EARTHGANG - Mad Men Lyrics

She looked at me, as if to say
My presence ain't necessary here today
Niggas asking me, "Bruh, you feel some type of way?"
I look at them like, "Dude, are you some type of gay?"
Get out yo feelings fool
This ain't no Heath Ledger, Jake Keeling fool
I had minimal friends, ever since middle school
Still I reach the pinnacle, psychological gymnastics and tools
Telepathic, making diamonds out of plastic
But ain't no cubic Z's, here nigga
Native tongue, I manic these, spoken fluently, here nigga
Told my girl, "Baby, she with me"
"Here sister" then she bounced
Now I'm foolishly here sittin'
Fools prophesized that I lost my mind, no
I just found a few more to occupy y'all
Shit I've been through, ain't too different from you
Except with me, schizophrenia ensued
We still thankful for the blessings and funerals and weddings

'Cause we still thankful for the blessings and funerals and weddings, uh

Oh, we in the limelight now, you know where people go and talk
Tell 'em take two steps, you know how people gon' walk
Take that 82 steps, you know the hoes gon' stalk
So I got to stay sharp but in the ho department
Here it is, the people's favorite were gon'
Let's see if we standing eight, yeah, on top of the charts
Your favorite rapper struggling, I'm on top of the art
'Cause everybody he knows, ego is threefold
Bust on the pretty ass hoes then reload
In these eyes, you rappers the size of peepholes
And you can't step in side 'cause I don't recognize ya
Always shitty lines bruh, all these niggas lined up behind ya
Cut my head off and I'll remind you of a time you don't remember
A place you couldn't enter
How you tryna walk past me?
Like my clothes nasty, like niggas don't ask me
Son, where you copped that from?
I'm the man from the governor of the city bums
My light shines like the sun in the city slumps
My mans told me stand tall on the city, um
And show these motherfucking niggas, where we really from

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