EARTHGANG - Miss The Show Lyrics

[Johnny Venus:]
Paint or sculpture, pain is sculptured, pictures
Did I mention in the beginning
Man, these rappers so simplistic
Just repeat the same sentence like alright nigga we get it
But the DJ still spin it
'Cause the bucks is in fitted
And my lust for these women got me rough with these women
Then, indifferent when I feel I've had enough of these women
My bad, I ain't mean to sentiment it
Or cement it like centennial bricks and 96 kids
What we was at the time, now we bout this business
Hoes used to call me tasty but now I'm 'bout delicious
So gifted that I'm spitting out ribbons 'till they tie me up
Been close to the ceiling, stand me on the stool and kick it
I'm kidding, not trying to blow no highs in here
I'm just trying to change a couple people minds in here
Rhymes fresher than the verse, tryna mess it and I bet ya
We make a splash like we can't stand our own reflections

[Doctur Dot:]
Uh, baby like it that way
Baby always liked it that way
I'm trying to be why you never hear me
Baby I'm tryna be the way you hear me

Recognize real shit, when it flow freely
CC you be on that ATL housewife, nene
She out with me me, ain't having this
But I'm a proud as member of the prenup
As a kid, you have them d cups, that a bitch
Now show the hoes how you came up from everything, yup
Just so you can get a chance to do everything
Everything green screen, marquee got your name in it
These niggas know you with, when you pull up on the premises
Just in vallet, we like damn, how'm I 'posed to get up in that bitch
And the smoke getting stupid, hella thick
These niggas walking out with their hands
But suing 'cause they're sick
I give a fuck about them odds
They ain't even shit
As long as that beat stay kicking then the mic stand
Lift up, yeah you niggas keep dissing and we gon' be just good
Bruh, trust them niggas out the hood, love

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EARTHGANG Miss The Show Comments
  1. Babafemi Meredith

    Wow. Classic

  2. Jose Jasso

    Just came across this gem. Been listening to EG for 2 years and i still keep finding new stuff.

    Babafemi Meredith

    Right... These dudes was killing it back then... 8 years ago wow

  3. boogie56ace

    Who made the video?

  4. Die-Verse Da Genius

    Where the song shampoo at? Is that girl still in the group

  5. Crystal Parker

    Like x1000

  6. AliveIn2013


  7. Randomz_By_Ntriigue

    one of my favorites :)