Earth, Wind And Fire - Pure Gold Lyrics

Walk in the Light
That shines so bright
Let your soul feel right
Love is pure gold, yeah

Won't you wake up, wake up, walk in the Light
Won't you wake up, wake up, bring substance in your life
Won't you wake up, wake up, walk in the light
Won't you wake up, wake up, yeah

Where's your heart, where's your pride?
Has it all been pushed aside
Lavish dreams, living high
Yet no substance in your life
It's a hard world, I know
But don't give into the lies
You have always been a star
Everything you need's inside ... your heart

Oh, your life is special, really special, yeah
Your treasure lies in your soul
Truth and love will bless ya, it'll bless ya
Riches come and go
Only Love is pure gold

Many hearts, many lives
have been touched when you realize
That you are worthy, you're the prize
But you have to heal inside
It's a hard world, I know
But don't give in to the lies
You have always been a star
Everything you need's inside your heart

[Bridge 2:]
(Say 'ya) always on the ground (but you), need some peace of mind (won't you)
Slow down, take your time, there's a million ways to shine, yeah (when 'ya)
Let the worldly thing (got you) control your destiny
('Ya gotta) break or make a change (and then you'll find your stars will align)

[Chorus 2x]

Hey, your love will help you find your treasure, have mercy... yeah
As you live from day to day
'Cause only true love makes things better... yeah
'Cause true love never fades away

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Earth, Wind And Fire Pure Gold Comments
  1. K JH

    Love my EWF brothers and was blessed to see them live once! My first band of which i knew what my favourite jazz soulful groove self loved 💃🏾 💜 Listening still 2019 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 UK 🇬🇧

  2. Rafaella Coelho

    Amo demais ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Rafaella Coelho

    Essa música é maravilhosa demais ❤❤❤

  4. Bettina Strouble

    WOW!!! whatever they do is pure GOLD!!!

  5. Amy Collins

    Whats there to say about Earth Wind And Fire that they haven't already proved to us what they are... Pure Greatness!!

  6. DJ Makaveli tha Prince

    Roll bounce bought me here

  7. American Snuff Films

    WAKE UP!

  8. Micah MM.


  9. Seweryn Siębrzuch

  10. PJ Mills

    This Is What Music Should Sound Like!! Timeless Lyrics, Vocals & Subject Matter!! EW&F Is The Greatest Ever!!!

  11. Agustin Zaga

    Muy buena música. Gracias por compartir.

  12. しろいおおぞら

    pier gold
    maurice this platinam diamond 💎shining star💫⭐️☀️🥇🏅

  13. Dee9158

    Greatest Group Ever!!

  14. Cherry Cola

    Everything EWF sings is PURE GOLD!!!!!❤

  15. Rodrigo Manoel


  16. Karolynne Maciel

    Les Twins ♥

  17. Andrea Hodge

    I Love Earth Wind&Fire!A Beautiful song!💗💗💗

  18. 169711906

    Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produces and wrote with Bobby Ross Avila, Issiah J. Avila and Tony L. Tolbert

  19. Michael Lewis

    Soundtrack to my Life ❤️

  20. MrAntiSellOut

    Happy 77th Birthday to you Maurice White

  21. Pj Mills

    Greatest Group Ever!! Spoke To Our Heart & Soul!!!! Rest In Paradise Brother Maurice!!!

  22. Mike Casey

    Maurice White ! my favorite singer and performer!

  23. Chaneel Walker

    It's a positive song with meanings
    wake up!

  24. Donnomercy

    this song is Pure EWF.....overflowing with their true essence...

  25. Marcus Crawford

    Great album top 10 all time

    Kevin Mansell

    Mr Phillip Bailey Yall Live in 1975

    Rosalyn Johnson

    Marcus Crawford

  26. Anthony Mann

    this album is so good i cannot believe it was not played more awesome just awesome experience

    thomas willis

    Anthony Mann it's because they didn't believe in Jesus Christ....they believed in king tut and kemet of Egypt


    +thomas willis misinformation, inform yourself by doing sum Due Diligence. They acknowledged all world religions. The CORE of their message was whatever you chose as an individual let it TRULY make you a better person. I could go one, but it always ways amazes me how people are quick to spew IGNORANCE based on their limited KNOWLEDGE. Proof of what I'm saying is another song on this album called Love's Dance where it talking obtaining Heaven. Nowhere in religion is heaven acknowledged except Christianity, and Islam. Which is an offshoot of Christianity.