Eazy-E - Creep N Crawl Lyrics

Straight off the streets of mothafuckin' Compton
It's the downest nigga I know
Eazy mothafuckin' me
'Bout to kick your ass in '93
(Creep with me, as I crawl through the hood)

I creep and I crawl
And I creep and I crawl
And I creep and I crawl, creep creep
I said I creep and I crawl
And I creep and I crawl
And I creep and I crawl, creep creep
I got my niggas from Grape Street, Watts
I got my niggas from the C-P-T
I got my niggas all across the mothafuckin' land
That's down with the E-A-Z-Y-E

Now, early in the mornin' I awake
Thinkin' about this dead fool's life that I had to take
Frontin' on a true name, I peep game at point-blank range
Fuck 'em! ("Mothafuckin' right, y'all.")
Back to the set as I jet
Not givin' a fuck about the nigga that I wet
That's what he gotta shout for actin' like a trick
Now he's six feet and I'm deep in his bitch
Creepin', creepin', creepin' on the marks that be sleepin'
Catch you slippin', slap the clip in, buck 'em every weekend
A scandalous lil' nigga with no heart to feel remorse
Dig the nigga's corpse, leave it on his momma's porch
Don't give a fuck about shit, that's why I mellow
Or maybe it's the fact that I'm kin to the Devil
A psychopathic nigga that's always quick to fill a
Nigga full of lead, 'cause I'm a mothafuckin' killer
Thrilla from Manila, though I'm shorter than the average
Try to test yo' luck and get bucked by a mothafuckin' savage

I creep and I crawl
And I creep and I crawl
And I creep and I crawl, creep creep
I said I creep and I crawl
And I creep and I crawl
And I creep and I crawl, creep creep
I got my niggas from Grape Street, Watts
I got my niggas from the C-P-T
I got my niggas all across the mothafuckin' land
That's down with the E-A-Z-Y-E

Now, later on that night as I'm rollin'
Lookin' for a nigga I can gat and pack a hole in
Stoppin' at a light on the late night
Fire up a Philly blunt to get my head right
See some niggas slippin' at a burger stand
And in my mind all I'm thinkin' is a murder plan
Creepin' through the drive-through kinda slow
I got my hot beams on the back of the '4, yo
Smokin' on chronic with the rag down
Not knowin' I'm about to lay their ass down
Reach for who was fool, make my move
Leaned out my jeep and I creep kinda smooth
With the gat to the nigga's dome, now he sleeps
One shot to the top, body flopped on the seat, peep
I dumped on the lil' skinny passenger
A bitch is screamin' in a rage, so I blasted her
Smashed and I got about five blocks
Before I got stopped by a punk-ass cop (Shit, fuck 'em!)
(You can't kill a cop!) FUCK YOU! [shots rang out]
Mothafucker, ha ha ha!

I creep and I crawl and I creep
I creep and I crawl and I creep
I creep and I crawl and I creep
I creep and I crawl and I creep

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Eazy-E Creep N Crawl Comments
  1. T Moody

    Eazy E = musical genius.

  2. Katrina Segura

    Sweetie she sure shyte swoop, MGD cock and ballszxt straight-ish Crips and Bloods

  3. Jose Valdez

    Who's still thumping 2020?

  4. Canuck Crusader

    when i was a kid, i was a metalhead with a secret love for the gangster rap. Now i cant be only one to see this but has anyone else seen similarities between metal and gangster rap (i know the obvious differences)?
    Both genres and songs are in the fringes when it comes to popularity (with some exceptions that were big hits) because theyre often too violent in lyrics but also they are more real in their meaning (unlike pop), and so they dont get the airplay or music videos. And melodically they can both get dark, although this kind of "dark" doesnt make you feel sad or depressed. instead it makes you feel good, energized, like you want to go to war or something... anyone else see these similarities?
    you have to know both genres. i prefer west coast g funk better than east (exceptions, mobb deep, onyx, nas..) and grew up on 80s, 90s thrash and groove metal. btw love both genres, hated when they mashed it up. im glad that era ended

  5. Andrew Alfaro

    Happy new year everybody!🔥🤘

  6. Bobby Jones

    01-01 20 🗣nigga yeahhhh

  7. Igor

    Wasn't he a Crip though? Why use red font?

  8. Jay S

    Man this is horrible. Goes to show good writing is a talent and a skill.

  9. Katrina Segura

    Go get you're brother, and Hep with the rangers Range Rover, cats and dogs the movie, ACDC, ASU, Tommy Hilfiger, Tammy Wynette, Miranda Lambert, Xtra coin toss down thee streets off Phillips screwdriver, left screaming

  10. Katrina Segura

    Creep and crawl, chicken shyte anymore, Xcons here for you to'o sit back down go down stairs gopher nuttz... 90210, 9133333 4 layé over there, creep and I crawl

  11. Yung Perc pimp

    1:00 👹👹👹👹👹⚰️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. ROMY Blokker

    When somewon has food:i creep and i crawl

  13. ROMY Blokker

    Any girls like me still listening in 2019?

    Roy Ortega

    I ain't female but im here wit u!😉

    ROMY Blokker

    @Roy Ortega haha

  14. Katrina Segura

    Leap teach right around the back and Streep deep down straight hard knock lite a few plants and hit a hard hitter it's true I'm married to Trina is it, yes straight up street was never to shallow we never seen eye o eye my ass as she sleeps deep front skin front skin dis deep front leap straight 8 ball eyed cheapskate s r never ending mind games don't hate she chooses the modern Life plan my name my life my wife my knife forcefully fukd you're mind games off the grid charts of her own ioau ended in a at fight with your straight fat whining out wit all down who isn't to keep

  15. Robert Pressnell


  16. Katrina Segura

    Gifted freak show, baby where are you, are you ok... It's ok, Trina blocks off everything even the outside worldé, Y ASAP KITCARSON KKK LOL I STOMP THE YARDE I will use I SO'O DEPTH PORTE TO DIFUSE YOURE SKIN

  17. Katrina Segura

    Where's you're sister that how needs to stop putting on a front and all this will end badly .... Go strolling thru the night keep skippn keep you're rag down talké the talké walké the walké Wakefield who's dis all scared and running back N the house...

    Luis Juarez

    Katrina Segura should text me lol where are you from ?

    Katrina Segura

    @Luis Juarez I'm from Utah

    Luis Juarez

    Katrina Segura how old are u

    Katrina Segura

    @Luis Juarez 36

    Luis Juarez

    Katrina Segura ohh ok

  18. Shenyae T

    Just peep the look on his face. You can tell he wasn’t the one to play with.

  19. Kevin Rodriguez

    Pure Gangsta

  20. Calico 45

    Hit many licks to this. With a GD SD GFD and a crip but I never banged colors but I banged this....🤔memories I'm not proud of. RIP Eric

    Luis Juarez

    Calico 45 shut your bitch ass up

  21. drayZ music


  22. Alex K


  23. Richard Thomas

    Greatest voice of all time ...RIP Eazy mutha fuckin E

  24. Xix Chi

    Every Eazy E rap song was a confession

  25. Miguel Melendez

    Wish my boy was here 🙏

  26. erik mora

    Str8 off that streets of muthaphukkin Compton

  27. erik mora

    Eric Lynn wright

  28. erik mora

    Back to the set as i jet

  29. erik mora

    I love this song.it reminds me of the streets of Compton.

  30. rocket does MDMA

    This that drive by music

  31. Seanna Allen

    I creep and crawl Rest up Easy E we miss you Easy E ❤️😇❤️


    Compton >=]

  33. Katrina Segura

    Friends on the dense side after you move to switch to move lanes and traffic is busy after the fatal shuttle flush of get the letter of Hoover let the bullshit fly.... Yes, I feel the need to go and get Dru Hill let's get sneaky some wayé to get soup and find some mane fool to fight off the stitch my the alley wayész, don't front on Tremayne idiot...... Well for feel me free fuk it's Friday and can't stand to drink

  34. why u do that!?

    This that real phsycopath shit😈👹

  35. Katrina Segura

    Hey tagg or answer the telephone Lego, Batman, my kind of Bart Simpson, Sleepwalker ànd caught the single most unreal thing happened it caught us by surprise..... YES_ OR NO _ BABY STOP LAUGHING LOL LMFAO LMAO I LOVE YOU SO WAITING FOR YOU TO DO THAT

  36. Katrina Segura

    As for today, I'm not sure whats goingin to be happening at the end of the weekend of the week, 12/2019 last time I saw you

  37. Katrina Segura

    As for today, I'm not sure whats hoing to happening at the end of the weekend of the week, 12/2019

  38. Katrina Segura

    Yeah yeah yeah real easy for you to creep and crawl just leave space between two front lines for you to breathe sight for sight I love the front door and give it back to the door of the Hardy Hard feeling to trick out the first verse of the first verse of national Lampoon's movie take me to my wife and get my number back to wander address around through you're drawers sleep we creep an we crawl yeah yo' trust me I'm not doing anything I'm here just chilln' outside for some weird wayes reason to creep and crawl see me be braves sends them to s with gravity and high definition salad toss no bar

  39. Chris Marshall

    This song is totally all Bone Thugs influence.


    You're right

  40. Israel Salazar

    Creep n Crawl sends me back in the days....

  41. Gleydson Leandro

    Eazy-E Real Gangster Rapper

  42. Dante Williams

    Eazy really lives up to his name as the godfather of gangster rap I mean without him there would be no dre no suge knight no Eminem. No 50 no snoop and just to name a few

  43. Katrina Segura

    Tell me some more what did you need don't be afraid to talk to me I'll meet you halfway and set the rest of the sets of floors to the streets as amongst myself I got to go I'll return to the CarMax alter ttyltr. 💋

  44. Harmony Cambria


  45. Nikolaos Pizanias

    "It's the downest nigga I know" HAHAHAHAHAHA

  46. John Earl

    Eazy mothafuckin me

  47. Mike Rossi

    Music played my behavior!

  48. Mike Rossi

    Grape st fucko

  49. Mike Rossi

    Hes in to the Devil

  50. Марко Синтетик

    A bitch was screaming in a rage, so I blasted her.

  51. jack frost

    Miss you Eeze E...

  52. Luis Zapien


  53. Jeff Carroll

    He creeped and crawled himself to a early grave.

    Remember kids: practice safe sex. Use a condom before intercourse.

    Jeff Carroll

    @drayZ music thank you

    Jeff Carroll

    @drayZ music for improving your grammar

    Jeff Carroll

    @drayZ music he had hiv because he didn't practiced save sex.

    drayZ music

    Jeff Carroll no jerry heller injected him cause he was white and it was no longer white owned in ruthless records so they had to kill him cause he was gonna make gangs turn into a generation of violence like in 93 he almost did but he kept getting warnings so yeah

    Jeff Carroll

    @drayZ music you little naive fool.

  54. Aron Gonzales

    Amor y Respetos a Easy Gee...😉

  55. Xpozzed 1999

    Will always bump this shit over all the nonsense nowadays....True G’s still Rolling the Streets with E! 2020

  56. Zeb Avila

    Eric "Eazy-E" Wright will be missed forever he was OG of OGs a true gangsta God of rap history

  57. Cesar Vialpando

    He's working with tenpenny

  58. Gleydson Leandro

    Eazy-E Real Gangsta Rapper

  59. # one

    Still bumping da OG finna be 2020

  60. boris djurdjevic banja luka

    Eazy e r.i.p 1995 -ryder san andreas r.i.p 1992

  61. Glo Boy Tre

    Try And Test Yo Luck And Get Bucked By A Mfn Savage!🔥...

  62. Montana Curfman

    Boa had bars , Rest In Peace to the king

  63. FlexFlinstonedTM

    This shit is fuckin crazy


    My BIG Brother EAZY E RIP from Wigga D see you on the other side my BIG Brother.

  65. Ivan Santa Cruz

    Happy birthday EAZY-E

  66. Kingdt901

    Happy Cirthday Eazy

  67. Make Man ツ

    Really nice rap

  68. Alexandre Heidelberger

    I love it rest in peace eazy e King

  69. Adonis Creed

    Rest Eazy Man

  70. Leandro Silva

    Eazy-E Real Gangster Rapper

  71. 010101 binario

    Oh shit is the fucking ryder

  72. vgs pfl

    Eazye is way harder than dre snoop and the dogg pound

  73. vgs pfl

    Classic album

  74. Glenn Hertel

    Now Playing.

  75. Shane Nix

    Straight off the streets!

  76. El Bori

    Boost the volume, fuck the 5'0 🖕🏼

  77. Quinton Major

    Creep with me

  78. 357Visuals 2k16

    26 years later and still 🔥

  79. Residencial geriatrico vovó lydia

    Porra q som do caralho

  80. John Mutha Phukin Shields

    If your here from gta you a fake ass nigga😒

  81. Little money Larry

    Say what you want about Eazy, but he had a ear for music.


    As of there is anything bad to say about Eazy...

  82. Gottenburg

    Ghetto Ops in effect!

  83. thebohemiangroove

    DJ Yella no joke


    R.I.P Eazy muthaphuka E

  85. Alexjandro Avetis

    Think iam blood of Massaker still with Poison Hard

  86. nwa all day

    Still here in 2019

  87. Pablo 1234 wwe

    Eazy e is the fucking best

  88. Raymond Perez

    to go as far to wear make up n disguise to fuck with your head

  89. La Rage


  90. Layne Scooby

    3rd verse crazy

  91. Ramon Adame

    At papas 🥔 n beer 🍺 rosarito México 🇲🇽......bumping these jammm ........💯😎

    Luis Martinez

    Ramon Adame my friends family owns papas and beer lol

  92. Syed Isamuddin

    Eazy E thought MC Ren was the best rapper of all time.

    Also Ren made a tribute album to Eazy--called Ruthless for Life.

  93. Mark Sid

    This song deserves more people to listen to it!😢😡😡

    Syed Isamuddin

    Mark Sid ...

    Ever heard of MC Ren? Eazy E thought MC Ren was the best rapper of all time. But nobody knows him. Check out his album Ruthless for Life

  94. G4ATSOS

    Catch him slippin’, slap the clip in, buck him every weekend... words of tha godfather E

  95. adam patel

    Real music