Earth, Wind And Fire - Let Me Love You Lyrics

Girl close your eyes
And let me love you
Feel me so close
My heart beats for you

All the passion and the fire
I can see it in your eyes tonight
Cause' desire's in me too

So let me love you now
Let me show you how
Gonna' take you to place so high

Cause' it's alnight
All night lovin', so right lovin'
My love will drive you crazy

Ooo girl, gonna' love you
With all the power in my heart
You really turn me on
You make me feel free

So I'll sing you a song
Making love all night long
I'm a happy man
And it's all because of you

Cause' it's alnight
All night lovin', so right lovin'
My love will drive you crazy

Girl I love your sexy groove
And I'm always in the mood to love you
Love only you
You know just what to do
So lets get to it


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Earth, Wind And Fire Let Me Love You Comments

    The Very BEST BAND in all music's types in all over the World,forever.EWF is a BRIGHT SUN into darkness for everybody who love MUSIC and GREAT BALLADS.

  2. buickboii1979

    23 dislikes = people whom dont know a good JAM when they hear it

  3. Robert Gabor


  4. Pattrick Sanders

    Captain at his best. Love this CD! 🎸🎺🎷🎹

  5. the7a3

    21 supreme idiots gave this jam thumbs down??

  6. Mónika Kiss

    What a beautiful yet sad song! I love it. God bless everyone!


    Beautiful Ballad! Trade Mark "Earth,Wind and Fire".

  8. kaylaboo433

    yaaaassss ❤❤❤❤

  9. the7a3

    This whole album is a masterpiece, but this jam right here?? This jam here is the shit!! I love this song!!

  10. Ganymede, Jupiter III

    EWF slow grooves also just make me feel really relaxed after a long day. The music is so smooth that I can fall asleep to it.

  11. frankie frankie

    Let me love you,.....greatgreatgreat

  12. Music Styck Arnis Kiyta

    am i the only one who sees the eye???i cud be trippin

  13. Róbert Szirmai

    Wow number one tuday olso god bles this band amen

  14. Johnny DiLelio

    this whole album gives me goosebumps

  15. Michael Lighten

    Curious if they have anything new on the horizon. Anybody hear anything?

  16. Michael Lighten

    Beautiful song along with "Hold Me," it comes as a pair.

  17. Jitka Novakova

    I love this song. It's absolutly the Best song i ever know


    This song's lyrics are masterful, and magical. They just take you to another dimension. Perfect song for that special someone. Peace!

    Ganymede, Jupiter III

    Great taste!

  18. EWFMW

    I promise love for ever to EWF & maestro Maurice White.God bless.I love you🙏☀️

  19. Reginald Mitchell

    R.I.P. Maurice White 😔"In Love We Stand" 🌏❤️

  20. Primo Rodriguez

    diggin this

  21. Kim Burns

    Another favorite

    Totti Baby

    Kim Burns check out "why" it's on the same will NOT be disappointed...


    @Totti Baby YES!! THAT'S THE JAM TOO!!

  22. Eliana Angelica Oyarzun C.

    The beauty of Earth, Wind and Fire...

  23. pavel conka

    nice song

  24. Ray Garcia

    Great song...

  25. Bernetta Mayweather

    Let Me Love You....Great Song!!

  26. trez lorenz

    What a great song!

    Dana Duna

    My jam!!!!!!💗💗💗💗

  27. Margie Robertson

    I love it awesome ♡♡♡♡♡

  28. REGGIE G

    Truly the best music group EVER!!!! Every song they've ever made touches your soul. EWF!!!!

  29. Andrey Ivanov

    One of the best song from one of the BEST Band in the world!

  30. Elisabeth1903

    A cheap live recordings cd included 4 of the songs of this album!! Surprise!