EARTHGANG - Wayward Sons Lyrics

Boys, come on and sit down at the table
Mister D industry is here for dinner
And I want you to be on your best behavior
Atlanta, it's nice to see you again my dear
Your family has such a good history
Yes, Mr. Industry, it's always been you to see the potential
In all my sons and daughters
You've made me out to be quite the household name
I'd even say that I'm more popular than my older sisters
Chi or Brooklyn
Because of what you did with my babies
I'm seen in movies, mind numbing reality shows
And children circuit sitcoms
When I came today, to see if any of your younger children
Can do what your older children did for us
Might as well keep the money coming
Now, Mr. Industry, this is why I must humbly apologize to you
You see, two of my babies, my two youngest suns
You see, they're really close to their mama
And I know they love me but
They just a little off
Wayward sons
That's them down at the end of the table
Flicking pee's at one another
That's Johnny Venus and that's Diego Dot
They always together
Never really did play with their other brothers and sisters
And even though you good at making my babies into cash cows
They just seem like a challenge
And sadly, I don't know who they daddy is
Or even what I was smoking when I was pregnant
But if indeed you can handle them
You're more than welcome to take them off my hands
Hahahaha, tell them to pack their bags
Alright, D Industry, it's your funeral

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