Echo & The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar Lyrics

She floats like a swan
Grace on the water
Lips like sugar
Lips like sugar
Just when you think you've caught her
She glides across the water
She calls for you tonight
To share this moonlight

You'll flow down her river
She'll ask and you'll give her
Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses
Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses

She knows what she knows
I know what she's thinking
Sugar kisses
Sugar kisses
Just when you think she's yours
She's flown to other shores
To laugh at how you break
And melt into this lake

You'll flow down her river
But you'll never give her
Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses
Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses

She'll be my mirror
Reflect what I am
A loser and a winner
The King of Siam
And my Siamese twin
Alone on the river
Mirror kisses
Mirror kisses

Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses
Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses

Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses
Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses

Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses
Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses

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Echo & The Bunnymen Lips Like Sugar Comments
  1. Emiliano Agretti


  2. Charlie Horse

    Cool song, video sucks.

  3. John Martinito

    80's ᑎᗴᗯ ᗯᗩ✅ᗴ

  4. Marcelo Borges de Andrade

    Que bom poder recordar essa banda de grandes sucessos dos anos 80.

    Marcelo - Montes Claros - MG / BRASIL 🇧🇷

  5. shaun tvr

    Care free times

  6. Kelly Valentine

    Same i will always be younger than my years

  7. Richard Nessman

    I Love Sugar Kisses......

  8. mamad moein

    Sugar kisses are what you need to move on.

  9. sans fell

    Lembra dos meu 18 anos época muito boa Brasil

  10. Brett Rommel

    When I first heard this beautiful song back in the late 80's, I thought it was Bono . . . Thought it was a new U2 song. To this day, I see a slight similarity between Bono and Ian McCullough.

  11. Dusty Nathan

    Anyone else still listening in 2019?

  12. Michale Graves

    Boys don't look like this anymore :(

  13. Tonya Christensen

    god I miss the 80's! what a fun time to grow up with the music of that era

  14. Marie-Anne Le Clerc

    As much I love the great tech we have sadly I miss the quality of music ☹️this is quality and many other of this time

  15. Marie-Anne Le Clerc

    Gorgeous song, amazing band

  16. joe christenson

    Amazing how sounds and smells can transport one decades back

  17. nandofigueira2005

    master piece

  18. Michael Savin

    Instant happiness

  19. Michael Savin

    One the koolest songs ever

  20. Michael Savin

    Sicker than sick

  21. Bridgett Holman

    I still have the greatest hits CD imported from Germany!

  22. STEALTH 007

    Absolutely will never be another time period of SO MANY TALENTED MUSICIANS..unlike 2days Geeks..

  23. kev3d

    God's Favorite Decade.

  24. aaronconsultant

    Everyone hears someone say "80's" and they think Michael Jackson, Hall and Oates, the Police. But these guys deserve to be up there too.

  25. Johnny Ortiz

    I knew a woman who had lips like sugar below her hips, damn sweet tasting lips and she broke my heart 🙀😹😽

  26. Luis Albert Morales tatacoya

    The song Is amazing

  27. Mentor Whitwicky

    In case no one was around, cable television changed the world 🌎.

  28. D. Scott

    Reminds me of The Cure

  29. Marie-Anne Le Clerc

    Wonderfully innocent and blindly twisted with brilliant lyrics - just love it....😘

  30. Nathaniel Mead

    Best band on the planet, greatest voice in music.

  31. Billy isaac Velasquez zamora

    Like si sos de Honduras... nadie nunca jamás:(

  32. Joseph Guida

    You gotta be one hell of a singer/songwriting master to get away with being a man wearing lipstick (even in the 80’s) and there’s no question that this is a masterpiece!

  33. chris miller

    and as sweet as a do-nut doll

  34. chris miller

    sugar lips/candy eyes
    and a mansion made

    out of gingerbread

  35. Kawy Thowy

    Love this song. Great days.

  36. Chandler

    these guys were cool, really cool.

  37. C Faria

    The 80's....The best music..The best women and the best was good.

  38. kevin newsom

    I was about 21 when this song came out..So a total child of 70's and 80's music. This was a great song...BUT...the first time I heard It...All I heard was "Lips Like Chicken...Lips Like Chicken"! And it's still all I hear now....Okay...Now....I'll bet every time you hear it from now on, you're going to hear "Lips Like Chicken"! You're welcome!

    kevin newsom

    P.S. You can't unhear it now....can you?

  39. raywhittenjr


  40. John Burgess

    Close you're eyes and you are back in the day.

  41. Gregory Paine

    I still listen to 80 s. Great memories

  42. Jesse Padilla

    I don't play any of current rubbish in my car. Mainly 80s music. So much so my 8 &11 uear old daughters know and love all the songs. They often ask why is the music so bad now. Their teachers are amazed that they know the songs that they love too.

    Lee H

    Same, I took my 15 yo daughter to an 80's night and she knew and danced to all the songs with me

  43. Sarah Baugh

    The Opening Reminds me a bit of The Smiths How Soon is Now? Only With the opening of Liverpool....

  44. Mary Crawley

    Love this song, I remember hearing it in the best music era the 80’s!!!😎😍

  45. Claudio Junior

    😁 Ouvindo em 10 2019 👍

  46. Mary Petit

    The eighties music was the BEST!

  47. Loretta Bibby

    The 80s Were Unbelievably FUN! The 80s. was a Good time to grow up Influences. We're Pretty good too. XXX Ice- Maiden X

  48. Donald Alcorn

    Dude! That was nice 👍 Great tempo, nice vocals, badass baseline! 😎👍

  49. based nerd

    Good classic

  50. NordicPride970

    Back when MTV was Kurt Loder and amazing music on loop!


    INDOCHINE 2012

  52. nikolaos petridis

    Anyone who bought the album in 1987 the year it was released ?

  53. Lil Qui

    Pure, wild, expressive, exciting that's the best I can describe the 80's ! With my long black hair like Robert Smith and shaved on the side. Leather jacket, ripped jeans, black tee and combat boots! Ugh I miss the freedom of this time

  54. Jane Sweet

    The most beautiful music is from the 80's when heartfelt emotion, and every aspect of life was reflected in music, be it Goth, Pop. Electric, Metal, Ska, was a wonderful time to be a teenager where you wore your heart on your sleeve and reflected all your rebellion against the world in music and what you wore...Echo and the Bunnymen will always be apart of my soul...

  55. Johnny Rotten

    1600 jerkoffs

  56. Guillermo Ortega


  57. 5litreho

    There will never be music as good as this ever again !

  58. Ethereal Catholic

    120 Minutes

  59. Peter Maguire

    It was long island sorry

  60. Peter Maguire

    WLIR 92.7 FM in NYC broke the new Wave ground here

  61. brianz631

    They are channeling Ocasek with the hair

  62. paula dias

    k lindos e perfeita musica!!! gostari de os ver em portugal

  63. Sean Gavin

    1600 people don't know jack shit

  64. Miron Aranovich

    I was sure this is a modern song

  65. jandira herculano


  66. Marky E

    Simply elegant.

  67. SunSigns TV

    He must have been in love with a Gemini!

  68. George Lancaster

    Being a young man in the 80's, I've got an incredible soundtrack for my funeral...

  69. adminstrative user

    Cool leather jackets. Sharp looking dudes

  70. Hacer Ertaş

    Ceren Moray'ın storysinden geldim. (Boğonon do boldorom goldokço donloyom.)

  71. Solano Chiropractic

    I am 59, moved to Bay Area from Illinois via the southern route 1992. As I pulled onto Highway 1 in Malibu, this tape was played and the surf, sun and deep blue sky as I drove up the coast. Magical. This song always puts me there. Scared of the future but so happy to be here. Now I am 30 years on in the career and the 80's music still makes me punk out hard!

  72. valmrib

    Mother focku crazy

  73. Wonderful Wino

    No really I was young once.

    based nerd


  74. Marco Ardiles

    Lips sugar

  75. Sheila Dawg

    Came for the bass line..

  76. Boy Tambok

    New Wave are Blowing my Stereo!! I'm an 80's kid

  77. Llamas Pierangelo

    Long live 80's Alternative music. It's Awesome.

  78. dave griego

    Guy across the street was into Echo, R.E.M. U2, New Order, Smiths Etc.. Early, when no one was into these bands. Glad he hooked me up with Echo... College Radio lives on...

  79. JL Luna

    I wish I lived in the 80s and not the miserable 2010s. 😭

  80. Rishav Siddhanta

    The sound like the good U2.

  81. Under the Surface

    The 80's were no more ''magical'' than any other decade. I lived it in my prime and tho i had some great times and i was lucky .
    It's only people's youth that they remember as magical, as i often remember mine.

    Sea Slob

    true dat

  82. Buneary Business

    There is deeply emotional music in this song

  83. Greg Dahlen

    remember from kroq lol

  84. Kevin McNally

    I was fortunate enough 2 b a teenager in the 80s

  85. voodooh oh


  86. Peter Maguire

    Nice teeth who's her dentist ?

  87. Cuphead 77

    I'm home again 😊

  88. dave griego

    The Killing Moon has more than twice amount of views as the "Lip Like Sugar". WTH... Just saying....

  89. Rob Robi

    People's youth is the only thing magical about their 80's memories. Trust me kids - it wasn't anything special and i had a great time LoL!
    Everyone has fond memories of when they were young and beautiful

  90. joe k

    This Music is riding the wave backTHANK YOU

  91. thethirstymoose

    I just cant get out of the '80's....All of the music thats available...I always revert back to the 80's

  92. IamPreTjenE

    We were a way better decade! We didn’t have the sickness of today’s exclusively driven social media sickness of FAKE and lack of compassion and emotion and real love

  93. Jennifer C

    Ian has lips like sugar. 💋

  94. Richard Collier

    I love you to death but.

  95. Delores Pumphrey I miss this type of music.

  96. david aranda

    I miss music

  97. Alessandra Falcão

    Perfect music
    Música perfeita. ♡