Earle, Steve - Johnny Too Bad Lyrics

Walkin' down the road with a pistol in your waist
Johnny Too Bad, woh oh oh
Walkin' down the road with a ratchet in your waist
Johnny Too Bad, woh oh oh
You're just robbin' and stabbin' and lootin' and shootin'
Johnny Too Bad
You're just robbin' and stabbin' and lootin' and shootin'
Johnny Too Bad
One of these days when you hear the voice say 'come'
Where you gonna run to, woh oh oh
One of these days when you hear the voice say 'come'
Where you gonna run to, woh oh oh
You're just runnin' to the rock for refuge
But there will be no rock
You're just runnin' to the rock for rescue
And there will be no rock

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Earle, Steve Johnny Too Bad Comments
  1. Lynne ozuna

    Have to watch this every so often. So many sides to Steve Earle.... I love them all!

  2. Tom Martin

    I love his/this version of this song!!  I wish it was on sale on iTunes.

  3. treblejunkie

    Too bad he bad-mouths Lynyrd Skynyrd cuz he's a great artist. What the fuck is wrong with Lynyrd Skynyrd Steve Earle, you junkie ass fuck?

    Kent Rocks

    He doesn't like Skynyrd, who cares?! I also watched an interview where he said he likes the Kings Of Leon. I think that's worse (blech). It really doesn't bother me though, some of my fav artists don't like artists I do. I happen to really dig LS, and Steve has no effect on that for me. And no I wouldn't care, because is one thing and family is another. No matter how much I love music, it doesn't compare to family. Please, think about  who your calling a goof, when your calling people fucktards, goofs, and wanting to meet them in person. I can have a conversation with sinking to that. I don't believe I'm being an asshole about this. I simply corrected you when you called someone 20 years sober a junkie ass fuck. You're the one who continues to be aggressive and and call names. 

    Gerald Dixon Cummings

    @Kent Rocks I agree with you Kent...in fact, I best calm down on what people say. It just pisses me off, that's all. I mean no harm on anybody actually. I often think that this troll shit is wearing off on me in a bad way. Like I said, I love Steve Earles style. He's a great guitar picker and has some awesome tunes...I just don't care for what he said about Leonard Skinner eh. I'll calm down once I get laid ever again. lol Take care Kent.

    Gerald Dixon Cummings

    @Kent Rocks After re-reading this Kent, I feel I owe you an apology. So, I'm sorry I referred to you as a "goof" and a "fuktard". (fuktard???) Still a wee bit pissed off at Steve Earle for saying what he did...that'll never change. It also won't stop me from playing his tunes on my guitar either though...not THAT pissed off at him. Take care Kent. Check out STEVE EARLE INTERVIEW by KINK RADIO. It is really misicule, but totally ignorant and uncalled for...don't ya'll think? Peace out Kent.

    Kent Rocks

    no worries man. We all get worked up at times and passionate about music. Yeah Steve's opinions are strong but I always remind mind myself they're just opinions cause sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't. you know? I'll check out that interview for sure. :)

    Gerald Dixon Cummings

    @Kent Rocks Well, thank you Kent...goes to show, or PROVE, that you are an adult and not a kid. You know, You Tube has o lot of "trolls". I never understood what a damn troll consisted off, until I became guilty of "trolling" my own self. I think everybody has been a troll at one time or another on YT, but some folks seem to thrive on being a troll it seems. I try to think before I type...don't always work that way. lol Thanks again Kent.

  4. Joshua Foust

    what the hell are they doing.....

  5. Rich Baxter

    Just heard this song on the 1st series on The Mis Fits and had to check this out again as a reminder of the good old days of Steve Earle. This was an amazing year and an amazing tour! Best and tightest line up of the Dukes by far.


    Those are the V-Roys, not the Dukes.

  6. rtisi

    A young Scott Miller here! Love this.

  7. guitarkat99

    Steve + V-Roys = AMAZING.

  8. Joanna Backman

    @Tracey1963 tracey, Steve did an incredible "Dead Flowers," that is one of my favorites, but then Steve has never really done much that i did not love.

  9. Joanna Backman

    @Tracey1963 you are right, my friend, Steve Earle does "Dead Flowers" better than anyone i think...he's incredible..

  10. Joanna Backman

    yep, this is it, Steve Earle never disappoints....thin or not, he never fails to give 500.00 worth of music for a 35.00 ticket....love him!!!

  11. BlurryBigfoot

    @psrrsp That's the "Sunshine mix" I prefer the "Hillbilly mix" off the Steve Earle & the V-Roys Single CD. Good stuff.

  12. electricragtime

    Great cover....but I still like the John Martyn version the best...

  13. John Veitch

    @Tracey1963 Hullo Tracey, have you ad an oppurtunity to check the Slikers out yet? Do have a song to recommend? pax

  14. John Veitch

    @Tracey1963 I think that you will find that a brilliant Jamaican band the Slickers were first. I stand to be corrected nonetheless check it out. Pax Tracey XX

  15. bigtoysdt

    I love this cover, hey it's Steve Earl, he is Good!

  16. Peter Scott Reid

    i think the Sidetracks version is better.

  17. Shane

    god this is about the best performance i've seen. the audience must have been like 'who the hell is this?'

  18. Quay Rude

    The V-Roys were one of the great secrets of the 90's. Scott Miller & The Commonwealth carry on ...


    And Mic Harrison and the High Score

  19. bobjones864

    Taj is cool.

    This isn't a Jimmy Cliff song though. It's by the Slickers, who were a mysterious one-hit wonder that nobody knows anything about.

  20. ranjanchadha

    Taj Mahal doing a cover version of this Jimmy Cliff classic is definitely better than Jimmy's original!!!! if you haven't, do check it out. Cheers!!!

  21. bobjones864

    This is pretty fuckin' cool. It ain't as good as the original record....but seriously. What is?

  22. Bdasef

    Steve's just never quits amazing me. There's an interview you would most likely enjoy. It's not the UK one listed here.

  23. Richard Head

    Holy. Crap. Unreal

  24. Bdasef

    Am I hear again watchin' this thang again??? yup...This is...baaad!

  25. Michelle Vaughn

    This is great... Blast from the past. Love the V-Roys. Great times.

  26. p l

    great vid!
    i love steve & i love the v-roys!!!

  27. InThisCatapult

    What a score for V-Roys fans as well! Thanks for posting this. I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of sharing these with V-Roys fans on the V-Roys myspace page!

    We really appreciate it!


  28. br54knight

    Thanks for posting this Rich! I had no idea it existed. Do you have any other Steve/V-Roys clips? I think they did this same song on Late Night With Conan O'Brien in April of '97. Hope you're doing well.

  29. denboy

    A forgotten gem