Earth, Wind And Fire - Anything You Want Lyrics

You were so right all along
I wouldn't believe till love had gone
replacing the old with the new
and now that I want to see it through

You tell me you care
but he's still inside your heart
and it's tearing me apart
that I'm anything you want

I'll be there to listen to everything you cry
all you need
ever to believe in you without a reason why
for your love

I'll be near to be with you to wipe the tear away
though it's hard for me
I'm anything you want
(I'll be anything...)

Baby, it was so wrong and we both knew
and yet it was all that I could do
you were living a life you could not feel
thinking he was the way to make it real

Can't let him go
I'm still a part of you
I'll do what I must do
anything you want


Every time you talk about hum
you'll never know how it hurts my heart
but, I'll be there for you baby

He's still inside your heart
it's tearing me apart
anything you want
I'll be there...


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Earth, Wind And Fire Anything You Want Comments
  1. Benny Moonwalker

    truly an atmospheric power ballad

  2. Bettina Strouble

    Wow! Just more awesome music, love it!! ❤❤❤❤

  3. Mario Kozak

    Uhhhh 💫🙌🏼🙌🏼

  4. Eddie Brown

    My hats off to Earth Wind & Fire for their creation of some of the best music of my generation. 👍❤.

  5. Reginald Styles

    The Legendary ELEMENTS ❤️❤️❤️

  6. versteeg kasper

    smooth as hell

  7. sergo dalakishvili

    keyboard solo is incomparable


    So Good! So Cool! Another small jewel but Great song of fabulous EWF.

  9. Vic Baber

    this is how i feel for the one i 💘 and A big 😃 feel the 💘

  10. James Cathey III

    Dat dat da da, dat dat da da.

    Antoine Emory


  11. Slobodan Micic

    2:36 What a bridge!!!



  13. Gerald Sijenyi

    Rediscovered after 10 years , still makes sense

  14. Ken Karapetian

    Probably one of their best songs...

  15. Ken Karapetian

    What a great song.

  16. Andrew Flood


  17. scutte2000

    Classic EWF tune, Maurice went back on this one.

  18. Rob Osborn

    Used to love this song cruising down the freeway at night in my Chevy Beretta

  19. Mikhail Moga

    But who does female voice?

    Reginald Mitchell

    Mikhail Moga That was Wanda Vaughn of the Emotions

    Lyndell Jones

    Wanda Vaughn & Jeanette Hawes of The Emotions, and Josie James. Wanda & Jeanette sound nice, but Josie sounds too nasally. It's annoying.


    @Lyndell Jones Thumbs up on everything except the last sentence Ms. Jones.😁

  20. Not A RealPresident

    A calculator can't count how many times I've played this song . Icons. .. .EWF

    DJ C-Smooth The Houselord

    So glad that I have this track. this as well as a lot of their slow jams are the soundtrack of my life.

    I Main Yordles

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  21. Mr Walker

    One of my favorites from Heritage. This one and Daydreamin'!


    Daydreaming is a great song, but I think it should have been written that both Bailey and White sang lead.


    I think they saved the best song for last though, Welcome.

  22. Vurucu Tim

    So good so right

  23. Marcelo Pisani Garib

    best EWF album

  24. Nona Yabizness

    Wasn't there a radio edition of this back in the early 90's when it came out ? Or a remix? Been looking for it ever since my high school boyfriend used to sing this jam to me and it takes me back.

  25. WynMills1

    Man, this tune is slick.

  26. Thalles Howard

    Very very underrated


    I think this is one of their more underrated albums along with Illumination.

  27. Murat MORSÜMBÜL

    Güzel bir çalışma ve paylaşım, sağol.