East, Anderson - What Would It Take Lyrics

What would it take
To make you love me?
What would it take
To make you love me?

Would it take flowers
Red roses from vines
Would it take diamonds
To let you know you're mine
Well, I'll take you dancing
Sweep you off your feet
What do you need
To know you're the only one, one for me

And what would it take
To make you love me?
What would it take
To make you love me?

What words can I say?
Tell me, what can I do?
Know that I am
And I'll give it to you
I could make you smile
Give you all your dreams
And I'd give everything
To make you love me
Oh, and

What would it take
To make you love me?
And what would it take
To make you love me?
Oh, what would it take?
What would it take?
It take
To make you love me?
Oh, and
What would it take
To make you love me?
And what would it take
To make you love me?

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  1. 또치보라

    I want to know the lyrics plzzzzzz

  2. Glenna McNabb

    Love this #SoulfulKing🔥

  3. Renee Acuff

    I wish he and Miranda were still together 😖

  4. Carolina R.

    Marry me. Love you 💜💜💜

  5. Carolina R.

    Brazilian Fan 😍

  6. Carolina R.

    Love you Anderson East 💕💕💕💕👏👏👏👏👏👏

  7. scientificpatriot

    Love this song

  8. PhillyGeorgiaPeach

    Clusie L brought me here! :-) Very Nice!

  9. Martin Robertson

    very impressed

  10. maria ghazal


  11. Malinibai

    This man's voice is remarkable! We are going to see him very famous very soon.

  12. Jackie Garcia

    LOOOOVE YOOOUR VOICE and this song, I enjoy all your music!!! Your pure gold!!! 😍

  13. Connie Moody

    Ooooh! He is soooo wonderful! Thank you Miranda for sharing him with the world. He certainly is the real deal! Wow! I'm crazy for him!


    She didn't do anything for him.

  14. Arron Levon

    Accidently Came Across Anderson East ,, Wow What A Voice ,, Love His Work ,, From Down Under Australia ,, He Is Awesomely Cool Guy ,, Anderson Rocks ,,,

    leonida chiry

    It's a lovely song 😍 you have a nice name 🤗

  15. Bleu Skye

    I feel like an idiot for not knowing this amazing singer, song writer. Anderson East is one talented guy.

    Indie Nation

    such a talent

  16. Jose M. Claros

    cool song!!

  17. Julia Lam

    Just discovered your channel and it's full of eargasms. Yup, it's kinda my drug right now, keep the awesome work ;)

  18. Paul O'Loughlin

    this tune make me make some weird noises :P

  19. Star Baby

    So beautiful, loves this guy's voice, he is a superstar! Chill bumps

  20. Franca Henger

    100% soulful! This sounds like a break up song. :(

  21. Shannon Russell

    yes..Thank u Indie bc I love this song.

  22. Shannon Russell

    never even heard if him until Daryl s House cam on. Anderson blew me away!!! Love that old soundin raspy voice. wow

  23. Shannon Russell

    he's awesome..

    Indie Nation


  24. V. Harry

    Music like this really paints a picture. Smooth, deliberate, just amazing!

  25. Esty Gonz

    im addicted to this song ❤❤❤

    Indie Nation

    same :)

  26. XSrgnt PringleX

    I love this song!!! 😁

  27. Robert Mckenzie

    thanks indie nation this channel is my new drug <3

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    Is good

  29. Andrea Krobauerová

    This is sooo great song, do more songs like this, love it <3

    Indie Nation

    okay <3


    indie nation sorry but i love it this channel

    Indie Nation

    why sorry?!

  31. cίʞʎ

    Hey Indi, Amazing like always!

  32. ALICANTO Music

    how do i submit a track to you? :)

    ALICANTO Music

    The didnt reply maybe I usel The wrong email

    Dan Gehring

    That could be a possibility, or their just so busy they haven't been able to get back to you. just give it some time

    ALICANTO Music

    Okey thank you :)

    Dan Gehring

    DaAdrian Yw

    Indie Nation

    [email protected] :)

  33. Felicia Meow

    Oooo I like this~

    Indie Nation

    soulful right?!

  34. The Arnzinator

    Wasn't sure if I liked at first, but by about halfway through I was like "yeahhh"

    The Arnzinator

    yeaaaahhhhhh boi

  35. adel masters

    wher is not work ??

  36. GLOBΛL

    Oh my goodness ... that's definitely lovely.. absolutely indie-chill ... you made my day so much better, Kerick! :3 🌲🎸❤

    Indie Nation


    Avinash Rath

    i agree with you Global...completely!

  37. Casual Turtle

    this song gives me this " i sit in a old looking bar with some drinks and food" and Anderson East is playing live


    I had the same thoughts haha! :D :3 Soo good <3

    Indie Nation


  38. Thomas K.

    I´ve got a question: What makes a song be "Indie"? Seems like I can't figure it out...


    Indie is really cool music that you wouldn't typically hear on the radio.

    Indie Nation

    that's actually a really good explanation haha

  39. Scott

    Anyone understand what it is that makes theses two songs unavailable in other countries?



    Indie Nation

    yeah just the right to distribute in other countries i'm sorry :(

  40. kriti bhatia

    Video not available:/

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    blehhhh sorry :(

  41. Exploring Bros

    Love it.
    Check my music if you want.

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  42. Low Drop

    This soulfull track(maybe when is avayable) :)

  43. Kersten Schepers

    this Video is Not available??????

  44. tamaramh

    this is gorgeous <3

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    Very nice...

  47. Notify Klipz

    What would it take to be as successful as you :D Great upload by the way homie !

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    thanks mannn

  48. Sarcastic Dude

    Just Love <3

  49. AlonPE

    Wtf, It appears to me that "This video is not available" 😦

    Trap Sydney

    _Alon watch it on pc


    I'm in Germany and can watch/hear it :3 Btw hello Rauchsturm23😅

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    is it available now?!


    Indie Nation nop 😢

    Andy Geerman

    not on mobile

  50. Jake S

    Insane background!

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  51. Jessabelle L

    Maaan got so excited for the upload but vid not available yet :(. Will trust that it's a good song and add it to my playlist either way 😎

    Autumn Leaves

    Jessabelle L it's certainly a different more oldschool track but it's cool if you wanna light up a cigar and lean on a piano in a saloon XD

    Jessabelle L

    Fallen Devil haha that's such a specific scenario I had to search up the song and listen to it elsewhere. Oddly enough, can imagine the cigar in a saloon. Def love the song too

  52. Artur Payne

    Some what sad, but yet so beautiful!!!!!

  53. Geanna Champaco

    Getting me Hot Cheetos and Nutella.... that would make me love you. I don't require much.... 😂

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    haha low maintenance

  54. Artur Payne

    His voice, smoothness in saying it, his voice against the background music (piano, and else) compliments it even better.

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  55. BassYourSpeakers

    Sounds very chill! Great Upload! 😃🙌❤

  56. Trap Universe

    I am so early! 👀 Have a great rest of the day peeps 😁

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    Waaaay different style than normal today guys :) hope everyone enjoys this soulful track

    Naaz Beats

    Indie Nation Do You Like Sick Beats.. Helps me Reach 1k Subs... 🔥🔥🔥




    Indie Nation Kerrick please give us/me more of these. I love it; this genre is one of my favorites. ❤❤🙌. I actually got one of his album's for free.


    I adore it hehe :3 <3

    Antonín Banderas

    Indie Nation not working on my phone 😒

  58. Autumn Leaves

    These oldschool vibes...I dedicate this song to a person,you know who you are XD. *sends song to that human*

  59. Artur Payne


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    you're amazing!!!