Earth, Wind And Fire - Saturday Nite Lyrics

It was Saturday nite,
the moon was bright
Shining down, it's harvest light
Music all around to hear, set the stage
And atmosphere-many dress to suit
Their taste, participate in the ego race
Tonite's the night, for you to be
Biggest man in history

Saturday nite's your curtain call
You found your place after all
I saw a face in the crowd
Sayin' nothin', yet talking loud

Life is just a day
Living games we play
London Bridge is fallin' down
Do what Simon says
Doing what you feel,
Games can be unreal
Humpty-Dumpty when you fall
There be no one here to call
Life is stil your mystery
You see, you see, you see

Many friends, who gather 'round
In hope, to feel safe and sound
We emphasize, to make it clear
Our stumbling nations atmosphere
While looking thru the looking glass
Our vision show, a stormy past
When you gonna wake, and see the sun-
Stop wasting time and having fun

Life is just a day
Daily games we play
London Bridge has fallen down
You did what Simon said
Doing what you feel
Games are so unreal
Humpty-Dumpty why'd you fall
You see there's no one here to call
Now we've solved this mystery
You see, you see, you see

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Earth, Wind And Fire Saturday Nite Comments
  1. ted kay

    Greta song for a SaturDAY NIGHT in the 70;s when it was safe to go to club AND JUST ENJOY YOURSELF GROOVIN and Dancing to EWF! and can't forget the Ladies! just think yall!.. Saturday nights used to be a safe! ! time to hang out and party! LOL!~ no gun fire! just FUN AND MORE FUN!

  2. Brad Garner

    I like the unheard version were Maurice says Yabba dabba doo you look like shaggy from scooby doo!!

  3. Brannard Turner

    Back in the day when I was clubbing on Saturday night I was talking loud, saying nothing, but man was it cool!!! LOL!!! Clubbing with Earth, Wind, & Fire!!!

  4. Abel Flores

    I was about 17 when this song came out lot’s of memories

  5. Hiram Vargas

    SEPTEMBER 23 , 2019......WHO STILL FEELING THIS !!!!!!......SAY HO.........DJ HOLLYWOOD SPINNING SINCE 1978...

  6. Sabrina Phillips

    This is Charles Stepney. Sorry folks but Maurice White and the record companies stole all the credit for this arrangement and writing after Charles Stepney died in May 1976. This was already in the can...very sad
    Note: after EWF started really writing their own stuff post 1977 that’s when their “sound” changed. This is the sound they got from Stepney. People laud Maurice White but he didnt do this he just took credit. In fact, he even had to settle out of court with the family for all this shit and Stepney’s family still didn’t get all they were robbed of. Real talk

  7. Vincent Thomas

    This song explain it all. The biggest band in history

  8. Koa Anuenue

    back when music made you get up outta your seat!

  9. natsuyuki

    1:43 ほっぺを精一杯見せる

  10. Lydgia

    When Maurice sings London Bridges Falling Down, I lose it every time!
    RIP Maurice White.

    Queen Khalifa

    Lydgia that’s Philip

  11. Galaxy7

    Saw this group July 28,2019 in concert! They were awesome!

  12. Laurent GERARD

    Maurice on drums and Verdine on Bass,the best groove ever!

  13. Laquinta Mentlow

    I remember this song on Saturday mornings

  14. BAYSTARS2019

    1:42 ほっぺを精一杯見せる🎵

  15. Lil' LuLu

    I still have this album. I recently had a chance to see EWF, but did not go because of the absence of Maurice White. Without him there is no Earth Wind and Fire. Rest in Peace Maurice. Thank You for Blessing us with your talent.

  16. Coco Chanel

    You don't get much better than this group! Voices, instruments, they had it all!!!

  17. Bill Hunt

    Saturday night y'all

  18. william tilton


  19. the promise man

    Wow its a Saturday night and I'm playing this

  20. Gilbert Washington

    They had to have fun making this record because I'm having fun listening to it

  21. D Brown

    We are dignified in here!

  22. JPN technostream

    03:45 なんでアイツ笑ってんだよ

  23. Fintan O Brien

    What are they saying at the end ? and why are they laughing ?

  24. BAYSTARS2019

    3:53 何であいつ笑ってんだよ!?🎵

  25. Jet black Knight

    "WHAT?!!". . . . If you ain't feelin' this funk then dammit it ain't for you!!!!

  26. Ken Jones

    Disco or funk, you still danced you’re arse off to it

  27. Winifred Ogilvie

    No "N" word. No Cursing, No bad mouthing! Simply CLASS. That's how to ROCK.

    Arthur Williams

    Totally agree with you. 100%. 1000%. Especially when it comes to to to the N-word. Nowdays it seems that the industry does not feel that a song is worth it's content unless you cram it with as many N-words as marketably possible.

    Troy Elam

    Winifred Ogilvie Funny you say that. Maurice actually does say the N word in this song. Lol

    Arthur Williams

    @Troy Elam
    If you are talking about words that start with "n" like: night, now, and nothing; then we all would have to give it to you- you would be right.
    But if you are referring to the same N-word that Winifred and I assume you are referring to; then you are wrong.
    I have just visited 4 online lyric sites that feature this song and guess what- NO N-WORD!!!!
    I have just listened to this song twice, just to be sure.
    And I still didn't hear it.
    Remember now, this song came out in 1976- a song with the N-word would have gotten absolutely 0 air-time! The N-word was not tolerated back then as it is today- it's a shame, really!
    But if you have an original source that proves us to be wrong- then by all means share your findings.

  28. Duane Stewart

    RIP all gone in music !

  29. Duane Stewart

    Real music !

  30. arthur g

    Yeah you right !!!

  31. Tyjah Khan

    You better excuse yourself away from here!!! 😂

  32. Scott Taylor

    Thank you ......xx


    Thanks!! :p

  33. delvin delvintumbling84

    Rip Maurice White

  34. Sherwood Solomon

    This is real old school baby, nothing but the best and still" groovin"...

  35. Kelley Taputoro

    Love this song

  36. Melody Sanger

    (FEBRUARY 2, 2018)

  37. Melody Sanger


  38. Troy Elam

    Please focus on the bass in this song! Too funky!

    Quentin Mckenzie

    Troy Elam verdine got that bass kicking he's the reason I started playing

    Troy Elam

    Quentin Mckenzie That's what I'm talking about. It builds the song. Most people don't even realize the bass is what they're actually grooving to!

    Justin Garrett

    Funky as heck!

  39. Andrea Hodge

    R.i.p. Maurice!A great song&group!💝💝💝

  40. IanWelland

    The first EWF single I ever purchased. On CBS label in the UK I seem to remember. Around 1976? Wonderful line about 'London Bridge'! I still play this track at parties some 40 years on!!!

  41. Salvo Blackblues

    Great Maurice we will always bring you into our hearts !!!!


    still a great tune...

  43. genegeneish

    And also phillip bailey

  44. genegeneish

    A good year. A local philly dj turned me on to this beautifully crafted song with meaning that i didnt realise till i actually listened to it.

  45. What Me Worry

    Disco!!! This is funky as hell.

  46. andre allen


  47. DJ Professor K

    This song always reminded me of Bridge Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog on Game Gear.

  48. Diana May

    Remember this from when I was a young lady

  49. Jerry Haynes

    My God what a classic. Verdiine White is a true artist on the bass.
    And the horn's great play on music theory .This band enjoy's playing. One of my many favorites from E W F. Jam baby jam

  50. Michael Makene

    RIP Maurice white great music sadly missed.

  51. taxi frank channel

    Once upon a time when we all longed for saturday nite,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,now we just want good health!

  52. Mary Stroughton

    I smell something!!!

  53. taxi frank channel

    Get ready for the noreaster northern new york,ugh!

    taxi frank channel

    Saturday nite baby!!RIP Maurice,brother you sure could jam!!!Miss ya!!

  54. David Taylor-Garcia

    Disco? This is definitely not disco.


    David Taylor-Garcia yeah it's funk

    Merchantsmith Images

    Not at all. They did no more than 3 tracks that were considered disco. They hated disco.

    Merchantsmith Images

    @Мариян Иванов I read Maurice White's book.

    the promise man

    This is no where close to disco

  55. José Aburto

    don't hear much about this song, we use to do the robot to this, don't know why except that we really liked it, "Excuse Ureself Away From Here" I Smell Something Burning"

  56. Ethel Stevens Love

    A great classic....

  57. Russell Clark

    There's an unmistakable cameo appearance by young rapper, Barry Sotero towards the end.


    Russell Clark obama?

  58. TheIxtlan

    EWF doing early rap.

  59. Melody Torain

    I smell something, i smell something else!!!

    Curtis DeWitt

    After 40 years that smell still hasn't gone away!!!

    Michael Scurlock

    Curtis DeWitt aint never lied on that"in my Memphis-10 voice. Much respect from Memphis-10 my friend.

    David Mwashumbe


    McDonogh Rahloh

    Well Imma get down with the rest of y'all!


    Hahahahaha 😂😂

  60. Ruben Delgadillo

    Saturday Night crossed over from the soul charts to the pop charts in 1976!

    Lil' LuLu

    I remember that!

  61. Gregory Countee

    Police week! in the D.M.V.. Smile!.

  62. Gregory Countee

    Talk to me.

  63. alice smith

    I love the Spirit album. The would be no Earth ,Wind and Fire w/o Maurice White.

  64. Davonte Williams

    my grandpa plays this song a lot

  65. Rahloh McDonogh

    I will always love the" outro"!They sort poke fun at the stuffy people,and say be yourself."Well I might as well get down with the rest y'all" The 70's in s nutshell!

  66. Phillip Burns

    I remember when this song first came out in the 70,s I didn't know what they were singing about in this song, But to sum it all up: Its a story about going out on a Saturday night or the weekends and the things we do just to have fun.

  67. Reginald Styles


  68. Ethel Stevens Love

    What a great classic this is......

  69. Mel Jones

    I didn't realize how much way better earth wind n fire sound with his voice not Phillip its Maurice's slick silky pipes tht made the group his voice sound so good in songs like this he is truly tht bckbone of this luv his silky lyrics n play on words in 70s n 80 s he will be missed dearly

    Ivan Rosario

    Awesome, lot's of memories

  70. Mel Jones

    hey rap n hip hop has ruined blk music smh the rappers don't have real talent jay z lil Wayne drake Kanye wiz kaliifah jeezy Rick Ross meek bill they're frauds n imposters tht make millions while the great music artist frn the 60 s n 70s got screwed out of money it's not fair tht rappers make millions off tht bullshit music they spew it pitiful n not right smh

    Joseph Pughsley

    Mel Jones all those rappers u just named need to go sit down and learn real music

  71. Mel Jones

    luv this song

  72. Mel Jones

    see they made real good music here I wish for these sounds nowadays today's music sucks ass

  73. Ronnie Felder

    Maurice White was so inspirational with his lyrics and his message of hope!! Certain songs he sang, he displayed his massive vocal range!! I.E. Burnin' Bush, Side by Side, and we never want to forget, The Way of the World!!

  74. seventiesmusicisbest

    Think this is my favourite Earth Wind and Fire track. Sad its the death of Maurice White that's brought me back to it.

  75. kevin lane

    ilikethissongsaturdaynite byearthwindandfirein 1976 andmay mauricewhiterip signkevinlane

  76. David Prange

    RIP Maurice.

  77. pieter bijma

    rest in peace


    The Soul Train clip is great.

  79. Sheeva Matimbas

    This was the song that introduced me to EWF in my early teens. R.I.P.

  80. Sandra Young

    played  this jam right here to death, had a good needle

    Rick Bray

    +Sandra Young EWF music always made you feel so good! Still does!

    Winifred Ogilvie

    Right on!

    Andrew Hutchinson Sr.

    Must have been a Diamond Head needle, I broke 1 8-track and 2 cassettes

  81. Gloria Whyms

    R.I.P Maurice White and thank you for the great music.

    Paul McWilliams

    +Gloria Whyms AMEN GLORIA!!! :-)

    Gloria Whyms

    Yes,I was up until 5:30am just listening to their music and listening to the Shining Stars documentary,I shed some tears too.Thanks for the response

    Ralph Jones

    I concurr jnocent youth

    Writers Who Rock

    RIP, Maurice

  82. Tinkaluisa

    RIP Maurice White

  83. 渡邉晃平




  84. Gregory Countee

    Lets go roller skating!. Bam!.

  85. J Ro

    This isn't "disco," doofus.

    taxi frank channel

    it ain't soul!

    taxi frank channel

    and it was in the disco era along with shining star&getaway!We damn sure dance to earth,wind&fire in the 70',club time for sure!

    Mr Unique74

    This here is FUNK

    Cecil blakes II


  86. Gregory Countee

    Might as well enjoy Saturday night!. Take care.

    Gregory Countee

    Well Maurice, R.I.P. and keep your head to the sky!. Smile! And to the family, So sorry for your lost. Just look at it this way. He is still hear. You just can't see him. And always remember. What you are is Gods Gift to you. And what you become is your Gift to God. Bam!. Best! Yet!. Time to play the jam for my brother. Take care. Smile again!.

  87. Debi Sealey-Coe

    Thanks, awesome band!

  88. Venessa jones

    Going back good times and good music thanks!

  89. lorret90

    long time no see top tune from the masters of jazz funk..way ahead of there time....cheers mate..

  90. Derek Hannaby

    Love this song. Thank you :)