Eazy-E - Still Cruisin' Lyrics

[Eazy E]

[Eazy E]
1 2 3 and to the 4
Eazy mutherfuckin E with the crome to ya dome
Cruising in my 64 ragtop
I got alotta juice alotta fuckin block
Now when i hit that switch im bouncin
More bounce to the ounce and im clownin
Keep the gat in my lap
Cuz im fully strapped
For the carjackas ,but no haps cuz i pack the tech 9'

1 2 3 and to the 4
Eazy mutherfuckin E with the crome to ya dome
Cruisin in my 64 ragtop
I got alotta juice alotta fuckin block
Now when i hit that switch im bouncin
More bounce to the ounce and im clownin
Keep the gat in my lap
Cuz im fully strapped
For the carjackas ,but no haps
Cuz i pack the tech 9' plus an ak47
Send a one way ticket to my hell or maybe heaven
Peep nigga i dont sleep
Bury mutherfuckers in the concrete
You try to creep kinda slow in the astro
But i peep you niggaz out in my left window
So i blast and i blast 'til i blast no more
Yo they call a mutherfucker john doe

[chorus 3x]
Old nigga E still cruisin
Cruisin down the street in my 64

1, 2, 3 and to the 4
Pumps in the trunk of that cherry red '64
Im riding with the ghost of Eazy hoppin the leany
He watching for demons
Nigga if you try me then im cocking the nina
Begging lucifer to gimmie a reason
To have a hundred thou. cash brought down to the precinct
Ima make bail money, this rap shit is a monopoly
And i got property, thats get out of jail money
Nigga i came from poverty
Shoot-outs, gang-banging, and robberies
Car-jacking, snatching Mata's impalas
Do that with or without the ... going inside of me
Hop out the ride and empty the 45 into his body
Im not to be fucked with
Whether im straight out of Compton
Or straight out of Cashville on that Young Buck shit
Terrorizing Whoo Kid 24/7
'til 1 of you niggas put me with Eazy in heaven.

[chorus 3x]
Old nigga E still cruisin
Cruisin down the street in my 64

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Eazy-E Still Cruisin' Comments
  1. Mr. G 717

    2020 ayyy😎🔥🔥🔥💯

  2. Jackie B

    Like my comment if you are listening in 2020!

  3. Brandon Santos

    Eazy E vive em nossos vidas loucas

  4. Fawkes.


  5. Nadda

    Anyone know where I can purchase this for iphone

  6. Cat Moore

    #2020. #eric

  7. eshay disdat

    2019 or what

  8. Javier Campos

    Lucifer!!!!!!!!! Look I did this I lit the earth dark side!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kyle Kriticos

    This nigga easy e should still be Cruisin with hiv

  10. Mark Gonzales

    Is this song on iTunes or nah

  11. Money Mitch


  12. David , memfox956 Lee

    Bumpin get boys.. hard stuff right genius what was made hear.. .

  13. David Ruiz

    Ole n**** E still cruisin. You muthaphukin right.

  14. J Breezy

    This shit got me thru math class in 07

  15. Edward Dickhead

    Mad song

  16. Sammy Sosa

    My track forever 💯🔥🔥🔥

  17. luis gonzalez


  18. DGR 17

    2019 still rockin!

  19. big-bro-LITTLE-BRO

    So gangster this tune easy e was ahead of his time

  20. renee st.gelais

    Anyone here from parappa goes hard af?

  21. Aaron Murillo

    Creep nigga I don’t sleep so hard

  22. Lux

    Hi Parappa

  23. starstruckt


  24. XxUniLizzyxX XxUniLizzyxX

    whoo kid was spot on with his intro tho: "nahh stop!! DAMN!!!!"

  25. Lazarbeam

    Rap god!🤙🏽😉

  26. shane gloetzel

    Parappa goes hard here.

  27. Deevon Dudley

    Like we always do about this time

  28. john toucan

    Parappa goes hard af

  29. Rip Lele


  30. CUJO

    Don't wanna hear it again. Good song but the DJ won't shut the fuck up. Ruined it.

  31. ok boomer

    I came for Paprappa not this shit

  32. Hey, isn't that Devon Graham?

    Fuckin jam

  33. Anthoni Haupt

    This Shit dope Ass fuvk 🔥🔥

  34. Motivate

    I mean it is fire even tho it ,is not even a real song

  35. R D

    Is this beat original?


    rip brutha

  37. carmen Rodriguize

    I always said I wanted to drive my first car to this ..... dang!

  38. Dawg Bruiser

    classic remix

  39. randy marsh

    the guy screaming bullshit ruined the song

  40. Luke Miller

    i like eazy e yes he would

  41. Izaiah Berbano

    I've known eazy e ever since I was 5 yrs old because my mom bumped his songs in our 1994 Chevy Tahoe

  42. MrCraig1308

    This song is one of my faves 👊👌

  43. Eddy V

    Hell yeah 💯

  44. Jordyn Hamilton

    Still listening to this in 2018

  45. CHRIS MøŔeTøn

    That bass

  46. Juju Manhattan

    R.I.h eazy

  47. Ellis Antoniou

    “Eazy motherfuckin E with the chrome to your dome”

  48. Giuseppe Verolleno

    Original song?

  49. Frank Axel Marchan Macias

    the game fuck amo and eazy e muthafucka E

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    WestCoast hiphop is legendary

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    How did I ever forget about this

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    Angels are never die ...

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    Ey Yo Eazy :D yo

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    This shit is hard

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    Great mix

  56. J FCortes

    This is so clean the first time I heard it it almost sounded legit easy made that verse for game

  57. UFC Armchair Cornerman

    Remember bumpin this when I first got my car in HS

  58. Rakim362

    If Eazy-E was alive today he would be probably using Gmail

    Louiz V.

    Ha ha so funny😂😂


    E mail lol

    Graham Smith

    He'd be the face of Gmail for advertising purposes like a real Mutha Fuggin' G 💵🔫

    Manny Sanchez

    Now I get it..

  59. Issues YT

    MISS U EASY!!!

  60. Chelse Helps

    Old nigga E still cruisin

  61. Fuck You

    parappa goes hard af

  62. ayy mlyaa

    that sounds just awful damn dont do that man

  63. Philly Sports!

    I used to bump this shit all day growing up

  64. daniel gallegos

    whats original song

  65. Leonardo Lucio

    i remember playing this in my 95 civic in the last day of high school in 2005

  66. Lourenzo Mccleary

    blood life .

  67. Mr Blowhole

    what song is game's verse from

  68. Josh Selvig

    DJ Whoo-Kidd, just Shut the Fuck up and let us hear the damn song. ):(

  69. PyRo Twinky

    Easy y is fucking good but ice cube too (N.W.A)*

  70. PyRo Twinky

    Easy y ils fucking good but ici cube Togo (N.W.A)😝🍁😎

  71. Glenn Florence

    RIP Easy !! Bitches

  72. TZ Boyz

    still crusin

  73. TZ Boyz

    still crusin

  74. Wtfgamepad

    Cali untouchable DJ ran the west coast in the 00's baby. DJ Warrior, DJ Strong killing it!!

  75. Dj Kutt’n Cee

    Their never be another "E" Long Live Tha GOD of Gangsta Hip-Hop!

    Voltage HD

    Dj Kutt’n Cee ^

  76. George Frousalias


  77. pasang tmg

    holla if youre listening in 2016

  78. Lucas Bostrom

    we used to bootleg this shit

  79. Rosco Ray

    This shyt go so fucking hard... still

  80. David Jackson

    Rip eazy e wicked beats bro

  81. Rari Reece

    I get chills listening to this beat knowing that that's Easy E playing the piano. Dude loved that piano. RIP.


    Its 6 notes dude. Get over it


    @pollutedcrimson so? It's an hiphop beat not chopin. It is a good beat.

  82. cripplenips spyman

    That skrrrrrrt


    I got the chills listing too this lol

  84. Akj Styler

    legend of The Musik history

  85. Edge is Edict

    Eazy E is a true legend

  86. Rumpatump Boobadoop

    he was reaalllyy proud of his car


    Rumpatump Boobadoop he didn't write this song though. You haven't seen the movie yet

    Rumpatump Boobadoop

    CashAddictsTV its joke!


    it was writing bout him thoe

    Rehan Abid

    CashAddictsTV cant believe people believe that joke of a movie!

  87. Mareva Xander

    Memory's, I remember listening to this sht when I was younger haha

  88. J Keeper

    Eazy would of been eazily the best entertainer of al time if he had this shit back in tha 90s imagine tha kind of shit he woulda had in our day he woulda been straight rippin

    chode appleseed

    J Keeper what about pac also

  89. Meme Jesus

    ohhhh the chills

  90. Peachpit

    Right here is a fucking legend R.I.P Eazy

    Edge is Edict

    i so agree with you

    chode appleseed

    The Bear Voice haha I see that you have changed your profile picture hahahahahahaha

    Edge is Edict

    yep its swag

    Edge is Edict

    My profile is cruising down the street in his 64

  91. Kimarley Ferguson

    classic track

  92. aditya aute


  93. dont ask

    I listened to this song in my jeep, it turned into an Cadillac Escalade by the time the song was over.

    Lorenzo Goode

    I let my dog here this now he's a werewolf