Earth, Wind And Fire - Gratitude Lyrics

Wanna thank you,
Wanna thank you
Freedom in stride, love, peace of mind
We just wanna give Gratitude
Got plenty love we wanna give to you
With good music and we're tryin' to say
That the Good Lord's gonna make a way

Open up your heart, let your body find,
Freedom in your stride, love, peace of mind
One more time and we got to say
That the Good Lord gonna make a way.

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Earth, Wind And Fire Gratitude Comments
  1. Keith Dixon


  2. Basil Shahiyd

    Funk and Gospel.
    Reese was a genius!!!

  3. Alex Sudar

    Very big song 👍👍👍👍

  4. David Hargreaves

    its 2019...and I am BRITISH WHITE MALE listening to the greatest music ever! I hate 'coloured' people? do i hate ANYONE?.Do I FUCK!!!.........No.. Do I LOVE MY COUNTRY!!?...yes!!!! I am proud to be British and proud of what the United States stand for!!.......
    .make of that what you will!...I dont care.....EWF will never be surpassed!......God Bless the USA and Great Britain!!!....

  5. stpaulimdog

    Popeye's chicken theme song.

  6. Willie Daniel

    Thank you Jehovah God in Jesus Christ I have perpetual gratitude

  7. Galen Hubbard

    Notation masters🔥

  8. Greg Schumacher


  9. David Hargreaves

    this should have 164 BILLION views........

  10. Neosoulgroovydude

    Lawdy lawdy lawdy

  11. marlena745

    Why isn't Ralph Johnson listed?

  12. NanTheGoldChild

    Thank you

  13. Basil Shahiyd

    Maurice White was a GENIUS!!! RIP.

  14. helterskelter1178

    Verdine White...dropping that Funky bass line. RIP Maurice.

  15. Harold Smith

    REDICULOUS Wooooooooo!

  16. Harold Smith

    Lordy lordy!

  17. Sherwood Solomon

    Good yesterday,good today and better tomorrow!!! do that thang, do that thang...

  18. Joey Donuts

    I'd like to meet the 4 people who gave this a thumbs down. Wonder how living in their mom's basement is working.

  19. Keith Witcher

    Earth Wind and Fire's Gratitude song is nice. Gratitude album is a classic. I like the album pictures. RIP Maurice White and I miss you. I love Philip Bailey too. I love Earth Wind And Fire.

  20. croonologist

    toma tu sopita

  21. Robert Lara

    this reminds me back when i was in high School

  22. Laurent Suriray

    funk funk funk funk funk

  23. Robert Olidge

    thanks EWF for jelping me grow up

  24. Robert Olidge

    RIP brother maurice we love you

  25. Lester Caldwell

    The band really gave us their "Gratitude"on this track. Priceless!

  26. Barebare kun

    Verdine's Bass playing here is enough to tear my house apart it's so GROOVAAAAAYY!!!!

  27. Lannigs Deloin

    R.I.P. Maurice ~~~

  28. Chuck Reid


  29. Thomas Johnson

    Gospel and funky....

  30. MusicLover P

    R.I.P Maurice White


    Amen! EW&F's music lives on in my heart. Maurice White defined EW&F's music for generations. He is greatly missed. "Blessed are the children!"


    Unfortunate! I believe the band never really recovered from his loss!

  31. René Imark

    best funk

  32. joe smoe

    Love it...I remember when this first came out

  33. ImhotepRamses

    EWF - nice......

  34. brother south

    In an era when the church was waning this group was my generation's only church . Thank you E,W & F, for being there , offering some  form of devotion to the people who were usually too high to focus on anything your music became a part of us fostering peace and love in us .. Thank you MUCHfor you music...

    David Hargreaves

    they were and ARE my church too.......

  35. Felipe de J. Cervera

    No hay palabras para estos grandes, son de otro mundo

  36. Shannon Lovino

    yeah, yeah,,,,

  37. Dawud Muhammad

    Holy Sounds...

  38. zebrazxx

    What about Dilla?

  39. Sid White

    stop complaining pleb

  40. zebrazxx

    What's a dilla? Somebody who doesn't have enough talent to write their own muisc? They have to mess up great tunes like this...


    This comment is sin

  41. Maurice Hummnero

    Somente ,maravilhoso este som!

  42. Re△Love∞ution

    First album I bought with my own dough when it came out and still hooked on it !!!! :)))))

  43. simpsonsrock06

    i'm amazed at how dilla flipped this. ewf is always a great listen.

  44. SteveUrkeI

    Best EWF by far in my opinion. The bass and guitar are both thumpin & pluckin, so funky.

  45. john wagner

    i hear ya ...AMEN

  46. DivaNCali

    Play this EVERY morning. I'm Grateful.

  47. zarchild777


  48. MistaRob545

    this is funk

  49. Solid E

    Verdine White is tearin' that bass up...


    Solid E tone and technique