East, Dave - Rare Breed Lyrics

[Styles P:]
Say my prayers, brush my teeth
Clear my thoughts, roll a leaf
Shower and eat, smoke again, hit the streets
Now you know I'm a G and I'm thinkin' of risin' the [?]
L-A and the Bay gettin' geeked for 'bout a week
Knee-deep in some shit in a spot you'll never see
When a deal come, get the deal done, book the next flight
It's all [?], but when it's more love you are less liked
It's F life or cruise in the F type
You could pick or choose, don't wanna lose on your best night
Talk about your best eye, vision with your third
Livin' on the edge but I pivot on the curve
You don't get it, just know I still give it
When you got it from a block where it's still mad guns and narcotics
Hail Marys and All-Fathers, Inshallah, we could fly in, the law got us

[Dave East & Styles P:]
Those of a rare breed
..Nothin' like this
Black version of Pesci
Yeah, nigga
I'm Leonidas
You know what's up
Bet I make the bank stop
Homicide rate gonna rise same day that this tape drop

[Styles P:]
I get a [?] then I hit the lab
I get the room dark then I get to spaz
I see my soul drift when I hit the hash
Get hit with the arrow, yeah, you with the [?]
Now we could Benjamins or things, time is money
Know the pendulum will swing
I'm from the crack era, know that the [?] could sing
But the crack babies is crazy, yeah, they mumble everything
It's our generation [?], we fumbled everything
'Cause if the youth ain't gettin' ahead that mean we ain't teach 'em right about the net and the web
Now this might sound funny, we could brag about money
But lil' homie, that credit ain't second to bread
I wanted to be Scarface then Sosa
As I got grown, thought of Oliver Stone
'Cause if you ain't got a neighbor who could follow you home

[Dave East & Styles P:]
Those of a rare breed
..Nothin' like this
Black version of Pesci
Yeah, nigga
I'm Leonidas
You know what's up
Bet I make the bank stop
Homicide rate gonna rise same day that this tape drop

[Styles P:]
Exhale, watch this smoke blow
Same place where my ghost goes
Know I stay wavy like water, that's the Ghost flow
Throw me in the ocean of fire, I could float though
Meet me on the edge of the cliff, we could both go
We could have it out to the death so we both know
I already know the results, you a slow poke
You can tell whoever you want, this the Ghost show

[Dave East & Styles P:]
Those of a rare breed
..Nothin' like this
Black version of Pesci
Yeah, nigga
I'm Leonidas
You know what's up
Bet I make the bank stop
Homicide rate gonna rise same day that this tape drop

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East, Dave Rare Breed Comments
  1. dion marshall

    East and Ghost bodied this mixtape!! From start to start to finish

  2. Ghost Bey

    Yup I’m rare woop 15 niggas then speak of me 😂🤷🏾‍♂️Guess what in my own lane

  3. Livinginaworldfullofkillaz ?

    The old ghost is back!!

  4. Gang Gang Ldn

    Styles ate tha beat like always but what was the engineer doing wid that last verse, I kinda feel like that was recorded on a different day or sum? Shout out S-Dot!

  5. Samuel B

    I’m in love with this beat

  6. Jose Balderas

    Styles p is one of the ogs who still raps gangsta rap and reps it hard

  7. 64 GB

    i kinda like this beat

  8. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Good song

  9. Ray Allen


  10. Quaran Gadsden

    Styles P got the rawest flo 🔥

  11. Aesthetic Horton

    "Get hit with the arrow when you with the Sag"....shout out to Sagittarius

  12. Mef Hefty

    S dot P dot....hardest. this sound like that early 2 thou ..Swizz Beatz

  13. Terry Smith


  14. Delusions Of Grandeur

    This is why SP is my favorite n the best out!!! Every SINGLE LINE was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ..

    Lil homie that credit aint second to 🍞... If u dont get it, just know i still give it... Get hit wit the arrow, yeah u wit the Sag..Throw me in the ocean of fire i can float tho!!!!

  15. FatMann Savage

    He still got it

  16. Tier1Co

    Best shit on the tape. SP THE GOHST


    This record is fire!

  18. Angel Rez

    Ayo give it up to the RARE BREED.
    Yes thank you for this calabo.
    Whole project is mad street verbal.

  19. Bankole Obe

    that 3rd verse is just disgusting. styles snapped

    George's youtube

    The way he comes in on the beat "exhale the watch the smoke blow, Same place where my ghost go"

    Anthony Johnson

    kno I stay wavy like water that's da Ghost flow @George's youtube

  20. Jeff Diaz


  21. Blaze

    This whole joint hard



  23. Eddie Wise

    I'm fkn with this.👊🔥

  24. OBADIAH 1:18

    Official rap salute from N.C.

  25. Dj MeechLouch

    Styles P is The Prophet of Hip Hop. His rap style, beats, and delivery is so deep that's it's dark, but the wordplay shines like a light.
    It has its own genre that I call FUNERAL MUSIC.

    Anthony Arliss

    Real shit man been spitting funeral shit since 98

    Styles P - Not to be fucked with

  26. Trak Lejend Beatz

    🔥🔥🔥🔥Hip hop is back!!!

  27. Dj MeechLouch

    Styles murdered this song, resurrected it, and killed it again. Styles is the truth.

  28. J Manna

    Living on the edge but I pivot on the curve 🔥 🔥 🔥 styles p

    Matthew Porter-mendez

    Did he mean curb? Makes more sense tobme like that

    Delusions Of Grandeur

    If u don't get it .. Just know i still give it 😂😂

  29. Aman deep Singh

    Straight 🔥🔥

  30. Snypa V

    This was a smart move by P


    Styles p & Dave east album beloved is incredible it's definitely better than Jadakiss & fabolous Friday on elm street

  32. J H

    Yoo why didn’t Dave East pop off in this shit??? He woulda flowed in nicely after P’s verse.

  33. MMF MMF

    Styles niggas..!!!

  34. cookster1989

    Wowwwww SP goes off in this one 👍

  35. slimmee22

    Real talk STYLES P snapped 🔥🔥🔥

  36. Gettin Green

    We need the instrumental

  37. Michael Smith

    Styles Killed it the song in beat hard

  38. Charles Madison

    I get the room dark than I get to spazzz... Ghost

  39. Eminemies


  40. jeffrey blocker

    Love East........But can u imagine a Ghost and Starlito Mixtape?????? #FIRE

  41. L Casanova

    WTF GOT INTO SP!!!!! 😳🔥

    Robbie Blaze

    he got better after each record he ever done. still top 3 in any top artist debate. no questions.

    Robert Pimentel

    He got ridiculous with the bars straight fire 🔥

    Mef Hefty

    A demon crawled into him and is screaming to get out



  43. Marcus rabb


  44. Derrick Nice

    Styles P is a MONSTER!!

    Pennies on a Dollar

    He been that my g

    Raymon Mcmillan


  45. Eric Clark

    Real hip-hop never left!!!

  46. Soul Eye

    this whole album is straight *H*E*A*T*!!!!!!!!!! Styles P takes no time off!!!

    Mef Hefty

    Nope. That dime bad is Crzy too

  47. Kyzer Batiste


  48. Bianca Meeks

    Been through it

  49. Bianca Meeks

    Crazy story

  50. Thebagel Isbuttered

    One of the best on the mixtape.

  51. Henry Epps


  52. Chris Munoz

    This is pure fire..Support real hip hop

  53. RachelKrystina G

    He said the crack babies is crazy- they mumble everything 😂 #facts

    RCH 32

    His generation fumble

    J Digg

    @RCH 32 who

    Anthony Arliss

    Styles P - Not to be fucked with

    His bars in 98 is why hes # 1

    Jay Z idiol is S.P

  54. kymani mullings

    this shit hard east tha goat.

  55. Stanna Sterzee


  56. Patrick

    This is bumping, East an styles go in together jezze! 💯 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  57. deandre brand

    🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤮🤮🤮🔥🔥🔥🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️damn they came strong like baby n gunna... everybody woke up

    FatMann Savage


    deandre brand

    @FatMann Savage beat it... gone and play somewhere... who kid is this🤔😂😂😂😂

    Mef Hefty


  58. RaHathor

    Ra said fuck Allah

  59. marchal slow


  60. Madeyou City TM

    Real hip hop 👍🏾

    Langish Tettish Battish

    my wife laughing @ me as i'm making the "stank face" bumping this with my skull candy headphones 🎧🎵🔥

  61. shadia naji

    Classic 😎🎶🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥

  62. Dillavedder X

    All EAST No Pump Fakin!!!!

  63. Grover Phillips

    The mothafuckin GHOST💯

  64. WhoGotTheHenny

    lethal combo 🔥

  65. BLAQK !

    Who else got love for DAVE EAST THE BEAST n STYLES P?

    AllEyezOnMe AA

    should edit, "DAVE EAST THE BEST n STYLES P THE GHOST!!"

  66. Julius Cesar


  67. G Dollas

    1st lol