EARTHGANG - LaLa Challenge Lyrics

Everybody Trapping
Everybody Hard
Everybody's Fucking
Everybody's broad
Nigga's slaying Bitches
All the Women bored
Paint your nails and
Stroke that pussy
Cat till I'm off tour

One in 10 is gangsta
Hardest in the yard
Two in 10 gone tango
Rest of y'all fraud
People of the Land
Won't you take my hand
Come inside these walls
100 round applause

Step out the car like the Bad Girl and pause the beat
Stop the world, give it a twirl when I move my feet make sacred ground
Cause you brown don't mean you down
Cause you white don't mean you right
Cause I'm lost don't mean you found

I got the sauce like Italians
Digital love don't mean shit to me bitch I can tell you a catfish
(No, no)
Came from the bottom
Trained how to spot em
Stain on my tongue
Came from the slaves
And the sharecroppers
Sang with vibrato
Hang with some thugs that be changing some diapers
Still don't take shit
Take aim at your collar
Yeah yeah yeah (ha)
One to the head
Now ya know he dead
My daily routine consist of making sure everybody fed
So I could never love a bitch that's giving everybody
Headphones on perpetual
Blockin all you perpetrators
Auntie taught yo third graders
Cousin prolly served yo neighbors
Nigga what you need?
Take you up like the ErrrLAvator

One time one time for ya baby mom's
Two times for the hand in the candy jar
Holy Ghost showed up in my favorite thong
Three times in the car for the way we are
Another white man scared another black man dead
Another rich man's war another red neck bled
I been writing this album damn way too long
When I drop my Shit pray it hit the toilet like


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EARTHGANG LaLa Challenge Comments
  1. Afro Commie

    that skit is life

  2. Darian Gregory

    They remind me of Outcast a little bit. Definitely some influence to their Music. I'm loving their Vibe.

  3. Ya Boy

    Mirrorland most underrated rap album 2019

  4. Sophia Perticarà

    Great!!! they take so many backbeat impressively!

  5. Venessa Talbert

    No words....just lighted blunt thoughts!

  6. fly man

    Is that the girl from rhythm in flow

  7. Tahiti Flow

    Just listened to the whole album and.. He clearly enters the very closed circle of < perfect albums >, you know those ones with no bad songs, only ( very) good songs. Thanks EarthGang, you're legends ❤️

  8. Sophia Oberstein

    Lil' Bish Nigrested in Pug Peace Love to ya'll (hair feeling much better since I got typhoon slung (3x) shot out Sparks. Neva been (3x)bettUH

  9. Edgardo Giron

    Had to come an support these 2 talented artist such an exotic sound their not the new OutKast their EARTHGANG 🌎

  10. geetv713otr



    These dudes need to collab with jpegmafia, they both have that animated energy on tracks

  12. Cruel Kindness

    The first half of this song is so smooth. I’m not a big fan of mid song skits and I didn’t really like the 2nd half of the song. Not that it was bad, I just think they should have finished the first half.

    Afro Commie

    this midskit is funny as hell do

    KT 03

    Cruel Kindness the skit and the second half are the best part of the album lol

  13. Bartfart07 _

    All songs by then suck

  14. Sam Fisher

    This album is 100% 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Rezster _

    This so good.

  16. Tellaus Luster

    He said all the woman boys 😂😂 0:25

  17. Key Bair

    Modern day outkast?

  18. Zach ary

    This and up are actual god tier songs

  19. Big Chillin

    2:05 to the end is insane

  20. K. S.R

    My ancestors walked into the promise land to this beat👏🏿

  21. humerman #000

    This reminds me of ghetto musick bu outkast

  22. ブリークBleak

    Why the fuck is the snare the sound that the penguins make in super mario 64?

  23. Mr. Marques

    This sound like an Andre 3000 creation. Don't know how I feel about yet. Gonna listen to the rest of the album and decide...

  24. mike coles

    Who started this style modern day. Chance, smino, goldlink, earthgang?

  25. steven booker


  26. Corinda Harris

    I get it a lil bit but I'm old I guess but it's ok

  27. Justin Pettit

    Idk what I just heard or how I feel about it. Lol.

  28. Brownstone Custom Cabinetry

    "A" stand up!

  29. Carmelita Gonzalez

    Was that dreezy @1:39 sounds like her 😂💖💖

    Angel Obando

    I'm trying to find is out myself

  30. Josh

    My stank face literally cramping rn

  31. Oscar Almeida

    From 2:30 - 3:40 does anyone else feel like jumping off their seat and praising the lord.
    cause i'm all over my living room looking like a waving inflatable.


    Oscar Almeida nah it ruins the song


    It takes over my whole body

    Tommaso Rinaldi

    It ain't no lord to praise

  32. hyu hyo


  33. SCAMPs2X

    The OutKast influence is oozing on this album

  34. Goudacris

    Got this and RotD3 on repeat all day everyday until I die

  35. ayy fam


  36. Jay Sven

    So hyped ima see them in October 🙏🏼🔥

  37. Redd Angel

    They need to have a festival

  38. Danny Maurice

    god fucking damn

  39. Quincy E. Allen II

    At 2:33 it reminded me of the ying yang twins just for a moment haha

  40. Josh c

    I love this unique beat on every song ! God bless everyone 😇

  41. CAN Control

    OutKast rebirth

  42. lil urmom

    that switch literally got me so fucking happy listening to

  43. ty dollaz

    Alex and Allyson grey inspired for the cover art?

  44. Flaimin.Official

    Best Duo 2019❤❤ Bless Dreamville😩

  45. Lan Ray

    I get major OutKast vibes from this song

  46. PopkillerTV

    Amazing album, great job!! 🌎💥
    We just released a brand new video interview with EARTHGANG: on going Gold, "Sacrifices", Mac Miller, Southern lyricism. You can watch it here: 💪Peace!

  47. Kyng Chiles

    My cuzin jamal brought me here lol lmfao.


    Mirrorland is a journey through JUNGLE & SPACE



  50. SatounoKumo

    I 'm still listening to and admiring and talking about "Up" and now I get a full album! Wait for me dude

  51. Lyrical Eggnog


  52. OSanchezO


  53. Zhakarovk

    Pure Art.

  54. FXG Zeus

    Play fortnite w me

  55. AYO wardrey

    Come on why is one song private you guys are selfish😂😂

  56. TobeAye

    Damn, I’m so late for this.

  57. Shawn Adams

    Are they gunna drop merch? I want this on Vinyl so bad.

    Chris Malinowski

    Yup on Twitter they just posted the link for mercy. Vinyl only $25

    Major Payne

    They go sell the tarot cards too

  58. Jed Carpentero

    Fire 🔥

  59. MasMusicRCRDZ


  60. Lindokuhle Nkomo


  61. Meghan Pierce

    Love these guys! Their music is so unlike everyone else's. 😍😍😍

  62. tayo kobomoje

    Earthgang is a gift

  63. Crunch

    Ok that second part got me jumpin around the place.

  64. ItsOurFault

    Oh and THIS IS FIRE!!!!

  65. smokingood197


  66. Lazy Magician

    Looks like they meant this September and not last September.

  67. Joreos

    I'm glad I grew up in an era where I understand the influences but can fuck with the originality of people like Earthgang

  68. mal Richardson

    *sniff ...I'm not crying you're crying 😭🔥🔥🔥


    Earthgang never disappoints🥵🔥🔥

  70. Brian Nam

    i was trying to not smoke today. but come on this is an occasion

    Windger Millien

    naa thats dead me right now lmaooo

    Anthony Moten

    😂 I can relate so much s/O us for knowin real music 🤘🏽

  71. Jesse the rainbowrabbit

    This soothes my soul so god damn much. It's so different, innovative, exquisite. The sound and the vibes vibrate in my ears. Amazing. Haven't heard someone sound like this since outkast! Love earthgang!

  72. High Life

    Freshh vibess🥶🤯

  73. MOS - ProductionsTM

    I have it on mute for tomorrow after practice cuz I don’t wanna spoil anything. I just had to comment and show tha love 🔥🔥🔥

  74. 3mit

    GOOD LOOOOOOOORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sam Fisher

    3mit I know right. Shits dope

  75. D .upp

    Always fye🥵🙏🏽✅

  76. Ty Hardy


  77. tobyegs

    So fucking good.

  78. G Sicki

    nobody else makes music like this tho keep it real, you cant hate on it

  79. Pat Ribera

    Legendary 👍🔥👍

  80. 50 Cent

    Fireeeee asffff

  81. Jessie Whyborne Pineda Zetina

    Genio bro, is the king.🔥

  82. 10% dead

    Earthgang the new EARTHGANG 🔥🤯

  83. Harry Alchemist

    Bill burr is dope

  84. Kiwi James

    Ohhhhhh fuckk yeah **EARTHGANG**

  85. \Carlos Ortiz/

    Name one bad Earthgang song. I’ll wait


    a good half of this album

    Bartfart07 _

    All of them


    this reply section is a circlejerk. change my mind.

    Thaddeus Virella

    bruh I been dodging they"re music for awhile, but the hooked me in with UP and so far im liking what im hearing

    Juice WRLD

    Nowhere fast but that’s the only one

  86. LGL legend


  87. King Bruce

    I’m only 15 but I grew up listening to yall and dreamville still love all of yall music 🤟🏾🔥


    Nobody give a fuck about what age you are.


    Good luck with the bs


    I3 year old this shit is fire 🔥


    im 14 dude this song is dope

  88. Coolbr

    Letsss goooo

  89. chicken ramen

    Dontai finna NUT

  90. Savage Automata

    Im early af

  91. Terrance Hill

    Let's gooooo!!! I can't wait to bump this

  92. Hugh Janus

    Thank you earthgang, for making this music.

  93. Brandon Gallemore

    Love it!

  94. SupaSaiyanJoshy


    Justin Pettit

    Yeah I was thinking it had an Outkast feel to it.

    Sam Fisher

    I’ll admit they got that West Atlanta sound. I miss it. I’m feeling this all day er day.


    I can see that, having listened to Kast from the word go. I think a collaboration with Tobe From the SWAT would go Fed. Good Music.


    Nah. There something different. Respect the lanes.

    Guillermo Ruiz

    nah, their sound is more like if outkast had two andre 3000's in their group. so nah, they are nothing like outkast.

  95. Priyal Pal

    sounds like reggae and hip hop combined.

    Eli Petta47

    Listen to CJ Fly's upcoming album

    Priyal Pal

    @Eli Petta47 roger dat