Echo & The Bunnymen - Cut & Dried Lyrics

You've seen enough
You've been too much
You've gone too far

And when thine lie offends
Thee prop against the bar
You awkward stage
As you approach middle age
Hard to take
Hard to gauge

So goodbye cut and dry
Nice to have known you
But something went awry
And I've outgrown you

I slither awhile
Before I shed my skin
And laugh when you said
There was no such thing as sin
No, no there is no greater me
The lad inspired by total greed

'til it breaks
'til it bleeds

So goodbye cut and dry
Nice to have known you
But something went awry
And I've outgrown you

And all your confidence
Has gathered dust on shelves
And all those who lent an ear
Heard no good of themselves
No market here for sound advice
And those who seek must pay the price
Blood from stone
Blood of christ

So goodbye cut and dry
Nice to have known you
But something went awry
And I've outgrown you

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Echo & The Bunnymen Cut & Dried Comments
  1. Giorgi Khaburzania

    This song is very underrated

  2. Dennis Benzle

    a beutifull song

  3. Gordon Fitterer



    Saw these guys at the Stromness Hotel in Orkney, cracking night as well, made up for the disappointment of Ian Mculloch not being lead singer, Noel Burke was Still great, same but different .

  5. Flex Music

    Produced by Geoff Emerick... The Beatles' sound engineer!

  6. June Moris

    Usually when a band sounds like their favorite band they're far not as good. That's not the case here. Could've been a song from the next Smiths album that never came.

  7. Ultan Beare

    nice 1 do send me more tunes :)

  8. Kimberly Pilny

    This is a very late reply, but this was a whole genre of music. Try for starters: The Jesus & Mary Chain, James, The Church, & Mazzy Star. If you'd like more band suggestions, just reply to let me know. :-)

    Michael Greenwalt

    Love it all and yes i want more

  9. Kimberly Pilny

    I TOTALLY LOVE Echo with Noel & Reverberation - one of my fav. albums & fav. to see live at their concerts. I know it's 2 years later, but I adore your account name! :-)

  10. David Vega

    Wow, I also purchased Reverberation back in 1990. I truly thought this album was one of the best Eco put out. Again Noel has such a great voice.
    This album always puts me in a great mood.
    Good times....

  11. Ultan Beare

    nice one thanks for info just glad echo and the bunneymen happened super act deadly live 2

  12. hiddenfire65

    I'm not sure who else really sounds like the Bunnymen. But one band that influenced them is The Fall circa "Live at the Witch Trials". And another is Television circa "Marquee Moon".

  13. hiddenfire65

    Pretty great song. I assume this is a swipe at McCullough.

  14. Ultan Beare

    this is very new to me and witnessed echo and the bunneymen late 80s and met them can anybody tell me more very intresting sounds deadly like the sound

  15. BobbyChariot

    Will & Les & friends laying down a timeless transplendent groove 22 years ago... Please stand and raise your cup of tea.

    RIP Jake B.

  16. 42 Belvedere

    Another excellent Bunnymen album, even without Ian. This is a DEEEEP album; so well written, such poignant lyrics.

  17. Jules RedjMusic

    I agree with everyone...thanks for posting this

  18. Beemerkid16

    Saw them in the early 90"s at Houstons old Bavarian Gardens-they were awesome. My wife and friends thought I was crazy out there dancing by myself. I love this CD-still listen to it and wanna dance. I'm almost 51 years old.........

  19. noelreverberation

    i love this album one of my favourites!!!(look the name of my accaunt)

  20. J boogie

    please post the rest of this album, forgot about this gem.

  21. quinacridone moon

    thanks for the good quality sound! all i have is an old cassette tape of reverberation

  22. Rhondish

    JoMenz - I love you! I have been looking for this song for such a long time. A friend recorded a mixed cassette for me back in the 90's and this song has never left my favorites list. You have no idea how you have just made may dau. Thank-you!

  23. Jaialai55

    Super! Thank you JoMen! Dave