Earth, Wind And Fire - Singasong Lyrics

When you feel down
and out
Sing a song, it'll make your day
Here's a time to shout
Sing a song, it'll make a way
Sometimes it's hard to care
Sing a song, it'll make your day
A smile so hard to bear
Sing a song, it'll make a way


Bring your heart to believing
Sing a song, it'll make your day
Life ain't about no retrieving
Sing a song, it'll make a way
Give yourself what you need
Sing a song, it'll make your day
Smile, smile smile and believe
Sing a song, it'll make a way


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Earth, Wind And Fire Singasong Comments
  1. CircumCrippled TV

    Daniel Rold!

  2. The rabajohn

    Learned to dance to this song, including the bump, at the Navy Club with my girlfriend in Pensacola, Florida. Great music.

  3. L H

    December 2019- man...playing these songs over and over, I could express myself through these songs, dancing, feelings. I will never forget. <3

  4. stillatit 50

    "....sometimes,...its HARD to care...sing.....a song...."❤❤❤❤🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🔥🔥🔥

  5. Ruben Dario

    Monsters of THE Music....CLASSIC FOREVER.

  6. Brown Goddess

    592 people who dislike this song is born in the early 2000’s

  7. Michael Glickman

    For those wondering, the musicians are lead vocalist-kalimba player-drummer-timbalist Maurice White, guitarist-percussionist Al McKay, guitarist Johnny Graham, bassist-percussionist-backing vocalist Verdine White, drummers-percussionists Fred White and Ralph Johnson, pianist-organist-synthesist Larry Dunn, saxophonist-percussionist Andrew Woolfolk, saxophonist Don Myrick, trombonist Louis Satterfield, and trumpeter Michael Harris.


    🎵Sing a Song💃🏿🌈🙌🏿🎶🎤🎺🎸🎷🎹🥁🎻✌🏿📯!!💜🌈

  9. Sidney B

    Right on angel

  10. Jacques Chirac

    L'équipe du soir ! #Lequipe21 m'a ressuscité ! 🕺🏼

  11. CircumCrippled TV

    Daniel Rold's intactivism at CVS!

  12. Hackerman

    Muito bem meus amores, estamos de volta aqui na programação da Jovem Pan para todo o Brasil. E hoje, uma presença ilustre...

  13. bootsofescaping01

    A guy rolled up playing horrible hip hop, not the good stuff but the stuff where all females are b's. I had to play this song loud to bring him worked. Trashbadhiphop "hip hop started out in the heart now every bodies tryin to chart"- L.Hill
    Thanks for the resuscitation EWF.

  14. chicken nugget

    This song seems alot shorter then 3 minutes and 25 seconds and i don't like that.

  15. i Haddad

    Équipe du Soir , bonsoir à tous..

  16. Kwame Aboagye

    Earth, Wind and Fire are pure funk masters of all time. Brother Maurice White and Brother Phil Bailey are the ones who brought the best out of us with E,W & F classics and September is the best of them all. RIP, Brother Maurice White the man of my times.

  17. Sandy Naylor

    1 OF THE BEST GROUPS EVER VERY TALENTED ARTIST'S.p.s.SING A SONG IT'LL MAKE U FEEL BETTER🎹🎷🎺if u sing a song today u will make a better day.

  18. Mama's Music

    To the 555 people who gave thumbs down don't know REAL music Good music when you hear it. EWF was one of the greatest band to privilege us with there music I'm grateful to have grown up with this music 🎵🎶

  19. Kevin Luo

    Played this in band

  20. tracey w

    When you feel down and out "Sing A Song" it will make your day!!!!

  21. Curious George

    Great song to start the day with. I used to hear this from the apartment above in the Bronx (1976), while getting ready to go to high school.

  22. Subtle Nature

    Definitely a bird of song!

  23. Loretta De Herrera


  24. flowersandcandy flowersandcandy

    This group was better then the Jackson 5...............

  25. Marita Aracena

    Hermoso recuerdo !!! escuchar esta música de los 70 cuando era adolescente ,......!!! Me transporta a esa hermosa etapa de mi vida !!! Saludos de Argentina

  26. marc providentiel

    c'est l'équipe du soir bonsoir.

  27. MrHomer69100

    L'équipe du soir

  28. Droopy 562

    When you’re battling depression, chronic anxiety, stress and you have to take medication..... just.... sing a song???

    I like that, I think I’ll try singing this song :)

  29. olander666

    I'm listening to this incredible song as I write this! Wow. Still lifts my heart and soul like it did back when it was first released. Timeless!

  30. Nicholas Safari

    This song was and still is a song to sing takes me back to the seventies, Thanks Maurice Rip,Verdin ,Phillip bailey ,and the rest of the group for this ever wonderful song

  31. Sergio Rivera

    R.I.P. Maurice White. ¡Por Siempre, Te Extrañaremos Mucho!

  32. MusicalManchild77

    Greatest Song Ever! I'm White, Blessed By Soul music and I Have No Hatred Towards Anyone. Let's Rock!


    Let's Get It On as Marvin Once Sang.

  33. Sidney Bradshaw

    Please bring those days back....pap

  34. Debbie Hawkins

    They are really one of the best groups ever!!!

  35. Vladimir Sakhaline

    L'Equipe du soir, vous êtes là ???

  36. Grady K

    “The Color of Friendship” brought me here!

  37. ana clara

    B A S S

  38. Abedin Subashi

    Maurice white, the only person who can make mumbling in a song sound good

  39. jesika majchrzak

    i love this song......
    thumbs up if colour of friendship brought u here :-)

  40. MagicTeuf

    Salut à toutes et à tous, c'est l'Équipe du Soir !

  41. VEGA VGF03

    Chuck E Cheese’s wonky eye song

  42. Tanya Peterson


  43. Simply Simon

    I grew up a better person because of EWF.
    Hearts of fire.
    This is what i call FEEL GOOD MUSIC

  44. Cindy Ramsey Nosko

    This song always make me dance: Hello Saturday 5/25/2019- 7 months until Christmas YIKES

  45. Alan Morris

    This song reminds me of my elementary school days in North Carolina during the 1970s.

  46. John Augsburger

    This song makes me want to go out and do something.

  47. T Track

    MELODY, Maurice's middle name...Beautiful smiles, beautiful music!

  48. Fire Yanni

    Sing a song woohoo

  49. Rene Estes


  50. らいおんたかゆき


  51. 준수TV

    노래 잘불러요👍

  52. OH Yeh!

    11,000 adults gave this 👍
    493 millennials gave this a 👎 because “water” wasn’t “included” lol

  53. CMB

    When you feel down and out,
    sing a song, it'll make your day, yeah, yeah.

    You need the time to shout out
    loud, sing a song, it'll make a way, yeah.

    Sometimes it's hard to care,
    sing a song, it'll make your
    A smile is so hard to bear,
    sing a song, it'll make a
    Sing a
    song. Sing a
    Sing a song.
    Sing a
    Better bring your heart to believ
    in', sing a song, it'll make your day.

    Life ain't about no retrievin',
    à it'll make a way.

    Give yourself what you need,
    sing a song, it'll make your day.

    Smile, smile, smile and believe,
    sing a song, it'll make a
    Sing a
    song. Sing a
    Sing a
    song. Sing a song.
    Oh yeah, don't be 'shamed to call your name out,
    and I'm never gonna, never gonna let her
    Yeah, don't be a
    shamed of let her call your
    Sing a song.
    Sing a
    Sing a song.
    Sing a
    You can sing a song a day,
    you will make a better
    yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
    yeah, yeah, yeah, ah,

  54. Brentford1967

    How the hell can anyone dislike this?

  55. Rolando Peralta

    Earth Wind and Fire Timeless

  56. Lisa Fury


  57. Donny Bryant

    God actually used him to bless my troubled mind; when the world sometime's seemed soo unkind

  58. Jack The Filmmaker

    such an underrated song

  59. Ralph Valkenhoff

    I'm feeling it.

  60. Derek Knowles

    I always smile when I hear this song on Color of Friendship scene when they're hanging out and dancing

  61. Corentin Picard

    L'équipe du soir 📺⚽️☺️

  62. Marie-Hélène C.I. Panurge

    Maurice whyte and philip bailey 👍👏👏✌✌😉😉

  63. Pokemon Go San Diego

    Color of Friendship ftw!

  64. Artie Bryant

    I came here cause i was feeling down and out

  65. the promise man

    Omg I remember this song as a kid its hold so many memories ...yes it does

  66. Phil Robertson

    Thank you EWF for all your beautiful, iconic kick ass music. Doesn't matter the tune, you always know they MEAN it!!

  67. D M

    If you aren't tapping your feet to this jam, you better check your pulse!!!!!💞💞💞💞💞💞💓💓💓💓💓💓

  68. Gregory Gordon

    so good. sing a song. love it

  69. Melody Sanger

    (JANUARY 13, 2019)

  70. maineventking

    This song will always be a classic in my book.

  71. Marie-Hélène C.I. Panurge

    La patate !!!! les , E. W. F j'adore leur chansons 😉💃💃👍👍👏👏

  72. Woody Schuler

    Listening to this under 11 inches of snow in St. Louis!! Love me some EWF!!

  73. Gilbert Washington

    I was at Madison square garden and accidentally broke 4 seats when they started playing sing a song,one of my all-time favorites of EWF 😙😄

  74. Love God & Neighbor.


  75. Disco fan97

    Not a bad song to listen to on the highway


    El gran Maurice White y su inolvidable banda ... Aplauso largo desde Argentina!

  77. flowersandcandy flowersandcandy

    A very uplifting song............

  78. Mohammed Abdu

    Who's here after telling Google assistant to sing a song?

  79. flowersandcandy flowersandcandy

    Maurice white was a very talented musician and singer.......

  80. flowersandcandy flowersandcandy

    This entire group had nice voices.................

  81. flowersandcandy flowersandcandy

    This is a lovely song......

  82. truth hurts

    I loved to watch the black 70's bands dance in sync.

  83. OddOneOut665

    Not gonna lie, this sounds like a follow-up to 'September'...

  84. Woody Schuler

    The horn parts on this tune are magnificent!! You could do an entire song with those horns on a loop!!!

  85. Cindy Ramsey Nosko

    Make America Sing Again-

  86. PRINCE

    This song is amazing💕😍😍✨

  87. bigahelmful

    My grandfather brought me here 👼🏾👼🏾👼🏾👼🏾 r.i.p.

  88. Nikolay Yanev

    So sad we lost Maurice White!One of the best bands ever!

  89. alvaro w albuquerque neto

    this is music!!!! This song make me happy, so good



  91. Kenneth Russll

    April 1976

  92. Squire Hogg

    He's never going anywhere, his music is in our souls. Thank you Maurice White. Thank you.

    Joe Masters

    Damn skippy! :)

    soul groove

    Amen to that! 😢


    @Rita Bajjali hug rgb km M ppl


    Care RV buff

    Jocelyn Arnwine

    I love you