Eazy-E - Eazy-Er Said Than Dunn Lyrics

Yo man I don't think they heard you
Why don't you tell 'em what ya name is

My name is Eazy yeah this is true
Keepin' your attention is what I'm gonna do
Hardcore yo I could never be soft
Askin' me my defin' they say the boy goes off
Fillin' up my memo with the touch of my rhyme
Suckaz stayin' with me cause they know the time
Quiet on the set because I'm about to begin
And if you didn't hear me boy I'll tell you again
My name is Eazy or just call me E
But It doesn't really matter to me
Cause I'm the same person
Whether serious or rehearsin'
I just gotta keep cursin'
This is for the radio so I better chill
They won't play it if I co get ill
But I'm like that and thats an actually fact
Because the street is where my heart is at
Yo I don't do dope but I'm dope not a dope
But I'm doper than anybody who tries to cope
If the rhyme I'm displayin'
And the beat that's playin'
Yo you could try all day
And you still won't match up with the Ruthless P.O.W
Cause Eazy's doin it Compton style
Thats the city and you say you could get some
Yo it's Eazy-er Said Than Dunn


Now it's easy for me to get my point across
So listen up close if ya don't ya might get lost
I'm not a role model or a Dr. Seuss yo I'm a gangsta
And I'm about to get stupid
I guess its time for the trama
With the E-A-Z-Y-E comma now that's drama
So pay attention by the way I must mention
I'm comin' off hard in the third dimension
With the glare
But you don't need no glasses to stare
It'll probably take you in and it's just like your there
With the E on the gangsta tip
So if you think I'm a flip or slip don't even trip
Cause I'm a destroyer
My homie Dre is a doctor not a lawyer
Dope mc employer on Ruthless and thats my label
To get the money, the women, and co bust the fat cable's
Boy, master rhymers of toys
I mean str8 while ya suckin' with the girls enjoy
You must be sick or ya lonely
How ya gonna diss me if ya don't even know me
(Eazy - E: Yo Ren)
(M.C. Ren: What sup)
Get the gat show 'em where it's at
And that's just the sound
And next time I'm peelin ya cap
To let ya know where I'm comin' from
Eazy said it and it shall Be Dunn


Creating dope jams is a part of the cycle
Eazy-er said than Dunn yeah thats the title
Rubbin' the lady's only the fly ones ya know
(M.C. Ren: but what if she's ugly)
Eazy come Eazy go
Don't ask to battle me home boy what's that
You wanna battle me boy ya better be strapped
Cause where I'm from it ain't all about that playin'
[gun shots]
Now that's what I'm sayin'
Said before that I was born in '73
Now everybody want's to know the A-G-E
Girls on the tip fellaz too it seemed
Had everybody thinkin' I was only 15
The fellaz would annoy me
The ladyz would adore me
And what was I to do
I wishin' nothin' but to let the lady's through
Cause the ladyz I luv 'em
Nice and then soft
I hate male groupies so just step the hell off
I'm the real Eazy cause others be fakin'
Tryin' to game fame off the name I'm makin'
Sayin' on your records you could get some
Yo home boy its Eazy-er Said Than Dunn


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  1. Dislike? You mean Dis I Like

    What y'all know bout this shit???

  2. Nirav Gohil

    Fact : Most Eazy-E Songs lyrics written By Ice Cube And The D.O.C
    But This Song is written by Dr. Dre

  3. Gene Paul

    West Coast classics

  4. A very handsome Chilean

    I wanna rap like Eazy e but I end up rappin' like OG loc

  5. volare

    Groove street 4 life !

  6. Prophecy Jackson

    2020 still DOPE

  7. benny aruba

    Whoever dislike can eat a dick!

  8. kuku47


  9. First Noval

    2020 Still Bumpin On My car

  10. kristaps

    3:02 hard as fuck

  11. John Henry

    Man imagine if Cube never went solo that would be tuff cause sometimes I feel like he was so contained in this group

  12. Mr. R Tramble

    Eazy was so fly when he actually pulled off his car left colorful burnt rubber that spelled his name.

  13. John Travolta

    Kevin Hart take notes.

  14. malcorub

    What's up with that Aerostar Minivan in the end?

  15. Stickworks Inc

    I had a flashback of GTA San Andreas damn I miss those days

  16. Andres Perez

    The train cj the train

  17. chris1pdx


  18. Argentino Gamer

    1:37 Hello .


    Does any one got the computer skills to edit out Run(DMC) and copy and paste. BIG Eazy-E's likeness over that CLASSIC Krush Groove scene:
    Eazy-e would be like:
    "We HAD,
    some DOPE Niggas and Bitches, performing here Tonight.
    But I just want to everbody know


    Eazy-E: THIS IS

  20. AGR

    Can't find this video anywhere else.

  21. Victor Ervin

    LA fuh ya

  22. Raven Brine


  23. Charles Torrez

    Truth be told easy my favorite rapper. I remember my cousin first showed me boyz n the hood on his RCA mp3 player . My mind was blown. I couldn't stop playing that track. So my older brother Georgie boy(Rip) hooked me up with the Straight outta Compton and Eternal E CD's . I was the only motherfucker slapping that shit on my CD player . I was one step ahead of my class they couldn't understand. Btw im the same height as eazy. So he helped me believe it don't matter how tall you are it's all about game. RIP EAZY RIP GEORGIE BOY.

  24. Iori Yagami

    Los Santos...

  25. Eleftherios Pilitsidis

    Or call me E doesn’t matter to me

  26. Tony D

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    2019 anyone with me ? :)

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    The editing is good for a 1988

  31. Carolmel ATL Productions


  32. Anthony Paz

    Eazy was a business man with bread! Also signed local artists some that didnt go big and some that did in their on way! He gave opportunity! Such as Bone Thugs N Harmony too! So Eazy did what he did rapped and made millions!! Straght Eternal Legend! RIP E

  33. Anthony Paz

    My Muthafuccin Jam! That boy E!!!!

  34. Tachanka

    now that I see E's height I know why they call Ryder small in GTA Sa

  35. Samuel Carvajal

    My name is eazy or just call me E

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    How many times moves his hand *E* 🤪


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    This is my favorite record by Eazy E

  38. A Guitar

    Fucking nostalgia man ;)

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    Gangster Eazy E west coast pioneer NWA

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    one of Eazy's most lyrical songs! shit is dope!

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    I ain’t heard dis since I was a kid

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    This album and the nwa album came out within five weeks of one another, locked it down for 88

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    Now that’s what im saying

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    I remember like 2 years ago, playing gta sa. Riding in a car around San Andreas bopping my head to this.

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    "Eazy come eazy go"

    - Eesee e 1992

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    im white and i watch this

  48. Cristian Borges

    Muito bom ! Verdadeiro rap , nunca mais ouviremos rap assim, hoje só tem merdas.

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    its just for me or Eazy used Dre,Cube and Ren for Lyrics?

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    3:40 😂🤣 young ice

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    El 3er mejor diss track de Eazy-E

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    O cara e tão burro morreu de aid hiv viu na época estava pegando

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    Totally goosebumps

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    lol Is that Kreayshawn @ 1:19 ? 🤔

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    The 2nd hardest delivery of prewritten rhymes behind Drake. No cap.

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    on this version, i say, the "ladies"; SoughFf". gesture, of "aeni`. weak, Lezbo" type. Done visual, around , 1988 or 1989. The Skin tone, is 'fake'. No one would have that. if your eye is compromise, and too, if, present, time 2019. now maybe. because of other factors. All Cominities, were inform'd. its new kids on the block, "please dont go girl" singer. . "every rose has its thorn"; also. -ant. aeni` marcinaou.


    Good old days when I was crusin down the street in a savanna with a grove street og in Ganton I miss these days

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  63. Isabel Cabral

    Eazy e real crip strate hood.1 of a kind.rest easy still no justice

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    Showed this song to Mobile Legends player

    Now they play GTA San Andreas

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    The Greatest of all Time!

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    Dr.Dre knows his music and it is in his DNA my friend.

  68. Craig Davis

    Dr.Dre is a perfectionist and a true legend man.

  69. Craig Davis


  70. Craig Davis

    True Hip Hop For Life Man.

  71. Craig Davis

    R.I.P. Eazy E!!!🎵🎵🎵🎧🎧🎧🎤🎤🎤💗💗💗🙏🙏🙏

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    What does it mean' ?

  74. Blood Of Impurity

    That beat is gay

    Elijah Mikaelson

    Fuck you. 😁

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    Just found out my boo was the one dancing on the table🥰


    Is that Michel'le

  76. • SMOKE-N-BONE •

    dr.dre wrote this song

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    Eazy had on the Jordan 4s the blue and white ones

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  82. Trevor Esper

    RIP, fuck wish these boys kept theyre shit together, love these old vids of them mobbin around as a crew, them boyz in the hood, todays rappers are such a disgrace wish eazy was here to smoke em like a philly blunt

  83. Pau Pau

    *i'm a genius foo*

  84. Cameron Woods

    They don't make them this hardcore anymore.

  85. PvZ

    germany love it rip my hero

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  87. Just subscribe to this channel for no reason

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    Ninja Style!

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    Viva Snopp dogg
    Viva Dr dree
    Viva 2 pac
    Viva Xzibit
    Viva eminem
    Viva 50 cent
    Viva N.W.A
    Viva el pingo
    Viva la ura
    Viva tu hermana
    Viva todo
    Viva la fiesta
    Viva los 90
    Viva el 2012
    Abajo 2019
    Todo era mejor antes
    Que se vallan todos ala puta mierda

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    So corny


    gta sa is back <3

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    Nessa época eu acho que o Ice cube já tava puto, querendo sair kkkkk, dar pra ver na cara dele... E não tiro o mérito dele

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    King of rap, sigh gone too soon