Echo & The Bunnymen - The Fountain Lyrics

I slept by the mountain
Of rivers we crossed
I dreamt of the fountain
And the coin that we tossed

Now I'm just counting
The dreams that were lost
One coin in a fountain
Was all that it cost
Is that all it cost?

I followed the oceans
I swallowed the seas
I buried emotions
I couldn't set free

I took every potion
From A to me
And that was devotion
Was that really me?
Is that really me?

What a way to waste your wishes
Changing something for somehow
What I'd pay to taste your kisses
oh yeah
Here and now, here and now,
here and now, D'you hear me now

Will there be thunder?
Will lightning strike?
Will I kneel in wonder
In a tunnel of light?

Or will I go under?
And give up the fight
When they call my number
Called in the night
Call in the night

I cried the fountain dry
I climbed the mountains high
Hallelujah... hallelujah...

Hallelujah... hallelujah... hallelujah...
Hallelujah... hallelujah... hallelujah...

I got to you... hallelujah... hallelujah...
I got to you... hallelujah... hallelujah...

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Echo & The Bunnymen The Fountain Comments
  1. S P

    love this band

  2. Grace And Panic

    So Beautiful!

  3. Baby Irene

    On e of the best.

  4. tom connolly

    The Bunnymen will never walk alone !

  5. Victor Carrera

    buena canción!!

  6. Fabio Soares

    Vinho...sangue de boi.."não toque nele!"

    Patricia Lourenço Martins

    Kkkkkkk Don't touch me and I don't touch you kkkk

  7. Vitória Lemes

    Your playlist is awesome!!!

    Ryex 76

    +Vitória Lemes thank you, I hope I'll have more coming

  8. Steven Rutherford

    when u wanna make a change this album is the tits ( good for it, i mean) big up da bunnies!

  9. James Byron Dean

    Ian's voice sounds rough on this album, cigges & piss
    caught up with him.

  10. Marcel Aaron

    1 dislike, this song is awesome

  11. HelloHurricanex3

    Love them!!

    Robert Thompson


    Robert Thompson

    , The first placeHelloHurricanex3

    Robert Thompson

    Thompson 18764517183

  12. Wesley Neres

    muito boa essa musica ! lembrei do yuri ferrari

  13. noelreverberation

    fantastic song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!