East, Dave - My Niggas Lyrics

My niggas, this is for my niggas
Though my buzzers getting bigger
Never cut you out my picture
I go hard to make a living
School ain't work I had this crap
Shit I'm good everywhere I know my niggas got my back
I got my back against the wall head up to the sky
I'm blowing medical like fuck the federal
We only grind, fuck the judge giving niggas time
The fuck is on their mind
Changed my number so many times don't trust who on my line
I got a loyal team of niggas loyal gang I'm repping
Vivi as she undresses I got me never stressing
Time to step in with my weapon gorgeous gangster feel like stack
Couple divas in the front got my gangsters in the back
See that yeki on my hat don't you dare ask where I'm from
Profit got me all these blocks I made my nikes on the dash
5 percent I'm riding bentley keep a wicked
Got this purple haze got my like a blint
Every day I be tryin' to win

[Hook x2:]
I just want all my niggas to know
I love 'em when I'm gone
I put my life in every single song
Ain't nobody put me on
I was up late night early morn'
With a little bit of patience
You'll be on what they saying to me

[Phil Ade:]
I don't drink around niggas that I don't trust
I don't smoke around niggas I don't fuck with
Try to surround myself with only real niggas
But it's the fake ones lately that I've been stuck with
What's up with that, now I'm stuck in my back
Guys that I ride for never ask for nothing back
Just some loyalty that's all the boys too
My niggas never judge just act like lawyers do
Get on my case when I need it never got to tell don't repeat this
I treat this fam' like my own never let no bitch come between us
Whenever we talk we gon' leave it, when a nigga fuck up we admit it
Real niggas deal with the consequences, fake niggas just give in
There like 4-5 niggas I trust my life with
Keep it a hundred ain't always saying the right shit
When money come you know I'm breaking down
When I deal all you dollars to make a sound

[Hook x2]

My eyes wide and I'm watching
Limousine to come get my team
I gotta show miss sound check
But I'ma tear down and then get my clean
Rolling up with like 2 o's Miami got 2 hoes
Smoke alot but got a few goals up town nigga but I live in Queens
Everything is real player like fuck once you wanna stay the night
Wanna visit me I pay the flight,I ain't got shit for the hater type
Ciroc mix with lemonade and sprite you fuck niggas I pay the fight
16 spend 16 have big dream of getting paid to write
Now I'm getting paid in the morn' afternoon getting paid at night
Clockwork that block work but them blue and white pink stay in sight
Anytime they might jump out I don't walk around with no pack on
They shooting album you try to front niggas gon' leave your pack on
They posted up with that back drum backpack Louie spend racks on
Can't believe that I'm that calm this paper loan getting shacked arms
Smile loud but don't talk much gon' check you out if you walk up
Sour D get sparked up won't get fair better talk up

[Hook x2]

My niggas, sometimes all you got is your niggas
Yeah, what they saying to me

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