or wrong, you're all that's right for me!

  21. mercy mallari

    God knows i dont have a new one !nd im not that kind of cheap flirty woman .i deserve to be treated right nd not pushing away with the one i choose to love nd to be with nd i should also deserve to be respected nd not begging only to be love .so better choose your words because im too sensitive ONLY with the person whom i love ..it means i can easily get hurt nd affected to what i heard nd what you've said .but that doesnt mean that i will always sensitive when it comes with my feelings because i know where to stand nd when to get hurt .dont accused me that i have a new one !

  22. Katie Pelletier

    I love this

  23. sarah Osman

    Wow new song ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Daria Potrzebowska

    ill just sit here looking for a larry comment

  25. Mike D

    I have a friend who loves to singing your songs and she does it very very well
    I love her to bits she knows

  26. Believe Aldc

    Omg wow he swore ok

    Random Person

    Reanne Edits he swears like a sailor

  27. Ksenija Jemensek

    Why isn’t this beautiful song played on the radio ? ♥️🎸♥️

  28. Isabel Astudillo

    this song describes completely my current emotional situation.

  29. Ksenija Jemensek

    This song is AWESOME! ♥️♥️♥️. I wish this song was on any of his albums.

  30. XxZenith

    Can relate

  31. Melons .-.

    I loved this song just found it again!

  32. Springtrap Anonymous Crew

    Cute kittens.Have fun playing with those babies.Dogs really arent cute at all.

  33. Robert Li

    everythin u one...

  34. CandiedChloe

    I'm kind of in love with my best friend's boyfriend :///

  35. Sofia Guerra

    guess it was too late when I realized that i love him. now he's found someone new and doesn't even look me in the eyes :/

  36. Eden Perez

    Why The Hell Am I Barley Finding This Song And It's 2018

  37. Shadowdoll


  38. Donna Rohrke

    He is so AWESOME! When I think I have bought all his music , another new one pops up ..Great talent Ed Sheeren! Canada 🇨🇦 loves you ..

  39. felipe gonzales

    Damn I miss you A.....

  40. camille young

    what does EP mean?

  41. mercy mallari

    This song was so inspiring 😎😍😙😙😙❤❤❤💘💘💘💝💝💝💜💜💜💞💞💞

  42. Tari Ferrie

    When I see my future, you're there. Yet still my heart cries. Why?
    At times I FEEL insane, and
    at those times I want safe human help with my clarity.!
    My truth.!!
    Peace be still

  43. Who Are You?

    Ed Sheeran mah Babe😭😍

  44. Matraffi Matraffi

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  45. Meggie Jøhnsøn-Jøseph

    Chissà quante ce ne sono così!!

  46. Meggie Jøhnsøn-Jøseph

    Non ne sapevo niente di questa canzone! WOW! È meravigliosa!

  47. Angela Hanley

    We will get there

  48. Morgan Rae Anne

    This song makes me warm inside love ed sheeran so much

  49. Yasmin Rodrguez

    What does this song mean

  50. Dorky Derpterio

    This fits the Loose Change EP

  51. Alessandro Macrino


  52. Max Kasem

    I really like this song.

  53. Lynn North

    These kind of songs are my favorites! These songs nobody knows... 💗

  54. Gabby Diomand

    Sending this to my ex I recently dumped...

  55. Nelsia Hosea

    Im on an ed sheeran listening spree and it never ends

  56. Sanatu Mansaray

    this song goes perfect with this book I'm reading. it's like the lyric sum up the story!!

  57. Athali N.

    this reminds me of the boy best friend I had back in hs who "confessed" to me but I basically rejected him... I guess that was because I was insecure and scared and I didn't want to be in a relationship cuz it's hella tiring, especially not with him because everything was perfect the way it was and I didn't want to lose him in that relationship. but he thought I just "didn't want him" because I didn't explain myself clearly. so we stayed friends (even to this day) and he found someone else (my close friend, no less). I mean, shit. I liked him. of course I liked him more than as friends. I just didn't want all the complicated shit that comes with a relationship. but now... now I just miss him. mostly as a best friend. but yeah... I dream of us being able to talk shit out even though now none of this even matters anymore. this song... this song fucks me up.

  58. Frann

    My ex sent me this and it explains how i felt when I was hurt I legit said he mindfucked me and just kept hurting me and he sent this to me and said I listened to this and thought of you every night after we broke up and yea he's a guy and I'm a guy and it made me cry I felt weak

  59. Rio Lee

    The only human to make a swear word sound like a unicorn asking for love

  60. Ariana Hunt

    I annoyed anything like a wasp XD

  61. Ariana Hunt

    Ryan R..... Ross?

  62. Tom Rogers

    After falling in love with your best friend but losing them to another person this song will always be a memory of the person I could've had a life with.

  63. Mario Sepulveda

    Buena vos

  64. Hana Taheri

    Alyssa jackson ..never look back! That sob never deserved you... and your sister is a backstabber no matter who she is....GOD have better palns and better man for you...wishing you good luck and the best in life....never ever look back! !!! You are special and still are...be happy!

  65. jennifer wierzbicki


  66. bleh.

    i feel like this would be in a shrek movie

  67. The Music Theory 001

    If you're listening to this in 2017... Something is okay with you

  68. Schnuffel FF

    Oh, I just got a new favourite song. let's hear it all the time, until I hate it that much, that I want to throw my phone at the wall.
    Me, every time

  69. Samantha Van Alen

    you forgot to add another again but thats it. I love this freaking song

  70. GKitty

    The chorus gets stuck in my head all the time

  71. Cartonise Lawson-Wilson

    I just need to hear this live 😩❤

  72. iyuth ana

    I am falling in love with Ed

  73. Jessica Gibbings

    I melted

  74. camren's child

    Is there any instrumentals for this song? I couldn't find....:(

  75. Raj Rajkumar

    but I don't like the swearing

    Bethany Nuttall

    rarithu17 Why didn't you keep this as one comment?

  76. Raj Rajkumar

    this vid is awesome

  77. Bethany Nuttall

    Ok just one more ed sheeran song then I am going to do my homework.......

    1 hour later

    Just one more song...

  78. ying kit lam

    is it just me or when Ed says fuck its attractive

  79. Concetta Pisapia

    Canta con il cuore

  80. Concetta Pisapia

    Adoro ascoltare la voce,le parole e la musica di Ed mi rendono la vita più sognatrice

  81. Abdullahi M saleh

    Men I love the 1st verse

  82. nayeli ruiz

    this would be good on the use

  83. revin urdaneta

    i want an acoustic with at this 😭😭

  84. This Guy Is Crazy

    still the best song you've never heard of

  85. Alicia Gibson

    If my boyfriend broke up with me I would only ever think I this song. Is that bad?

  86. midgetsausage

    Maybe they had just sang this than the Thinking Out Loud sappyness and the Sing crap

  87. Aastha Bisht

    my ex boyfriend showed me this song when he was telling me how he cheated, without meaning to, on his ex girlfriend, the first girl he ever loved. the last paragraph always tears me up.

  88. Saya X

    This song doesn't depict love at all. Both people sleeping around and then finding their way back to each other? I don't know about you all but I would NEVER get back with an ex if I found out they started sleeping around, no matter what.

  89. Shyam Bahmani

    I've never experienced love and this is how I try to get a feel of it.

  90. Dark Morphling

    all of his song are soo nice and melody to me 😯😯

  91. Mr_dg one

    Just pass on night listennig ed, its amazing

  92. Alessia Winter

    Everything you are Ed;))

  93. Earthling Ellis

    the music at the beginning kinda reminds me of "drunk" by Ed

  94. Daniela Becker

    I am not a perfect english speaker, but I think that I found an error in 0.42, I think Ed sings "they don't know, *WE* don't speak anymore"

  95. Music & Audio

    I didn't meant to break your heart

  96. Chirag Kaushik

    if someday god ask me what i want then without thinking another thing i will just say make my voice like ed...now u can imagine how much i love this man voice..!