Earth, Wind And Fire - Heritage Lyrics

The boys
We're just chillin' with Eart, Wind & Fire
This is my desire
Talking 'bout culture
I'm a vulture
Just like the beat

Chillin' with Earth, Wind & Fire

Everybody take a look around
What do you see
When I look
There's faces everywhere
Lookin' back at me
Their eyes keep telling me stories
Don't understand
In my mind
There's many, many questions
Bout who I am

Just be proud of the land
Where your blood comes from
No one can take away
What you have done
Hold your head up high
Cultures stand eye to eye
One people living under one sun

Be proud
Sing it out loud
Take your rightful place
It's you heritage
So stand tall
Don't be small
Show true face
It's your heritage

Everybody walks a little different
To keep the pace
Gotta have pride
Just to be a winner
In the human race
In school, the rules don't fly
Out on the street, tell me why
People of the nation can't feel the same beat



We're living in a colorful world
All shades of love
Each carrying a ray of hope
Sent down from above

Yo Marice: break it down for me allright
The Boys chillin' wit Earth, Wind and Flames
They asked us to sing a few notes
So we came
Realized the meaning of the song
So we sung
With all our heart and soul
And hopefully we brung
A message to all
To not be small
To stand up tall
And to give it your all
Let's have a ball y'all
Pump it up!


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Earth, Wind And Fire Heritage Comments
  1. Kimble Simpson

    This is the BEST song on the Heritage album you know how I know?
    Because I once had this album and this is the only song I still remember on the whole album.

  2. The Dawud Pages

    I been looking for this song for years. Never knew it was ew&f with the boys.

  3. 梁龙喆

    Maurice White ✝ 🌹 I vary miss you 😇🎙🎤

  4. Ronnie Crockett

    The best group of all time

  5. 西田健登


  6. Benny Moonwalker

    I hope black lives matter listens to this

  7. Bob Cummings


  8. Bob Cummings

    The Boys are in this before they became big stars but short lived too!

  9. すだー

    死んでしまいなさい それでは浣腸

  10. MagnaBad Delta-Thriller

    Michael Jackson !

    Kimble Simpson

    No Michael here just Earth, Wind, and Fire BABY!

  11. Reginald Styles


  12. Joey Scott

    Those young guys Were in the system of survival video.

  13. Andrew Flood

    LUV THIS SONG !!!!

  14. Lashay Davis

    I love it's a very powerful message. :)

  15. itgrrrlofsfbay

    That's "the" dopest collaboration i ever seen & The boys r really cute❣❣❣❣

  16. Salim The Barefoot Sage

    If I'm not mistaken this was 1991. Maurice was already in the early stage of Parkinson's. His bandmembers had to convince him to retire.

  17. Manuel Ruffin

    Old school jam.....i miss it

  18. sid vicious

    This is one Enlightened Group!!!

  19. sab2832

    0:03 死んでしまいなさい それでは浣腸

  20. CheroLynn B. Sharp

    I ADORE Earth Wind and Fire and The Boys. Epic and it just truly is HERITAGE.

  21. Nu Cf

    1990 motown

  22. Kelvin L Love Jr

    Always sang songs with meaning. True artists. No wonder their songs started fading in the 90's because people started to want to hear garbage rather than great music.

  23. 1980Triumph

    Heritage wasn't as bad as it seemed, however the guest spots do ruin it along with Wanna Be The Man. Sometimes a good song doesn't hit as it should/.

  24. horiguri


  25. bigpoppa 1967

    I miss the New Jack era.

    If You Don't Like Funk, Funk You !

    Yuck ... was among the worst genres of that early period in the 1990s !
    (but thankfully, it didn't last very long ...)

  26. Brianna

    I love this song as always

  27. 綾瀬悠太

    死んでしまいなさい! それでは浣腸!

  28. InTrollsive

    RIP Maurice White.

    soul groove

    Didn't expect you to be here too
    Also rest in peace Maurice

  29. Latrena Graham


  30. creee

    im a alien

  31. mrkukerpetko

    Maurice White you will always be our shining star🌟Rest in ☮ ᶫᵒ♥ᵛᵉ ♪♫...

  32. Anita Wallace

    Important song, important theme.

  33. SUUAN tv


  34. Gerard Freeman

    RIP Maurice White.

  35. PS Gary

    RIP Maurice White

  36. Amber Dancy

    RIP Maurice White !

  37. lamarjlp914

    this was one of their best albums

    If You Don't Like Funk, Funk You !

    Yep ! "Electric Universe" was a very strange, weird album. But that was because it was produced mainly by Martin Page, who was from England, and more familiar with the English sound. I guess he tried to turn Earth, Wind & Fire into what they were not, in that year of 1983. There were also collaborations with other big names - notorious during the decade - but who really had not much to do with Earth, Wind & Fire; like french producer/songwriter Michel Colombier, for instance. The result (= "Electric Universe") is rather interesting, worth discovering perhaps; but nothing more than that. It's exact that it DOES sounds cheesy and dated; total '83 ! I don't even dare playing my vinyl (that I still got, stored in my basement, besides ...), so much it makes me uncomfortable ! You should make an effort, however, by re-listening to some songs from "Touch The World" (1987), 'cause it was their come back album in the late 1980s after the hiatus, and when it came out, it sounded really fresh.
    (p.s. : "Raise !" was good, indeed. It contained some great tracks like "You Are A Winner", which is my preferate from the album, and far more superior than a hit like "Let's Groove". But I personally prefer that mid and late-1980s electro-funk like on "Touch The World" ... I don't like the early-1980s funk, that I call "trumpet funk"; ... sounds too dated, in my opinion. But to each his own)

    Redd Blitz

    David BenDaoud

    Thanks for the gr8 insight bud. It's truly appreciated. I remember as a kid one of their videos from that horrible album and it left me smh lol But things have drastically changed during the 80s. Some great...some worst lol Big bands, however though like EWF, were becoming more and less. Such big bands were even being replaced more and more by synthethizers and such type digital programming. It would too change the recording process...forever.

    The TOUCH THE WORLD album was a gr8 comeback story and it would once again ignite a memorable gr8 tour but overall, I wasn't all that impressed, although I thought THINKING OF YOU was the standout for me. It was as close to the classic EWF but with a slightly new twist.

    If You Don't Like Funk, Funk You !

    You welcome. I like myself sharing infos about a group that I like. To conclude about "Touch The World" : I understand your point; but remember that after 1983; when Maurice White (who was the leader) decided to take a break; some members decided that it was over; they didn't want to come back when Maurice re-united the guys in 1987. keyboardist/synth player Larry Dunn, guitarist Roland Bautista and Maurice's own brother Fred White (drums), they were no longer part of the line-up in '87; I think that when they left in 1983, they decided for good it was enough and thought it was time to do their own thing. That's the reason why, in my own view; and also, the group just had to adapt their sound; they couldn't carry on doing on the same 'old' funk as in the early 1980s

    Marlon Lane

    Even with their worst album, I still like some of the songs.

    Foster Mac

    *If You Don't Like Funk, Funk You !*
    I kinda agree with you, although if they would have taken the corny stuff (wanna be your man) and that other MC Hammer stuff, along with that sorry Sly effort, they could have combined this album with about 4 of the selections from Millenium, and have themselves a fantastic album.

    Same with that Electric Universe stuff. I kinda feel like Columbia really pushed them to make Electric Universe, to see if they could mine the 'pop' fields much like they did with Chicago (that's why you saw all of that David Foster, Alee Willis stuff). of course with heritage, they brought in Frankie Blue, Lestley R. Pierce and others trying to craft a "young" sound, and it doesn't work. BLAME COLUMBIA.

    If they would have made Powerlight with the following: Touch; Spirit of a New World; We're Living in Our Own Time; Side by Side; Straight from the Heart; Something Special; Hearts to Heart; Miracles and Fall in Love with Me they would have a PLATINUM outcome. Then, of course SKIP Electric Universe and take a hiatus. Come back with Touch the World, and the Millenium/Heritage output that I described above______conclude their efforts with a 2nd live album they would have fared MUCH better. Of course, neither Columbia OR EWF called me, so what cha gonna do?

  38. XxShadowcreatorXx

    The boys are awesome and amazing beautiful cool and cute

  39. XxShadowcreatorXx

    Well a ......... Read me Philip bailey is going to touch my hand at the concert earth wind and fire concert

  40. XxShadowcreatorXx

    The boys are funny

  41. Reginald Styles


  42. Sarah Simpkins

    I remember watching this on video souls back in the days as an kid. I was in the 4th grade when this came out.

  43. 堂本海斗

    死んでしまいなさい それでは浣腸!

  44. SirPenfro


  45. etpslick100

    I remember that video. Brings back memories. Verdine looks cool with that Yamaha fretless bass. I wonder what happen to the boyz?

    Sarah Simpkins

    they live in africa


    +Sarah Simpkins Africa? Wow!

    Sarah Simpkins

    You should look them up they look different


    +Sarah Simpkins thanks. I will.

    Jack Pea

    The is an Unsung about them. They tell their story.

  46. 1wharfboy

    THE BOYS with EW&F
    Yes indeed.

  47. RandyThirdSun

    I'm cutting my dreads,I want a Gerry Curl.

    Jarrod Lacy

    +RandyThirdSun Actually, that's Jheri Curl, but I get your meaning. Sorry I can't go back there with you, guy. Peace and hair grease, as they use to say.

  48. bigpoppa 1967

    Nice blend of Earth Wind & Fire magic and the New Jack Swing. :-)

  49. Monix Xa

    Yes !! gooood...herencia...

  50. Brenda Barker

    Yessss this my song!!!!!!! 

  51. Therealguymins

    if white people are proud, it's racist now 


    This song and video covers the whole human spectrum, black, white, chinese, indian ect (it's obviously clear on the tv monitors on the set)...The message is clear 'be proud of your ancestry wherever your from". As EWF say " We're living in a clorful world, all shades of love. Each carrying a ray of hope, sent down from above!  Get it... Got it !.....GOOD !!!!!!


    I'm pretty sure this music isn't from "now".

    Stylistics Blue Magic

    @Big Supe I agree with you on that... 

    Tommy CA

    Therealguymins well, when white people grow up in a country where they are considered to possess white privilege, and say they are proud to be white sounds pretty racist. You only get insulted when other nationalities say they are proud of their heritage because you are envious of us. Because we know where we come from. White America can come from any corner of Europe. When blacks say they are proud to be black it's more of a symbol than a statement. They are saying regardless of residing in a country that puts them down and shame them as a race they are still proud to be black. Being proud of who we are is one thing whites can't take from us. That being said, you whinning about whites being segregated is pathetic. Especially since you are semi race ranting on a you tube video featuring a song about positivity . Grow up son.

  52. Sarah Simpkins

    I remember watching this when I was an kid on video soul. They use to play this on radio back in the day

  53. Kenyada Carter

    wooooowwwwwwww,is been looong time since i heard of this song and iwas thinking of it today,last time i heard this was 24 years ago

  54. leaaaaaaaaaaaa27

    at 1:20 : Michael<3

  55. Elaine Tardiff

    ewf doesnt need to keep up w anyone, they are in a class by themselves

    Everton Porter

    If Earth Wind And Fire did hard rock, it would still be Earth Wind And Fire😄😄.

  56. Free_Spirit

    listen to the words people! for real!!

  57. Reginald Mitchell

    22 years ago today I was a freshman in college (at N.I.U.) and was watching Earth, Wind & Fire on BET's Video Soul starring Donnie Simpson and co host Sherrie Carter. Sherrie was interviewing Philip, Maurice and Verdine and they were discussing the new single "Heritage" the video concept and the new album. I remembered how Maurice mentioned that part of the profits of the "Heritage" single were going to be given to the Dr. Martin Luther King Foundation in honor of his legacy and black history

  58. Chelo Hernández

    The songs was more beautiful, today already without meaning!!! What a great music, singers and videos!!

  59. Kenny B Goode

    @fenderjones I agree 100%! It's good to be reminded of when music used to soar, and we soared along with it.

  60. Sanmijil

    this was a song that uplifted thespirit of all those who felt in adequate, especially ? right!

  61. danucciguzman

    Too bad they started to decline a bit at that time in the 90's...

    I still can't find that damn song on iTunes!

    Jack Pea

    No one stays on top forever. It is a natural progression. They have left a plethora of music for us to enjoy for decades.

  62. Mr EX

    "The Boys, chillin with Earth, Wind & Flames/
    They asked us to kick a few bars, so we came.."
    -The Boys (Hakeem)

    This song is the *ISH!! Legendary! We need this song today, the R&B scene has lost its way and the wrong values are being taught in crappy dope, money, and *ss lyrics in the music. Sad.

  63. trez lorenz

    Love the message!