EARTHGANG - Blue Moon Lyrics

The night is ours
The stars will rise
The sun goes down on me and you
Who holds the light?

I've been hustling I don't get no rest, once in a blue moon
Every time I got life figured out, I get back confused

First time I Saw you I knew you was trouble
Still I take the gamble rolling the dice
Knowing I wasn't willing to sacrifice
I invested too much time and my trajectory rely
On my obsession
Bitch I'm finna level up
I'm only letting you chill cuz you let me fuck
And I ain't tryna dawg you out but while you in
A nigga face I'm plotting and making plays
I'm put on this earth to conquer
It's a limit to my days
She said "fuck with me papi get up inside of me"
All up in her body so deep it feel like she part
Of me
I say hold up lil mama we complicating by
Would hate to find out this shit ain't great as we thought it'd
Beyonce and shiva Carter ain't common
We'd be smarter to just fucking enjoy the
We not each other property but wait
She ain't a waste a breath to argue she just put it in my face
Girl fuckin round with you gon have me late

You know I'm so elated, overjoyed
And grateful, euphoric
I want everyone to know it. If you hating it's gone show it
Slap a smile on ya face that will brighten up the whole damn place
I'll take you. Come along
I'll be a Got damn fool if I took all the credit
See the power running through me all I had to do was get out my way
Short circuit, doors turn. Was a time they was shut in my face
But I ain't complaining. I ain't conniving, I ain't complying, 'less it's God's timing. Turn up the bass baby
Im praising. I'm crazy
Come on over baby give me some sugar
Come on over Sugar give me some honey
Put it right on my tongue And I'll get back to the money

I've been hustling I don't get no rest, once in a blue moon
Every time I got life figured out, I get back confused

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EARTHGANG Blue Moon Comments
  1. GWS Righteous

    481666 get in contact with me eartgang 2020 400 years up its time.

  2. M.E.D

    Am I the only that gets frank vibes from this? Especially the beginning

  3. Jason Santino

    Track of the Year 🔥

  4. Roe Laophermsook

    such a dope track. heard it off thinkbeat radio

  5. Weeb Beater

    Blue moon you saw me standing alone
    Without a dream in my heart
    Without a love of my own
    Blue moon, you knew just what I was there for
    You heard me saying a prayer for
    Someone I really could care for

    And then there suddenly appeared before me
    The only one my arms will hold
    I heard somebody whisper "Please adore me"
    And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold!

    Blue moon!
    Now I'm no longer alone
    Without a dream in my heart
    Without a love of my own

    And then there suddenly appeared before me
    The only one my arms will ever hold
    I heard…

  6. Jaaysin Barber

    I feel like Lupe could have been featured on this track

  7. ya dig

    im hella disappointed your shows are 18 and older I was so down to come to the Louisville ky show

  8. starkyboy85

    The fuck is this shit! I was looking for dj kaos and theos blue moon.

  9. Charlie Grenhart

    There are some lyrics missing in the description, can ya’ll fill them in???

  10. Scott Lee

    I'm down

  11. Nosxm

    i fucking love earthgang

  12. Jose Chavez

    Waiting for the music video 😔?

  13. Lowkey Mood


  14. JM Rodriguez-Luis

    Just flew into Amsterdam, this is my soundtrack at the airport.

  15. Jason Santino

    Best album and this is the best Song of the Year! No doubt

  16. Cully

    This tune needs more views whaaaaaat

  17. Derrick Jackson

    That nigga Doc a jazz singer😂👌🏾

  18. Zack Piatkowski

    lyrics could be updated and fixed lol

  19. Chris Kolath AnWatchMeWork

    Hip hop at its most purest form....... Nough said.. #WatchOutBelow #PureHipHop

  20. Yacine Benlahsen

    Earthgang - Mirrorland
    Paak Anderson - Oxnard
    Music... i love it

    Giorgos Dalekos


    Yacine Benlahsen

    @Giorgos Dalekos said ur mom !


    How is this not hella famous

  22. Sibusiso Nkosi

    These guys arr pure Talent🙆🏾‍♂️

  23. stale memes


  24. ayy fam


  25. T. Stamp

    Sounds like a lion king song

  26. Rotterdammer 89

    Work with Anderson Paak

  27. Sanjay W

    Wow do people really not here these freemason lyrics with all these rappers and entertainers

    Sanjay W

    @JM Rodriguez-Luis church of Satan themselves said they mainly use the music industry and political figures

    JM Rodriguez-Luis

    can you be specific as to what lyrics you're referring to?

    Sanjay W

    @JM Rodriguez-Luis You dont even have the ears for it and you dont even believe its true, but want me to break it down for you? Lol why waste my time with someone who doesnt believe, noob

    JM Rodriguez-Luis

    @Sanjay W I listened bar for bar. Nothing about mansons you loser. Keep watching Illuminati videos on YouTube & being the powerless little fuck you are, needing some secret society to blame for why your life is a pile of shit.

    chiller stones

    you really wasting time on that bro, masons have been at the top since the pyramids were built

  28. Jc Ridex


  29. Lo Prophet Sound

    Good track, lyrics in description are off though.

  30. M Olley

    Good beer!

  31. Luis Jr

    First time listening, n at 1:34 I'm deciding this album will be a classic

  32. baby bird

    This is so good 😭👌🏾

  33. George Rodriguez

    I know i can't compare Earthgang and Outkast, but man don't tell me that they don't sound similar.🙇🔥

    Collin McAdow

    @Melvin Slaughter they do. johnny venus has been doing an andre 3k impression his whole career lmao

    Jon S

    Not at all. I assume people who say this never really listened to Outkast.

    JM Rodriguez-Luis

    @Jon S since southernplayalisticcaddilacmuzik homeboi


    I wouldn’t say the sound the same. They definitely give off the same vibes tho

    Jheri Curl Jankins

    Not just 'Kast....... Goodie Mob, Cee-Lo, Killer Mike, Witchdoctor, etc. You can't tell me you don't hear the Dungeon Family's influence all through these dude's music

  34. huey soul

    one word Outkast

  35. Ilay Ben-Simchon

    i’m speechless

  36. Francisj Mensah

    Earthgang always be killing it 🔥

  37. Lalaa M

    Both my babies got the vocals on this track😍😭

  38. Lalaa M

    They did it with this track!!

  39. Peroc Disgusting.

    How long have we waited for this to drop? Damn we come a long ass way

  40. Chris Aguila

    Doc just rippin songs in a way you would never imagine . Mad love from the I.E.

  41. amero98

    dope vibes , awesome work !

  42. Wesley Portelance

    Last time i was this early DoctorDot was still alive


    Wesley Portelance why’d he change his name tho ?

  43. Bivash Somaru

    This is HIP HOP

  44. OGKUSH 1

    Album is a masterpiece.... definitely worth the wait!

  45. Lost Wolf

    🔥 I swear I heard lil Wayne on that second verse 😂

  46. Coochie Flipflops

    Man I can’t find ready to die on Spotify is that going to get fixed

  47. MasMusicRCRDZ


  48. Dina Smith

    I was in tha pussy in HD to pull out in forgot it had already drop 💦 in listening to this bitch once in a blue moooooon

  49. Riley Naehu

    Seriously cant find a bad song!

  50. The Monkey's THC

    Muito foda,que musicalidade do caralho!

    Tiago Pacheco

    É isto que falta um bocado ao rap tuga, mais soul e musicalidade

  51. Pedro Garcia


    Jason Santino

    Pedro Garcia 💯🐉🦖🔥🌊🗣🌪

  52. cloudy tendencies

    True monSTARS!!! 😤🎨🖼

  53. High Life

    Enjoy a masterpiece 🤯🐵❣

  54. Marcus Campos

    The temperature of this album 🔥


    failtolawl no u


    Boiling point!!! This hot 🔥🔥🔥

    cow800 plays

    hmm yes show less

  55. nikolai cooperider


  56. Will gb

    Cade os br

  57. William Balensiefer

    Revenge of the dreamers 3 album of the year this is a beautiful sequel

    Nik Terin

    boi thunda i know lots of people that have ROTD3 top 5, music is and always will be subjective, I loved every song, so its one of my favourites, case closed

    boi thunda

    Nik Terin I didn’t say you can’t like that album. I was also sharing an opinion of mine since y’all are sharing yours about these albums. Idk what the issue is here

    Nik Terin

    boi thunda no it’s fine 😂 everyone’s likes different shit so it’s all good

    Nik Terin

    thatzbeasty read the rest of the thread, everyone’s opinions on music are different, hence why it’s one of my favourite projects this year, same with Mirrorland, I love it

    JM Rodriguez-Luis

    @thatzbeasty Honestly I only liked 2 songs. This Side and Blue Moon. For me those are definitely the standouts that have replay value. The rest I listened to once. Will try again on my way to Amsterdam tomorrow.

  58. Niel Lyson Tiongzon

    alrightttttttttttt album of tha year

  59. sⵏⴷtt

    Wow cool

  60. 3mit

    GOOD LOOOOOOOORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. J Me R u

    The wait is over!!!

  62. Stefan Ivanov

    Album of the year just dropped yo.

    Know Haiku

    @The Greatest Of Our Generation Dreamville is a close second and they're a lot of artists so it just shows the talent of Cordae


    Know Haiku that album was dope for sure. Some really underrated tracks like lost and found

    Stefan Ivanov

    @Tribal Cheech I checked that IDK album out a couple of days ago, had a lot on my mental going on and it helped me through a rly hard period of my life. Deffo something special and as good if not even better than Mirrorland. Ty for the recommendation my G. <3

    Not xVexorr

    What about injury reserve or ginger? And I'm still waiting Saba to drop something

    Jorden The Master

    Idk. Freddie gibbs. Dreamville. Earthgang. All aoty material imo

  63. la.rheese

    Bro we ready!

  64. High I'm Paul


  65. Student 10

    Amazing vibe.. and just such a beautiful flow.. this is why we listen!! Keep it up🔥🔥



  67. Joseph Gottschalk

    You're listening to the album... but have you played the game

    Jimmy GoldChain

    @nikolai cooperider *nerds


    the game kinda difficult fam

    Eddy 16

    Did it come out on Google play store yet

    Lalaa M

    Waiting on Google Play😢🙄


    @Lalaa M It's out on Google Play, just click the link they posted on their Twitter.

  68. Geekly weekly

    It's finally Out Mirrorland is here

    Shole Geffsss

    Geekly weekly is it actually !!!!?

  69. Alpha Martin

    I hope to get signed to Dreamville soon

  70. Shuji

    For me they are best on Dreamville. Consciousness and spiritual

    JM Rodriguez-Luis

    I would say Cole & JID, but to each their own. Bas & Earthgang makes it overkill. Can't wait to see the 'response' from TDE. Best 2 camps in rap rn imo.

  71. Joshua Gomez

    Saludos desde México hahaha

    George Rodriguez

    Al fin un latino 🇻🇪😂

    JM Rodriguez-Luis

    aqui estamos


    Pos que vergas esta pasando aquí ¿

    Mr WTFish


  72. MegaGoinpostal

    I feel the beat for real, so 90s

  73. Hizzy Gravy

    Been waiting for this

  74. 2 2

    1st here Bitches shout Out EarthGang Proud of y all!!

  75. Lil Viking

    lets go gang