Earth, Wind And Fire - Boogie Wonderland Lyrics

Dance, boogie wonderland
Ha, ha, dance
Boogie wonderland
Midnight creeps so slowly into hearts of men who need more than they get
Daylight deals a bad hand to a woman who has laid too many bets

The mirror stares you in the face and says
"Baby, uh, uh, it don't work"
You say your prayers though you don't care
You dance and shake the hurt
Dance, boogie wonderland
Ha, ha, dance
Boogie wonderland

Sounds fly through the night
I chase my vinyl dreams to Boogie Wonderland
I find romance when I start to dance in Boogie Wonderland
I find romance when I start to dance in Boogie Wonderland

All the love in the world can't be gone
All the need to be loved can't be wrong
All the records are playing and my heart keeps saying
"Boogie wonderland, wonderland"

Dance, boogie wonderland
Dance, boogie wonderland

All the love in the world can't be gone
All the need to be loved can't be wrong
All the records are playing
And my heart keeps saying
"Boogie wonderland, wonderland"
Dance, boogie wonderland
Ha, ha, dance
Boogie wonderland

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Earth, Wind And Fire Boogie Wonderland Comments
  1. Eder João Gonçalves Ribeiro

    Isso é que é Banda👊👊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Planers For Life


  3. Josh D

    omg why couldn't I be born earlier

  4. Jaime FI

    2020...nuevamente escuchandolo

  5. Aldina Naliato

    💖 Je retournerais bien à cette époque rien que pour danser dessus. Y a pas à dire c' était bien comme même. Concernant la musique 🎶 d' aujourd'hui je dirais juste " au secours !" 😝 ils n' arrivent même pas à leurs cheville. 💖

  6. kinton noob

    Mumbleee... Chikaa Chikaa... Chikaaa...

  7. Mj’s sparkly white glove

    If you still listen to this song today, you have superb taste in music😚

  8. Guilherme Cevolani

    Tony skol

  9. Robin Douglas

    How many know that the woman who wrote both Boogie Wonderland and September for EW&F passed on 12/24/19? Her name was Allee Willis. Google. You'll be amazed.

  10. utente Utente

    Lui ..c"era..è. come...‼‼‼🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐👍

  11. Garpu Geming

    Me:having a peaceful day

    My dumbass classmates in class:

  12. ZoRilla 23

    Why did philip bailey slide out on us like that at 1:54 😂😂

  13. Kayn & Rhaast

    I would dance with Daryl...

  14. Theda Bara

    This song has everything. A horn section, Philip Bailey's incredibly high singing, fantastic costumes, the Emotions as back-up singers all built around Maurice White's cool vocals. What more could you want?

  15. Sergio Steel

    long live '70 music

  16. Maritza Vega

    Bella canción uff cuántas veces lo baile

  17. Esteban Sanchez

    I'm 22 years old and i love this kind of music! Is awesome... January 2020🙌

  18. Gale R Simpson

    we danced all night long

  19. Qyu Almannai

    im here cuz i heard it on payo stream, anyone else ofc?

  20. 바밤바

    이 노래가 그 노래구만

  21. Alphonso Blowe

    Fucking Classic ! No other way to say it..

  22. KeeplayingJethro

    This was played at the '80s disco's

  23. Lee Parker

    Raised on Classical and baroque music, a latecomer to but lifelong admirer of Rock n Roll, devoted to alternative and indie rock, THIS IS STILL ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS OF ALL TIME...I WAS 13 WHEN WE HIT THE DISCOS TO "BOOGEY WONDERLAND..." in 1978. LOVE IT!

  24. John Marston

    Qu'est-ce que l'alcool a pu couler à flot
    et que l'argent à couler flot

  25. Klambie Nami

    Welcome to 2020 ✨

  26. Sonic gate 13


  27. Liz Alcantara

    Like si escucha en 2020

    Silvia Mendoza

    Remenber is come to live

  28. Tyriess Loney

    First time I heard this song is when I watched happy feet, this song brings back alot of memories

  29. Phjeeteri

    Not moving to this song feels like there's a awesome party net door, with all ur friends, best friend in the party.

  30. Rod Chapple

    Having the Emotions as back ups was a master class in production..added so much.

  31. Joshua Carr

    Is it just me but 1:42 part just brings back even more nostalgic feeling

  32. RoJay90

    mfw I break the fabric of reality in order to end up 7 years later in a completely different location using a bottle a couple of bugs, a crappy clay ocarina and a literal godess's magic crystal thing

  33. RazyDiesel

    Who's here from Madagascar?

  34. Ice Ice


  35. JOSEPH Paige


  36. Abueno Pasaber


  37. guadalupe Montano

    Mexicans love earth wind and fire. We stay bumping

  38. Sam Faiad

    Ouvindo em 2020


    Có ai từ
    Tình bạn và địa vị
    Qua đây k???

  40. David Marquez

    Enero 2020, sigue siendo una de las mejores orquestas de la musica disco!!!


    ya sabemos en qué mes estamos. no hace falta que nos lo recuerdes

  41. Whitekhat

    RIP Allee, you were a master who should have been recognized as such in your time. Thank you for the music!

  42. Whitekhat

    It didn't feel like it at the time, but we were so innocent then . . .

  43. Carl Bowles

    This blast from the past kicks hard. 1979 was a bomb year to be young.

  44. cloudtoground

    Back in the days where there were so many people on the stage that it was very confusing. Elaborate outfits, people all over the place, a lot of people playing instruments, a lot of people dancing, they did a great job pulling that off and making it look good.

  45. Sean Tan

    2020 anyone

  46. devin kurishuan

    If this isn't played at my funeral

    *I aint going*

    Tyriess Loney

    What lol😅

    devin kurishuan

    @Tyriess Loney yeah something is wrong here;)

    Tyriess Loney

    @devin kurishuan your sure right 😅

  47. Vander ferreira

    Brasil 2020 Na área ouvindo esse lindo Funk .

  48. Cresser

    very good song


    Maurice is The MACHO ALPHA total kkkkkkkk.

  50. GunbladeRevolver

    So glad Just Dance 3 and 2019 had this in here. There's no WAY you can sit still with this song playing.

  51. Christine Allemand

    J ADOOOOORE!!!!🤩🤩

  52. Melanie Bortz

    Still one of the greatest shows and band to ever exist in 2020

  53. Jason Heard

    Whether I use Google maps or Waze I need to find the best route to Boogie Wonderland!!

  54. GELA B

    This song brings back a lot of my childhood memories with my grandparents and parents too. Though i’m only 22 my family engaged me to their songs. Omg miss my grandpaaaaa

    Ryuko Matoi

    7 years was your childhood I assume? Not trying to be mean just asking

  55. Fred Harvey

    Just another reason to miss the late 1970s.

  56. larissade93

    Wow this looks like so much funn! Wish I could be there now 😩

  57. Nathan Miller

    Earth wind and fire: we need costumes for our music video.

    Costume designer: what color do you want them in?

    Earth wind and fire: Yes.


    lol good one! I am hypnotized by this video -- insta good mood -- so I dont read comments normally, but caught this on way out. Had to come back to give it click.

  58. Unai Emery

    Music was so good back in the 60s and 70s not like the dross these days

  59. Anthony Turner

    feel good

  60. Gheorghe Tuduce

    Un superb ritm şi dans. Minunaţ.

  61. Raul Sandoval

    who’s here from the office?

  62. Wasan S.

    “Jojo’s bizarre adventure” character’s costumes must have took inspiration from this band.

    el tipo que estaba de acuerdo con bolainas

    yes,I was just thinking he looked like giorno giovanna.

    Solid Snake

    The thumbnail pose looks Josuke’s in the first part 4 credits too.

  63. Gilberto Baruch Carcaño Carmona

    amazing music !!!!

  64. Creep Stick

    The Intouchables Movie brought me here.



  66. Larry Nintendo

    Verdine White Bass legend everybody.

  67. 1965mrhyperion

    I'll never get tired of listening this SONG or watching this VIDEO, never.

  68. Салават Таштемиров

    Кто из 2019?

  69. DebsLuvsMusic


  70. sherriew36

    This song gives me LIFE!!!

  71. Gee Row R.

    First time I saw this video, I was mesmerized!!!!

  72. Que Unlimited

    Still the hottest PARTY jam!!!🔥

  73. meowmeow

    How does the video have 4 times more likes then views?

  74. John Barrios

    I envy my parents for having this kind of music.


    You realize you also have this kind of music..............


    @Name yeah but we don't get to hear this on the radio 24/7

    Crazy Hemonie

    @Saltymonkey yeah but... just loop the songs you like.

    Maggy Blue

    Name By who? Please name a mainstream artist or group who comes close to legends like EW&F, Kool and the Gang, the Temptations, the Whispers...

  75. Meor Mohd Azhar Ahmad Tarmizi

    EWF is still the best band in the music world. Complete music involving: string, wind & percussion.

  76. Muhammed Belk

    2020 ? 😍😍

  77. Muhammed Belk

    2020 ? 😍😍

  78. MC Sheriff Brown

    Just boogie ,Life is to be laughter living and and art!!! Just boogie and groove!!!!

  79. Cordelia Bruff

    Anybody else here from Gus Johnson?

  80. FMRay

    If y'all like EWF and The Emotions, the Album "Powerlight" is a full Album of Songs by the two.

    Marcus Gordon

    Right on

  81. Deanne Reddy

    The Office fan's press like.


    A fellow intellectual

  82. Mikkel Abildgaard

    The intouchables dancing scene pops up every time I listen to this song

  83. yung_poptart 420

    ok let’s be real the people that disliked either miss clicked or are racist🤣

  84. Nitrobuz Ae

    I remember how "uncool" it was to like EWF if you were white in the 70's. Bigotry is the only plague.

  85. Mauri Leon

    This some heat 🔥

  86. ANO NYM

    Allee Willis you'll be missed!!

  87. Antonis Valamontes

    The days when women were naturally beautiful! - Now? Hello Hollywood Plastic!

  88. Csigusz Foxoup

    I miss those kind of songs from today

    But these are evergreen music so I can't complain
    I love them :3


    This is so good I had to shed a tear ❤️❤️❤️🥺

  90. the mountain man

    I dance like that after 6 cups of coffee lol

  91. Joshua Flemming

    Me and the boys after we get deported in the same base in WWIII

  92. Fini sher

    POGGERS in the chattuh


    Fini sher PPC

  93. Sankalp Jaret

    Came here because of The Office.

  94. erika humphreys

    I just LOVE how Maurice dances his own beat throughout the entire song! He just lets the music guide him and he flows all over the stage!