Eazy-E - Wut Would You Do Lyrics

Inside the minds of real g's
Death row is looked upon as the studio gangsters of the 90's
A joke hahahaha in a game called 5 minutes of fame you wasted
4 minutes now you got seconds left kick it

Come one come all and let me ride nigga
Eazy-e cpt how the hell you figure
To be the best on the west hu you?
Fool locked down this is east side nigga
South comton and I put it on the map
So when a dog pound crip you wanna scrap
And that coming straight from the ruthless gangster Eazy-e
Now what would I do ha ha let's see
Now I would take on sugars locked down the row
Since Dre is a bitch pimp slap the hoe
Now I'm seeing doubles man two dogs in a huddle
Aa god dame now diggidi daze I biggidi blast
On right one and smoke that ass
Now corrupt don't even set trip
Yelling long beach 60 blood and puppy pound
Crip really doe got my nuts on your chin
Well I'm all in your philly hoe
So come with it fool and test your luck and
I'll beat that ass now call me corrupt
Now I'm creeping through the fog you
Big dogg blue got my nine milla killa
Hunting a dogg named snoop
You can run nigga but you can't hide
Eazy-e straight creeping on the east side 7
Ten-long beach south caught snoop free basin
In a rock house I kicks in the door
I said it before I never let no busta test me no more
Bang murder was the case that they gave me
Murder was the case that they gave me

I'll smoke all you fools even you boo boo and your baby
Murder was the case that they gave me watch out buddie boy
Watch your back
Yeah what would you do?
What would you do if we rolled on you?
(so don't even think about stepping in the god damn house)
What would you do what would you do if we rolled on you?
What would you do what would you do if we rolled on you?
What would you do what would you do dirty red?

I comes on the snake hitting niggas low
With the cavey ass flow as I creep through the street
Peeping niggas from death row bet you wanna know
Which one make the best hoe so
Let me break it down as I'm lost in the mist
And take word of advice and don't come fucking with this
Ain't a joke niggas choke from the smoke that I blaze
Purple haze you be dazed in a stun
I'll put you on your back nigga what
I am the guess in a doggy dogg world
Never run with muss only nuts in their click
And dick in your mouth
The year is 95 and I'm running the house
Now tell what can you do nigga what can you do?
Nigga what could you do if me and a few of my homies came through?
Dumping real on you trick made bitch-made niggas
What could you do what could you do if we rolled on you?

you so don't even think about stepping in the god damn house
Dr. Dre straight busta never broke a law in his life
Besides beating up Ricky Harris's wife
Ha ha snoop dogg from a high top fade to sporting braids
Now he's laid fame no fortune and getting played not payed
Treated like a prostitute and we all know who's doing the pimping that's don't
Be a follower be a leader and stay off the next man's nuts
Corrupt the king ping stick with the 60's
Cause you don't need those other hoes 'cause they're
About to go up in you but only you let um
Death row really doe
Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bang ahhhh

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Eazy-E Wut Would You Do Comments
  1. Idiotic Tirades

    Tha slap. A real vs. Faux. Dirty Red wrecks shop.

  2. Gangsta Macc

    It was Comedian Chris Rock answering the door to getting shot and killed in the Outro Skit lol

  3. Graham conquer GHC

    EasyE the realest g in the west side R.I.P


    turning 40 this year and still be like " DAMN" Eazy just blasted Snoop on this track hahahaha we all forget Snoop is a stoner that snuck by playing gangster and Eazy was like NOPE! Funny I wonder if Snoop ever gets a sick feeling in his stomach when ever Eazy gets brought up cause he knows he faked it all the way up

  5. Sam The_Undying

    690 i have achieved nice

  6. Mr. G 717

    Ruthless won this beef💯 no contest. Real shit


    Well atleast he didn't diss Pac except for saying baaabbbyyy

  8. Fernando Rivas

    Keep attention who you fucking with

  9. Alex Trujillo

    2020 & Still Banging!

  10. Lil Shadow


    Gangsta Macc

    Lil Shadow Eastside South Compton (Home of Compton Crips Street Gangs)

    Lil Shadow

    Oh Its cause he was kicking it with ES13

  11. Johnathan Lapadula

    This song Is straight diabolical... love it

  12. STR8 JAKET

    This is real rap, FUK tha shit we got now,RIP EAZY

  13. Aztec King

    Sniffin snuffy for upliftin cuddy spliffin buddy if then love me 1 before hate reward mate thee floor scape of thee lords fate 2 deformed face fuck you bust true up two thun you punk foo 3 i am mr brown pride gang like my jam might open every eye cram 4 into western pscology lets burn fye pottery vets turn to hypothisy all jets burned thats clonnin vee 5 to the iy dounle enes why more mexico colorfuls then thy yousa lie stupid try tryna fock with goozmin guy 6 truest fly yousez shy i the hoodyest cause only wantin hynas pussyest to me theyz like oh my hoodyness 7 live for goodyest movie scripts to see vince truly pimps yousy vish accordin to all of my cuties chicks groupie list 8 from all captivities to them loony bins so who be thiszzzzz

  14. Zak Harris

    I wish i go back time just see suge knight and dre and snoop face when heard this track all see sug knight grab his gun and look piss off lol

  15. JustJay 0312

    This beat hits harder than my dads belt

  16. violetasprinkathryn

    Commas comin fuck yo nirvanna. Nasty nasty ass bitches

  17. FUCK YOU

    Eazy shitted on Deathrow.. idc how many people say he didn't write his own lyrics cause frankly idgaf he is still the hardest rapper to thiss day to ever touch a microphone.

    Andrew Alfaro


  18. Paul wid it

    This shit still hits hard in 2020 when I heard this for the first time I thought this was a mortal kombat beat at first

  19. Biko The Animator

    How do kids listen to today's trash fake rap? I wish Bangin' on Wax was more recognized and had a movie. Better than N.W.A. and more true gangsters.

  20. Minter Oxendine


  21. Nexus32

    Ryder Nigga

  22. Omoomo İsmoismo

    The scariest, darkest and most RUTHLESS diss track in rap history

  23. Ger Quinlivan

    What’s the song at the very end in the skit?

  24. Tauras J

    Rap Godfather if you listinen this your style its good bro

  25. Jusus Alcantar

    Me gusta como canta

  26. Erica The WWF WCW DIVA Straight-Webb 1985 3.0

    This song is fucking Badass


    Elm street freddy and eazy str8 ruthless

  28. Ant Dogg

    Eazy killed Deathrow with this track

  29. meepoman

    Fuck wit the production, love NWA but the production was a little to funky, very upbeat. For anyone who likes oldschool check out east flatbrush project

  30. Make Man ツ

    Amazing diss <3

  31. Ice Cold

    2020 in full effect BayyyBeeee!

  32. Johnny Angel

    i almost got blasted bumpin this Track in the wrong hood

  33. Chris J Productionz

    I wished Pac signed to Death Row earlier cause I wanted to see Eazy, and Pac go at it on records

  34. John Rogers

    Purple what my haze to my own head I'll blaze with you

  35. Matthew Estrada

    Straight E

  36. WWERULEZ1000

    Lol Eazy's shooting Dre at 5:21. Dre had that high pitch totally non-gangster voice back when he was in the World Class Wrecking Crew

  37. Artudo Valdez

    RIP: Eric. Much love homie.

  38. xvricardo valencia

    shit that would never die

  39. Tauras J

    Eazy e king of rap? like if yes!!!

  40. Versace stoner Wrestling

    Still one of the greatest diss tracks ever

  41. Piotrr Piechowiakk

    it's so fuc kin harddddddd

  42. Ade Aderall

    S T U D I O G A N G S T A S

  43. Queen Queen Queen Queen

    Big Red Keep it Fed Devil Lane Heads...

  44. Andrew Callaway

    I love these old west coast songs when the beef was going on....so classic...🙉young people today have no clue how rap used to be....🙄

  45. Street BASS Asian む music BASS BOOST & Remix

    Zombie Song Remenber

  46. Brandon Miller

    Does anyone know the song at the end at the party?

  47. Billy Kuzmanovski

    Eazy had deathrow shook believe that

  48. Chris Romero

    Straight G..................

  49. P M


  50. Aztec King

    Go for the gusto ese always into trouble im know to not stumble and tackle three or four with max struggle 1 as if in a huddle i gotta double ells for hell realms to endure the fumble 2 girly doll we can cuddle to also snuggle cause you i only lovel always make ya drip a puddle 3 when i shave my scruffle lookin clean cut fuckle as i thee ultimate aztec king most unique mug bubble 4 ese dark green nut shuttle thee east cuts hustle sees much trouble but the creeds plus juggle 5 if you see us huddle for cant sees yuhz muggle cholos geed up shuffle i thee most dreamed of nuttle 6 hellay beast loves muchle as i reup double always clean cut scruffle cause i bees loved muchle 7 by these huns bubble with dees of double oh yeah please huns wuntle us into deep love ussle 8


    He just destroyed the hole Death Row with just 1 song

  52. Aztec King

    Inside the minds of all kinds theyz want gang talk with mi accento full of five spice 1 ill make no lies dice i rally always hit sev elev back to back even with jailhouse dragon snap i steps too em.eyyy.ex 2 impress all themz with the right apparel orange county got love knock tuff loves at first sight a scarecrow 3 of human beings str8 ot rulen kings when wez pullin schemes always in smoothest greens 4 make my eyes shine cartoon character like no ametuar type juxz an ultimate calibur mind 5 the navy jogger the crazy baldster most mexyous toast heavyest still lookin for a lady broadster 6 to be my babies momster ill be the big man tryna save yee conquer sitchuus quicksand 7 much love if a sick fan of my slow medium or quick jam all you can exam or anylize thee platinumized indio tatted eyes 8 full of mexico flaggin pride to la clover original city of east los angles eastside 8

  53. Clos Ag

    One of the hardest, most underated diss raps EVER!!! Even tho I like The Dogg Pound he still KILLED KURUPT!!!

  54. Mike Rossi

    Dogg pound song got embaressed

  55. Mike Rossi


  56. jacob whorley

    Killed snoop

  57. Rachael Day

    Look at the numbers on the chart he's genius

  58. Rachael Day

    Eazy E fucking genius talking bout Snoop free basing but he alright bc cause he wasn't close to influences of E or a lyrical genius and leader of all rap forever!

  59. Angel Saucedo

    Still playing this masterpiece 2019 🌴🍃

  60. Tyler Lewis

    R.I.P Erik Lynn Wright Aka Eazy-E The God Father Of Gangsta Rap

  61. H. M.

    Wow, Eazy-e must have had some inside info about deathrow. This song is almost predicting their demise.


    The historians in the comment section 🙉🙈🙊

  63. Luis Zapien



    Eazy E > A$AP Rocky


    Dirty Red>Trippie Redd


  66. Brian Romo

    🌟EAZY🌟 🌟E🌟
    🌟LENGEND OF GANGSTER RAP🌟.!!! Real ····🎆··🔥🔫😝🔪Gangster

  67. Brandon the rock star. Purple Productions

    I'm the coolest Italian Dago in my Hood

  68. Carlos Cisneros

    It's funny Death Row went down in three easy steps:
    1. Dre leaving.

    2. Tupac's death.

    3. Snoop Dogg departing.

    Sam Gaudino

    Dre and snoop left because of suge knight..

  69. Lawyer Henderson tv

    Inside the mines of real g's, deathrow has been known as the studio gangsters of the 90s

  70. Jason Grilled

    Now this is rap

  71. Jonathan Solano

    Eazy e straight creeping through the eastside💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥

  72. Aztec King

    Every extra clip on my hip trip as i spit quick as a hit pimp me a trick 1 if yous a mick pelon mexster wants you to join esc to thee 213 big time soldier from all blocks too 2 known to bomb boo into pinner primos for my varrio leave fine ass broad new cause know i thee chosen one of original city of east los 3 i did my research i drew a war map as on gold rims wez ski skirt more then juxz your mac 4 withys gang of hickies after theyz try to clippys thee lil vinnys eastest siden in thee innee citys 5 always by downtown eastside bound i be found unless i on pee line bee boards bombin crown sound 6 cause the radio station been mexican haten so i flow high against some vato dee tee gangin 7 nitro to dayin havin a gang of talents as always never prayin no wonder into total darkness with no pain id vanish 8

  73. Rebecca Rincon

    O.g. Shit

  74. MrCurtwood

    Don't even think about, stepping out your gotdamn house!

  75. G G

    All time top 5 diss track! I remember having to get somebody that was 18 to buy me this tape!! Easy was gonna be runnin shit & that's why they killed em....

  76. Royal Tea789

    crip ecc shout to 360 crip n criplled my g nigga neva slakn fool soo whats CraCn g yea im still listening born 80s shout out to the Real bloods only we OG out dis mutha fucka

  77. Tyler Smith

    Ruthless destroyed deathrow with the Gshit. They had to kill him

  78. Tupac Shakur

    Eazy was right Snoop is a bitch.He is a snitch and nobody calls him out for it Reggie Wright has paperwork proof Snoop ran to the police for help and got popped with weed him and Daz.Oh and Bone was about to ride on Death Row but I think Eazy stopped them I forget what happened like for real with assault rifles and shit,Death Row had police tho so people knew it was dangerous you could get evidence planted on you killed or sent to prison for false crimes.

  79. Eduardo Flores

    Fuck dre and death row dre is a little coward .

  80. Jeremy Taylor

    Who ever tried to write the lyrics surely isn't black and I bet English isn't their first language. This is OUR music don't come fucking with this

  81. Zahir Bivings

    Eazy e was fucking Death row up

  82. Sean Cochran

    Dude was always creepin all of his beats man

  83. Shad 23

    Eazy only stood 5'3 but he was just as dangerous as Suge Knight 😎

  84. Tolga San

    Does somebody Now the Name of the Song at 5:19

  85. FN Anderson

    This flow is WILD. Gawtdammmmm.
    And btw i just farted

  86. steven coots

    Eazy 7
    Death Row 0

  87. Francisco Javier Tovar Ochoa

    I`M shout parck

  88. alienrain astronaut

    this shits too hard !

  89. Dante Williams

    Was that Chris rock that e shot at the door

    Gangsta Macc

    Dante Williams Yes lol

  90. Ed Delrio


  91. Jeff Carroll

    He did everything but use a condom during sex.

    Jeff Carroll

    @Дима he died from a sexually transmitted disease which could have been prevented if he used condoms


    @Jeff Carroll nah man, you're wrong, he was injected with something, his illness was spotted near his death

    Jeff Carroll

    @Дима I didn't know they had rapper conspiracy nut cases in Russia


    @Jeff Carroll i've watched interviews on VladTV, suggest you to do this too rather than yelling in comment like you know everything

    Jeff Carroll

    @Дима you naive fool. He died form H.I.V.

  92. MrCurtwood

    This and "creep and crawl" are his two hardest.

    David 10

    I don't know when I hearing his voice I kinda I most know everything about him
    I like all of he's songs
    He is number one for me

  93. 2Sick J

    Wish rap was like this in 2019 !! Rap now is garbage 🗑


    Cali805 805 True, it's a turd now.

    Matthew Estrada

    Same with all music, the EZ the Slayers the street music is gone rock rap it's all pop now so fucking sad

  94. vic trujillo

    Compton's Don "Eazy Mothafucking E".

  95. AbG9619

    Snoop shit his pants at this.

  96. Eric Bugg

    Best Diss song cause he said 1st i would take out Suge then stomp down the row when niggaz feared suge bitch azz

  97. Glenn Hertel

    Was wondering what happened to making the Belmont into Low Income Homeless Housing/Shelter. We all know especially when you have a wife, kids a room with a shower ect. is a Paradise and the Jobs here/Everywhere are Gone. Low income around 600 a month to help pay for what People with nothing need. I even did a room count when I was there, my brain is shot so I don't remember what the front was, Every town has a Hotel like that. 65 a nite and well you know how did that happen, obviously someone was stalking me.

  98. Glenn Hertel

    Knew something was wrong loosing People Military Ect. Attack Military DIE.

  99. Cisco Palace Pirelli

    This shit is Dope!!!