Earl Keen, Robert - So Sorry Blues Lyrics

I don't know what to do
Worse, I don't know why
Could be I have the flu
Undeniably I could die
It could be I'm hungover
Or I'm tryin' not to try

I could use some motivation
But I'm tryin' not to move
Maybe rehabilitation
But there's not much to improve
I've been in this rut so long now
I believe I've found my groove

Start with baby steps
Move one big toe
Try the finger tips
Man watch me go

Don't get ambitious
Hold out one hand
Now make the thumbs-up sign
Yeah, you the man

But I gotta rest myself now pretty baby
I could hyperventilate
Yes I tried to give up smoking
But smoking's just too great
I planned to quit procrastinating
Then decided I should wait

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