EARTHGANG - So Many Feelings Lyrics

5: 06 AM
Feel like I should go to sleep
Yeah, try to do this one time

[Johnny Venus:]
I feel like Farrakhan with the 40 ounce
Malcolm X pushing his glasses up in V-live watching all the shawtys bounce
I feel like Oprah Winfrey with 10 G's, no flexin'
Pimp C's Rolex shining on these hoes heads
I feel like Erykah's pussy, mm, enough said
Nigga heart like Worldstar
Nigga head like Bel-Air
I feel my bitch only truly love me when I'm filling up her buggy
When I send her out for fresh nails and a new pack of...

I'm feeling cocky in my nakedness
Extra sensitive to sacrad bitch
So who the fuck you playing with?
I feel the anger oozing out my family portrait
Who knew posing in the gutter could turn out so gorgeous?
Nigga Metta World Peace with my metamorphosis
Hey Arnold, all these bandwagon fans boarding
I feel like Marvin Gaye on his birthday
Sometimes I feel like God on her worst day

[Doctur Dot:]
Feeling like a breath of fresh air
Or Sanaa Lathan's sundress
Feel like I been numb so long
Can't remember feelin' nothing else
Feel R. Kelly overdid it and Aaliyah wasn't done yet
Fuck it, what do I know? You get the concept
I feel a woop coming on
But a fly Tootsie Roll
Black and young, flaming hots, and a scratch-off for my mom
Feel like Kool-Aid in a sandwich bag
Live from the scammers natural habitat
Trick up my sleeve, alakazam, no Shaq
Ah-ha, oh yeah, so many feelings, so many losers with expert opinions
I feel I think I don't know shit sometimes
I feel like survivors guilt, but I don't feel alive
Often wonder why

[DC YoungFly:]
Bitch you better open this door!
I got your son outside, hoe!
Fuck wrong witchu! (door opens)
Oh, uh... your name must be Jason
Big as fuck... you big, big!
What the fuck you be eatin' bruh?
Ayy... um... you think you can go get our girl and tell her
Come down here 'cause...
She got our child... he might be yours
How long you been fuckin' with her?
'Scuse me let me walk, be right back real quick dog...
Fuck wrong witchu!
You ain't even got no cereal in here man
You got milk but you ain't got no cereal
What type of bitch ass drink milk?
You know, why I stop fuckin' witchu anyways
I bet you drink it out the bottle ugly ass girl, AYY!

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EARTHGANG So Many Feelings Comments

    Man fuck outta here with that weeb shit

  2. William Marshall

    Anyone else notice the ending of the video with the album covers on the floor and the fan is a setup of the Ready to Die video?

  3. Brandon Heim

    Earthgang performed this the other night on tour and I didn’t expect it and I almost cried of joy

  4. LIFE 1OOO


  5. superdud42

    I've been fucking with earthgang since torga. How in the fuck did i miss this. I didnt think i'd hear anything i haven;t heard after the album came out. At least for awhile

  6. Willie Hayter

    If my next girlfriend doesn’t play this song the first I meet her on the date I don’t want her!

  7. Willie Hayter

    Nigga heart like world star
    Nigga head like Bellair 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Willie Hayter

    I feel like Marvin Gay on his birthday
    Sometimes I feel like God on HER worse day


    It's 5:06am

  10. VonRay

    I just wish this was on the album. Between this and Up I can't decide which is my favorite song.

  11. big blue 32

    DOPE AF!!!

  12. Doc

    Hol up, is this bih on Apple Music?

  13. Evan S.

    Never. Fucking. Disappointed. Thank you ‼️

  14. MasMusicRCRDZ


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    Earthgang are special

  16. spyman200

    Mirrorland is gonna go platinum. I can't wait
    Edit: The ceiling fan toward the end of the video is the same as the ceiling fan in the start of "Ready To Die"

  17. Julian Gonzales

    YOO the final shots are from the Ready to Die MV.

  18. Samantha Urban

    So who the fuck you playin with


    read this as I heard it

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    so good

  20. Lesedi Ramotshela

    My mind after the video stops : *DC Youngfly voice* TASHAADAAA!!!

  21. Mikazzo Tha' Myztik

    First song I heard by EarthGang was Flickted been a fan ever since!

  22. DJ XTC

    Half a year later....where is mirrorland

  23. Wesssy9 Wes

    Reminds me of “robots” mixed with the f bomb video. Y’all will blow soon! Just keep it the same when u do!! Much love

  24. zovazHD

    Next duo that’s actually good🔥👑

  25. Mikeysham

    This animation style looks similar to an oldschool anime called Dead Leaves , check it if you wanna see something as twisted

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    They showed clips of this in their tour with Cole 🔥🔥🔥

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    Who else saw this on adult swim

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    Ok guys, we've been waiting for 4 months now, time to release that fire!

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    Collab with with Tobi Lou could be dope

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    Feelin thissssss 1

  32. yoo real shit

    Thanks dreamville

  33. 47 47

    There's a spiritual meaning in the beginning tell me if u find it ... Hint it's numbers and has something too do with a angle

  34. KIDberger420 w

    Chance the rapper feature???

  35. Justin Morin

    Why isn’t this on Spotify... Seriously I need more earthgang in my life

  36. Someone who's a weeb for fun

    Heard this on Adult Swim a couple of months ago and my dumbass just now found it 😒

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    mirrorland about to blow our minds. blessup

  38. Troy Francisco

    I think the album gonna drop April 22 cuz that be earth day. There name be earthgang. Just a idea

    Kenny Uhle

    but its a Monday, usually EPs during the week and friday are for the albums

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    How did I know he was talking about Erykah Badu?

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    Animation is awesome!

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    Praise adult swim man. Never heard of these guys in till i saw this video while watching toonami

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    Kings!!! you guys had the BEST fucking set, yesterday. That energy !!! I felt every bit of that. The animation, give me some Samurai champloo/afro samurai feels. Please do a song with my honey Ari.

  43. Johnny Xcashk

    EarthGang is here to stay 👽😉😎

  44. HuduYooVudu

    I’m glad rappers can talk about depression and numbness without people think they are bitches. This song bumps but going through what I am, I feel it on another level.

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    Maaaaaan ..........

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    Nike you momunoge more like nigga gone bitch ass.

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    Feel survivers quilt but I dont feel alive🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    bandwagon fan boardin'

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    I'm waiting for this!!!!!

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    I'ma get this to a million views myself

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    The R Kelly jab though!!!!! #Truuuuuuue

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    Sometimes I feel like God on her worst day!! @[email protected]

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    This deserves more views than it has right now

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    KOTA brought me here


    Me and Earthgang just dropped a new interview about the Mirrorland album, the singles that are out already, signing to Dreamville and much more on my channel! Go check it out if you're a true Earthgang fan! 🔥🔥🔥

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    mmm just peaceful and happy

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    BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER, keep it up guys.

    Amsterdam show was the bomb.

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    I think I understand this storyline of this music video but im not positive. Would someone mind explaining it to me? Thanks

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