Earl Sweatshirt - Moonlight Lyrics

[Verse 1: Earl]
Started thinking about a normal life, it got me suicidal
Standing in the kitchen with a noose and a rifle
Hang or bang hockin' lugees in a bible
Dancing with the Devil tonight's our first recital
His hands on my hips he take control of my movement
A couple of minutes pass and I don't know what I'm doin'
Just dance to the music so nobody will laugh at me
But the fucking voices in my head keep asking me
Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight
You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight
Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight
You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight

[Verse 2: Hodgy Beats]
I live all over my roomie's a bum
Fuck a bitch never sober virgin bitch nun
Sound like she dying when that virgin bitch cum
My used penis beats on this virgin bitch drums
She askin' me to dance I ask for my pants
Ended up with an arguement sirens, ambulance
Scratch her off my list, situation bias
She made me a milkshake and forced me to try it
Nah I ain't Nas get the fuck off my dick
Besides from the smell of it I'm hatin' the flavor
Last night for the hell of it I raped her neighbor
Bit her fillin's all through my vampire teeth saber
(Ahh, Jesus, please) She screams for her savior
A nun with a bum fuck you bitch better pay up
I need to eat, place to sleep, new shoes, aging feet
Alligator hair heat Gatorade made her sweet

[Verse 3: Earl]
Bitter sweet seven fist fightin' with a reverend
Bless sessions niggas fresh as Crest breath is
Devil in my chest I inhale more cess then
Place one missed call to heaven
You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight

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Earl Sweatshirt Moonlight Comments
  1. TheMadisonMachine

    Earl's verse: introspective, touching on depression and anxiety
    Hodgy's verse: "All I got is rape bro sorry"

  2. Owen Walters

    Anyone know what the "Try again." voice is? Assume it's from a video game.

  3. Juan Pablo Medina

    2019 and 2020

  4. ugly devon

    been like 5 years since i heard this but the opening line goes thru my mind a shit ton


    started thinking about a normal it got me suicidal


    normal life

  6. Matthew 9500

    Earl did it first...

  7. Jabari STORM

    Bitter sweet 7
    Fist fighting w a reverend
    Blessed sessions
    So niggas is fresh
    As crest breath is

  8. The Guy Who Cares

    Real OGs know this beat from Casey Veggies - Hang Up


    High school....

  10. Nasa White

    This is Circus music

  11. Nasa White

    Fist fightin with a reverend Lmao these niggas was clowns

  12. FreeWave-Art

    still feel this song

  13. tonygoggles

    spotlight uh

  14. MangaSword8

    On repeat late at night/early in the morning drunk or high on self deprecation and random anime thoughts. Good ol days lol

  15. subsbásicos16

    omg this beat this flow this pitch fck

  16. DexhyEdits

    man this is the shit i would listen to freshman year chillin with my skater friends rolling balls and smoking weed but now times change so much and now i try to bump earl around the people im with and get made fun of but fuck it i killed them

  17. Spaced Universe

    BAHA middle school and up was my not give a fuck about shit period of time.. n it was Tyler n I never loved myself more because of him. Hella appreciated of this song cuz this was the very first song I heard by Tyler n I related a lot to the feeling he was feeling, couple of bars hit me in the chest I felt them hoes. After that I became an OF addict


    This isn’t even Tyler you dumbfuck

  18. Booty Gang Trunks

    This song is so hydrating lmao

  19. putodiparis

    666 gang

  20. Yneszi Đetchra

    He starts taking control of my movement & couple mins pass and Idk what I'm doing 👁 (Truth)

  21. Robert Clayton

    These songs are beautiful

  22. Ivan Kisaragi

    we still out here

  23. tmad711


  24. Steven Lee

    U can't rap without influences like this

  25. Christopher Jones

    2018 this is still never skipped on my playlist

  26. Suto

    Damn...freshman year was lit

    Nick West

    katana 武士 that's what I'm saying


    Fuck yeah

  27. Tyler Diaz

    such a nostalgic song

  28. Matt Beattie

    Good shit

  29. Anarchitron

    FF7 beat is fire

  30. Adam

    Beat is Tyler the Creator esque

    The Meme Plug On 5tH

    the beat was produced by tyler in 2007

  31. ihatemeisuck

    when i listen to this song i always think of myself sitting alone in my home when i was in middle school. Its cold outside and the only light that's burning in the house is in the room I'm in

    FaZe Thugger

    man I was in middle school when odd future first came out. My mom would drop me off at school on her way to work early af in the morning. There would be an area where kids would wait till school started and I’d be blasting bastard and this in my headphones

    tyler linderman

    @FaZe Thugger tell me u was burning a bible

    FaZe Thugger

    tyler linderman lmao nah g like everything it was a phase lol. But I listen to this every now and again for nostalgia reasons

    tyler linderman

    @FaZe Thugger true. Im still in it. Anti religious but we all different. Its in my music if interested. Anubis loke. My sound cloud. Check it

    Daren Scotts

    Only light was that joint i rolled with bible paper.

  32. Gilderoy Lockhart

    2013 never forget

  33. The Final Door

    Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

    ~such a peaceful song


    bitter sweet seven
    fist fightin wit a Reverend
    blessed sessions
    niggas fresh as crest breath is

    dope af

  35. slutthefuckup

    ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

  36. Olivia Petersen

    Holy shit Earl’s verse is so cool and poetic, and then Hodgy comes in and ruins the fucking song


    Yeah, I don't hate hodgy but his verse in this is really bad while earls is really good

    Xpert Menace

    i personally enjoyed hodgys verse like with him fucking and killing the nun

  37. Hamonyeti

    Is this a Tyler diss?


    +No Hoe in what way?

    Gilderoy Lockhart

    cant be tyler helped earl in this song to lower his voice


    No Hoe lol Tyler produced earls whole first album why would it be a diss lbs

  38. Kamal Akin

    it's funny that his voice was pitched down and now that's his voice sounds like

    89 91

    i dont think earl's voice was pitched down tho


    Vital Quatrevingtdixhuit it is. him and Hodgy both are.

    Omari Jenkins

    89 91 yes they are . This is when Tyler pitched all of their voices down

  39. moose.

    "You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" Batman reference? lol

    Riq da Mc

    Arnt u a joker

  40. x x

    heeee'sss baaaaacccckkkkk

  41. darion

    This is probably my favorite song by Earl

  42. Carl Johnson

    That's risky business cousin..

  43. jetster98TXJT

    I was pissed until I saw 1 year ago lol. hes out now

  44. Brometheus

    Lol "try and get your parents to vote for him!" I'm not 12. Go vote like a big boy now.

  45. donmunk321

    I've never danced with a devil in the pale of moonlight, but ive crip walked with Ganesh

  46. Greg Hall

    Oh yeah? Maybe it was that too, I just knew I'd heard it on something else than this. Any know what song Tyler said it on? if he did

  47. Horrikou

    I'm 99 percent sure tyler has used it once before too.
    But there is a shred of doubt.

  48. Greg Hall

    Finally figured out where I heard the crest breath line before. He used it on Molliwopped

  49. Link

    You know the "dance with the devil in the pale moon lite"
    It's off of batman.

    spear head 槍頭

    the sample is from batman too

  50. hostcamp

    this my fav song by Earl. Wolf Gang.

  51. Tyrell Grapes

    You dont understand why though.

  52. golfwangdontgiveafck killthemall

    earl & hodgy

  53. Xavier


  54. isaac

    he was in school

  55. BullsHaveHorns

    this really sounds like tyler hah

  56. matthew lucas

    earl came back 2 days ago everyone hes graduating before he starts rapping again though

  57. Smiggy Balls

    this song is danker than sour diesel

  58. Kyle Maracle

    EARL 3/23/12

  59. Glock Lesnar

    HE WAS NEVER IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Caesar Callera

    @TheDamnSkippyy No need to wait no more, Early Man is back!!!

  61. SteezySkater72

    @TBAomarTBA Ron Paul supports states being able to legalize marijuana as well, and he has great policies and shit.

  62. blo

    Watch, he really gonna sound like this when he get out of Samoa.

    Puberty's a bitch.



    Joshua Brassard

    This guys woke


    blo goddamn bitch you see the future or something

    Liam F

    fucking guy living in 3016

  63. Danny Nunez

    Wow.. what the fuck was this?
    to boring


    I Kno I'm late but shut teh fook up

  64. devinmpra2106767


  65. mike cors


  66. Jason Rios


  67. Seraph Starman

    @LadySweatshirt Nah dont fuck me, fuck you and your thumps up thirsty comments.

  68. Seraph Starman

    @LadySweatshirt Dont make me molliwhop you -.-

  69. Kaylin W

    too bad the first verse isnt eaarl...........and the second verse isnt hodgy ............ it sounds like tyler and left brain.........

    Amy Robinson

    Kaylin W it was earl and hodgy

  70. Kaylin W

    too bad the first verse isnt eaarl...........

  71. jacinto1997

    where is earl? someone reply and tell me?

    Tyler Lucas

    jacinto1997 god

  72. alexbitchin5


  73. SIurm

    Earls verse is about being possessed by a demon, its so eerie its dope as fuck

    Jose Menjivar

    SIurm I’m so glad someone go it

  74. Michael Baker

    Earl > Tyler yeah!

    DJ Tim space King

    Jimmy Bigboy both

  75. Uhh ummm

    WOLF GANG 666