Ed Sheeran - BLOW Lyrics

[Ed Sheeran:]
Feelin' like a bullet
Jumping outta gun
I'm feelin' like a winner
I feel like the one
You're doin' somethin' to me
You're doin' somethin' strange
Well, jump back, talk to me woman
You make me wanna make a baby, baby

[Chris Stapleton:]
Supernatural woman
Supernatural freak
Don't know what you're doing
Got me feelin' weak
Oh, I wanna call you "fever", baby
You can set a fire on me
Hot damn, pop it like a pistol, mama
You got me down on my knees, begging, please

I'm comin', baby
I'm gunnin' for you, yeah
Locked, loaded, shoot my shot tonight
I'm comin', baby
I'm gunnin' for you, yeah
Pull my trigger, let me blow your mind

[Bruno Mars:]
You red-leather rocket
You little foxy queen
Everybody's watchin'
Pretty little thing

Baby, tell me, what's your fantasy?
Come closer, let's talk about it
You want white lines in a limousine
Whipped cream and everything in-between, yeah

I'm comin', baby
I'm gunnin' for you, yeah
Locked, loaded, shoot my shot tonight
I'm comin', baby
I'm gunnin' for you
Pull my trigger, let me blow your mind
I'm comin', baby

[Ed Sheeran:]
I'm comin', baby
I'm gunnin' for you, yeah
Locked, loaded, shoot my shot tonight
I'm comin', baby
I'm gunnin' for you
Pull my trigger, let me blow your mind

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Ed Sheeran BLOW Comments
  1. Elena Nicolaescu


  2. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Wow... I didn't think anything good would ever be written by ed

  3. Carl Cook

    Shit sounds like Sunday night football

  4. Chris L

    When you collab with Bruno. It is no longer your song. It is his.

  5. Colette Vikemyr

    I think it's GREAT!!! I'M 47 & It's better than the BS that's called rock now. You have to have been there to appreciate the effort. Thank you for bringing back some real rock!!

  6. elani

    bruno mars can do anything

  7. joel wallace

    5th or 6th time I've listened in a row

  8. For the Record

    I’m confused

  9. Luciano Cruz Macedo

    Musica do caralho

  10. DiamondPro200

    sub to me

  11. CallumPlayz Roblox

    Girls singing like them haunts me

  12. Matthew VandenElst

    The woman singing Bruno Mars' part captured his essence perfectly.

  13. Trinity Livingston

    Wow, this my first time listening to this song and I'm amazed! I love Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran!

  14. Jamedra A

    I cannot stop listening to this! Instant fave!

  15. Jayshiver

    Everyone: A song can’t be 3 genres!
    Ed: Hold my tea.
    Chris: hold my Tennessee Whiskey.
    Bruno: hold my strawberry champagne

    Whale Tart

    Love Love Love your comment! Made my day!

  16. Jozean's InstruMentals

    What is this badassery!? Love it!

  17. Defence Football

    I'm a rock fan right and last night I was hanging out with my dad and he put this song on and I liked it then he said who sang it I couldn't believe it

  18. Nguyen Trong Phuc Hung

    i just want to say that this to Bruno Mars: i love your songs much, but i am talking about the past, when you are singing love songs, i am a total fan of your music. I would be blown away if now you make such a love song. But unfortunately, i think your music has lost its own nature when you are finding a new inspiration for yourself, and you make music about sex, parties, etc. They are still cool, but is that what you want to do? Pls, just once, can you make a love music video for me?

  19. Balázs Harcos

    Ed plugged in blow your head off ... amazing record

  20. Kenn Recca Sedurifa

    I wasted almost an hour looking for Bruno Mars, Lmao. mb

  21. The Infamous Melonhead

    How did a pop/folk artist, an r and b artist, and a country artist come together to make an amazing rock song???

  22. black ghost! 69

    Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.


    Love this.. such a cool idea.. think about it.. berry clever... lol

  24. Joolo

    :D Bruno mars part is eargasm for me

  25. JON JOHN

    Does Ed actually play the electric guitar in this song 😶

  26. dazza777777

    I did like this song but the radio have absolutely killed it

  27. Amal K

    This aient it Bruno we appreciate ur authentic music

  28. et et

    I thought this is GRETA VAN FLEET tribute.


    00.59 nice fack your shit fuck off ! 15.02.2020



  31. jakmati tv

    It would be far better if they use actual singers on this MV



  33. Wesley Williams

    Damn! Ed!

  34. mrmikef10

    This clip is shit.

  35. Ioana Roar

    The "blow your mind" at 2:23 it is exactly as Michael Jackson 's in Dancing machine, by The Jackson 5. I just realised that. 😯

  36. daviswendye

    Probably didn't go anywhere seen as too gimmicky and presumptuous?

  37. bramble claw

    Amazing riff, beautiful song. I will listen to this. -metalhead view

  38. Mod81 Gameworld

    00:57...the moment when i jerked off....

  39. junaid usama

    Was the first girl, "Michael Jackson - Lady Edition"?

  40. Fathurrahman Prasetiyo

    yeaaaaaaa....... i feel like badass boy, thanks for blow me crazy

  41. Covers by Looser

    sorry but this is the worst peice of shit i have ever heard in my life, when i first heard this i thought rock has gotten a stroke and ed sheeran was the burger that caused it

  42. koak xa

    No entiedo un choto saludooos

  43. Diane Albrecht

    Would love to see a Ed Sheeran make a video of this song....HOT!

  44. Hexxxed 69 Cherrypie


  45. RockaRolla80


  46. L U F F Y. F A I R


  47. Dominika Genzorová

    Hi, have you met Ed?

  48. Dre Haynie

    This is my new shit

  49. Joshua Stafford

    This Rule's.

  50. 303jshep

    Song is beast...


    Great song!

  51. Yubayasun

    ed Zeppelin

  52. Chris Nieto

    Three generational talents. If they ever got to do this live in one room that would be one lucky audience.

  53. syed rugw

    like and share if u have time https://youtu.be/3r1vTic1P74

  54. syed rugw

    like and share if u have time https://youtu.be/3r1vTic1P74

  55. syed rugw

    like and share if u have time https://youtu.be/3r1vTic1P74

  56. syed rugw

    like and share if u have time https://youtu.be/3r1vTic1P74

  57. shiichan32

    i wish this was on the countdown its sad rock never really ends up on those stations this song is amazing but this vid is weird

  58. baby mercury

    Heard this at the bowling alley last week. Shame I’ve never heard it before than. Great song.

  59. David Boyce

    CLAPTON=TOP CLAN=PLANT CO=CAN PLOT =POT CLAN My half brother Eric Clapton started the TOP CLAN up when I was very young. My English born grand parents adopted him shortly after I was born and loved him. The band in this song are my reincarnated Second Christ Thor wives and taken from my two Odin daughters, Odin is an Eloah and Eric and my father who lives in Vesteralen Norway PERFECT Ed Sheeran [Edward Christopher Sheeran]
    Ed's anagram code for Elihana Elia USE FUR
    2,264,955,186 views Nov 9 2017

    I found a love for me
    Darling just dive right in
    And follow my lead
    Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet
    I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
    'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love= Girl we fell in love wedding, now my wife in home. We follow Jesus Christ David Duane Boy-e wife, Jew,nun St. Elihana Elia dive get wet, retrieve Ark, Last Mountain Lake. God women 'Ful-on', 'Ford' rule! use 'FUR'
    Last line in the song directions for Christ
    You look perfect tonight =You, look in 'perfect', got hint
    Perfect='CT' preef BOY-E BOYCE FUL-ON FULTON
    Preef, Old English or Scottish for 'Proof' and is a Shortened version of prefix.A person so obsessed with fashion and mainstream culture that they put their own self worth before others. Furs are fashion
    Lyrics PERFECT first verse
    I found a love for me
    Darling just dive right in
    And follow my lead
    Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet
    I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
    'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
    Not knowing what it was
    I will not give you up this time
    But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
    And in your eyes you're holding mine
    Baby, I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms
    Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
    When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
    But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight
    Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know
    She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home
    I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets
    To carry love, to carry children of our own
    We are still kids, but we're so in love
    Fighting against all odds
    I know we'll be alright this time
    Darling, just hold my hand
    Be my girl, I'll be your man
    I see my future in your eyes
    Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
    Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
    When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
    I don't deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight
    Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
    Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
    I have faith in what I see
    Now I know I have met an angel in person
    And she looks perfect
    I don't deserve this
    You look perfect tonight
    Source: LyricFind
    Songwriters: Edward Christopher Sheeran
    'Edward Christopher Sheeran = Edward Christ, Her open share'. I first heard the song PERFECT on a local country radio channel. So Ed Sheeran makes the anagrammist use the title of the song's title PERFECT to get surnames BOYCE & FULTON, very clever, we use this same system in the worldwide secret service as I am a CIA Operative. So Elihana doesn't send me emails and we use the same system as we are registered CIA telepaths as is my other Odin daughter 'plant' Heidi Monica Little who's mother was born in an East German Jewish concentration camp just at the end of the war. Heidi met her husband through Willie Nelson in Texas when she was recording at Willie's recording studio, Heidi was born in Regina Sask..Since I have been placing comments on my Odin- daughter Victoria Corneva's videos, here in Saskatchewan the radio channels are playing her and Edward Maya's STEREO LOVE hit from 2009 several times a day, that Stereo Love has anagrams in the first verse they placed for my three children to show them she is their half sister. To do this she has to create another name, Vika Jigulina and she has Elihana's songs on her mixes and Elihana has the sound track of their song Desert Rain for Elihana's 'Rivers in the Desert'. So Ed Sheeran wants all of us to know and Elihana's fans that the woman model with the furcoat on in his BLOW song video is definitely Elihana Elia, these three women, in the front row are my Prophet Abraham's wives are in the AC/DC song 'SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG'. So Ed & Bruno Mars wanted to put out the same type of song which really isn't their natural type of material. I sang that song tens times a night in all the dances we did in our band HY Performance which was a trio here in Moose Jaw and we were the most booked band in this city and Regina as we catered for the small town crowds and played hard rock and country, they only wanted to hear about 12 of the same songs over and over again. I had a huge double base set of drums and played intense drum solos and was the lead singer. I have a natural rock and roll voice like Robert Plant, Robert Palmer & Steve Winwood . Ed takes the word BLOW from this older song is Elihana Elia, however Bob Dylan's first Big Hit in 1962 'Blowin' In The Wind' which has an anagram about me the legal Second Christ Thor being the reincarnation of the Prophet Abraham and his three wives, Sarah-Elihana Elia, Hagar- Grace Caroline Fulton & Keturah is Dallas Texas Mia Alicia Ford, cowboy hat and one of my nicknames is cowboy. There are the three front women in the raunchy BLOW video which is them. Is this the reason that Elihana is wearing a fur coat in 'NOTHING CAN SEPARATE ME FROM YOUR LOVE? Actually, St Bega she was reincarnated from, wore the same style of Viking coat when I was Prince Madog ap Owain Gwynedd, the protector of Moses' ARK OF THE COVENANT' at Last Mountain Lake, so what does the f'ur ture bring, sorry future? The Chinese are using the coronavirus shutting down cities to hide a military build up for an invasion into the Persian Gulf Oil fields....

    David Boyce

    The reincarnation of Mary Magdalene was born in Moose Jaw Sask but relocated to LA and married a drummer. She was in the all female band the Minks. We played together in a club in Stoon

  60. MattPandaYT

    was ed drunk when he made this??

  61. Red Frame

    Best Ed song!!! Rock on


    Great song!

  62. Furqan Thamer

    Ohhhhhh my god what the hill this is man or woman ?????

  63. kdcush1

    Stapleton is on another level

  64. Ksenia Covers

    *Hit like to let Ed Sheeran hear this song sung by a girl:) My version of BLOW By Ed Sheeran (with Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars):)* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Emv2nErgIc&list=PLEVD0avGmukEAyuY6wpEnpQ-iPS2mvcDk

  65. wesley boswell

    Hell fucking yeah!!!! This is the shit. Fuck those11k dislikes

  66. Blind Fire

    Guitar fakers

  67. Flavio Fernandes

    Hey man, look at this artist here! and give us strength, it costs nothing!

  68. Bilguun Monkhbayar

    Ed sheeran was so bad

  69. Bilguun Monkhbayar

    why published Ed sheeran's channel They need publish on Bruno mars channel Becouse it is Bruno mars's song He was amazing

    Veronica M

    The song is from Ed's album, and Ed isn't bad on it, so stop with all your stupid bias comments

    Bilguun Monkhbayar

    @Veronica M It stop with your stupid bitch bias opinion Also i'm not stupid and I just said truth

  70. Bilguun Monkhbayar

    Peter is so talented singer And his voice is so amazing

  71. Bilguun Monkhbayar

    Ed sheeran worst singer for it

  72. mang kanor

    girl who portrayed bruno is hot! she shot me real bad <3

  73. dpjones1

    this feminist shite has got out of hand,

  74. Stephen Yeboah

    Admit it when they sang I'm coming baby you guys got some bad thoughts 😏😂

  75. Morgan Cowperthwait

    You turned Ed, Chris, and Bruno into a bunch of women?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  76. Veronica M

    Ed Sheeran - BLOW (with Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars) [Official Lyric Video] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42SM_TeWE5s

  77. Yosephine Aprinovitadevie

    oh my gosh, at the first sight, i thought that the guitarist with the black leather jacket was Bruno Mars..

  78. ARI LARA

    I didn’t know these three could do rock at this time when “POP” is the most popular genre.


    Pop is always the most popular genre, that's why it's called "pop"!


    Luke Yeah I know, I wasn't talking about “Popular Music = Pop” I was talking about the sound but didn’t want to explain a lot of this.

  79. Laura Mello


  80. Sean Taylor

    I need to see these mofo’s do this live. Then I can move on peacefull......

  81. Cat M

    “White lines in a limousine”.... talking about snorting drugs?! 😫

  82. Akagami Shanks

    Ay bruno q dolor siento en mi kokoro :,v

  83. xx mercedes swiftie xx

    I wish ed posted a bts of this video



  85. Antonio José León Betancourt

    Apassññsaaqglffldlskdldldkfleleleo con,,
    C caza
    Nlkiokosmlkwdcjiowjkpfcwkopkodewpkopedqj piedqji odeqjiodeqde


  86. Chloe Burrows

    Nah this video would of been better if the original voices were made up like an 80s poprock band.

  87. Animex

    Merece mas Vistas 😪

  88. Matt Gudmundsson

    is there a live version of this?

    Veronica M

    only Ed has performed this live solo, with only him playing the guitar and singing. Hopefully one day they will perform it together

    Matt Gudmundsson

    @Veronica M thanks. I look forward to seeing it one day maybe at an awards show

  89. gerardosd

    who are these singers

  90. NajderowSkky

    Poland 🇵🇱 🇵🇱 🇵🇱


    Love this song and love the video


    Great song!

  92. gixxernewfie

    Big rock and metal fan. This is dirty rock and I don’t care who’s singing it, it works!

  93. APGaming

    I just realized it’s supposed to be Bruno Ed and Chris but girls


    Veronica M no kidding

  94. World Music

    https://youtu.be/wu0RZQlq_9c #Bruno #Mars

  95. Ra Souldier

    Some real arse lip sync shet right there! 😂

  96. Zahid shabri

    please make a sad song