Ed Sheeran - Barcelona Lyrics

Well get up up on the dancefloor tonight
I've got two left feet and a bottle of red wine
Making me feel like the beat and the bassline
Are in my blood, both hands upon her waistline
Get on up baby dance to the rhythm of the music
Don't care what the DJ chooses
Get lost in the rhythm of me
Place don't close until we wanna leave it

You and I we're flying on an aeroplane tonight
We're going, somewhere where the sun is shining bright
Just close your eyes, and let's pretend we're dancing in the street
In Barcelona

Well get up up on the dancefloor, move, it's a Saturday night
I fell in love with the sparkle in the moonlight
Reflected in your beautiful eyes, I guess that is destiny doing it right
And dance like they do in the Mediterranean
Spin you around me again and again and
You're like something that God has sent me
I want you baby, solamente

You and I we're flying on an aeroplane tonight
We're going, somewhere where the sun is shining bright
Just close your eyes, and let's pretend we're dancing in the street
In Barcelona
Oh Barcelona

So let's pretend we're dancing in the street
In Barcelona
Las Ramblas, I'll meet you, we'll dance around La Sagrada Familia
Drinking Sangria, mi niña, te amo mi cariño
Mamacita, rica, si tú, te adoro señorita
Los otros, viva la vida
Come on let's be free in Barcelona
Las Ramblas, I'll meet ya, come on and dance with me, in Barcelona
Drinking Sangria, I just want to be in Barcelona
Mamacita, rica, feel that summer breeze in Barcelona
Los otros, viva la vida, siempre vida Barcelona

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Ed Sheeran Barcelona Comments
  1. Israel Israel


  2. Al Tfe

    many memories!!!!

  3. Taylor Stuart

    Mix - Ed Sheeran - Barcelona [Official Audio]

  4. Taylor Stuart

    Ed Sheeran - Bibia Be Ye Ye [Official Audio]

  5. Taylor Stuart

    Daniel Radcliffe Returns

  6. Mobile Legends High Tops

    Barcelona, Sorsogon💞

  7. Clinton Sirait

    madrid song pls

  8. Honker Enthusiast

    dont like you ed

    Veronica M

    that's not very nice, at least Ed helps support many less fortunate communities around the world, while you're busy here saying you hate someone you don't even know.

    Honker Enthusiast

    You’re right Veronica it wasn’t very nice. That’s why I said it. And for your information I’ve done extensive volunteering in chad and Uganda working with children in poverty and drought stricken tribal communities so nice assumptions.

    Veronica M

    @Honker Enthusiast i never said you hadn't done anything, just you're hating on someone who cares about others, and his motto is love,understanding and positivity , but anyway I hope you were nice to those children, and didn't teach them any bad manners, which will affect them in the future :)

  9. Gaming with Michael

    Notice he the cup also looks like a dress

    Also since when is ed Spanish?

    Veronica M

    Ed never said he was Spanish or in Barcelona
    "Just close your eyes
    And let's Pretend we're dancing in the street
    In Barcelona"

  10. Ashleyplayz Roblox

    I love this!

  11. MyWorld&Amelie&Kamilah


  12. May Martinez

    I really like this song 💙☺

  13. Chris Brown

    Barcelona is the best in the world

  14. mariam d

    Força barça 😂😍🔴🔵

  15. *Mery Cheim-09

    Mi niña te amo ma cariño
    Ed sheeran 2017

  16. Ace Sandal

    Hala madrid!

  17. Phong Doãn haha

    M10. 6 golden ball

  18. Ricardo Milos


  19. Vania Любит Бравл Старс

    Real Madrid best!!

  20. Leino Zubillaga


  21. Mita Galuh

    Anyone show me an Ed sheeran's bad song. If you can find it.

  22. Heatly Smith

    Best song ever

  23. Maria Licerán

    My city ❤️

  24. liam chambers

    they should put all his songs on the radio

  25. Octavio Ponce

    My faviorite

  26. Stefano Rodella

    Barcelona i love u! I'm coming back ❤️

  27. Suraj kishore

    why there is no official of video of this song ?

    Veronica M

    Barcelona is from Ed's Divide ÷ deluxe album, and was never made a single


    Still watching members plz like

  29. Patrick Reed

    When i was on vacation in “Barcelona” I met this “Galway girl” named “Nancy Mulligan”. I was “happier” then before and thought that “hearts don’t break around here”. I bought her “supermarket flowers” and told her: “i fell in love with the “shape of you” and i would “dive” in the deepest ocean for you”. Everything was just “perfect”. But 2 days later when i was at the “castle on the hill” I saw her with a “new man”. I asked her “”How would you feel” if i did that to you?” She said: “I’m sorry, i just had to “save myself” for you to hurt me.” But “what do i know”? I took an “eraser” and deleted the memory and thought “bibia be ye ye (everything will be alright)”.

  30. Shanir Gookool

    This song deserves a video 😢❤❤

  31. Guillem TD

    Barcelona, t'estimo ♥️

  32. Pablo Cabrera

    Like if you’re from Spain 🇪🇸 🙌🏻

  33. Avi Michael

    this song always plays at the mall

  34. godlove urio

    Please add things to audiomack

  35. MarioZzz 222

    Now i am in Barcelona

  36. Christian Cecere

    ion know i think queens is better

  37. TheArtfulDealer

    This one is a bit better ;)

  38. Priyanshu Sharma


  39. Leen Chan

    Felt like I was on my way to Barcelona singing and dancing this song. So much love Ed ❤️❤️❤️

  40. Barcelona

    I can not english

  41. Sean Chandler

    FREE Barcelona !

  42. Kamille Hobbs

    The beginning sounds like Leave (Get Out) by JoJo

  43. Wendy Darling

    Is it me or does it sound like Ed is saying Barcelon and not Barcelona ? 🤨

  44. Hira Agnihotri

    My name is Garvit Agnihotri i love the song

  45. Scarlet_ fu

    Me encanta😍
    Like si lo ves en 2019-2020

  46. まどれーぬ

    I want you baby, solamente!

  47. Silvia Ramos

    Ed: "Solamente"
    Me: **dies**

    Theo Fidelis

    Idk i hate that barcelona is in catalunia and there they speak catalan but he speaks spanish in the song

  48. The Bismarck

    Queen did it better

  49. SuttN

    And 6 days after this song was posted, Barça would go on to beat PSG 6-1 in probably the greatest UCL comeback in the history of the competition

  50. DopeImmortalSoul

    He Forgot about Messi

  51. Moonlight Teas

    theres somethin in here that sounds like a discord notification and it gets me everytime

  52. Bryan Yepes

    I wanna make own song

  53. limon limoneri


  54. JGage Wilson

    you made my day! my nephew, sisters and my brother inlaw live in Barcelona.

  55. Pearle N

    Step 1. Go to YT Search
    Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Draw Ed Sheeran
    Step 3. Enjoy!
    Ed Sheeran - Barcelona [Official Audio]
    you were reading it... yes, books are like flypaper—memories cling to the printed page better than anything else.” “Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about

  56. Jesús De Nazaret


  57. Mahad Sk

    My dream city

  58. Álvaro García

    Esto va por ti Manuel 8

  59. Ainhoa Music

    Like si eres de Barcelona

  60. Eric

    𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕗𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣'𝕤 𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞

  61. Anu Sharma

    #Valverde out

  62. Tanveer Ahmed

    Just came back from Barcelona!

  63. Hanna Catalina Rodriguez

    When he started singing in Spanish I almost died! My heart beat violently :)

  64. Muhammad Saim

    Barcelona the city of the goat Leo Messi

  65. Ahmed Mhd

    I am here after Griezmen tho t Ok video featuring this song
    Don't mind me

  66. babypink001

    Got this song on repeat since I went to Barcelona a few weeks ago.

  67. babypink001

    The way he speaks spanishhhhhhhh omggggg

  68. babypink001

    The way he says solamente omggggggggggg

  69. Bulis Cassandra

    The new despacito 😂😂

  70. Jonny martinez

    Forca Barca 🔵🔴

  71. gladys cooke

    Getting Justin Timberlake vibes in this songgg

  72. Dugieaaro706

    O. English Translation My Guys

  73. Disco Deaky

    Pensé que era un cover de la canción ''Barcelona'' de Freddie Mercury y Montserrat Caballé. Igual no está mal, here you go your like

  74. Polish issues

    🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱👍🏻😇 PL 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱👍🏻

  75. Vatan Kumar

    I love you ed.......

  76. gabi pita

    dude,I was just in barcelona with my cousins,and in their playlist on spotify, it started playing this music and I was like:"we are in barcelona :O"!

  77. N00N3 Gaming

    Barcelona is my dream city. And FC Barcelona my favorite club.

  78. Cristian Laurente Ramos

    Para cuando Lima - Perú ❤ :v

  79. Jeremy Walker

    Approved by Blackpink's Rose!

  80. Michael Lovatt

    Good song

  81. liam vu


  82. Fruzsina Kincse

    I love it.♥️ i hope you can come to Hungary next year as well.🥺

  83. frenesí salvaje

    Qué bello tributo a Barcelona... A Ed Sheeran hay que clonarlo ya!!!!!!!!!!

  84. bill nye the asian guy

    I forgot about this whole album. *cri cri*

  85. Ralph Yanto

    Me:i pick luis
    Ed sheeran:hey
    Me:lol srry

  86. Jose Ichante

    Vamos por los 300 Mil Likes 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  87. millie fairywish

    I love this song I fort it said buffalo but it said Barcelona

  88. Martin Murphy

    The intro kind of sounds like Leave (get out) by Jojo

  89. HS Fútbol

    Being a Barça fan, I'm feeling so proud that Ed mentioned my club in his song😂 ( I know it's about the Barcelona city )

  90. Dana Ghazaly

    Had shape of you on the radio

  91. TV죠

    *When this song ends, I was in Barcelona*

  92. Abraham Sacz

    Alguien dígale a Ed Sheeran que en Barcelona no dicen "mamacita rica" esto es común de América latina no de España.

  93. CORINA Perez

    Soy la única que piensa que en la intro parecen escucharse como gemidos
    Y no deja de escucharlo :v

  94. Aditya Morey

    me - drink kahan milegi ?
    Ed - barcelona

  95. oOo Kalko 12 oOo

    Fajna, wesoła piosenka 😊

  96. Gerard 4444

    2:26 Las Ramblas