Echo & The Bunnymen - Siberia Lyrics

Where were we
Fearless and only ever scared of me
Peerless and tearless

That was me
Cold as ice
On my knees
Every night
Snow white

Where were you
When all the doors were closing
You forced me to
Of all of us it's you who chose
It's you who chose

Not me
Cold as ice
On my knees
Snow white

Where were we
When I was fearless and only ever scared of me
Peerless and tearless

Where am I
Still trying to find the light
That burns the northern sky
A rarer borealis

Born to be
Made of lights
On my knees everynight
Snow bright

Yeh thats me
Cold as ice
On my knees
Snow white

Born to be
Made of lights
On my knees everynight
Snow bright

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Echo & The Bunnymen Siberia Comments
  1. Glen Dedrick

    Beautiful and Pure ! As we age the world seems to speed up. Stop, remember that we are here, embrace that feeling and let it be your essence ! Be free, be you, be whole.

  2. Ron van der Holt

    Bought all the earlies on cassette. Hearing this for the first and I'm so impressed with the band's longevity and high standards. Beautiful music!

  3. Mark Bruce

    26 arseholes don't like this??????? fuck right off

  4. granaud olivier

    powerful bass

  5. No-Conspiracy No-Jobs

    not bad

  6. Ramon Lincoln

    Gosto de todos cds, mas esse é especial ! Viva echo ! The best

  7. 20170712 112444

    There I am
    Must have been just five
    Five parts alive
    On Parthenon Drive
    Pencils and pen-knives
    On Parthenon Drive
    Years turned
    Into an eight
    And you made me wait
    At the garden gate
    And you were always late
    When I was eight
    Clocks hit twelve
    And dreams will fall
    Off my shelves
    And off my walls
    Turned into
    A twenty two
    And airplanes flew
    When I was twenty two
    And growing pains grew
    When I was twenty two
    Spinning round a thirty three
    Trying to find
    The worth in me
    Yeah trying to find
    Gave all the earth to be
    Clocks hit twelve
    And dreams will fall
    Off my shelves
    And off my walls
    Revolving round
    A forty five
    Glad to be alive
    Around a forty five
    Yeah glad to be alive
    Around a forty five
    Here I am
    The age of five
    Five parts alive
    On Parthenon Drive
    Glad to be alive
    From Parthenon Drive

  8. 20170712 112444

    One of my favourites.

  9. Sarah Turner

    Bunnymen hit home to Siberia. Beautiful destination,beautiful record. Thankyou.

  10. keith-lee castle

    Peter was an amazing drummer....Listen to ‘Do it Clean’ live...astonishing!

  11. federico molina

    love this álbum !!! love te bunnymen greate band my favorite banda in fact !!! stormy weather

  12. L3dtube

    i really like 45:45 im so glad they were here in the old tivoli :)

  13. Luciano Secundino


  14. jeff68br

    The band and the album are both pure gold.

  15. Steven Peat

    Another great cd from e.a.t.b, but the bullshit commercials are annoying as hell

  16. Weslley Quintela

    A segunda faixa do álbum faz meu coração disparar. Que tipo de mágica é essa?

  17. Weslley Quintela

    EATB is alive 🐰🐇🐰🐇

  18. wuter man


  19. Brian Wicks

    The End of following trends! This is the Bunnymen! Right about the drums and Bass A Viwer.

    Brian Wicks

    First time I've heard it. Just sounds right.

  20. News From The Other Side

    Feeling 'In The Margins'

  21. Mark Romero


    Can't believe it took me 12 years to discover this album. :(

  22. francesc solanas

    good job, but porcupine is the best for me

  23. Dispersal 7

    In peace he rests. The best drummer in the whole wide world.

  24. Dispersal 7

    Rest in peter

  25. Monkey Revolution

    How can someone write such beautiful songs one better than other , love this band for so long and never get enough

  26. Gerard Brown

    Parthenon Drive Norris Green Liverpool 11 DSS office and driving center

  27. anaranjadisimo

    the whole album its a masterpiece but man.. sideways eight its like bunnymen`s essence.

  28. sonico pulsatil

    uno de los mejores albumes de todos los tiempos


    una obra maestra. oscura y brillante.

  29. monsieur62

    The greatest band of all time with a real classic, what an album this is to anyone who knows anything at all about music.

  30. valdir magro

    fantástico como tudo que echo faz.

  31. Mazurka1001 this guy's voice whoever he might be....thank you!

    sonico pulsatil

    the best Without a doubt

    A Viewer

    His name is Ian McColloch.

    federico molina

    The guy who sings is IanMcCulloch he has solist music listen to candleland and misterio two great albums from McCulloch ?


    His voice is unequaled.

    Steve Toseland

    @federico molina They were but Slideling album was better. And I think would have been even better had it been a Bunnymen album.....regardless he does have a fantastic voice.

  32. A Viewer

    This album is the best because the bassist and drummer sound EXACTLY like Les and Pete. With their passing and exit from the band, I would have auditioned bassists and drummers  until I found two that played like the both of them. Here, we get to hear a rhythm section that SOUNDS LIKE the original line up. Love it.

    marco robertini

    use the word "ALMOST" more

    Michael Lara

    Solid,but you cannot replace Les and Pete. All Bunnymen in the original format where magical, bold stories told. Thankfully, both Ian and Will are still pushing themselves. What a wondrous tapestry of life, love, gain and loss they give us.

  33. Jose Teixeira

    maravilhosa obra prima.

  34. Petrus Rock

    one of the best albuns of my dimension!!! thank you.