EARTHGANG - This Side Lyrics

I pray for all my Niggas and Niggets and Non Niggas and Non Niggets

Things change, people change, love grows, come and goes, sometimes I get overwhelmed
Diving in over my head
Put my life on line for sell, put that wish up on a star
Put that money on my self. Sometimes I'm just by myself

Whole future yes I am
The living God yes I am
What my grandma dreamed of
What these bitches cream for
What the city scream for
What the city scream for

We having fun on this side
Whole lotta love on this side
Know you wanna come on this side
Know you wanna hop on this ride
We having fun on this side
Whole lotta love on this side
Know you wanna come on this side
Know you wanna hop on this

Let's go to the lake
Let's jump in it naked
We can escape
We can leave this place

They took Nip, took X
Just a hating ass nigga hope that I ain't next
But if it pleases God I hope the shooter aims best. (Right here)
Then I'll fly to better lands and never land like Sandra Bland
Earth to Olu
No I can't coming back
I think I hit the joint to hard
Plus I'm tired of all this trash
And shawty just texted back
Told me baby just relax I'm gone be there in a minute, we'll make love and make it last
Plus the bottles on ice and the babies mighty fine and the weed in the sky. And tonight's gone be alright cause

We having fun on this side
Whole lotta love on this side
Know you wanna come on this side
Know you wanna hop on this ride
We having fun on this side
Whole lotta love on this side
Know you wanna come on this side
Know you wanna hop on this

3 am the only time that I can hear myself think
Why is every waking moment feeling more like a dream?
Busted Reebok ashy nigga off of Campbellton Road
Walking proof of what can happen when you say what you mean
Just cuz niggas rock your jersey don't mean they on your team
As you grow decide who worthy of the presence you keep
I learned it early
Rick James
Charlie Murphy
I'm a product of the chitlin circuit
I'm a product of the nigga purchase
Drop bars like I'm losing service
Rrrroll my Rs when I feel exotic
Hit the blunt like a damn piñata
Aye carumba
I was a beast
Now I'm the jungle
Now I'm the wind
Now I'm the rain
The climate change
I crack a joke
To hide the pain
It doesn't Work
We scratch the surface
We tip the berg
Don't give a fuck
We not concerned
It could be worse

Lets go to the lake let's jump in it naked
We can escape, we can leave this place

We having fun on this side
Whole lotta love on this side
Know you wanna come on this side
Know you wanna hop on this ride
We having fun on this side
Whole lotta love on this side
Know you wanna come on this side
Know you wanna hop on this

Once upon a time in the Mother fucking west
I woke up to the stress and the titties on my chest
20 racks in 100 dollar bills on the bed, God if they come a knocking they gone have to take me dead

Fuckin right come on over to this side if you ain't scared
If you ain't bout it get the fuck back over there
What if I told you what I could show you?
Pick a pill. Blue or red?
It don't matter your selection they both coming out your check

Muthafucka yeah you next
I ride won't never falll
I rise the morning star
I'm fly I'm gone get far
On stage I give you chills
In the flesh give you life
These words will give you light
I'm Death around corner
Barrels at your dome
Darkness paints the sky
Know I wont be denied

We was coming outta pocket
Open mic at Crucial rocking
Scoop them bops up from the Northside
Drop that dick off in her chakra
Another lap around the planet
Y'all been following the saga
Turning karma into commas
Pray to God
He ain't forgot us

We having fun on this side
Whole lotta love on this side
Know you wanna come on this side
Know you wanna hop on this ride
We having fun on this side
Whole lotta love on this side
Know you wanna come on this side
Know you wanna hop on this

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EARTHGANG This Side Comments
  1. Isaiah Luther

    I am SOLD my GOD this is 🔥

  2. Raja Luth Hasan

    when the 808 hits, LAAAAWWWWDDDD

  3. tyyahnna

    johnny venus 😍

  4. Jhonatan Feijo

    i'm stuck in this video

  5. Hua Dor

    I swear to god when i seen Jhonny i imagine Tupac's reincarneted and fuck gangster am gon hula

  6. Big ZO

    Yo! These brothers are so talented. I would love to work with them one day

  7. asain man

    Bruh why they lettin andre 3000 have 2 persona's

  8. Gabriel Chavez

    Doctor Dot always spits some quotable nobody but the few get. This performance is always better the umpteenth time


    I'm impressed.

  10. MoneyManeMalik

    Now I need JID to perform off da zoinkys

  11. Darian Gregory

    Wonder how long till Tiny Desk give them a call if they didn't already? They been on Tiny Desk, anybody know?

  12. Yeon-Sil Yi

    what am I watching? I LOVE this

  13. Lili Timmers

    Another black liberal idiot in a dress promoting gender thanks ima stay on the straight side.

  14. Kush-Life420 219-IND

    Not a skirt broooooo....yyyyyyyyyy????????

  15. Jean Bạch

    Thanks, Zen

  16. Johnny Roux

    that was incredible

  17. Outer Space

    What is this !!!man rap then went left

  18. leonardo

    bruh it's literally just two niggas vibing

  19. imightbe

    Doc killed his part 🔥

  20. imightbe

    Doc killed his part 🔥

  21. Caira Lee

    An actual Hip-Hop masterpiece

  22. SpaceGxD

    this is isane!

  23. S. Johnson

    My Homie was standing on his seat! Gangsta.

  24. Jin Bambino DiGeronimo

    Algorithm finally got my rhythm

  25. Superdave3426

    Earth gang is the new outkast I definitely love this song right here.

  26. Samyra Davis

    "I was a beast, now I'm the jungle
    Now I'm the wind, now I'm the rain, the climate change"

    Chills -every. single. time.

  27. Christopher Nettles

    Can white people relate with black artist lyrics that express blackness/the black experience?

    Byron Christians

    Depends on the background of the white person in question. Some can relate but won't completely understand due to circumstances

    Christopher Nettles

    Byron Christians When you say background and circumstances are you referring to socio-economic privileges?

    Byron Christians

    @Christopher Nettles yes. And in some rare cases, a lack thereof

    Christopher Nettles

    Byron Christians I believe socio-economic privileges are different than black experiences. Because you can always change your economic situation, but being black is something you can’t stop being. If you know what I mean?

  28. Chase Ojala

    3:50 straight flame

  29. Fufuhjo Vhghg

    Why they dressed they on one of those black fashion Ads?

  30. Neo Monenyane

    My favorite song off that project 🔥🔥🔥🙌

  31. Deniz Bilmont


  32. teahgurl

    Saw them perform at Dreamville this year. Dopeness and soul. People don’t hear what they are talking bout 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  33. teahgurl

    SANDRA BLAND 😢😢😢😢 He just made me tear up when he said her name. The injustice. Damn.

  34. Ayudh Dhupar

    how many rooms do they have!?!?!?!?

  35. Britt_iamme

    Crazy this was 4:44. Amazing performance. I could feel everything as if I was there ❤️❤️❤️

  36. UBA Etz


    Oisin Ml

    UBA Etz saw Guapdad supporting Denzel Curry in Dublin and when he did Wells Fargo it went fucking Haaaaaaard

  37. Artemi

    i c o n i c

  38. Kolade Balogun

    Johnny’s flow at 4:00 is ear candy.

    Kolade Balogun


  39. Camona Burton

    Tryna get pregnant at a Earth Gang concert

    Lena Lee

    Camona Burton sign me up too sis 😂

  40. BruPro XD

    Duki ft a show colors

  41. AnonArc

    Hey COLORS ! We NEED a making off ! SHOW US the backstage off these amazing shows !

    with love

  42. Eunice Mumbit Trill

    Love you guys,
    but please try finding new lyrics to replace the
    N..., B.tch & swear words.
    It's uncomfortable to listen to.

  43. monay

    um WHO?!

  44. DeeWildtv

    My new friend girl put me on some flame!

  45. Mayrah84

    If Johnny Venus was my man, we'd be fighting over skirts, headwraps and accessories.. #GOALS

  46. Mael_377

    Ché né compran pas pq il a une robe

  47. Charlie Spradling


  48. bob smith

    Ok. I'm officially an Earthgang fan. And I am so sorry I'm late


    whole thing on 0.75

  50. T. R.

    does anyone know what the artist is for singing, the little thing on the floor that reflects like a mirror

    Miles Ch

    Tx CR the singing shirtless guy is Olu but he’s aka Johnny Venus and the thing on the floor is probably just a mirror reflecting the green screen

  51. anais anais


  52. kingmack324

    I love this shit!

  53. TheDogod

    literally every single song gets better and better the more you listen to em .
    they're so unique my ears aren't used to it

  54. Rachel Desir

    That beat drop was amazing....

  55. Jeremiah C

    wtf is Johnny wearing

  56. Magmaplays


  57. Aquawatereau.

    00:47 & after
    👀 👁️👁️ 🚶‍♂️ 😶

  58. N R

    I’m seeing them in February I’m so excited I’m going to cry😭😭😭

  59. Andrei

    all these comments about Venus, let's talk about how Doc killed all his parts 🔥

    Shana Scott


    Trevor Edelstein

    Andrei dude is crazy underrated

  60. Tankh M.

    Before 1 Milli baby let's go

  61. Jacob Branson

    The best episodes are EARTHGANG. So damn talented.

  62. Tuskeyemer

    So this version is like x2 better than the album version lol

  63. privatepancake1000

    why are the COLORS versions always better.... ???

  64. Lucia Irene

    Dot sounds like chance the rapper singing when he sings

  65. Adriana Swinson

    So much beauty in one video

  66. Ahmed Is King

    Same shit disguised as conscious 🤷🏿‍♂️

  67. Pelatiah Williams



  68. FrEE Wxnda

    Please get j cole to perform be free

  69. Shandel Cumulada

    This song beautiful man, this song rlly is 💯🔥

  70. Hanzel Rodriguez

    February 19 the gang is coming to Miami, I cannot stop counting the days

  71. Luna Florescence


  72. La La J

    EarthGang is so dope! 🔥

  73. Lyric Hoxter

    I NEED to go see them in concert

  74. Michael Bieler

    He looks like a real black

  75. Samke Makhoba


  76. Theodore Hobson

    Major OutKast vibes. 🔥

  77. Maurice Anderson

    I think ir would be super dope if Travis Scott came on here and Oh My/Dis Side

  78. farty avacados

    2:21 😤

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    really? 3000

  80. Rishon Price

    I need to know what cameras y’all using because this look like what my eyes wish they saw on a regular

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    when you gotta perform on colors at 5 but have to be a lamp at 6

  85. V.C.R Music

    This recording needs to put on Spotify


    it is, you just need to look up colors on spotify and there's a big playlist of all their shows :)

    V.C.R Music

    Thank youuuu 💜

  86. Kxng Savag3.

    When I saw Olu standing I knew shits bout to go down🔥

  87. Kinneciya Mitchell

    I literally was sitting in front of Johnny Venus and didn't know who he was. I'm so pissed because if I knew better, I could've got an autograph, hug, or picture. I was running why people kept walking up to him. Yet he was just hanging out being human.

  88. Lawrenceia Thompson

    I love them so much! 😍

  89. Tevin Epps

    Why Venus hate shirts so damn much

  90. Cameron Vest

    I did a dope ass edit of Johnny on my design account on ig @cramsdesigns and I’d really appreciate it if you could check it out🖤

  91. Culture King

    AFRICA approves

  92. TZ Confidential

    Live hits different sana

  93. Jreality

    I love watching this video get 100k each week
    Lovely energy
    Peace be with them

  94. ZUES Pettaway

    They remind me outkast so much!!! Mad respect!!!

  95. Shohan Music

    Get another jid performance ☺️