EARTHGANG - Stuck Lyrics

[Johnny Venus:]
I'm stuck to you
I'm sorry I can't get loose
I'm stuck to you
I apologize for all the times I blew
I'm stuck to you
I'm sorry I can't get loose
I'm stuck to you
I apologize for all the times I blew

You pretty black rose, you brutalized soul
I pinky promise I won't hurt you no mo'
Don't leave me out, out in the cold
'Cause I don't wanna die anymore (Alright! Attention!)

Mister misunderstanding is marryin' miscommunication today at three
Don't lose your invitation, they say it's the place you ought to be
Filled with the who's whose? Of, who's you?
Who's me? And who's anybody?
Please dress in your finest (Like casket sharp?)
Well gee, just wait and see
Who grabbed me by the collar?
Made me make 'em holla, I should've reconsidered, I know (Huh)
Niggas ain't shit, huh, well you ain't lyin'
And I hate, I hate to be E, let go
So in this nightlife, said I apologize

I'm stuck to you
I'm sorry I can't get loose
I'm stuck to you
I apologize for all the times I blew
I'm stuck to you
I'm sorry I can't get loose
I'm stuck to you
I apologize for all the times I blew

[Doctur Dot:]
First time did this verse, spit it half-assed
I wasn't in the mood, goons get emotional too
You angelic, getting high got me closer to you
Summer nights, stargazing, Frank Ocean and 'shrooms
Girl you drive me beaucoup cuckoo
Fucked around in you even though you down to fuck bitches too
There's nothing that you won't do
Mama ain't raise no fool, well now I guess that ain't true
I'm in and out of symbiotic situation shit too often
Never finish how they started, used to fuck you on the carpet
The floor is hot lava, Hawaii tickets we always talked about
I guess I'm finna go without ya like Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Marshall and Kim in here for a minute
Depending who you asking, you ask who you depend in
But what we been through ain't nobody business
My love for you is infinite

[Arin Ray:]
Fake me in the same clothes
Fuck that if I say so
Worst part is she can't clone
Love, love is-
Everything that we came for
Everything that we made for us
Everything that we paid for
Why is it breaking us down?
Love, now why-why
Why is it breaking us down?

[Johnny Venus:]
I'm stuck to you
I'm sorry I can't get loose
I'm stuck to you
I apologize for all the times I blew
I'm stuck-

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EARTHGANG Stuck Comments
  1. Matthieu

    the ways he goes for the ad-libs is WONDERFUL

  2. Fleurie Neige

    Dr. Dot eyes be rolling to the back of his head because those rhymes and music be feeling good to him!! I love !! 💗

  3. [ N x L L ]

    Im just stuck in eartgang <3

  4. VicoXIV

    Am i the only one thinking of "Bring me home" from Whitechapel when i hear the melody?

  5. AK87Berlin

    Watering the plants mid perfomance came out of nowhere.


    Dedication to growth 👍👍

  6. Jeremy Santos

    They would be great on tiny desk bruh they are great artists in general

  7. Michael Davison

    This is nothing but AMAZING !! Earthgang really showing why we love them!!!

  8. TobiKobeTV

    Goood shit

  9. Ricardo Martin

    Esto tiene alma propia, que grandes son estos tíos❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Olivia Oliver

    Still good❤🌻

  11. moop

    Damn, son

  12. joao guilherme Ferreira

    Earthgang but doesn't even know the right way to water a plant... Anyway, great song!

  13. John Villasanta

    Both of they glasses fire asf

  14. Breanna Monroe

    I wish this version was on Spotify

  15. Devonne Maughn

    Johnny Venus is my favorite R&B singer

  16. beel

    Earthgang's drip remains *UNMATCHED*

  17. Maya Ellis

    any one else just want to relax in that room and feel their energy

  18. Chris Styles

    mirrorland was so right, book that NPR desk!



  19. Yung Muff

    I love them, Doc comes in 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Diego Sarmiento

    Reminds me of OutKast so much 💯🔥💯

  21. Aunt Jemima


  22. Giorgio Barbieri

    1:48 eyeglass ticklin'

  23. Bolbi


  24. Aurelien Deschaud

    Les mecs ils ont fait leurs courses dans un surplus militaire ou un magasin d'airsoft lol

  25. Bolbi

    Can you guys get this on Spotify please?

  26. Ta'aja Gates

    Love earthgang for real some thing different and amazing

  27. Martin Varela

    Thumbs up if you expected arin ray to kill that real quick

  28. Owethu

    Skullcandy going brazy with the cannabis themed set lmao

  29. Marcella Lopes

    too fast!!!!

  30. Marcella Lopes

    please come to brazil

  31. Marcella Lopes

    perfeitos eu amo vcs

  32. Darryl Burks

    Fasho the OutKast of our generation


    2:51 Tell me Dot don’t sound like Chance The Rapper

    Fire tho 🔥🔥

    Kathleen Horton


    Kathleen Horton

    He’s way more soulful and his flow is different and his content is 100 x better

  34. Ta'aja Gates

    I Don't think I know I have found another group to listen to Heck yes 💯💯

  35. Blank Blank

    Loving the 21:9!

  36. Anderson Brown

    screw u, fantano, this a good song smh

  37. mvrco_raw

    where can i get that mask? shits fyeee

  38. Black Broski


  39. XxJ35xX

    Fuck every time I watch this it amazes me how they actually have vocals ! When they break it down & they both just show versatility 🔥🔥

  40. Noku M

    “I know I fucked up a lot of times”
    No, you fucked IT UP 😍😍 love you guys!

  41. Александр Ильин

    Из России есть ценители?

  42. tropiuus

    It’s a better version of the song on the album 😔


    "Stuck" slaps! 👏

  43. mermerme LVRSZ

    better than a porn,,



  45. Jose Rivera

    This is better than the album version

  46. Carl Joseph Castaneda

    Proud to say that i'm here many times before 1M views. 😁

  47. Rucci XVC

    Finally found it. Omg i gave myself headaches after seeing this on a youtube ad. I was high as a kite too so it was like WOAH. Ifwi heavy 💪💪💪💪💪🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    So heavy! Welcome to the channel!🔥🔥🔥

  48. John Watson

    nice flow



  49. N0PE

    Shit’s WACK

  50. MTBbaconbro523

    So we not gonna talk about how Venus started watering the plants in the background with his crazy ass 😭😭😭

  51. Phoenix Mkhwanazi

    That first "to youuu"😟

  52. Sam Gallegos

    New favorite song

  53. Prymasis

    I always thought earthgang was one person is it?


    nah bro it’s these two dudes Olu and Wowgr8


    So Venus just thought it was a good idea to water the weed at the back during the performance? lmao

  55. chuckeya drinkard

    Love this!!!!!

  56. Mareena Klonaridou

    Loooove it

  57. Elvis Banele


  58. Marcus Price

    I've always loved earthgang and where did he get that mask

  59. Adria Maria

    I love this man

  60. Isaiah K Roberts-Ramangmou

    3:18 I’m from Hawaii

  61. Brian

    These guys riff off each other so well

  62. The Homie

    Everyone talking about Venus, but Doc fuckin killed it. he's the one that really got me bumpin to this joint

  63. Just_NE1 Official

    Come on guys we gotta get this over 1 million views. They deserve more than that

  64. Butters Ag

    For some reason I prefer this version over the recorded studio version, thats saying something 🔥

  65. Kodiak the Karnivore

    How can I get my hands on one of those masks?

  66. zovazHD

    EARTHGANG KRIT AND BOOGIE MY TOP 3 Idc what y’all say

  67. Elías Villarroel

    Everyday i listen everytime, fuckin good times with this.

  68. Dumbly Destin

    3:23 he sound like chance the Rapper 😝

  69. Dumbly Destin

    Aye this nice🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯🎩

  70. Mike Wizardx

    Can i find this song on a album yet ?

  71. Andrew O'Brien

    Anyone know where Venus gets these pop-shield type mesh masks he keeps wearing or what they're called? They dope as all hell

  72. Flo eric

    name a better duo than these two at the moment? i'll wait

  73. Capture Life Photography & Film

    This is so good!

  74. Focused 56

    Venus vocals and Doc slick flow🔥🔥🔥

  75. Lauri

    so fucking good

  76. wee jobbie

    So much better than the studio version holy shit

  77. 2BuckChuck

    the only other true ATLiens

  78. Emily Monroe

    can this version be on spotify please

  79. Day Leo

    Don't sleep on earth gang. They're on the verge of blowing up 👏🏻👏🏻💞

  80. Qronicッ

    remix with chance the rapper?

  81. Shane Reilly

    i cannot believe what i just heard omg

  82. Bri Divine

    I am living for these head wraps

  83. Jagdeep Nerwal

    I just can't get over the fact that earthgang's performance is in 21:9

  84. Gabriel Chavez

    I seen what they talking about

    "My love for "U" is infinite" 💯💯💯

  85. filloippo

    Mac millerish? Anyone?

  86. Anthony Perez

    Boy looks like a grunt from Halo

  87. Chris Kolath AnWatchMeWork

    Oh wow..... I need to keep my ears to the deck. How I missed this an all there shit, this long is beyond me. #IMWOKENOW

  88. Mr Schneebly

    Whoa. So freaking GOOD!

  89. Jessica Gill

    Mr venus' verse is shit hotter than the track! Awesome!

  90. Jesse the rainbowrabbit

    Earthgang should totally put this version in mirrorland!! so soulfull!!

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    Earthgang x Flatbush Zombies or Hip Hop is taking an L

    VK III

    That would be a crazy mix of style and voices 🔥🔥

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    they KILLED this shit

  93. Supah

    Come back to this song everyday! Instant banger and its been months🔥

  94. Xavier The worst

    Id suck their dicks

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    Their outfits are so unique🔥

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    Issa bump, I'm glad Cole snagged these guys