Earle, Steve - We Gotta Stop Cheatin' Like This Lyrics

We both knew this was wrong from the start
But wild horses couldn't keep us apart
Even though I'm breaking her heart
And you're breaking his
I'll meet you in the usual place
I'll take a table in the back, just in case
There's something that we both gotta face
We gotta stop cheatin' like this

We gotta stop cheatin' like this
I gotta stop needing your kiss
We both know it's wrong
We just can't go on
We gotta stop cheatin' like this

I could tell you I don't want you no more
But we got something, girl, that won't let us go
We tell ourselves it's love but we know
That's not what it is
I think it's time we said our goodbyes
'Cause I've already told her too many lies
And I don't want to see that look in her eyes
We gotta stop cheatin' like this


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Earle, Steve We Gotta Stop Cheatin' Like This Comments
  1. Jeff Peterson

    Storytelling Level: Incalculable

  2. Terry Craddock

    taneytown rules!!

  3. Andrew Brooks

    Born and raised in Taneytown (Tawneytown as it's pronounced). The railroad tracks is about the dumbest place to run from the cops seeing as how the police station is right off of em


    Andrew Brooks omg I have been raised in taneytown too, still in taneytown. I go to the northwest middle school

    Andrew Brooks

    @SaberMint is Brilhart still the principle? He was my High School Geometry teacher lol


    Andrew Brooks no it’s mr.walkins. But do u know mrs perhatch, and mrs sands? They have been working here since my aunt and mom went there


    He's not running from the cops he's running from the white boys that wanna beat him up ...

    Andrew Brooks

    @SaberMint I remember sands. I had her for 8th grade English I think. Maybe it was something else, it was awhile ago lol

  4. Green Man

    why can't modern country sound like this? no bullshit poppy choruses, no slick production, no generic melodies.

  5. Lynn Plaskan

    Taneytown is not good at all

  6. Raul Garcia

    I m really trying here but as cosmic weird to me as it may sound..I know all the words to every song he has done..but shit..I cannot hear or make out the words to this taneytown song..it's driving me mothefkn nuts..lol..anyone out there know the lyrics or what this song means........


    Google is your friend ... search for Taneytown Lyrics ... theyr'e great, btw :)

  7. whitebluesky

    A favorite. Check out his book Doghouse Roses. He has another book coming out soon, "I Can't Remember If We Said Goodbye."

  8. Lenny Yox

    bloody or not, I ain't dropping my randall, especially not in TAWNEYtown. always bugged me

  9. Andy St. Paul

    I hear Kurt Cobain and Steve Earle here.

  10. Kayne Wantz

    I tell yea I live right near Taneytown or tawneytown as we call it near Gettysburg too is there some truth to this story or what? Someone fill me in thanks

    Adam Meyer

    Go to the basement of the old county courthouse on center st in westminster and look at police reports from 1911. Did you go to fsk


    Kayne Wantz I live in taneytown


    I am in northwest middle I’m going to FSK next year

    hans wanker

    @Adam Meyer Randall knives weren't around until WW2. I would say it's a fictional song, loosely based on some of the shit that has taken place over the years.

  11. lumaz71

    best Steve album. great sound.

  12. Edward Edman

    I went down to taneytown
    I went down to taneytown
    I went down to see What i could see....
    wow whata-great-song!!

  13. Ethan Taylor

    Marylander's report in


    He was closer then some people, I've heard people say tinytown, tonytown lol

    Jerry Beauchesne

    Drove between Baltimore and Gettysburg so many times I can't remember.

  14. T Kirby

    i was a young boy, brother broke down, my Dad took the call, racked his gun, held me at home while he brought my brother back

    Patrick Murphy

    T Kirby I like those lyrics

  15. Ozzman Osgood

    I guess I stopped here because I'm a Marylander.

  16. skogvaktarn

    Why do I think of "House of the rising sun".....Great song, though!

  17. Craig D Vogelmann

    I really don't understand why Steve isn't a fucking mega star. He has a ton of great songs, but you rarely ever hear them played. It seems the only places to hear Steve Early are Red, White & Booze or Outlaw Country on Serius XM.

    bumppo shepherd

    powerful neo-cons quashing songs like "f the cc" and "condi, condi"


    politics. there isn't the room for megastar outlaw country singers anymore, especially ones that embrace populist politics, just fake patriots in USA flag jackets and metrosexual haircuts singing about DA TROOPS and basically just doing trash pop.

    Ken Odiorne

    The costs of stardom are something which Steve Earl must have decided weren't worth paying. For us, his stardom is clear enough. btw- does anyone else hear Richard Thompson licks on the break?

    Raul Garcia

    Jackoff reason ..first he is from texas..second..nashville at that time 1986 thaught thier shit didnt smell ..steve then was a rebel and heroin user....thats why

    susan tallon

    I just found his music , and fell in love with it . And i agree he should be at the top . :)

  18. jmhendrix101

    Taneytown is 45 minutes away from me! Awesome

    Raul Garcia

    jmhendrix101 Steve earles is a CD away..

    Lynn Plaskan

    jmhendrix101 i live in taneytown


    I live in taneytown too


    I go to the north west middle school

  19. Kevin Burgess

    I ain't goin' back there anymore

    Richard Pierce

    where is at?

  20. talkinghead4

    Sounds like Neil Young.  Yes that is Emilou Harris on backing vocals.  Is it rock or country?  it's Texas!


    @john stewart Meyer the late 60's and early 70's. ; ) 

    Heidi Blackburn

    talkinghead4 It's awesomeness is what it is!!! i adore the both of them ❤❤❤ Lucinda Williams too!!!

    talkinghead 4

    I can't get enough Lucinda Williams!!!!!!!!!

    Jason Martin

    Texas storytellin

    Jason Martin

    talkinghead4 Texas storytellin

  21. Kevin Burgess

    boy you look like hell is all she said

    John Davis

    In an interview of Steve, he said Towns Van Zandt told him he looked like shit. Steve said I know, then Towns said your arms look like shit (from the needle), Steve said I know lol. Steve insured Towns he used a new needle every time. Steve overcame his battle.early 90's is when Towns just walked in Steve's house.

  22. Steven Hildebrandt

    Hitched across the better part of North America with my ex girlfriends Randall knife down my sleeve. I love you Trish.

  23. Vincent Herrington

    I love this song can you post lungs by steve earle

    J. Futa

    rd o ddrrsx/^//^^^7788 &&&&&^

    Vincent Herrington

    i know but he covered it

    Brent Rodgers hard to tell

    Vincent Herrington lungs is a TVZ so?ng

    Richard Pierce

    where is tawney town?

    Greg Marc

    Richard Pierce in MD 10 - 15 miles South East of Gettysburg. Pronounced TaWneytown

  24. vactorsrus

    Need more from this one!

  25. MrBuckwilliam

    great tunage from a great album

  26. Aeroguns994

    Amazing song.

  27. Mistertbones

    Very macabre song, and very good too!

  28. Paula Darwish

    fantastic song.. great music great lyrics....

  29. dorianetkarine

    like you

  30. Sorocksss

    Awesome song !
    I feel very fine after that :)