Earth, Wind And Fire - Wanna Be The Man Lyrics

Yo! bust this!
I got a plan to take you by the hand
and whisper in your ear that
I wanna be your man
so understand the bottom line plan
I do do do do wanna be your man

You've been on a mission baby
to find the man in your life
you heart-it's been illin' baby
to find someone to treat you right

The question now is me
will it hurt ya to believe
the love you see in my eyes
tho distant you choose to be
my sincerity
will bring you around in time

wanna be wanna be wanna be wanna be
wanna be I wanna be the man in your life!!!

Right now I need your attention
and be the man when you talk
that you mention
your old lover he don't need no extension
'cause he's out and I'm whatcha missin'

I've got a vision baby
I can see a change coming in sight
my heart! open to you baby
I feel our love coming to light

Alone you do all right
my love will take you high
higher higher, higher higher
I'll be there by your side
on clouds we will ride
through the raining storm

I need a minute and I'll be in it
you've got the love and you know I wanna win it
stop looking 'cause you've been found
and your love is cold sweeter
than a chocolate mound
so give it to me and understand
that I'm the one who wanna be your man
I gotta plan to take you by the hand
'cause I wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna, be your man

bust it!
yo! let's dance yeah

funky music and this is def
the kickin' sound of EWF
and they do it like nobody else
hyped up like myself yeah!


hold on baby, wait a minute
so give it to me and come my way
and be my lover for the rest of my days
give it to me and come on through
'cause I wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna be with you


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Earth, Wind And Fire Wanna Be The Man Comments
  1. 100domathon

    I have Heritage and Touch the World. 2 of my favorite EWF albums. I play them in my car every month

  2. Lavaboyz

    This is Earth Wind & Fire ft MC Hammer.

    This was before " 2 Legit To Quit " and I think was just After " You Cant Touch This "

  3. Josué Vicioso

    This is literally four music videos edited into one


    Me and the boys in band class: 0:10

  5. Greg Presley

    They got MC Hammer in this song way too much!

  6. Martin Alfonso Fernandez Farfan

    quiero ser el hombre - earth wind and fire ft mc hammer - heritage - 1991

  7. Horace Neal II

    I love this song. I think that EWF really showcased their vocal skills on the Heritage Album. The horn section on this album was through the roof.

  8. andre oates

    Wow I don’t even remember this song or video this is garbage 😬 sometimes you have to stick to what you know and do what you do best the songs that they made will never die will always be in rotation it is a soundtrack of our lives☺️

  9. Benny Moonwalker

    RIP maurice white. You will be missed

  10. Bob Cummings

    Everyone still WANTS TO BE THE MAN in 2018!

  11. Peter Griffin 69

    Nice. A soprano sax.

  12. Dress Up Dana

    0:53 😆

    Antoine Emory


  13. Bob Cummings

    Every man WANTS 2 B THE MAN even in 2018! LMFO!

  14. Mari Fukushima

    wanabe da man

  15. TheRenard10

    Not the only awesome collaboration, but great

  16. Nisa A

    Is this new jack swing?

  17. Abdus Luqman

    I remember everyone hating on Heritage. I liked it. Not my favorite EWF album, but they were stretching out and no one can fault them for that.

  18. Reginald Styles

    They tried something new but are still THE GREATEST BAND EVER BAR NONE ❤️😎😇

  19. Benny Moonwalker

    90s had a variety of unique music which is no longer played on stations these days

  20. Cassidie Hailley

    I love this song I dont mind the rapping it's ok but I love the way they're singing it's different from their other stuff I could see why some people might not take to it.

  21. DaRoflDoflZz

    I like how all these old bands went through multiple phases

  22. Savvynlady

    not used to that from them but like it

  23. osese san

    mcハマーとのジョイントだったと今更知った(* v v)。 ハズカシ

  24. Brandon H

    Heritage was the worst EWF album. Second worst is Electric Universe.


    @Perverted .Alchemist Nope, they are both better than today's music

    Veronica Micthell

    U r right

    Veronica Micthell

    all this music today got so much cussing

    If You Don't Like Funk, Funk You !

    Yep ... that's right; "Heritage" was definitely the worst of their albums. It spelt the very end for them, as for other funk groups in the early 1990s. They just should better have stopped right after this; it would have been a wise choice (just like Skyy did) instead of keepin' on touring; now they're just ...a bit "pathetic", I think (like trying to maintain that past revival at any cost) . I wouldn't criticize "Electric Universe" as being "good" or "bad"; but : WEIRD, yes it was; that's for sure ! (was the work of British songrwriter Martin Page, who much probably was eager to bring a fresh New-Wave and hard rock flavor to their sound; that's why so bizarre; in my opinion ...)

    Everton Porter

    I'd rather listen to EWF's worst than any of the lapdancing rubbish today.

  25. Marie Jones

    RIP Maurice White....You were so sexy, intelligent and MORE!!! Missing You

  26. JamaineXD

    nice z32 hehe

  27. Doriane Francis

    McHammer hahaha isso funny

  28. Márcio Felicio Dos Santos

    Mc Hammer

  29. Brooke Scaife

    Why's everyone hating? Ya'll wanted them to stay in the 70s? They wouldn't be where they are now! They adapted to suit the times but kept their underlining concept... Jheez... Its an incredible song

    Hdofu Fox

    I love heritage (granted I also liked Electric Universe) Herritage had around a dozen 12 inch mixes though which were very interesting stuff.

    the brink

    Because its a horrible song and look. They would have been fine continuing to write like the 70s and performing on the circuit with that style.

    Curtis Cadence

    the brink im getting sick of your rudness


    @the brink You're stupid as hell. The look and sound is better than anything your ass could come up with.

    Eugene McGirt

    @the brink I certainly love the 70's classic EWF too:)

  30. Spartanm333

    This is EWF adapting to the times - what is also time precious here is seeing Mo White singing alongside Sheldon Reynolds (formerly of the Commodores) - Sheldon was brought in to cover for him on the live gigs as he was ill at this stage. Sheldon eventually took all of his song parts on tour alongside Phil Bailey and Ralph Johnson - also versatile enough to cover the lead guitar parts of Johnny Graham. I think he only appeared on one or two albums though.

  31. Henry Kujawa

    My Dad once said he could see "talking" as PART of a song, but not the whole thing. I agreed.  (We BOTH hated "rap".)  Then one day I played this for him.  HE liked it, too!

  32. bellchi1000

    カッコイーーーーーーーーーー!!! i really love EW&F!!!

  33. wpftutorial

    What the fuck is this? Horrible!

    Alejandra beltran



    jjajjaja es Mc Hammer rap una mierda

    Lyndell Jones

    @wpftutorial (laugh!!!) I love EWF but the video is silly.

  34. Painted Byrd

    Was that Bruno Mars holding the roses? Lol

  35. Stylistics Blue Magic

    love EW&F...

  36. Alan Johnson

    The very adaptable Earth, Wind & Fire embracing multiple generations of music all in one song.

    andrew opara

    I loved this song back especially the street drum beat version back in the day,men the radio station used to play it a lot I like the way Earth wind and fire adapts over the years. If you love soul,hip hop and new jack swings cocktails of the 90s then you can’t help giving props to this joint. Haters can stick to their generation of the group.

  37. Bkkersey93

    I don't know why so many diss this album! I love the classic ewf like any other fan but I really like the new Jack swing touch!

  38. BenjaminGessel

    Well... It worked... I guess. :D Actually, EW&F kinda left MC cold-Hammer was never THAT good. Plus, rap is just DIFFERENT, its just rhythm and lyrics.

  39. ShesArtDealerChic

    I didn't have cable when this came out in 1990 so being able to see it via YouTube is so inexplicably kick ass !

    ordonize holmes

    It was b.e.t video soul video vibration era

  40. cakelady Dee jones

    Two ppl did'nt wanna be the MAN or could'nt find the MAN!!! Classical EWF work of art

  41. cristian rodriguez

    MC Hammer

  42. robin2012ism

    damn 1990's

  43. MzLady2u

    I love EWF with all my heart but this is a generation they should have skipped!


    No they shouldn't have.

  44. Swiss Partnership

    coolest track!!!

  45. LoWtorius

    WOW! I did not realize that Michael Jai White was in this video. One way to get your career going.

  46. Da NuyoRican Advizor

    Only 39,000 views on something like this and junk like Soulja Crap and Lil Whee Whee gets millions. Just goes to show people don't appreciate good music anymore.

  47. K-Smitty Productions

    I Love This Song!!!!!

  48. ghanboy