EARTHGANG - Collide Lyrics

Everybody's got opinions on our thing
Say we're flying down a path with no ending
And if I die before I wake
Ooh don't let me wake up from this dream

When we collide-ide-ide
When we collide, it's a beautiful disaster
When I crash into you, you, you
Crash into you, you, you

I've been so frustrated have to let it out (Have to let it out)
Let me tell you with my body what I'm talking 'bout (Let me tell you, let me tell you)
I don't care about the future or the past (I don't care, I don't care, no no)
Riding slow, 'cause you know the world's moving too fast (Too fast)

When we collide-ide-ide
When we collide, it's a beautiful disaster
When I crash into you, you, you
Crash into you, you, you

Without you I'm just a fraction
Closing in on my demise

And I love you religiously
With everything inside of me
As long as I'm
As long as I'm alive

When we collide-ide-ide
When we collide, it's a beautiful disaster
When I crash into you, you, you
Crash into you, you, you

When we collide-ide-ide
When we collide, it's a beautiful disaster
When I crash into you, you, you
Crash into you, you, you

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EARTHGANG Collide Comments
  1. uhseki

    I love this song, so beautiful💖
    Please release ''Queen & Slim'' in Japan as soon as possible🙇‍♀️🇯🇵

  2. James Tidwell

    I love this damn Song. It eases my Mind,,Body an Soul. Makes all my love come out. Feels like no one can take my joy away. Has me just riding everywhere with this Hit on Repeat until I pull back Up to my Crib. An I still sit in my shit an Play on tell this Love stops reaching for me "WHEN WE COLLIDE". I'm from Chicago (the Getto) an if there wasn't a God then this Song wouldn't be Made. An here U have it. ( When love Collide's ).

  3. Danyelle Terry

    Instantly fell in love with this song.

  4. Micheal Johnson

    Black is BEAUTIFUL

  5. MissKay _OshunGoddess

    Song is SO fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍

  6. Mehdi

    The metro guy serving pasta to some girl brings me here !

  7. Jay W

    I think I just found my wedding song

  8. jaymes kalala

    woouw, the girl voice reminds me a bit Lauryn hill (and a bit the melody of "diamond on the inside" ben harper)

  9. Patrice William

    That love

  10. Pedro Gonzalez

    Good music!!!!

  11. Timothy Delvecc

    Melanin... #blackgirlmagic #blackboyjoy

  12. Herman Nixon

    It's ah beautiful disaster when I crash into you ( Raquita Antonio Nixon.

  13. Rebecca Davila

    Sang that song, giving me chills

  14. Rebecca Davila

    Damn, the song collide blows me away

  15. Danny Banks

    This is the hottest song on planet earth right now. Could've been written by prince.
    Please end mumble rap. We need real music like this

  16. Quintin Williams


  17. Quintin Williams


  18. Christine Nwosuji

    I freaking love this songggggg

  19. Em M

    Does Lana del Rey's Mariners apartment complex sample brokeback mountain's theme song as well?

  20. Jawad Ahmad

    @Deezer soundtrack page land me here

  21. Breezy Baby

    Beautiful...Just Beautiful ❤🔥❤🔥

  22. Natosha Latrice

    Baaaaaaby I can't get enough of this one. Been on repeat the last 2 days

  23. FynnFynn

    I love this song

  24. Paul Parnitzke

    This song was on in buffalo ny on the radio 93.7 I love it I just close my eyes I think how music can make life,so much better in the weird world were living in now

  25. Johnny Doeboy

    Song is 10x better than that corny ass movie

  26. Kimberly Olivier

    Perfect song for me and my boyfriend

  27. Lovelise

    This song is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! Everything about it! Classy, loving, just wow

  28. Dylan Ware

    Instantly hooked on this song when I heard it, very relaxing to listen to.

  29. king randor

    This song makes me want to see the movie now beautiful song

  30. April Norman

    Thanks to Elvin Menseh I'm here and this is absolutely beautiful 😍❤️

  31. Durag Jesus

    Damn how is this not a hit ? This sounds just.. beautiful

  32. Mister Privacy

    Great song!!!! Think the music is from Brokeback Mountain. I kept saying I heard this music somewhere ,

  33. Anita Akewusola

    Whew, this song has my heart skipping beats.

  34. BossTeamEntertainment


  35. Deez Nuttz


  36. DolceVita

    wow what a track.... wow.. this might be my fave forever song

  37. Cynthia Carter

    Simply beautiful!

  38. Judahs Hero

    Wow, who would’ve thought arrested development would make a comeback like this!

  39. Lord Johnson

    Love this song such a great vibe!!!!

  40. ashish Enginr

    Im gonna play this on my honeymoon

  41. Sherise James

    Ooooo love this song!!! Repeat!!! 🔥 🔥 soul

  42. AD Riles

    That's my wife

  43. empress Williams

    Love love this song, gives me toni toni tone vibes

  44. Asia Clemons

    I thought she was saying lie

  45. Find Jerm Frm Oceanview

    Stop putting a race on GOD givin talent

  46. Cam Flo

    If you don't like this ....I need you to back away from all musical outlets. U are not worthy

  47. Jacob Stamm

    Damn this is good

  48. Killemwithkicks

    I heard this on the radio and I'm beyond thankful that Shazam was able to recognize it through the static.

    I need to watch this movie lol

    Lauren Bladen-White

    ME TOO!!! I wouldn't have a good portion of my Spotify playlists if it wasn't for Shazam.

  49. Tammy Luke

    Ask Nate

  50. A$AP Goldie

    Omg yess😩🥰🥰🥰

  51. Saun Daugherty

    This is a pretty song. Thank you.

  52. Regina Weems

    I already love Venus voice, but my God, he needs to do this more.
    About to listen for the third time! 💖

  53. Tiara De Silva

    This song is spectacular, listened to it and was instantly in love

  54. Brendo Marques

    Robbe and Sander kiss song ♡♡

  55. Wandia Gichanga

    Deserves more views. This shit is fire 😍😍

  56. Kendo75

    Some people talk about it, then there’s some people that know it. This one was written by, and for those who know it.

  57. Snowflake Jones

    Eargasm Goshdang 😍

  58. Sentongo Daniel

    Why is she giving me these Jazmine Sullivan vibes❤️

  59. Angelique Citchen

    I mean manifest eveything WE dreams of and visioned.

  60. Angelique Citchen

    Can i love you without having to give u my soul? Instead u you to take my soul to another level and add to it and manifests everything you've been dreaming with my vision for us. Could u be what IV prayed for and deserve without having to change you but build u up. ? My soul say yes sir.

  61. biggsexxy61314


  62. Cozie Lockz

    What a Work of Art✊🏾❤💚🖤
    I was quite disappointed that this wasn't featured in the movie.

  63. Fatboi. Slim this not Justine Skye's song? Same melody and title, only Years apart

  64. Ms. Powell

    I loveee Earthgang this song is so sweet the cruise to...

  65. bgj0ker

    I'm not afraid to say,tik tok got me here, and I'm fucking thankful for it, this song is wholesome

  66. Daisy Chown


  67. Terry Walker

    Anybody getting there jam on mai n come on get down now

  68. Amy A.

    This song is just everything! I love this song!🤨😍😎

  69. Dawn Kimble

    Listen. I have no offense or nothing against new music but the same beat was done by Prince. It was called the love we make but it was much slower. I hope whatever this artist is trying to do makes a statement and it is a success. Also too slow down buy Skip Marley in her it's just a faster version of diamond in the back.

  70. J J

    This song effing amazing ❤❤❤

  71. 11terrexx

    Such a beautiful song!!

  72. Lynnee Magruder


  73. Indian Rider

    I've finally found someone, who does this for me....beautiful song from beautiful people for beautiful people..

  74. REGI B

    Whoever don't like this song or think it's at least some beautiful piece of work is an inbred Trump supporter! This is the definition of a classic track!

  75. Sibongile Tasila Phiri

    This is yummy 🖤🥰🖤

  76. I Am A BFG

    Nothing but appreciation 💓

  77. Pop Viorel

    Beautiful xx also if u can't have enough of those chords there's also brokeback mountain the wings ost 😁

  78. xKillerDolliex

    This is going to be my wedding song

  79. Jeff Fawver

    Awesome Absolutely Beautiful!

  80. TheCubarican619

    Such a beautiful song. ❤️

  81. jen

    such a beautiful song and singers ! <3

  82. Jalen Campbell

    The movie was so sad at the end but so powerful

  83. Diana Villavicencio

    She sound like Jill Scott.

  84. K Monique

    Simply Amazing 🔥

  85. Denise Hullum

    I love this

  86. Richard Patton

    All i can say is dammmm what a song

  87. Neil Mayor

    for all the people who tush to leave cinema and missed it.... fools in a rush

  88. Joseph Baker

    This song is so f*;king beautiful

  89. James Carlson

    Beautiful, haunting song.

  90. Ernest Austin

    That beat, Oh that beat!!!

  91. Cheryl Postell

    This song is so chill!!!! I love it💜

  92. cfgrain

    Restoring my faith in beautiful R&B....."Riding slow, because you know the world is going too far....."

  93. Nab Jones

    Luv all we real Ann trill still 1 luv 205 lively

  94. omri sadovsky

    The song sound literally like the song : Hard place - H.E.R